December 15, 2002 EhBC Online Discussion

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<cynde> that is true, you are not lurking about in the shadows much these days `T
* cynde smiles
<cynde> hello Jusitce
* cynde smiles
<Justice> hello cynde
* cynde smiles
<Justice> bdsm in the new millenium? why would a calendar change precipitate a change in practice?
<cynde> possibly over time as we age and advance we become more accepting
<KingJ> hi A/all
* alice_in_chains scratches her head, i agree with Justice
<ravenswolf> why did a calander change precipitate mass panic
<cynde> and as W/we are creature of time, this makes it seem like time issue
<Justice> looks like the topic is not a popular one - anyone have any suggestions for a new one?
* cynde giggles
<Symmetre[t]> sorry ... what is the topic?
<ravenswolf> BDSM in the New Millennium
<cynde> hello Symmetre[t] Sir
* cynde smiles
<Lady_Meadows> what does that topic mean????
<Cassity^> good evening
<cynde> hello Cassi
* cynde smiles
<Cassity^> hey cynde
<cynde> how did you work efforts go this afternoon Cassi
<Cassity^> they went not to bad
<Cassity^> got the flogger with only knots to do and the whip handle all braided
<cynde> very nice
<Cassity^> not to mention visited with Gem and cableguy and cooked a yummi roast diner
<cynde> was tempted to join you
<cynde> but with the snow
<cynde> and not having your phone number
<Cassity^> yes its still snowong here
<cynde> i was kind of stuck at home
<cynde> lol
<yummy> so is there bdsm in the new millenium?
<ravenswolf> damn i sure hope so
<yummy> i do too
<yummy> else what is it i've been up to?
<cynde> well we are in the new millenium
<cynde> and bdsm is still here
* cynde smiles happily
<yummy> or you ravenswolf ......what have you been up to if not bdsm?
<ravenswolf> lol yes but the millenium is still veryyyyyyyyy young
<Symmetre[t]> its only a matter of time till there's a bdsm channel on digital cable ... order now!
<Cassity^> lol
<yummy> full of 24/7 of kink? please save me
<yummy> has it changed in the few years since the 1990's??
<Symmetre[t]> don't laugh yummy .... our world is going to become more media-intensive ... and nothing's going to escape being swept up in that .... for good or bad
<Symmetre[t]> it's only a matter of time till we see advertising on toys
<yummy> it already is, imagine communicating like this 20 years ago
<SirGriz> it's called brand names
<cynde> do you think advertising will help make more aware and help others accept the feeling they hide from themselves
<SirGriz> I don;t think so it's meant to sell things
<yummy> i can see the nike swish on the single tail now
<yummy> and the sub screaming "just do it"
<Symmetre[t]> advertising is meant to squeeze the last penny out of someone ... no other purpose
<SirGriz> lol
<cynde> yes meant to seel, but helps make others aware they are not the only ones
<Symmetre[t]> no shit ... lol ... Nike singletails
<cynde> lol
<cynde> you could add those to your site Symmetre[t]
<cynde> lol
* cynde smiles
<yummy> well paddles would need to be by an earthier company
<yummy> sponsered by Domtar?
<SirGriz> branded by an imprint of Domtar on it?
<SirGriz> lol
<yummy> something like that
<yummy> we don't even want to think who is gonna do the fire play sponsorship
<SirGriz> domtar on the bottom of your
<Symmetre[t]> joking aside ... I can see bdsm becoming far more visible in mainstream society in the so-called new millenium
<Cassity^> bic
<SirGriz> it is now with some of the Prob Dommes sometimes makeing the news advertising the new opening of their Dungeons
<cynde> or being arrested and going threw the courts over a Dungeon
<SirGriz> I remmeber one a few years ago located on Jarvis street made the news
<SirGriz> yeah that too
<cynde> making such a name that the news is present when you pick up your so called eveidence in the case
<SirGriz> and some sun on his knees getting a spanking with a crop
<SirGriz> sun=sub
<cynde> in a maid outfit, looking so well groomed
* cynde smiles
<Cassity^> hey abi
<SirGriz> Pro Domme in her leather
<SirGriz> imagine if the Pro was a male what would be said?
