December 26, 2004 EhBC Online Discussion

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<ssinnergy> he'o Miss K, dove, Justice and a/All
<Miss_Kristaz> Hello dove,ssinnergy
<ssinnergy> (smiles)
<becky> lol
<ssinnergy> I/i think it's the kind of person not just the role...some Dom/mes feel responsible and some hold their subs responsible--and ditto in reverse for subs
<`abi> is responsibility the same thing as control?
<ssinnergy> I/i think it's an aspect in any trusting relationship
<ssinnergy> hi Da
<dana^^> what kind of responsibility
<`abi> I agree that it's an aspect, but I don't think it's the same thing as control
<`abi> I have lots of responsibility ... but not control
<ssinnergy> responsibility changes I think...what's it mean to you?
<ssinnergy> me too!
<dana^^> i think responsibility and control are two different things...
* _dove smiles and agrees that responsibility and control are different
<ssinnergy> can you exercise control without responsibility given or offered
<`abi> yes
<`abi> whether or not you should, is another question
<`abi> but lots of people do it
<ssinnergy> I/i'm not going for word games
<_dove> That doesn't generally last long ssinnergy
<dana^^> responsibilities would be more of task to complete, looking after yourself and family...
<`abi> nor am I ssinnergy ... I'm going for clarity
<`abi> because it has been my experience that some people confuse control with responsibility
<ssinnergy> yes, I/i agree--I wouldn't want to give or take without trust
* kierana{DRFL} settles onto the subbie couch with a sigh and a coffee
<_dove> trust is something else entirely
<dana^^> they should go hand in hand
<ssinnergy> (grabs a java of his own)
<kierana{DRFL}> control and responsibility go hand in hand?
<ssinnergy> well I have to trust someone knows themselves to pla
<dana^^> in a long term relationship, yes i think they should
<ssinnergy> and trust someone as much to submit
<dana^^> trust in them or their skills?
<ssinnergy> a scene can be tantalizing if the partner's not a complete known commodity
<ssinnergy> though a little fear is tantalizing
<dana^^> does enjoy the fear factor... but ive only played with experienced Dominants... Friends of friends...
<ssinnergy> and a lot pulls me out of it
<kierana{DRFL}> soooo how does this tell us who's in control, the sub or the dominant?
<dana^^> the Dominant is still in control... even if its Top/bottom... atleast for me thats the way it is
<ssinnergy> well it doesn't I/i guess, but it's a part of edge play the trust
<`abi> I can have lots of trust ... it doesn't put the person in control
<ssinnergy> and I/i think different Dom/mes feel responsible for earning control
<ssinnergy> whilst some demand it
<`abi> trust they earn ... control I give them
<_dove> demand?
<dana^^> has trust also... and gives that control even if its in a limited fashion... but the responsibility is still mine...
<dana^^> grins
<`abi> and they can demand it all they want ... if don't cede it, they don't get it
<`abi> insert I
<dana^^> if that makes sense... for Top/bottom
<ssinnergy> a confident sub should demand respect i/I guess
<dana^^> why ssinnergy?
<kierana{DRFL}> why would we have to demand respect?
* _dove is lost
<ssinnergy> (smiles at 'abi and dana who're making me think)
* abitbent hands _dove a map
<dana^^> smiles with dove...
<painslt_VBM> a Dom/me or sub/slave shouldn't have to DEMAN respect, they should exude it so other's can see it. if O/one gives respect to others, they will get it in return
<dana^^> lol sinnergy...
<kierana{DRFL}> what does respect have to do with control? geesh i'm discombobulated
<_dove> Maybe i'm wierd, but i don't demand respect,i earn it...... and nobody demands control from me (and gets it)
<_dove> Want a copy of my map kierana{DRFL}?
<`abi> not always painslt_VBM ... giving respect does not guarantee that one will have that respect returned
<ssinnergy> I/i've been hurt when disrespected, now my submission goes to those deserving
<painslt_VBM> hmmmmmmmmmmm
<ssinnergy> and it's not just power I/i respond to
<Miss_Kristaz> canI get a copy of the map?
<dana^^> as it should sinnergy... its about being true to yourself
<kierana{DRFL}> sure dove...cause i'm just confuzzled here...what does any of this have to do with who's altimately in control?????
