December 1, 2002 EhBC Online Discussion

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* jewel`{F} hopes we all communicate better during a scene than we are now
* Sweet1` 's only way of communicating in a scene is thru body language...
<Sweet1`> lol
<Sweet1`> i lose my ability to speak
<ravenswolf> personally i have enough trouble communicating when my head is screwed on straight
<yummy> i've communicated during a scene by trying to climb off the bench - body language right?
<Sweet1`> lol
<yummy> he was being cruel, tickling
<yummy> i reacted
<yummy> he was not amused
<ravenswolf> doesn't much sound like you were either yummy
<yummy> ravenswolf it was a natural impulse, i wasn't tied down, so it was my normal reaction
<yummy> i wasn't told not to move either
<yummy> after a short "discussion" i lay back down and the scene resumed
<jewel`{F}> most of my communicating is done through either body language or the different sounds He hears come from me
<yummy> with a bit less tickling i'm happy to say
<yummy> what kind of body language jewel`{F}?
<jewel`{F}> moving towards or away from the toy, becoming more relaxed or tense
<yummy> ah
<yummy> do you clench if you fear the toy?
<Capt_suzq> lol
<jewel`{F}> most of the time i don't see the toy, Master is very much into sensation play so most scenes i am blindfolded
<yummy> you can fear without seeing it though
<yummy> maybe not on the first whack but on the second
<jewel`{F}> so far i haven't found a toy that Master uses that i don't like
<yummy> so he never uses one harder than you like?
<yummy> a whack never really just hurts?
<jewel`{F}> He will push limits yes, and some things are supposed to hurt
<yummy> okay so i guess you don't ever anticipate the toy
<yummy> kneels how do you communicate ........ verbal or body language?
<kneels> i think i do a pretty blatent job with both yummy
<Capt_suzq> lol
* jewel`{F} giggles
<yummy> you kneels?
<yummy> how could we communicate better?
<kneels> and also..Max and i dont tend to do the "role play" type of if i say "oh god please stop"...i mean it...he may or may choose to continue pushing me through it...because after all i havent called it....but i communicate loudly on a literal i think i am probably the easiest to read
<yummy> so the communicating isn't instead of a safeword?
<Lady_Meadows> have I missed much?
<yummy> nope Lady_Meadows, just talking about communicating during scene
<yummy> body language and just plain conversing
<Lady_Meadows> thank you yummy
<yummy> what kind of communication do you prefer Lady_Meadows?
<kneels> no..i wouldnt want to confuse it with a safeword...a Dom should never ignore a safeword...if i am screaming bloody murder that i am in pain ...i cant take it...etc etc...this is what is going through my head..yet i still am willing "to submit" to the pain..i am still ok..if i wasnt..i would have used a Dom can either lighten me through somehow..or just keep pushing me through to the other side
<Lady_Meadows> to me body language is most important
<Lady_Meadows> the body doesn't lie
<jewel`{F}> if there is good communication going on, whether through the Dominant watching the sub's body language closely or actual verbal communication, i would think that a the safeword although there if truly needed would rarely be used
<Lady_Meadows> granted with a new partner words are important till you get to know ther persons body language
<yummy> do you think communication can substitute for a safeword
<Lady_Meadows> no not at all!
<kneels> no yummy
<jewel`{F}> not completely substitute for it no, but a couple that play together alot may not use it, but it is still there
<yummy> i was asking not saying that it shouldn't be there
<kneels> agreed jewel..i am so easy to read..and..stick with the same Sadist...that no i have never needed one with doesnt replace the need for one..for example..he knows that i am in alot of pain..but he also knows that i havent called it either
<kneels> i understand yummy
<kneels> so instead of worrying..he can just enjoy my pain
<yummy> i hope you can both enjoy it kneels
<jewel`{F}> Master started out very slowly with me, getting to know my body, its reactions, how i react emotionally etc, that He can read me very well
<kneels> well..somethimes i have a different opinion at the time yummy
<kneels> hiya abi
<Sweet1`> lol @ kneels
<yummy> do you talk as well jewel`{F}? talk about a scene before hand or recap it after?
<jewel`{F}> we have spent alot of time talking about interests, likes, dislikes
* yummy looks at the Doms, do you like to have scense recapped... a post mortem so to speak?
<jewel`{F}> as far as talking about a scene before hand no, afterward yes, we will talk about how it went what i enjoyed most, if there was something i would rather not do again
<Capt_suzq> Sir prefers a recap the day after
<Lady_Meadows> I love to talke about it afterwards it teaches me more about the person I'm playing with...