<cynde> sad but true
<cynde> women are given more freedom
<yummy> how many male pro Doms are they?
<cynde> but then when a male fantasy comes true
<cynde> it is accepted
<Symmetre[t]> on one hand ... bdsm becoming more visible in the mainstream is a good thing ... it lets people know this is okay and responsible and we're not a bunch of weirdos ... it helps someone who is dom or sub to accept that in themselves
<SirGriz> and on the other?
<Symmetre[t]> on the other ..... going public with bdsm, as it were, will inevitibly water it down a bit .... by attracting negative attention too
<SirGriz> you think it waters down with the newbies enetering now?
<workinhardd> aslong as that is the image that the producers wish to project. If they want to make us sleezy wierdo's they'll do that to
<SirGriz> I'ma relative newbie
<Sweet1`> it already had the negative attention
<workinhardd> any one see the show "KINK" on Bravo last night?
<cynde> negative attention because some are not willing to view with an open mind
<SirGriz> well thos that make movies do what they want with the truth even with someone's biography Wwe all know that so this is nothing new
<workinhardd> deffinately negitive image for people like us
<Symmetre[t]> I don't think it "waters down" things, SirGriz, if the people are sincere. But I thnk that the awareness of bdsm does attract a lot of people who come into it with the wrong intentions ... mainly clueless wannabe male doms who think oh yeah, the babes have to do what you say
<Symmetre[t]> and those clueless wannabe's poison the well
<SirGriz> I agree
<Sweet1`> things have watered down...moreso in the public arena since you can't do this or that, and for many that's all they see and learn
<Sir_StephenS> there are negative aspects or situations to bdsm, same as any other; have to take the good with the bad
<Cassity^> good evening Omy_and_oasis
<Cassity^> nice to see you again
<cynde> it does help now that the internet opens the world to those who wish to find sites and study to answer the questions
<Symmetre[t]> greater awareness of bdsm is mainly a good thing. Sir_StephenS is right .... there is good and bad though
<SirGriz> I would not have entered this lifestyle if it wasn't for the internet
<Cassity^> me neither
<SirGriz> it is a convenient way to find out things and waaay easier
<Cassity^> nor woudl i have found such a amazing community to jon and build with
<Cassity^> within
<SirGriz> Me too cassity
<cynde> threw the internet i fould mirc and found like minded in my own area, that has been so rewarding being a northern hick
* cynde smiles
<cynde> hi jewel
<Cassity^> lol cynde
* cynde grins at Cassi
<cynde> is that not true Cassi
<SirGriz> well the only reason I use mirc is to come into this chat....lool
<cynde> i chat on Mirc
<cynde> my reference was to munches, fet nights SirGriz
<cynde> my connection to the lifestyle is threw my Mistress, who lives in Ottawa
<cynde> i am being called to the front door
<cynde> bbl
<Cassity^> bye for now cynde
<SirGriz> I see what you mean cynde
<Symmetre[t]> so how long will it be till we start to see bdsm toys shoing up in more mainstream stores? Adult stores already sell floggers and handcuffs
<Cassity^> yuppp
<humblemouse> Greetings
<Cassity^> hell value village here sold floggers crops and lil whips at halloween
<Cassity^> how more mainstream can you get
<`abi> well, the hardware store has always been mainstream
<SirGriz> only for that time though
<Omy_and_oasis{Omy}> They carry more then just that...but I doubt you'll see voilet wands anytime soon
<SirGriz> if you look you can make any mainstream store a toy store
<Symmetre[t]> Value Village?
<Symmetre[t]> lmao!!
<SirGriz> i was shopping with My dad a few weeks ago in the dominion near him
<Omy_and_oasis{Omy}> Those would be costume pieces Cassity^..not floggers and whips one would actually use on someone
<SirGriz> Wwe were having fun figuring out what could be toys or
<SirGriz> yes value village too Wwe don;t have one here that I know of
<Cassity^> still .. they are in the store and ppl know what they are about
<Cassity^> costume or not they represent this community
<Cassity^> do they not?