<_dove> i'm still trying to read the map kierana{DRFL} - i'm lost too
<`abi> it doesn't have anything to do with control kierana{DRFL} .. except in the same sense that responsibility does ... one may not wish to cede control to someone who does not take responsibility and show respect
<painslt_VBM> if someone doesn't give me the respect they should give any one, then i withdraw any i might have given them in the future
<ssinnergy> (control has to be given or taken and everyone has different triggers)
<dana^^> there are different levels of respect just as there are of control...
<`abi> in my opinion, the Top has control ... but only because I give it to him or her ... so in a perfectly circular world, we are both in control
<ssinnergy> agreed 'abi
<_dove> i agree abi....... any person can take control, or take control back - at any given time
<kierana{DRFL}> ok abi...that i understand and agree with...
<ssinnergy> hence consensual
<dana^^> lol abi... that said it all...
<`abi> well'd better find something else to say about it, because we still have 40 minutes ;)
<dana^^> omg omg omg
<painslt_VBM> lol
<dana^^> lol
<dana^^> uh..
<dana^^> hmmm
<dana^^> drat
<ssinnergy> LOL
<just_rob> LOL
<`abi> so let's try this .... how easy is it to cede control?
<ssinnergy> succinct, aren't we?
<dana^^> lol
<painslt_VBM> it isn't easy to cede control at all
<_dove> for any length of time - hard, abi
<kierana{DRFL}> it's damn hard in some cases, abi...
<painslt_VBM> i have a heck of a time w/ it sometimes
<`abi> why?
<just_rob> It can be easy to cede but hard to live with.
<ssinnergy> Mmmm sometimes it's better when you have to pullll it out
<catsbrat{CM}> hard in some instances for me
<dana^^> its like a dance at times... when dating... needing to give more control yet holding back not wanting to rush
<just_rob> very well put dana
<ssinnergy> and then that moment when you offer more on faith
<dana^^> its always a leap of faith...
<kierana{DRFL}> hard for me, sometimes, to grant control to Master because i still have walls around some issues, issues that Wwe are dealing with as a couple
<_dove> ceding control has a leap of faith attached to it for me abi. How that control is handled is what makes it easy or hard for me
<ssinnergy> hi Johncin
<`abi> anyone here consider themselves to be control freaks?
<just_rob> *raises hand*
<painslt_VBM> heck no `abi
<painslt_VBM> lol
<painslt_VBM> i'm just the opposite
<dana^^> in alot of ways yes abi... but strangely not when im involved with someone...
<ssinnergy> I/i hold it tight.... makes giving it up sweeter when I/i do (blush)
<kierana{DRFL}> i don't like being in control...except when it comes to have to know bills are
<dana^^> there i simply react where im comfortable... as a submissive
<ssinnergy> agreed dana,
* _dove is a control freak
<`abi> I think that submissives generally exercise alot of control ...
<catsbrat{CM}> in what way abi?
<`abi> if we didn't, we couldn't be submissives
<dana^^> see i dont understand that sinnergy... holding back once you've committed yourself to move forward in a relationship... for me its more about following .... with whatever grace i can muster... lol
<`abi> well catsbrat{CM} ... you recently went away to visit your Master I believe?
<catsbrat{CM}> yes i did
<ssinnergy> dana, I/i meant I give myself totally once "all in"
<dana^^> my misunderstanding ssinnergy... thank you
<`abi> what was the week before you left like?... what kinds of things did you do?
<ssinnergy> but the first time You submit there's a leap involved
<ssinnergy> (hell, same when I/i dom)
<dana^^> that leap of faith... grins...
<catsbrat{CM}> cleaned apt made sure mom would be taken care of packed made arrangements with SM to pick me up in Niagara Falls
<catsbrat{CM}> SM is CM's wife
<ssinnergy> (smiles widely) mmmm....leap
* `abi smiles ... that's the way
<catsbrat{CM}> ahhhhhh ok i understand now
<`abi> and it's only one way
<`abi> there are many others ... if you think of anyone who is in a service position ... the very best ones are always control freaks
<dana^^> use to pack at the last moment... just to pretend i was focused on something... ended up with some strange mixmatched outfits...
<just_rob> agrees
<`abi> someone else determines *what* they want to happen ... if you want to make sure it happens the way they want it to ... you have to be a control freak
<ssinnergy> um, what if you like when someone surprises?
<_dove> If you are in service to someone ssinnergy, it becomes your responsibility to attend to many of the details. It is part of what we do
<jewel`{F}> surprises just test us i think
<kierana{DRFL}> very true, dove...
