December 29, 2002 EhBC Online Discussion

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<jewel`{F}> guess not
<`abi> lol...he heard you jewel
<jewel`{F}> seems so
<earl{MS}> a very lively discussion tonight
<`abi> well, earl ... perhaps you could start ... do you have a fantasy that you could share?
<jewel`{F}> none of them really have since modbot took over
* drauma{M} raises her hand
<`abi> well,just pretend it isn't there
<`abi> go for it drauma
<earl{MS}> thisone is willing to share anything but afraid that this ones fantasies that have come true are pretty mild considering the company
<drauma{M}> well, after 15 years of being curious, I found my first real chance for submission came in a vanilla setting
<drauma{M}> no, sorry 25 years
<drauma{M}> I was working PT 20 hou5rs a week in the mail room of a rpinter, still have that job
<drauma{M}> saw an ad in a paper for a job as baker prentice
* jewel`{F} wants pictures
<drauma{M}> sorry, no pictures
<drauma{M}> I ignored the ad at first, replied to it two months later
<drauma{M}> they had tried someone and found them wanting, so I haed a clear field
<earl{MS}> bakers, they use those huge paddles, look like boat oars
<drauma{M}> yes, very awkward to use as paddles tho
<drauma{M}> tooo thuddy I thik
<drauma{M}> anyway, i phoned, talked for a half an hour, then went for in person interview
<jewel`{F}> no holes in them too much wind resistance
<drauma{M}> was already infatuated wiht my boss-to-be, Nancy
<drauma{M}> the meeitng clinched it all, I 2was hired, given keys n all
<drauma{M}> Nancy didnt realize it, but I submitted to her from the beginning, she was a ntural Domme
<drauma{M}> the beginning of my shift was easy, it was the end, at 5am that became torture
<drauma{M}> shaping the bagels
<drauma{M}> small, almost no profit in any one of them, i had to make several hundred
<drauma{M}> and, itt is not only tireing, boring, it is also diffiuclt; the dough softens in your hand if you dont qork quickly
<drauma{M}> work
<drauma{M}> it took me several weeks to master that
<drauma{M}> her hands were a perfect size for the techynique she had mastered over 17 years
<drauma{M}> I needed something that worked for my slightly larger hands, it took me time to find it
<drauma{M}> nos ex in any of this, but her smile filled my soul and lit the room
<drauma{M}> a hint of her frown was enough to floor me
<drauma{M}> I didnt care if I got paid, the money want a motivation in anything
<drauma{M}> wasnt
<drauma{M}> I knew then that I wanted more of that
<drauma{M}> sadly my car died, ending the job
<drauma{M}> onmy last week of trainnig
<drauma{M}> funny how the Goddess clues us in
* jewel`{F} wonders what Symmetre[t]'s favourite fanatsy is
<earl{MS}> drauma{M}, you kept your desires hidden for 25 years?
<Symmetre[t]> my favorite fantasy?
<Symmetre[t]> well ..... it begins with a winning Super 7 ticket
* jewel`{F} has one of those too
<drauma{M}> I found noone to play with for 25 years, well, noone when I was free and looking. I had chances when I considered myself committed
<earl{MS}> kept mine hidden for about 40 years, then decided the hell with it and started looking
<earl{MS}> found mistress in alt 13 months ago
<abitbent> do you regret waiting this long earl{MS}?
<earl{MS}> always wanted to be bound naked and totally under the control of a trustworthy lady
<krista-F> wow....small group......
* jewel`{F} wonders what krista-F's favourite fanatsy is
<krista-F> hey A/all
<earl{MS}> abitbent, yes, what a waist of time
<krista-F> this girl has hundreds...none of which has come true......
<krista-F> damn it all anyways
<jewel`{F}> any that have come close?
<krista-F> yes actually
<drauma{M}> I have experienced another ni part, to make love as a female
<aurelle> (peekin in for a few min while my sis is on break)
<krista-F> this girl just did that recently
<krista-F> he first female experience....