<Symmetre[t]> I can see it now ... Attention Wal-Mart Shoppers ..
<SirGriz> lol
<Omy_and_oasis{Omy}> pervertables aside, it would be nice to see some quality toys that one would actually use on someone being offered at adult stores
<Symmetre[t]> most of the ones I've seen have been pretty crude, Omy_and_oasis{Omy} ... good point
<Omy_and_oasis{Omy}> I don't think so Cassity^.
<SirGriz> I seen some better quality from the kink fair at the Werks than I have at toy stores
<Cassity^> ok fair enough..
* Cassity^ smiles
<SirGriz> for a lot less money too
<Omy_and_oasis{Omy}> kink fairs cut out the middleman SirGriz
<Cassity^> of course.. you will always get better quality from a lifestyle cratsperson
<Symmetre[t]> there were some incredible bargains at the kinky craft fair this year .... excellent quality stuff
<SirGriz> I wasn't able to go this year........I wanna go in the spring when they have the next one
<Sweet1`> this fair was definitely one of the best
<cynde> back
<Symmetre[t]> so that's one plus to bdsm in the new millenium ... greater availability of toys!
<Omy_and_oasis{Omy}> oasis: what the internet has done is shrink the distancs between those in the lifestyle...bringing us closer...making us feel less and less isolated. Making it feel more like a community
<Symmetre[t]> agreed, Omy_and_oasis{Omy}
<Cassity^> wb cynde
<cynde> thank you Cassi
<cynde> good point Omy_and_oasis{Omy}
<drauma{M}> its _IS_ a community
<cynde> is that not a wonderful thing
<cynde> the family growing
<cynde> finding brothes and sister we did not know we had
<SirGriz> I wouldn't be chatting with you otherwise
<Omy_and_oasis{Omy}> oasis: also gets those on the fringe the ability to test the waters in a environment where they have control.
<drauma{M}> sometimes much more than borthers n sisters
<cynde> maybe not have control, but explore the option of control
<cynde> was a medifor drauma
<cynde> but yes sometime much more
<drauma{M}> there is control of a sort
* cynde grins
<drauma{M}> my first opportunity to 'top' came in cyber
<drauma{M}> the guy who was my bottom didnt have to stay in his fetter, but he opted to
<Omy_and_oasis{Omy}> cynde: your misreading...its not the exploration of BDSM we are refering to but the ability to quickly and safely get out of any situation at the click of a button
<cynde> having no doubts about being bottom i never wished to explore being top, but that is a good experience for you drauma
<cynde> oh thank you Omy_and_oasis{Omy}
<cynde> should have not left and come back i gues
* cynde smiles
<Cassity^> evening Bernie
* Cassity^ smiles
* BernieRoehl smiles and waves
* BernieRoehl settles in for the tail end of the discussion
<Omy_and_oasis{Omy}> oasis: tackle gropes Bernie
* BernieRoehl smiles and gropes oasis in return
* BernieRoehl gathers the discussion isn't too lively tonight?
<drauma{M}> males can be sluts too
<SirGriz> not if Wwe are groping
* BernieRoehl waves hi to ModBot
<drauma{M}> oops
<Cassity^> lol practice for next years Northern Lights Groping contest are we!!
* Cassity^ grins
<SirGriz> I don;t dare;
<BernieRoehl> We're hoping to make it to that. Things will be a lot easier in the new year
* Symmetre[t] will be a groper next time ... not a gropee
<SirGriz> as with all of us?
* cynde smiles
<Cassity^> thank you Symmetre we really appreciated your stepping to the plate on that
<drauma{M}> might help if the greeting messages included a clue as to the topic
<BernieRoehl> They do, drauma{M}. Or at least, they should.
<Cassity^> watch for details of Jan 19th Northern Lights munch in Barrie .. it is the Cherry Worshiping munch,
<Symmetre[t]> glad my ass could be of service
* BernieRoehl checks -- he got a welcome message when he joined the channel, that listed the topic
<Cassity^> thats the next one .. with a sstem tying compitition
<Omy_and_oasis{Omy}> we didn't Bernie\
<Cassity^> hello Sarcastica
<Cassity^> nor i Bernie
<BernieRoehl> Hmm... interesting. Let me try leaving and coming back.
