Novembe 13 2000 EhBC Online Discussion

<Kilted_One> while we wait on abi is there any topic that anyone wants to discuss
<D^Archangel> pierced nipples
<Johncin> hi Justice
<D^Archangel> shaved subs ,,Mmmmm ahhh endless
<Justice^> hi Johncin
<Kilted_One> what a lovely topic DA...ya wanna ask a ??? on them??
* Kilted_One laughs as he just got flashed by a pair of em sittin next to him
<D^Archangel> would a Dom ask his sub to get her nipples pierced ,, or mark herself as a sign of her submission
<D^Archangel> and whould she
<Kilted_One> well I can say that I did...vixen had hers done at my request and her labia too
<D^Archangel> hello zaR`n`LS
<D^Archangel> I find that beautiful Kilted_One
<Kilted_One> and at some time we intent to follow a gorean tradition of branding as well
* dalian smiles
<Kilted_One> I find them beautiful too DA every night when I get to fondle em both <EG>
<zaR`n`LS> ello A/all,, zaR at the keyboard, LS near
<D^Archangel> marking as a sign of submision/ownership is beautiful
<Sweetone{LT}> we are not gorean, but intend to do the branding at some point too
<Kilted_One> there was a guy at BR that came up to us as if he knew me and started calling me by name (KO) and started to show off his slaves brand...pretty kewl....I think he just read my intro that I posted
<D^Archangel> kewl Kilted_One
<Kilted_One> have you picked a brand out Sweetone{LT}??
<NstyDevil{b}> peek a boo
<zaR`n`LS> i would hope that whomever you mark, you intend to keep
<D^Archangel> hey NstyDevil{b}
<Sweetone{LT}> no, not yet KO...well, at least not that i'm aware of <g>
<Kilted_One> hence the wait zaR`n`LS
<NstyDevil{b}> heya DA
* D^Archangel is lookin for his very last slave zaR`n`LS`
<zaR`n`LS> good things come to those who wait KO ;)
* Kilted_One nods to Sweetone{LT}....has LT done any research on it yet??
<Sweetone{LT}> yes...we have friends who did a brand this year :)
<NstyDevil{b}> Topic?
<D^Archangel> ummm hoters NstyDevil{b}
<NstyDevil{b}> woooooooowooooooooo
<D^Archangel> speeking of nice ones ,, hello genigrrrl
<genigrrrl> Hello DA :)
<NstyDevil{b}> LOL
<Justice^> hello geni
<Kilted_One> how many here have piercings??
<genigrrrl> btw? nice which?
<blush{ND}> Good evening NstyDevil{b} :o)
<genigrrrl> i do :)...if nobody could notice by lookin'
<NstyDevil{b}> well, hello blush
<D^Archangel> I wrestled control of the topic to hooters ,, especially pierced ones and markings genigrrrl
* dalian had none except her ears...has thought alot about piercing nipples and perhaps labia
* Sweetone{LT} has several <g>
* D^Archangel has one ear
<D^Archangel> hello ravishing
* NstyDevil{b} is thinking about getting blush's nipples or nipple pierced...
<ravishing> hello :)
<Kilted_One> what was the attraction or reason for the piercings that you got??
<dalian> i just worry about the rings getting caught on something unintentional :(
<Justice^> hello ravishing
* blush{ND} smiles
* genigrrrl has tragus/antitragus/earlobes/horns out the tops of her ears/clit hood/naval done 2x/nose done 3x...and been pierced numerous times fer fun
<ravishing> Justice> hello :)
<genigrrrl> oh yeah...and my tongue can't ferget dat
<D^Archangel> sounds /;looks like fun to me
<NstyDevil{b}> does temp peircing count??? hehe
<D^Archangel> I dont think it matters what the temperature is
<Kilted_One> only at the time NstyDevil{b}
* NstyDevil{b} swats DA upside the head... ya dunf
<NstyDevil{b}> LOL
<NstyDevil{b}> thank you KO
<Sweetone{LT}> lol, well if'n yer using ice cubes, it tends to hurt when things thaw out <g>
<genigrrrl> ...if so NstyDevil{b}, i've had cheeks, lips, septum, nipples, toes, labia etctc....
<Kilted_One> has anyone got a story to tell about their piercings
<NstyDevil{b}> wow... ms. pincushion
<zaR`n`LS> i fainted when i had my ears peirced
<dalian> lol
* genigrrrl snickers...only naughty ones
<Kilted_One> do tell gen
<dalian> i almost did too Zar...i was about 10 yrs old
<zaR`n`LS> grins,, will only have one more,, kitty hood,, must be in a scene,, must be with LS ,,,the final capture of zaR
* genigrrrl blushes
<zaR`n`LS> so was i,, about 8 or ten
<genigrrrl> hmmm what to say?....lips are my fav. having both pierced onto the same needle...can't open my mouth...
