December 8, 2002 EhBC Online Discussion

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<Achilles{tr}> Hello there KO! Good to see You, My Friend.
<Kilted_One> huggers back at ya pandora``
<ladybiker> hello Kitted_One
<MrKool46> does jennifer have e-mail?
<Paulslilimp> KO good evening
<jewel`{F}> hey this chanserv being down is sort of nice `abi can kick the bot
<`abi> lol
* Kilted_One sneeks in a hiya for all those others that said hiya when he came in
<MrKool46> a pm pandora?
<pandora``> sure MrKool46
<Kilted_One> k, so who is an inbetweeni??
<ravenswolf> inbetweeni?
<Kilted_One> yeah you are in the middle of Casual and Committed
<ravenswolf> ahh ty
<Kilted_One> ty abigaille
<ladybiker> i am a before and an after.............rofl
* Kilted_One notices ModBot looks kinda lonely
* Kilted_One asks if ModBot wants to a have a good time
* Kilted_One reaches in his wallet and tosses ModBot a @
<MrKool46> damn chan serve
* cuddlesub is committed, but gets a day pass every once in awhile
<Kilted_One> nice way of putting it cuddlesub
<ladybiker> lol
<alice_in_chains> i am definitely casual with a form of respect
<ladybiker> :)
<della_sera> I think that as a bottom we all have a need to believe there is some sort of commitment... however, I also believe that it's a huge step, similar to marriage, which shouldn't be jumped into
<jewel`{F}> what is that we are talking about being casual, commited or in between?
<jewel`{F}> are we talking just play ?
<ladybiker> i agree, della_sera
<alice_in_chains> i was thinking all terms jewel
<della_sera> even if it's just play... it's harder to trust or 'give it all up' with someone we are casual with
<della_sera> I sort of need the complete trust
<Sweet1`> unless it's a long term type casual with someone you know
<della_sera> not that we don't play with others that I'm not commited to but in the primary
<della_sera> aren't there levels of play which you wouldn't engage in with a casual partner?
<ladybiker> same here, della_sera: to let go, i need that complete i could not be into is good and it is bad the same time
<della_sera> like watersports (if you're into it) or branding play
<ladybiker> yes, true, Sweet1
<della_sera> I can do the casual as well but it doesn't go as far.. especially when it's harder play or role play
<della_sera> and I won't engage in anything sexual as well
<yummy> casual play can be fun but its hard to explore new areas when its a the first or second play with someone
<della_sera> it just scratchs an itch
<yummy> too much learning to do about the other person
<yummy> sometimes pretty well though della_sera
<ladybiker> lol della_sera
<della_sera> I vote for somewhere in between ;)
<drauma{M}> yes, I can submit to unbound OTK much more easily and casually than to bound anything
<Achilles{tr}> But casual play might be with Someone who goes in directions with which you are not familiar. Could it not open up new vistas as well?
<krista-F> this one plays regularly with a casual partner..and even in that over time we have grown in the manner we play..even though we are just friends
<drauma{M}> it does, one example is volunteering at a demonstration
<yummy> Achilles{tr} i think it can
<della_sera> Achilles, yes it can open new vistas
<Paulslilimp> been there done that
<della_sera> but if you're not 100 percent sure about the other person , it seriously limits those
<yummy> why do you say it that way Paulslilimp?
<`abi> lol...been where and done what Paulslilimp?
<drauma{M}> had no idea of how much fun fireplay was untill I experienced it at a demo
<Paulslilimp> no reason just meant have volunteered at demos
<drauma{M}> casual play is a lot easier in public than in private I find
<Paulslilimp> you know me abi will volunteer for anything
<krista-F> agree with that
<yummy> play tends to get more sexual in private i think
<della_sera> yes it is drauma
<Sweet1`> only if you want it to
<drauma{M}> I have seen exceptionally hot play in public, I dont think that is an issue
<della_sera> I trust my Top... he can introduce new people to our play and I have no problems with that at all
<ladybiker> yes, but wouldn't your volunteer to be under protection with Someone you trust?
<della_sera> but I know he's there
<della_sera> laughs.. yep, exactly ladybiker
<drauma{M}> but, a stranger is a lot less scary in public than in private
<della_sera> it's a built in safety net
<della_sera> there are people around
* drauma{M} nods
<Sweet1`> playing with a stranger? or do you mean someone new to you?
<Paulslilimp> agrees
<yummy> i don't play with new people in private, too scary (unless i have a chaperone)
<twilight_girl> that's very true drauma. if your all tied up and they get out of control, no one is there to help you in private
<krista-F> yes....this girl has travelled to play with people she knows only by reputation..but has always felt she was surrounded by friends
<ladybiker> i know that there are people around but dont Wwe say not to interrupt any play in public?
