October 29 2000 EhBC Online Discussion

<LrdTZ> what is the discussion on this evening.
* dalian waves from her new home
<@Mltdwn> its an open discussion LrdTZ lol
<{OT}cariye> hi LrdTZ
<LrdTZ> no topic this evening.
<@`abi> well, so far LrdTZ it seems to be the perils of moveable body parts
<becky{BH2}> lol
<tigger{MV}> i am so not used to this place...lol
<@`abi> lol tigger .... be afraid, be very afraid ;)
<@`forbidden> well i'm off
<LrdTZ> why not tigger{MV}
<@`forbidden> have a good one all
<becky{BH2}> nitters forbi
<dalian> maybe the Doms could choose the topic?
* `abi chuckles...think they could all agree?
* dalian falls over
<{OT}cariye> hello DungeonLord
<dalian> well...subs don't agree either from what i've seen
* {OT}cariye thinks DungeonLord needs some rope to keep Him in place
<tigger{MV}> umm....first time here....it's all just new i guess
<dalian> hello Kirspin
<LrdTZ> you new to the scene?? tigger{MV}
<Kirspin> Hi dalian
<{OT}cariye> hi Kirspin
* dalian goes into chocolate overload...hot dark chocolate and chocolate/mint cookies
<becky{BH2}> hi Kirspin
<tigger{MV}> fairly new to the scene and to mirc
<@`abi> lol..that's true dalian...unless the topic is chocolate...that we all seem to agree on
<tigger{MV}> *lol*.....be gentle with me
<LrdTZ> and you have a Master??
<{OT}cariye> i have homemade oreo cookies :)
<tigger{MV}> have a Master and a Mistress
<LrdTZ> and your new to the scene??
<Kirspin> Evening becky
<tigger{MV}> homemade oreo cookies??
* {OT}cariye nods
<tigger{MV}> fairly new Sir....have some experience....but not much
* dalian could easily battle the merits of dark chocolate over milk or white ;o)
<tigger{MV}> i want cookies too
<LrdTZ> well enjoy the channel and get to know the ppl.
<@`abi> so long as I don't have to choose dalian!
<tigger{MV}> thank You Sir
<LrdTZ> your welcome tigger{MV}
<dalian> hi Chiaroscuro{a}
<Chiaroscuro{a}> good evening everyone
<tigger{MV}> hello Chiaroscuro
<dalian> may i msg you for a moment please, LrdTZ?
<LrdTZ> of course dalian
<dalian> thanks ;)
<Chiaroscuro{a}> hi tigger{MV}
<Chiaroscuro{a}> hey Mltdwn!
<{OT}cariye> hi Chiaroscuro{a}
<Chiaroscuro{a}> hi {OT}cariye
<tigger{MV}> me thinks i'll go watch XFiles with Mistress and Master......take care All
<{OT}cariye> bye tigger nice to meet you
<@`abi> bye tigger .... ya'll come back soon y'hear
<tigger{MV}> will do my best.....thanks for makin me feel welcome......good night
<dalian> night tigger{MV}
<@`abi> hello ravishing
<LrdTZ> hello ravishing
<ravishing> hello :)
<{OT}cariye> hi ravishing
<Kirspin> Evening ravishing
<@`abi> well, it seems that the great and powerful Oz has left us without a topic for the evening....anyone have anything pressing they'd like to discuss?
<@`abi> or even anything disgusting they'd like to press
* cuddlesub{B} only has laundry she needs to press
<@`abi> me too, but I haven't been able to find the iron in years
<dalian> lol
<@`abi> not that I've actually looked for it very hard
<{OT}cariye> hi malechattel
<cuddlesub{B}> i'll send you mine lol
<@`abi> lol
<@`abi> okay ... I'll send you my wrinkled clothes in return :)
<malechattel> hello OTcariye
<Kirspin> Perm Press is the best,lol
<{OT}cariye> i have one but no ironing board
<cuddlesub{B}> hmmmm...think that will work?
<malechattel> 3 cheers for polyester, and one more for velcro...
<@`abi> a serious advantage that leather and latex have I'd say
<{OT}cariye> LrdThomas
<{OT}cariye> hummmmm
<Sweetone{LT}> hi Master :)
<{OT}cariye> hello even
<Kirspin> Ms Tiia was telling us at the Dundas brunch today tha tit cost $28.00 to dry clean a leather mini skirt
* cuddlesub{B} needs to stop being lazy and go get her chores done
<cuddlesub{B}> bbl
<dalian> hello Justice
<becky{BH2}> hello Justice ;o)
<@Justice^> hi dalian
<Kirspin> Evening Justice
<@Justice^> no discussion tonight?
<@Justice^> hi becky, Kirspin
* Justice^ waves to E/everyone else too
<Kirspin> No, the powers are all in London tonight
<@Justice^> ahh forgot about that
<@Mltdwn> who is in London? :)
<Kirspin> Bernie and lots more
<LrdThomas> no one here has any power?
* Mltdwn thinks they are mortals like I :)
<dalian> Doms are mortals?
<Kirspin> That was only a figure of speech
<dalian> wow....lol
<@Mltdwn> I give the power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<@Mltdwn> :)
<@Mltdwn> ;)
<@Mltdwn> I know
<@Mltdwn> I have a scenario question for you all :))
* dalian listens
* `abi had power, but I exchanged it for something
<@Mltdwn> A Dom has a special evening planned that incluedes reservations for a set time.....
<@Mltdwn> he arrives home from work...and finds that his slave has done something deeming punishment....
<@Mltdwn> that has been discussed and new she would be punished for if she violated this rule...