<D^Archangel> Mmm beautiful zaR`n`LS
<NstyDevil{b}> i've read about that geni
<Kilted_One> what about you Sweetone{LT}?? any stories behind yours??
<D^Archangel> kewl genigrrrl
<NstyDevil{b}> and actually seena picture or two on the topic
<genigrrrl> once while like that and getting forked really well *eg*...things intensified to the point my Dom was about to climax, at which point He said loudly NOW...reached up and pulled the needles from my lips
<genigrrrl> gushes everywhere...blood from my lips and milk from His peepee
* genigrrrl gets all squirmy just thinkin bout it
<Sweetone{LT}> i did my own nipples 20 years ago
<D^Archangel> Waiter ,, CHeck Pls
<D^Archangel> LOL
* NstyDevil{b} pushes the tomato soup away from my dinner table
<NstyDevil{b}> LOL
<D^Archangel> you did that before you were 10 Sweetone{LT} ?
<Sweetone{LT}> lol, no DA
<genigrrrl> KO wanted to hear...maybe nextime i'll pm You KO
<Justice^> hi Thjalgrimr
<Justice^> wb autumn`breeze{JFC}
* Kilted_One smiles
<Sweetone{LT}> but before i was 20 <g>
<Kilted_One> np at this end gen
<D^Archangel> no ,, was nice genigrrrl
<NstyDevil{b}> i have nothing against blood... i love looking forward to when i remove the needles from my pet, and watching the blood come out
<autumn`breeze{JFC}> thanks darn kids calling
<Justice^> wb Opal
<D^Archangel> how does branding go ?.. totaly outside my knowledge
<Justice^> hi sindrella{D}
<sindrella{D}> hi Justice^ Sir :)
* genigrrrl never realized how much her toes curl when she's getting fucked till she had needles across the top of all 10 *weg*
<D^Archangel> hello sindrella{D}
<Opal``> is there a discussion tonight?
<Thjalgrimr> branding is very much a specialist technique. Frankly I there are about 3 ppl I'd trust and they'er all students of one of the 3 :)
<Justice^> hiya canplay ltns
<D^Archangel> hey canplay
<BLiSsTER`> who would those be Thjalgrimr?
<NstyDevil{b}> blush, what's your take on branding?
<Sweetone{LT}> hi canplay :)
<sindrella{D}> hi D^Archangel Sir :)
* canplay was being quiet due to sunday night discussion?
<blush{ND}> my "take"???
<genigrrrl> ouuuuuuuucccccchy!!!
<Kilted_One> do tell us some more Thjalgrimr??
<genigrrrl> branding is waaaaaaaay intense
<Thjalgrimr> Mustapha and his disciples (hope I am remembering his name right... been a long time )
<Justice^> hello shado
* Sweetone{LT} pinches shado really hard
<`shado> evening everyone :)
<D^Archangel> brb
<`shado> umm..ouch :)
<Thjalgrimr> the planning and forming of the irons is a study unto itself.
<Thjalgrimr> fairly counterinutitive to anyone who has ever done/seen livestock branding
<Justice^> hello TheWolfe
<Sweetone{LT}> it's many small strikes
<TheWolfe> good evening
<`shado> Sweetone{LT} you brand or just castrate?
<Sweetone{LT}> hi Wolfe
* DungeonLord_afk is away: No reason
* Sweetone{LT} grins
<Kilted_One> the guy at BR did the brand himself and did it in one strike!!!
<Sweetone{LT}> who was it KO?
<Thjalgrimr> I suppose that would depend on the complexity of the brand KO.
<Justice^> hi jen
<Kilted_One> dont know the guy from Adam he simple approached me as if he knew me and started chatting away
<jen^^> Hello Justice^
<Sweetone{LT}> heya jen *hugs*
<Kilted_One> his brand was a letter "j'
<jen{SE}> hello Sweetone{LT} *hugs*
* `shado gropes jen
<Opal``> hi jen
<Sweetone{LT}> was it circled or just the letter?
* jen{SE} snuggles `shado and wiggles at the grope
<canplay> glad He didn't wish to put full name on brand , KO *smiles*
<NstyDevil{b}> hehehe, i'd love to get a brand, a nice big one with a picture of a devil and my name above it and my nick beneath it...
<Thjalgrimr> yah, a J is a pretty simple form. consider a cursive K though (the classic Kajira brand). I think I recall that needing 5 or 8 irons to do right
<NstyDevil{b}> hehehehe
<Kilted_One> the more intricate the brand the harder it is to keep detail though NstyDevil{b}
<`shado> where would you put it on your bosy NstyDevil{b} ?