<earl{MS}> now it has happened, there is no going back, have been bound for as long as 3 hours, have taken over 200 strokes in one night and felt Her strap-on, cooked and cleaned for Her and knelt naked in front of Her, not very extreme but a fantasy come true
<drauma{M}> you make her happy earl?
<krista-F> nothing like starting out at 50 with new things
<drauma{M}> nods
<krista-F> this one is a bit slow
<earl{MS}> think so, She cries when Her slave must leave, his eyes are barely dry also
<jewel`{F}> nothing wrong with trying new things at any age, if we stop trying and learning it could get pretty boring
<earl{MS}> am 57 myself
<drauma{M}> I was travelling home to LI from a visit to Philly, was in disquize as a boy for travel
<earl{MS}> drauma{M}, please tell about the love as a female
<drauma{M}> stopped at my fav lesbian hangout in greenwich village, to kill a couple hours before my LI train trip home
<drauma{M}> I had femme clothing, but didnt change
<drauma{M}> sunday afternoon, crowded, one of the bartenders had a bday, so the buffet included a cake
<drauma{M}> I siad hi to the owner, and sat at the abr to chow down, was seated next to a truck-driving woman
<drauma{M}> we smiled, talked, got friendly
<drauma{M}> discovered lots in common
<drauma{M}> including first names ;-)
<drauma{M}> same first anme
<drauma{M}> her left leg pushed down on my right thigh gently
<drauma{M}> it felt good, we were already intimate in conversation, and I was comfortable
<drauma{M}> so I allowed the physical intimacy
<drauma{M}> normally I am leary of that, being essentially a straight guy, you dont come on tot he grrrrls in a gay bar, it gets you pitched out, even in drag
<drauma{M}> well, we talked some more, she brushed her left breast against the back of my right hand
<drauma{M}> and, when I allowed that, she made the rest crystal clear by taking my left hand in hers, and pressing it against her other breast
<drauma{M}> her lips approached mine, and, well, I felt seduced
<drauma{M}> I accepted her offer
<drauma{M}> we necked at the end of the bar, she was the aggressor, I the seducee
<drauma{M}> I got wet, wanted her to fill me, to take me, make me hers
<drauma{M}> it was then her lover arrived
<drauma{M}> *sigh*
<drauma{M}> home alone
<drauma{M}> :-/
<drauma{M}> that was almost a year ago
<krista-F> may this one share her experience?
* `abi hands krista-F the microphone
<krista-F> well
<krista-F> her experience was with a friend.....a Domme.....who is sub to one man...only
<krista-F> actually the Dom....was the first person this girl ever played with in public
<krista-F> both of them were very kind to this girl
<krista-F> and she had played publically with the Domme on several occasions
<krista-F> we had alawys wanted to get together the three of us...but.......
<krista-F> is hard to schedule such things
<krista-F> but ....finally.....we managed
<krista-F> this girl packed a whole suitcase of clothes...and wore a silk nightie the whole time she was there
<krista-F> the one thing this girl learned in that time is that the female body is an amazing thing
<krista-F> she had never even touched another woman intimately....ever
<krista-F> all things were done in a caring and consensual atmosphere.....and was a great experience
<krista-F> this girl actually fisted the other woman....and that was incredible to her
<krista-F> and she would definitely go back again......
<krista-F> an added benefit was saving on time waiting for the shower
<krista-F> we just got in together...:))
<earl{MS}> conserve water that way
<drauma{M}> doubts that
<drauma{M}> :-)
<krista-F> yes.....we also did flogging and the like
<krista-F> was an all round great time
<krista-F> most of this ones fanatsies are of a sexual she has led a sheltered life
<krista-F> compared to many
<drauma{M}> yummy? anything to share?
<earl{MS}> seems like its always the subs who have fantasies that come true, any from the other side?
