November 14, 2004 EhBC Online Discussion

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* Symmetre flirts shamelessly with the ModBot
<bridgeit`> im not sure on a connection but seem many from bdsm also are into those
<becky> hi lindy^
<abitbent> wiccan and paganism does seem to be popular amongst bdsm crowds
<becky> hello Justice ;o)
<lindy^> hi becky
<Justice> hi becky
<dana^^> thank you bridgeit`...
<bridgeit`> JJ?
<bridgeit`> two diff opinions i guess
<Justice> yep, that's me bridgeit
<bridgeit`> has anyone here done a virtual collaring
<becky> not i .. only in rl
<lindy^> to which degree? with a ceremony and such?
<bridgeit`> only rl for me as well
* Symmetre doesn't believe in living a virtual life
<bridgeit`> lindy have you?
* lindy^ suddenly feels the spotlight on her
<bridgeit`> naw, just sharing
<dana^^> ive worn a Dom's name online while in a long distance relationship but that wasnt velcro... only to signify there was a relationship... i dont like the secrect relationships... though that didnt stop him... lol...
<bridgeit`> dana did you meet him?
<abitbent> although not collared, i've used cyber as an extention to real life play.. which is satisfying.
<dana^^> no... he had a wee addiction to uh webcams and headed up meeting my best friend instead... lol
<abitbent> :)
<dana^^> i did meet my Former and enjoyed a 3 year long distance with Him
<abitbent> we used cyber to keep the dynamic going for times when we couldn't be together in r/l, so it definitely served its purpose.
<dana^^> nor do i Symmetre... but it seems most i know meet online in some form or another...
<dana^^> i do enjoy just talking online and getting to know someone first...
<Symmetre> online is a great way to establish initial contact with someone, I agree. I have found some who ultimately never would meet in real life though, which always made me wonder ... what were they trying to hide?
<lindy^> usually a spouse
<bridgeit`> lol lindy
<Symmetre> my thought exactly
<bridgeit`> honesty certainly is a good start
<dana^^> that happens offline also... had coffee with a gentleman who wasnt
<Symmetre> so ... no online or virtual anything for me
<lindy^> do you think there is any value to being collared online?
<dana^^> "married" but had this very pale skin on the wedding finger... lol
* Symmetre rubs his hands together excitedly ... gimme the real stuff!
<dana^^> lol
<abitbent> lindy^... i think there is as long as the two parties are genuine about their dedication.
<bridgeit`> with an intent on meeting someday?
<Symmetre> if people are together in real life, however, I see no reason why that couldn't carry on online ... particularly if they live apart and don't see each other daily
<bridgeit`> yes thats what W/we do
<dana^^> personally, i dont understand a relationship where you never meet... even though friends have maintain a no meet relationship for years and are happy with it
<lindy^> sometimes it's just not possible to meet
<Symmetre> seems a good vehicle for married people who want to flirt on the side thoughg
<dana^^> true lindy... and for some it works...
<lindy^> well that too
<lindy^> and for some the net is just a testing/training ground
<bridgeit`> does anyone find, talking on the net an easier place to talk tough subjects out rather than when meeting in person?
<dana^^> i do bridgeit`... especially when you're just getting to know the person...
<Symmetre> I would find it the opposite, bridgeit` .... I find it better to communicate when you can see a person's eyes ... hear the intonation in their voice. I find it's easy to mininterpret printed text .... but that's just me
<bridgeit`> or things you mite feel a bit embarrassed to ask them
<Symmetre> I guess some people are more comfortable to type than to talk
<bridgeit`> misinterpretation is a big problem, without the tone of the voice for sure
<dana^^> even with voice there is always that problem...
<Symmetre> tough to look down someone's top online too
<lindy^> lol
<bridgeit`> not with a cam
<dana^^> lol
<lindy^> or check out what is below the belt
<dana^^> lolol
<Symmetre> lol
<dana^^> there has to be a happy balance between online and meeting offline
<krista-F> i was way ahead of you on that Symmetre....i know your ways tooooo well
<Symmetre> !!!!
<lindy^> but would you wear a virtual collar of someone you haven't et?
<lindy^> umm met
<dana^^> a collar isnt something i would take lightly
<lindy^> it's not something I take lightly either......but I've seen it treated that way online
<dana^^> is it really that different offline... perhaps it depends on how you look at the symbol of a collar?
<dana^^> ok... maybe not... grins
<lindy^> lol
<lindy^> like everything else depends on who is involved
<dana^^> and what you are looking for
<lindy^> experience and information.......not a collar
<dana^^> then there are other collars too...
<dana^^> gets confusing...
<dana^^> thinks the general opinion may be that velcro is best not used on collars...
<kierana{DRFL}> lol dana...i think you may be right
<dana^^> grins
<dana^^> perhaps we could change the virtual part?
<Justice> change or drop dana?
<dana^^> drop Sir... lol
<Justice> by all means - the same question could be equally applicable
<dana^^> thank You... it just seems to be outta place when most are not online folks...
<dana^^> i would be interested in hearing views on different collars... experiences...
<Justice> I wonder what the average life expectancy of a collar is
<kierana{DRFL}> well, i personnally have only been collared this once, so my views are kinda narrow, there...but...sometimes it feels like it's online, when Master is gone for a long time
<dana^^> would be interesting to know if its the same as a marriage
<dana^^> are you in a long distance relationship kierana{DRFL}
<kierana{DRFL}> yes, dana...Master lives in Barrie and i'm here in London...Wwe try to see each other every other week, but...sometimes He's not able to take the time off for 3 to 4 weeks
<dana^^> so understands...
<dana^^> long distance can be so bittersweet...
* kierana{DRFL} smiles yes, it can...but when Master is here it's wonderful...
<dana^^> remembers that feeling well... smiles...
<dana^^> so much of a relationship is all about good communication
<kierana{DRFL}> it has to be, dana...whether it's l/d or live-in...whether it's online only or r/l...communication is key
<kierana{DRFL}> and Justice...i have been collared 2 years so far, and it only gets better *smiles*
<dana^^> maybe thats why i enjoy getting to know someone online first... capture my mind kinda thing... lol
<kierana{DRFL}> lol
* Justice smiles kierana{DRFL} ... and I hope that it continues to get ever better
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<dana^^> congrats kierana{DRFL}... smiles...
<kierana{DRFL}> thank you
<krista-F> who owns this room??
<kierana{DRFL}> this room? hmmmmm
<Justice> ? krista?
<krista-F> yes??
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