<genigrrrl> i have a pentagram branded on the back of my calf NstyDevil{b} *weg*
<zaR`n`LS> i understood branding was properly accomplished on a human as a series of strikes vs one hide type of searing
<NstyDevil{b}> i know KO, that's why it would have to be a nice big one
<Justice^> hiya forbi
<genigrrrl> that's the technique that mine was done in zaR`n`LS, it took over 100 hits and almost 1 hour
<zaR`n`LS> over time,, as scarification,, makes for a beautiful mark
<`forbidden> hi Justice^
<NstyDevil{b}> wow
<`forbidden> discussion cancelled tonight or something?
<NstyDevil{b}> you wouldn't have a picture of it do you geni?
<zaR`n`LS> nod nod,, dedication exemplified for sure genigrrl
<Thjalgrimr> and of course aftercare is paramount (but that goes without saying I suppose)
<Kilted_One> seem to remember that too Thjalgrimr...was done using copper pipe bend to the various shapes to mesh together
<genigrrrl> i do actually...right after it was done...let me find it
* genigrrrl was on crutches for 2 weeks
<NstyDevil{b}> ok, thanks.. i'm curious
* canplay wonders what that would do for a bottom brand,, (can't sit for a month?)
<genigrrrl> found one NstyDevil{b} `forbidden {{{ `forbidden's Op Notice }}} is there no discussion tonight or has the subject change?
<NstyDevil{b}> :)
<Thjalgrimr> the one I saw was with mild steel (as an engr I'd be worried about the heat transport properties of cuperous metals)
> `forbidden [notice:`forbidden] abigaille hasnt showed up so I'm impro
<zaR`n`LS> in a way,, setting the scene of the branding/cutting/marking would only enhance it,,,blend that into a scene over 100 hrs, ,,, beats a sterile nilla trip to the clinic to get a peircing `forbidden {{{ `forbidden's Op Notice }}} ah ok....... thanks :)
<Thjalgrimr> that it would zaR
<Kilted_One> what about the scabbing??
* genigrrrl has made a picture for her wall using a photo of her brand, the 2 branding rods that were used crossed under it, and all the scabs sprinkled all around me sick
<Thjalgrimr> KO... I'd only use a union brander of course =)
* zaR`n`LS gets all squicky when it comes to scab picking,, but i understand its a part of the process
<genigrrrl> lol
<`shado> bbl
<Justice^> hello Skyhawk1
<Sweetone{LT}> hi Skyhawk1
<canplay> good evening Skyhawk ltns
<Skyhawk1> Hi all
<Justice^> hi SonSon
<Kilted_One> does anyone know about the scabbin??/ should it be picked off or left on??
<canplay> good question KO
<Thjalgrimr> can't recall KO. I think it needs to be picked carefully to promote scaring, but don't quote me on that one
<TheWolfe> removing the scabs deepens the scars
<zaR`n`LS> i belive glory(MD) told me it needed to be removed
* zaR`n`LS goes all squicky
<Kilted_One> have you done it TheWolfe??
* sindrella{D} cringes
<TheWolfe> no KO...
<canplay> i wold be afraid it would spread the scarring,, which would not be good
<TheWolfe> researched it for a brand I wanted to do and decided against it
<genigrrrl> i was told by the person that did it...NOT to pick it...and yes i believe it would have spread
<NstyDevil{b}> wow, geni, that's an impressive pentagram... very nice indeed
<canplay> bet that was ithcy geni?
<Kilted_One> how so TheWolfe??
<genigrrrl> definition would have been lost
<TheWolfe> isn't it called kelation or something genigrrrl?
<genigrrrl> yes it was vERRRRY itchy
* canplay smiles and nods at genigrrrl
<genigrrrl> hmmmmm not sure TW...not familiar with that term
<Sweetone{LT}> Brands tend to spread 23 times the width of the iron
* Kilted_One nots to TheWolfe kelation..the forming of scar tissue
<TheWolfe> the pattern was very intricate and I could not get a guarantee that the design would scar properly
<Thjalgrimr> that's the term TW, the creation of keloid scars
<genigrrrl> i was recommended having it rehit some months later when it was healed to create a "deeper" scar vs. "picking" to acceive this
<TheWolfe> the closest to a guarantee was by someone using glass
<BLiSsTER`> glass?
<Kilted_One> glass??
<Thjalgrimr> hmm. clever.
<genigrrrl> glassss?
<Justice^> hi nina_c
<nina_c> hello
<canplay> yes i have watched a teen use glass to create a scar,, seemed to work well
<TheWolfe> much smoother
<canplay> i never associated it with branding before
<Justice^> hi Lotta
<Lotta_Skull> hello justice ...and
<Kilted_One> you mean cutting TheWolfe?/
<Skyhawk1> yes has been long time...I have been hitting the casino...rather vice versa!