<yummy> i had the courage to get into the lifestyle
<yummy> so that was a huge fantasy come true
<yummy> to stop reading and wondering and to move to living my dreams and accepting them
<krista-F> can identify yummy
<Symmetre[t]> that's an interesting observation, earl{MS}, because I thnk having the fantasy come true may be easier for dominants. If you want it bad enough, you simply do it
<krista-F> lol
<krista-F> spoken like a true Dom
<yummy> well yes but without us subs the fantasies are a bit empty
<Symmetre[t]> I didn't mean it in that way, yummy .... to the contrary
<earl{MS}> that sword cuts both ways
<abitbent> i was surprised to see so many different facets in the lifestyle once i found everyone.
<drauma{M}> isnt much of your time sceneing taken up with fulfilling your submissives needs Sir?
<`abi> surprised to find that the fantasies aren't universal abitbent?
<Symmetre[t]> I meant that in the sense that it is typically the dominant who sets the agenda for play ... if there's something he or she has always wanted to try ... it will be on that agenda at some point. In the case of a submissive ... that fantasy isn't an automatic thing that's going to happen
<yummy> well Symmetre[t] - if you negotiate you quite often get a lot of what you want. And many Doms care about their subs fantasies and weave them in with theirs
<krista-F> but wouldn't her Dom hope to help her fulfill those as well??
<abitbent> true abi.... at first i was relieved that i found people that are just like me...but the truth is, they aren't all like me... tops or bottoms alike
<drauma{M}> hopefully never in detail anyway, but somehow, it does come to pass
<Symmetre[t]> it may ... but they willhave to communicate it first, and that's not always such an easy thing to do
<krista-F> oh this girl is a blabbermouth in that
<drauma{M}> there is ones journal, and discussino of dreams
<Symmetre[t]> then you are lucky, krista-F .... in all seriousness, many people are uncomfortable talking about the things they want most
<Symmetre[t]> and because of that
<Symmetre[t]> they may never occur
<drauma{M}> nods
<yummy> the Doms i know are instant about communications
<yummy> even when i'd prefer not to share
<Symmetre[t]> it's not a matter that the dom doesn't care or doesn't want to shar in the sub's fantasies ... but that the sub may not be able to articulate it
<drauma{M}> yes
<yummy> well another task for the poor Dom, helping the sub articulate it
<krista-F> this girl is always one to express her feelings and a polite way however...sometimes she gets what she wishes..sometimes not
<drauma{M}> there are facets of being lent out I would red light, and others I desire deeply
<Symmetre[t]> sad fact is, for whatever reason, many people do have difficulty talking about their deepest, most intimate desires
<abitbent> i think it takes us some time to develop them too Symmetre[t]... or identify what our needs are. For the most part in the beginning, that can be unclear.
<Symmetre[t]> yummy ...... it takes both people ... it is not the dom's responsibility to haul all info from the sub. She (or he) has to do their part to cough it up too
<Symmetre[t]> I agree completely, abitbent
<Symmetre[t]> this goes to the "doms are not mind readers" thing
<abitbent> :-)
<krista-F> this one has just found the one who she can tell all to..that makes a BIG difference
<Symmetre[t]> chemistry certainly plays a role
<abitbent> compatability
<`abi> they don't have to be mind readers Symmetre[t], but they do need to know how to create a place where a submissive feels safe talking about fantasies
<krista-F> sad that it is not this girls husband that she can talk to in such a manner.....
<krista-F> :(((
<earl{MS}> also find it very rewarding if Mistress does not talk about what is about to happen and makes it a total suprise
<`abi> because we don't necessarily want to live out all our fantasies
<Symmetre[t]> good point abi .... some fantasies are best if left as just that
<krista-F> that is why they call em fantasy .all things are possible
<krista-F> this ones Trainer has very dark fanatsies
<krista-F> and has had trouble finding women who will join in in listening etc
<krista-F> but this girl..jumps in....and loves them...for they are just that.....fantasy
<krista-F> and totally safe
<abitbent> well the numbers are againsts us it seems... finding compatable partners to share our fantasies with.
<yummy> i hear the malesubs/Ladies munch in TO has more ladies than subs
<yummy> so ....
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