<ssinnergy> I'i have served, and not as a bratty sub
<`abi> the thing is ssinnergy ... if you're suprising someone ... control ensures that they are good surprises
<dana^^> so would the statement that submissives give as much control as the Dominant needs be too out there?
<`abi> someone who is out of control can't be surprised in a good way and can't offer good surprises
<ssinnergy> I've been very attentive and preparing, and also taken leaps
<`abi> I think they exercise control in different ways dana
<painslt_VBM> so a sub needs to be in control of his/her self & emotions
<painslt_VBM> ?
<`abi> but the idea that 'control' in a submissive is a bad thing ... is I believe a misconception
<dana^^> i agree...
<catsbrat{CM}> i agree
<ssinnergy> Every sub and Dom has a different degree of comfort control don't they
<catsbrat{CM}> as long as the "control" doesn't go too far
<_dove> Where is "too far" catsbrat{CM}?
<ssinnergy> I/i'm still looking for too far... haven't had that much edge oe a longterm yet
<dana^^> absolutely sinnergy... each has to find their own comfort level... and understand that it can change as the relationship grows
<Kalteim> I have and the sub allows the control..but once given it is hard to take away
<dana^^> and hard to take back
<ssinnergy> mmm part of the addiction Kalteim
<Kalteim> very diffucult....that is the beauty
<Kalteim> and the danger
<ssinnergy> also FUN to take back sometimes
<catsbrat{CM}> too far would be Topping from the bottom
<Kalteim> but mixxed is delicious
<_dove> Thanks for clarifying catsbrat{CM}
<catsbrat{CM}> yw
<`abi> topping from the bottom is controlling direction ... and that's not the kind of control that a submissive wants or needs to have
<abitbent> the loss of control is what i take solace in.. so topping from the bottom defeats the whole purpose of what i seek.
<ssinnergy> topping from beneath IS too far, says the switch
<Kalteim> so if that is the case, why are subbies addicticted to being in control, yet not admitting it
<kierana{DRFL}> not all subbies, Kalteim...just some...
<ssinnergy> LOL it's a pickle of a dilemma
* Kalteim smiles
<abitbent> i'd say they are a different kind of subbie Kalteim
<just_rob> It's a hard habit to break, being in control. And there are some aspects of control that get over emphasized
<`abi> because people use words like "admit" Kalteim .. which suggests that it's wrong
<Kalteim> no, all, if they by definition ARE in control, yet wish to relinquish it
<Kalteim> it is not wrong
<dana^^> its like discussing a "point of view" then suddenly realizing... opps... i kinda over did that
<Kalteim> it is just the current beneath the stream
<ssinnergy> see, I/i like both sides of contol
<ssinnergy> unlike some who scorn switches as posers
<Kalteim> switches to Me are confused
<Kalteim> cannot commit to one ideal
<abitbent> i equate switches with bisexuals..
<`abi> because it isn't an 'all or nothing' thing ... control is exercised in many different ways ... some by the submissive and some by the Dominant
* Kalteim smiles
<Kalteim> I think in black and white
<ssinnergy> I/i think part of my switching is just being brave enough to admit you ARE confused
<Kalteim> it is a Man thing
<abitbent> not this Man
<abitbent> :)
<ssinnergy> some f/Folks can't admit to being unclear
* Kalteim nods in understanding of the submissive man
<just_rob> well put ssinnergy
<_dove> i have no problem saying i'm confused or unclear
<`abi> control is only a problem when one person takes away control or exercises control which is not his or hers to take away or to exercise
<Kalteim> well either you are what you can define, or you are not
<Kalteim> it is that simple
<abitbent> i think a switch is defined
<ssinnergy> but I/i still hope to get clear one day lOL
* Kalteim smiles
* kierana{DRFL} *sighs* admitting to being discombobulated again...must be a blonde thing
<`abi> for instance ... I do not control where a scene goes, but I certainly control my mental, physical and emotional preparation for it
<Kalteim> maybe one day it will be clear to Me too
<jewel`{F}> i can define myself quite well, i am me
<abitbent> it only need to be clear to YOU Kalteim..