<TheWolfe> no branding
<TheWolfe> with glass rods
<canplay> wow , would like to see branding with glass rods ,, interesting
<Kilted_One> using the glass rod to be heated and striking with it and not metal???
<TheWolfe> yes KO
<Thjalgrimr> *reminds himself to look up the thermodynamic properties of glass*
<canplay> see .. not do *smiles*
<Justice^> hello carole, torslave
<carole{GP}> greets A/all!
<Kilted_One> does it not melt TheWolfe??
<Sweetone{LT}> the brand done this summer was with small irons of stainless steel, 1/16 to 1/32 inch thick, heated with a propane torch till it was red hot, held on the skin for a sec or two
<zaR`n`LS> ow
<Sardaukar> Glass rods for branding are approx, 2 mil thick, ussually perform on on a person laying down, and the pattern is blown first on a backwards pattern allowing the brand to show properly once applied
<Thjalgrimr> and that's the real trick... the pressure and timing of the strike.
<TheWolfe> *smile* it could, so could copper, but one doesn't heat it to that extent
<Thjalgrimr> *thinks about red vs black burns in the smithy*
<Sardaukar> ussually Glass brander's are those who work in the field of Neon
<Justice^> hi MstrKey
<MstrKey> hi
<Justice^> hi Rawlove
<Lotta_Skull> hello Rawlove ..*S*
<Rawlove> hey Justice
<Thjalgrimr> so, how does one go about setting the scene given that one has a Certified Branding Technician all lined up?
<carole{GP}> i came in late, Sweetone{LT}... how long does it take to heal a brand?
<Rawlove> lol hwo are ya Lotta Skull
<jen{SE}> well i 'm off, take care A/all
<Rawlove> hey A/all
<Sardaukar> should look for a Blacksmith shop to find a Branding tech
<Sweetone{LT}> the one i was mentioning took about two weeks or so
<Thjalgrimr> Sardaukar, most smiths would look at you like you were from Saturn.
<dalian> i thought i read somewhere that it takes about 6 months to heal fully
<carole{GP}> so about as long as a tatoo?
<Sardaukar> actually no they would not
<Sweetone{LT}> yes, but just for the skin to heal, if it doesn't become infected was about 2 weeks
<Justice^> hello tru
* carole{GP} thinks about asking her Dad about it and decides that is a BAD idea.
<Sardaukar> considering I know one in Collingwood who constantly gets requests from Punkers LOL
<Thjalgrimr> actually, yah they would (at least all the pros I know would :) you may move in a more liberal crowd :)
<Thjalgrimr> cool. nice to know they aren't ALL curmudgeons
<^trufriend> hi Justice
<^trufriend> short discussion tonight?
<Kilted_One> what is the advantage that glass gives over metal??
<Justice^> think our moderator went awol tru
<TheWolfe> cleaner brand supposedly
<^trufriend> oh
<Kilted_One> you mean the glass doesnt oxidize like the metal does??
<TheWolfe> glass aparently conducts heat better
<Kilted_One> or that it strikes cleaner??
<TheWolfe> more uniform
<TheWolfe> strikes cleaner
<Thjalgrimr> slower more even heat transfer
<Thjalgrimr> lower latent heat at a given temp (I think..that one I have to look up)
* Kilted_One shakes his head...nope glass is an insulator..would most likely hold the heat in itself longer and more even though
<Sardaukar> glass is cleaner, more sanitary, and also can be heated to a higher temp with less deformation due to expansion
<Kilted_One> interesting...I have never hear of glass being used
<Kilted_One> anyone got any links or urls on this stuff??
<Kilted_One> any closing thoughts as we are right at 10??
<Justice^> wb D^Archangel
<Justice^> hi Husker
<D^Archangel> hey Justice^
<Justice^> hi firestar
<zaR`n`LS> think before you strike?
<Husker^Du> hi Justice..
<Husker^Du> hi fire
<D^Archangel> all my thoughts are closing Kilted_One
<Rawlove> LOL thinks of time freinds and I did shooters Zambuca in shot glasses ...well set em alight then stuckem to our asses mooned the crowd then pulled em off and downed...anyways one shy body took forever to apply glass and when he did let out scream as boiling zambuca and hot glass met flesh then vacuumed to ass ...LOL pulled it off to have glass ring left behind (Branded)
<Thjalgrimr> don't do this at home. use a professional
<`firestar> hi there Husker
<Kilted_One> guess you dont need a union for this kinda strike either huh??
<Lotta_Skull> glass is a electrical insulator not a heat insulator
<BLiSsTER`> a union of 2
<D^Archangel> Mmm a union of 2 sounds lovely
<Lotta_Skull> show Me that tomorrow War???...chuckle
<Kilted_One> that will end the formal discussion pls continue as long as you like