<Sweet1`> there has to be some level of trust to start the play in the first place
<drauma{M}> even when someone is there in private, your level of trust has to be higher, it has to extend to all present
<della_sera> I'll basically do anything he wants with anyone as long as I know I'm safe
<yummy> ladybiker you will get interupted if you safeword in public and the Dom doesn't notice you did
<della_sera> but.. getting back to the topic
<della_sera> I live alone and like it
<Sweet1`> lol agreed della_sera!
<yummy> you can still have a friend come by to chaperone
<della_sera> I'm not looking for someone to solve my life problems or take over my existence
<della_sera> I've done that
<drauma{M}> or, leave chat going, or have an open phone conection
<della_sera> not too sure about how well that works
<yummy> i like doing first plays in public, lots of chaperone, little to worry about
<della_sera> I call it my 'frenzy' days
<drauma{M}> it can get very interesting when you share like that, a web cam ...
<della_sera> phone
<yummy> would add to the safety i'd think
<yummy> leaving it on to have a recording of what happened
<drauma{M}> again, you are trusting the freind, and the stranger both
<yummy> well i tend to trust those i play with
<Paulslilimp> i do as well yummy
<yummy> its easier on my nerves
* drauma{M} nods
<Paulslilimp> uh huh
<drauma{M}> but, that is after negotiations one hopes
<drauma{M}> before one hopes you are very very paranoid
<yummy> yes it is after negotiations and chats
<yummy> and lots of general getting to know you
<yummy> not just "hi there sexy wanna beat me"
<yummy> so what is between casual and committed?
<`abi> that comes later yummy
<ladybiker> a Mentor?
<yummy> how so ladybiker?
<drauma{M}> I like to see a Mentor as a non-playing confidant kinda relatinoship
<ladybiker> well i do not have a Master, but i have a Mentor whom i trust totally.
<twilight_girl> how about playing with a casual friend and a committed partner at the same time? that's in between
<drauma{M}> sometimes quite literally a sammich
<yummy> a play partner so to speak? is that a good name?
<Achilles{tr}> Averaging out levels of commitment?
<ladybiker> everything would /is under His supervision.............and i would expect the same thing i guess from a protector.............knowing that i would not choose either of Them (Mentor or Protector) withough making sure They know me.........
<drauma{M}> perhaps extending the trust you have
<drauma{M}> someitmes signals can get crossed tho
<yummy> averaging out Achilles{tr}? what do you mean by that?
<Achilles{tr}> Involving a Committed partner and a Casual partner in a scene equals a semi-committed situation in the scene?
<yummy> ladybiker, how is a Master different than a mentor or a Protector?
<drauma{M}> I dont like that concept, I would view it as extension of the high-level of trust to umbrella the new player
<ladybiker> for me, i am totally commited to a Master, and not commited to a Mentor ot a Protector..........
<drauma{M}> I view a Mentor as a non-playing advisor, a confidant
<drauma{M}> someone whos opinion and help you seek out and value
<yummy> what do they get from you if no commitment or play?
<MrKool46> nothing!!
<drauma{M}> that will vary, some Mentors view it as their duty to the scene as a whole
<ladybiker> agree, drauma: but becaus eof the level of trust, at least in my case, Wwe also play because i do not have a Master............and not in training with anyOne..........
<yummy> you have a mentor MrKool46?
<Sweet1`> there is no satisfaction in teaching someone?
<yummy> i would think there is
<MrKool46> nope
<drauma{M}> one can study wiht a Mentor, and one can be commended to play partners by a Mentor, so, they gain more poeples in their retinue so to speak
<drauma{M}> I find great satisfaction in teaching
<yummy> are mentors always Doms or can they be a fellow sub
<drauma{M}> someone you respect I would hope
<Sweet1`> a sub can be a mentor
<ladybiker> i agree
<tvsubbie> PING 1039401938 0 13165162
<`abi> Anyone care to define committed? Committed to what?
<Sir_StephenS> a mentor is imo someone who has "been there, done that" and wishes to pass on their experience; by that definition, a sub is just as good (or better) a mentor than a Dom
<yummy> is committed a one on one relationship where you don't play with others?
<drauma{M}> no
<Sweet1`> can be emotionally committed
<drauma{M}> polyamorous commitments expand that
<twilight_girl> you can be commited to more than one person
<Sweet1`> and play with others
<drauma{M}> but, commitment establishes boundaries
<yummy> what boundaries?