<Kalteim> ahhh, then you control what you think but not what you do
<jewel`{F}> very clear to me who i am
<dana^^> confusion is my natural state... grins... im just happy understanding myself... and learning more
* Kalteim looks to abitbent
<Kalteim> exactly
<Kalteim> I am gorean
<`abi> if I turn around and say "Master, I believe you should use the pink flogger now" ... then I've attempted to take control which is not mine to take (and it wouldn't work)
<ssinnergy> nice to meetcha jewel
<_dove> i wanna see the pink flogger
<jewel`{F}> nice to meet you too ssinnergy
<Corporal_Punishment{pb_ss}> abi, sassy says she wants to see you ask for the pink flogger
<dana^^> pointing politely doesnt either abi... lol
* jewel`{F} agrees with sassy and dove
<`abi> on the other hand ... when I put those floggers back neatly in the case ... I am in complete control of doing that job properly
<ssinnergy> hello Iliana
<Kalteim> why would a submissive or somone that claims that, wish to regain control, which defys the claim she made to the dom initally of being submissive
<Iliana> hi ssinnergy
<ssinnergy> LOL's w/labi
<_dove> Perhaps because she felt she had good reason to take that control back Kalteim
<jewel`{F}> i do agree with those that said that both are in control, as a submissive i have to have control of myself before i can give that control over to anyone else,
<`abi> because acknowledging that I am in control of a great deal does not make me any less submissive
<Kalteim> ahh, then the contol was never given,
<kierana{DRFL}> Kalteim...regaining control in a situation gone bad, is i think an important safety net for subbies
<Kalteim> so being submissive was a lie
<ssinnergy> taking control back is natural.... stasis is a bad 'scene'
* Kalteim shrugs
<Iliana> You speak as though ownership of control is a changeless thing Kal..
<ssinnergy> then You give it up again
<Kalteim> so then is the idea of being a Dom or subbie all a big lie?
<ssinnergy> either to a sub, a Dom or the MTO
<_dove> Kalteim - i have had to take control back, and i really don't think that my submission was a lie.
<ssinnergy> not if it's genuine experience
<Kalteim> was it not, if you had the option
<jewel`{F}> in O/our relationship Fyre is the one in control, but i als have to be in control of myself that i am being the best i can be for Master
<dana^^> if you disagree with your Dominants decision... what do you do?
<abitbent> it's all about compatibility to me really...
<ssinnergy> I/i agree
<Kalteim> being submissive/slave is about giving up your options
<Kalteim> and if you gave that to the right person, it should never have to be revoked
<`abi> I also believe that every time I submit or perform an act of submission I am giving control ... it isn't a <gasp> gift that I give once and never have to give again
<Iliana> perhaps.. but is it giving up your right to saftey and sanity too Kal?
<dana^^> thats it exactly abitbent... same principles... values...
<ssinnergy> Kalteim, life is chaAnge and pain
<jewel`{F}> dana^^ i talk to Him about it, He will listen to my opinion, but in the end the final say is His
<abitbent> that's right dana.. labels can be a silly thing
<Kalteim> you give up that right when you accept the collar
<ssinnergy> Sir
<Kalteim> exactly jewel
<ssinnergy> unle- it ends Jewel
<_dove> thankyou for saying that abi....... i feel it is a choice we make every time
<Kalteim> exactly
<ssinnergy> unless
<just_rob> people change and bad decisions can be made. one has to have the option to change one's mind.
<Kalteim> NO, it is not a choice you make every scene, it is a choice that you have only one time
<ssinnergy> you or the other evolve
<ssinnergy> that doesn't make the past u shared any less real
<`abi> a collar has many meanings ... in my opinion it is recognition of ownership ... that ownership does not negate the continuous exchange of power
<_dove> Kalteim - in my world, it is a choice i make continuously. i am not implying that everyone need follow my path.
* Kalteim smiles at dove
<Corporal_Punishment{pb_ss}> agreed abi
<ssinnergy> Kalteim, I/i propose it's di5erent for everyone
<catsbrat{CM}> i agree abi
<kierana{DRFL}> so no matter what changes go on in the relationship...say there is real violence and not play, the subbie has no choice but to stay, because she ONCE gave up control?
<dana^^> thats how i am also jewel... if ive giving my submission to a Dominant, its also because i trust in Their judgement and know they are making an informed decision
<Kalteim> and I respect the way that you live your life, but for Me, I feel like once someone gives their safety and security and life to me, it should never be taken away
<Kalteim> or that choice was invalid in the first place
<jewel`{F}> that ownership also does not make the one that is owned any less responsible for their own actions
<_dove> Or the owner any less responsible, jewel`{F}
<abitbent> wonderful thoughts Kalteim.. and let's hope the mate of your choice shares in that idea.. it's not wrong to think that way.