<drauma{M}> well, ok, on fourth reading I see it
<Sweet1`> i got it when i came in
<Sweet1`> the discussion was in progress then
<cynde> so did i
<BernieRoehl> Just left and re-joined, and I got it
<Cassity^> * Topic is '* BDSM in southwestern Ontario. Visit our website at *'
<Cassity^> thats what i got when i stumbled in
<Symmetre[t]> me too
<Cassity^> my first visit to you all here on bondage
<Cassity^> welcome
<Sweet1`> was it before 9 Cassity^?
<Cassity^> nope
<Cassity^> was after
<Omy_and_oasis{Omy}> We were here after 9 and got the same msg as Cassity^
<SirGriz> Me too
* `abi got the modbot message
<Omy_and_oasis{Omy}> anyways..this is getting off topic...any last thoughts on what the topic was
<`abi> after the channel message
<drauma{M}> I think the internet may have taken us too far, we need to be careful now
<Omy_and_oasis{Omy}> bbias
<drauma{M}> too easy to fall in love wiht peoples so far away that consumation remains unfillied wish
<drauma{M}> unfulfillable
<Symmetre[t]> I don't know about that drauma
<drauma{M}> its hapenning to me now
<Symmetre[t]> I know several couples who met online ... in some cases, getting together demanded a cross country move
<Symmetre[t]> some of these people are married now
<drauma{M}> and, what happens when they find it doesnt work?
<Omy_and_oasis{Omy}> I got a question...we all talk about BDSM in the NEW millenium...but when did it start? What is the birthdate of modern BDSM?
<ModBot> There are only about five minutes left in the formal part of tonight's discussion. Does anyone have any last-minute thoughts on the subject?
<drauma{M}> Before I met MzTyger there was a Domme in Vegas
<cynde> not really a birthdate Omy_and_oasis{Omy}, is more a maturing i think
<BernieRoehl> Good question. The answer is different depending on what part of the world you're in.
<Symmetre[t]> that's a very good question Omy_and_oasis{Omy} .... I'm prone to think with the widespread growth of the internet
<drauma{M}> and, when I went looking for polyamorous personalls boards, the only one I found was in australia
<Omy_and_oasis{Omy}> That is a possibility cynde.\
<cynde> as we mature we learn to accept what is
<worshippingslave> hello
<Omy_and_oasis{Omy}> try swinging clubs drauma{M} there are 1,000's of them
<drauma{M}> the growth of the internet began wiht colleges, as they built more and more open labs it opened up the internet to non-cs types
<BernieRoehl> The organized BDSM community dates back to the late 1940's, though obviously people have been fantasizing and playing for a lot longer than that. The "modern" era does (I believe) coincide with the arrival of the web.
<SirGriz> like in and around 1996 Bernie?
<BernieRoehl> Yeah, 1996 sounds about right
* worshippingslave smiles at MistressSarcastica
<SirGriz> I got online in the fall of 96
<drauma{M}> one suspects the courts of the crowned heads of the world have always been a place for kinky sex
<Omy_and_oasis{Omy}> Seems awful late Bernie...I recall being involved in the 80's online
<SirGriz> best place for
<drauma{M}> mid 80's for me
<drauma{M}> at University of MD
<BernieRoehl> Right, I've been online since 1981, but before 1996 there weren't many web sites about BDSM
<SirGriz> not in the form Wwe are used to though?
<worshippingslave> you sure bout that information BernieRoehl??
<Symmetre[t]> Compuserve and other forums have existed for years ... I tend to think mid to late 1990s ... at least in terms of widespread use
<SirGriz> it was around that time they went to flat montly rates then lots more got on?
<BernieRoehl> It would be interesting to find out. I know that when we set up the EhBC site back in 1996, there really wasn't much -- and there was a lot of controversy about having a BDSM web site.
<SirGriz> and it became way more commercial too
<drauma{M}> well, as the internet expanded to include systems at home, that began the testing and shaking out period
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<drauma{M}> when it was discovered that newsgropups couldnt withstand the onslaught of sex-advertising