<slave_earl> does commitment come in levels? can only wear one collar at a time.
<drauma{M}> and, requires interaction, discusion, agreement wiht those you commit to before you leave the box
<drauma{M}> tha collar could have multiple tags, or it could be to a group
<Sir_StephenS> committment could be to bdsm in general...making it a big part of their life, in whatever way you see fit
<krista-F> krista agrees with the Sir_StephenS
<krista-F> a commitment to a way of life can be just as big as a commitment to a person
<slave_earl> one thing about bdsm, Y/you can not fly solo
* drauma{M} thinks of self-bondage
<yummy> doens't mean i have to accept a collar though
<Sweet1`> self flagellation
<drauma{M}> unilateral submission
<drauma{M}> I had a job once, my boss was a natural Domme, we had no understanding, I just submitted
<drauma{M}> platonically of course
<yummy> but did you consider yourself her sub at work?
<ladybiker> :)
<drauma{M}> yes
<yummy> so was it casual, committed or inbetween?
<drauma{M}> I am a service slut to begin with, so that wasnt hard
<drauma{M}> there was a paycheck, but it was the reason I came in on time and took extra hours when asked
<drauma{M}> I would say committed, I made room in my schedule for her needs hour-wise
<della_sera> have to go... thanks for the welcome and short discussion (for me anyways ;))
<ladybiker> bye della_sera
<drauma{M}> had she wanted to go deeper, to non-job D/s i would have been eager to
<yummy> did you ever try to approach that?
<drauma{M}> I fell in love wiht her over the phone, it was cemented at the interview, when I was hired. I got the impression she was divorced, which was tue, but thinking her single was wrong, she had another relatinoship going that she didnt talk about
<yummy> how many people do casual play while in a committed relationship
<drauma{M}> at least, not for several weeks
<yummy> that must have been hard for you drauma{M}
<drauma{M}> I recovered
<twilight_girl> I havn't yet yummy, but I plan to, just havn't had the oppertunity
<yummy> what makes you want to do so twilight_girl?
<drauma{M}> me as well
<drauma{M}> MzTyger wants me to be sure, and wants me to grow beyond the places where she can or will take me
<twilight_girl> I have only ever played with my current partner, I want to experience what others are like. Also, since I dont live with my partner, sometimes you just need to play when your partner can't be around.
* drauma{M} nods
<yummy> so it can enhance your growth and fill needs that you might have
<drauma{M}> sometimes it isnt play either, someitmes a punishment needs to be done, and you cant travel for it
<yummy> you could accept punishment from a casual play partner?
<Morbious> hello everyone
<drauma{M}> I woudlnt, but sometimes a close freind will do
<yummy> hi Morbious
<ladybiker> have to go....sorry................thank you all for the welcome................
<ladybiker> good night
<Sir_StephenS> staying with your first play partner sounds like marrying your first love; fine if its obviously solid, otherwise watch out for the 7 year itch
<yummy> the nice thing about playing wth more than one is you can explore different styles and different places
<drauma{M}> I can imagine a humiliation type punishment which might involve a relative stranger
<yummy> and learn about your likes and dislikes
<twilight_girl> well, I do plan to stay with my partner, but like I said, we will also play casually with others
<Morbious> casually can be bit a vauge term? what does that really mean? different things to differet people.
<`abi> what does it mean to you Morbious?
<yummy> most people i play with casually i do not play with just once......its normally ongoing casual
<drauma{M}> I see casual as the opposit of committed
<twilight_girl> to me it means getting together with someone who you consider a friend, in order to play. Nothing where you feel comitted that if you play one time, you will have to play again. Just friends sharing something they both enjoy.
<Morbious> but sometimes, emotions get invovled
<Morbious> can confuse the situation
<krista-F> that is how this one views it as well twilight_girl
<drauma{M}> like a pick-up band
<drauma{M}> however you play, play safe
<Sir_StephenS> on the other side, if you do engage in casual play, you may be missing or lessening the intensity and depth and the knowing of another thoroughly
<Morbious> certianly something to consider very carefully
<Morbious> well have a great night everyone
<drauma{M}> if you dont enlarge your horizons you risk stagnating
<drauma{M}> and, to work with new people, well, you almost never go for the gold in terms of intensity with a stranger, so you begin slow
<yummy> i think so long as you take safety precautions its a great way to have fun
<Paulslilimp> and to learn new things
<yummy> yup
<slave_earl> have a nice night A/all
<Sir_StephenS> lots of pros and cons involved; I would not minimize the possibilities of having fun, and enlarging horizons, even staying with one partner
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