<Lady_Meadows> a brief recap that night and perhasps more detail the next day
<yummy> what is the most surprising thing you have learnt during the recap Lady_Meadows?
<Lady_Meadows> hmmm
<Lady_Meadows> I'd say were the person wanted to go the next time...
<Lady_Meadows> what they fantasized about
<Lady_Meadows> while in that sub space
<Lady_Meadows> it gave me an inight to the person that I may never have gotten otherwise
<yummy> what did they fantasize about?
<Lady_Meadows> bondage with well as puppy play
<Lady_Meadows> I hadn't realized just how much that person wanted to be crated and trained
<Lady_Meadows> once in this coming down state, and seeing how he gravitated to this place at me feet like a puppy I understood how safe he realy felt in that role
<yummy> that type of play would bring about some challanges in communications
<abitbent> i think if two people know each other well... body language is more a visible que... too much verbal can often be a distraction for a sub,, and i'm sure for a Top as well.
<Lady_Meadows> in what way are you thinking yummy?
<yummy> well communciation during puppy play is very likely not using words, at least on the subs part
<Lady_Meadows> true
<yummy> all the communcation would likely be body language and moans and sounds
<Lady_Meadows> I wasn't ready back then to go there with this I never did experiace the full scope of puppy play
<abitbent> rolled up newspapers communicate very well..
<yummy> peeing on them you mean abitbent? that does make a statement
<abitbent> lol yummy
<abitbent> a few whacks get's the point too.
<yummy> so how else do you communicate during a scene
<yummy> what works the best for you?
<yummy> what have you found to be totally pointless?
<`abi> I'm probably the only person who gets space checks with math questions
<yummy> i've seen that `abi
<yummy> its scary stuff
<`abi> well, I don't know if you've seen it used as a space check yummy
<yummy> i've seen it in a scene
<yummy> you did math problems
* jewel`{F} whisper to `abi 14 7x8 is 56 sis
* `abi nods ... but we also use it close up as a head check
<`abi> my ability to process equations is a pretty good indicator of where my head is
<`abi> and how far back I am in aftercare
<yummy> k so what i have seen is the play side not the check in side
<`abi> correct yummy
<yummy> so you don't use math as a scene check
<yummy> that was a scene in and of itself
<`abi> what you saw was a scene in and of itself ... or at least part of one
<yummy> nods
<`abi> but we frequently use it close up, without the tension, as a check of where I am
<`abi> a way to communicate which is more reliable than "I'm fine"
<yummy> which do you rely on more... talk as a check in or body language?
<`abi> if I can process 11 x 12 in the middle of a scene, I'm probably still good to go
<ravenswolf> don't think i can process that outside of a scene
<`abi> but if I can't do 3 x 3 then I'm probably close to a limit
<yummy> you do better than me when i'm not playing `abi
<abitbent> you'll have to write a book about it abi... Travellers guide to subspace.
<Sweet1`> i'm the opposite, if i can articulate the answer, i'm not in a good place
<yummy> personally i wish subspace had a sign 'you have now entered...."
<abitbent> lol yummy..
<`abi> well, I'm in a good place in both cases Sweet1` ... but the important thing is to be able to identify which place I'm in
<abitbent> for me... everythign get's very quiet. i can't hear anything sept perhaps the percussion of the crop and my Mistress's voice.
<Lady_Meadows> lol yes and a light We Dom/mes can see go on so We know your there, yummy
<yummy> ooh what a good idea Lady_Meadows
<yummy> so anyone else have anything to say on communicating during a scene (is anyone against?)
* `abi looks at the ModBot
<abitbent> thanx cyberBernie
<`abi> did you want us to think them or share them?
<abitbent> communication is always good as long as it's working.. in what ever form that may take.
<yummy> well maybe it wants us to use mental telepathy as the method of communication
<yummy> isn't that the most pure way to communicate
<yummy> what do you do when it isn't working abitbent
<abitbent> talk and talk about it after a scene... or say "Holy fuck that hurts... stop it."
<yummy> is that your safeword?
<abitbent> lol
<Lady_Meadows> lol
<yummy> i hate getting told "ow" is not my safeword
<yummy> like i need to be told
<abitbent> lol
<Lady_Meadows> and you think that will make me stop boy???
<abitbent> lol Lady Meadows
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