* Kalteim smiles
<Kalteim> thank you abitbent
<Kalteim> like I said I am Gorean, and hold those ideals close to My heart, so I remain honorable, and expect the same in return
<ssinnergy> I/i'm just too cynical I guess
<Kalteim> aye, I am a trusting soul
<Kalteim> an old soul
<`abi> claiming Gorean status does not give you exclusive rights to 'honour' Kalteim .. nor to the right to define it for anyone but yourself
<ssinnergy> but I/i believe in constant change
<dana^^> you rest you rust...
* Kalteim smiles
<jewel`{F}> to a point dove, if i were to do something stupid out of anger or frustation say like throw a rock through a car window, it was my loss of control of my emotions, my responsibility, not Master's
<Kalteim> My honor is defined not by me but by others wiser than I
<_dove> i agree jewel
<ssinnergy> no tHat's not cynical I/i take it back
<dana^^> i agree jewel...
<ssinnergy> it's hopeful isn't it? that w/we can always change?
<SatinCharm> Tal and greetings all
<Corporal_Punishment{pb_ss}> but jewel`{F} your actions directly reflect upon your Master
<Iliana> Tal Satin
<Kalteim> very much so
<ssinnergy> hello SatinCharm (smile)
<_dove> People and relationships evolve - and not always in the ways that we want them to. "Forever" is a fleeting illusion, imo
<Kalteim> if you act out of anger and in a way that is not honoring him, it is his fault, because you 'relinquised' control for that moment, whether he was around or not
<dana^^> doesnt think jewel is a rock throwing girl... grins
<`abi> which is precisely why she is in control of those actions
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<Kalteim> forever is defined, and you cannot change that definition
<Corporal_Punishment{pb_ss}> and it goes the same for Masters Kalteim. if I act in a dishonorable fashion I bring shame to my girls
<jewel`{F}> Corporal_Punishment{pb_ss} i agree they do, and i would feel horrible were i to have done something like that, but i still feel if He were not there, it would be my responsibilty to be in control of myself so that i am making a good impression of Him
<Corporal_Punishment{pb_ss}> agreed jewel`{F}
<Kalteim> no you bring shame to yourself Corporal_Punishment{pb_ss}
<Corporal_Punishment{pb_ss}> and those that are mine
<Kalteim> as would I
<`abi> he has determined how he wishes to be seen and how he wishes her to be seen .... and it is her responsibility to reflect that .. she controls that reflection
* Kalteim smiles
<dana^^> smiles...
<_dove> well said abi
<dana^^> yes very well said
<Kalteim> and she did not keep her responsibility
<Kalteim> that is dishonorable
<ssinnergy> I/i love having the responsibility given me to comport myself well
<dana^^> even single folks do that too ssinnergy... smiles...
<Kalteim> but in fact he trusted you with that, keeping his honor and you would have let him down
<jewel`{F}> and were i to so something like that i would be disciplined for it, which is why i try very hard to keep myself under contorl
<`abi> so...then you would agree that in order to be honourable, she must be have control Kalteim
<ssinnergy> and it's important to me to honor a/A' those subsS and Doms who share steps w/me
<Kalteim> no, he must have control of her
<Kalteim> he didnt in that case, so that is His fault
<ssinnergy> what about a Domme Kaltein?
* Kalteim smiles
<Kalteim> that is a different situation
<jewel`{F}> but if i am not in His physical presence i have to maintain control of myself
<`abi> but you said that she must keep his honour? ... control herself and not let him down
<Kalteim> Domme's in My humble opinion are only Domme's because the Men around her allow it
* Iliana chuckles
<ssinnergy> ouch
<Kalteim> that is a thing that is highly questioned, but it is My belief
<Miss_Kristaz> Pardon
<ssinnergy> gotta disagree there
<`abi> that's not such a humble opinion Kalteim
<Kalteim> I understand
<Kalteim> but it is Mine
<_dove> oh boy
<abitbent> exactly the reason Gor doesn't fit into my sexuality as it does for others.
<dana^^> i think we are saying the same thing... the submissive is responsible for her behaviour
* Kalteim nods
<dana^^> or his.. grins
<Kalteim> and that is ok
<kierana{DRFL}> inMho...subs are subs because we allow Dom/mes to be Dom/mes!
<Kalteim> I am here because I respect all opinions
<ssinnergy> sounds disrespectful to me (Domme's are real not fairytales)
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<Miss_Kristaz> I am Domme not because men around me allow it