<@Mltdwn> so due to the fact...that punishment was in order...there reservations were missed....
<@Mltdwn> and their evening plans...ruined...
<@Mltdwn> Question....
* ^contradiction_ says hey to A/all
<@Mltdwn> should the slave punished as well for ruining the evening as well as for the origional infraction?
<@Justice^> hi contradiction, DeuxLeMax
<LrdTZ> save the punishment why ruin an evening for a punishment.
<dalian> interesting question....
<LrdTZ> let the slave sweat it out
<Kirspin> Suggest you punish at a later time and just one punsihment for both
<@Mltdwn> but if he punished her at a later time there wouldnt be two punishments..
<@Justice^> think she should be given the option: punishment delayed (worry compounded on punishment) or double punishment right away
<{OT}cariye> in her mind she would know
<@Mltdwn> so having that he chose to do it at the time of infraction....that caused them to miss their reservations..
<Kirspin> Could you not combine the two into one really good punishment?
<@Mltdwn> is that her fault and should she be punsihed for it...
<@Mltdwn> define a 'good' punishment....not to be enjoyed IMO
<@Justice^> hello Shoe
<@LrdThomas> make her fry bacon for dinner in the nude... problem solved... dom's hunger sated, punishment accomplished.. then sit back and watch fooootball. <g>
<Kirspin> Not having a current sub, and not in your position I venture not to cmment
<@Justice^> lol LrdThomas
<@Mltdwn> LOL LT
<@Mltdwn> this is a hypathetical scenario for discussion Kirspin not My situation..
<Kirspin> Hey she may get spashed with hot Oil ooff the food
<@Mltdwn> yep :)
<{OT}cariye> it is her fault that she needed punishment but not that the Dom chose to do it right then
<TrapperD> Hello
<@Justice^> hello Trapper
<@Mltdwn> so when does one administer a punishment then>? should it not be dealt w/ asap?
<becky{BH2}> goodnight E/everyone... take care *smile*
<{OT}cariye> sometimes its worse to wait for punishment
<@Justice^> night becky
<@Mltdwn> for would the night not be ruined by waiting till after a nice eveing
<LrdTZ> depends on the relationship. and I like to make them wait for it.
<TrapperD> I'm not lagged am I?
<dalian> in this instance it would drive the slave crazy not knowing what will happen after the evening plans
* Shoe`` smiles, hello
<@Mltdwn> why Ltz
<@Mltdwn> she would know...she is going to be punished...
<Sweetone{LT}> perhaps he could have told her that she will be punished, but that they were going to continue with his plans for the evening?
<LrdTZ> because if they are waiting for me to admisistrate a punishment then they have more time to think aobut what they did wrong and they have no idea what their punishment is.
<@LrdThomas> mountain outta a molehill imo, though offered not knowing this golden rule she breached, so my comments are tempered. But it seems a case on the surface, of a dom so full of himself and his power, he can't control the situation to a positive. He seems to me to lack some imagination and perhaps the ability to think on his feet. Sounds to me like a textbook dom rather than someone interestred in a meaningful growing fun relationship.
<@Mltdwn> agreed Lt....
* glory{Mlt} drags her sorry baconfat burned botty into channel..and kneels at erh Masters feet..as he watches the game
<@Mltdwn> so what should he do then...
<@Justice^> hi glory
<@Justice^> lol glory
<Sweetone{LT}> lol, glory
<@Mltdwn> LOL
<@Mltdwn> *yank*
<@Mltdwn> sit you...
<@LrdThomas> whack her ass... tell her she is a naughty girl... that he expects more from her than that, and lets move on and enjoy the evening.
<@Mltdwn> :)
* glory{Mlt} sits
<glory{Mlt}> thats a punishment LrdThomas ????
<glory{Mlt}> sounds like fun for me.lol
<@Mltdwn> I think telling a slave that you expect more from them is NOT fun lil glorygrl...
* glory{Mlt} is focusin onthe naughty girl admonishion..lol
<@LrdThomas> or we can dwell on the imperfections of a human slave, wish for science to produce a better model that won't require much dom thought and sulk at how the dom couldn't control his slave and she ruined his evening. lol
<@Mltdwn> and that you are disappointed in their actions.
<@Mltdwn> LOL
<DeuxLeMax> perhaps the Dom should be punished for poor training
<@Mltdwn> damn that science lab.....I order her over a year ago...where is she.. :))
<@Mltdwn> umm no.
<@LrdThomas> now there is a thought... 10 minutes in the green chair for ODomly_one. <g>
<DeuxLeMax> naaaaaaa 20
<DeuxLeMax> at least on period of hockey
<@Mltdwn> I think the red chair would be more suitingto the crime...
* {OT}cariye knows what would happen if she tried to send Master to the corner
<@Mltdwn> LOL
* ^contradiction_ excuses herself quietly
<@Mltdwn> so how long should one wait to punish a slave>?
<DeuxLeMax> perhaps clog a few arteries with that bacon, give him a corranary, that might be punishment
<@Mltdwn> now sit grl
* glory{Mlt} sits and giggles that the thought of cloged arteries :)
<@LrdThomas> he should wait until.... #1, he is sure he has control of himself, #2, he is not reacting out of anger or negative emotion, #3, he has thought out what she did and is sure she erred, and #4 when he can think up an appropriate punishment. Should take about 20 seconds. <g>
<glory{Mlt}> lol
<@Mltdwn> :)
<Sweetone{LT}> and that still leaves time to make the reservations <g>
<@LrdThomas> lol
<@Mltdwn> exactly
<@Mltdwn> LOL
<glory{Mlt}> good point Sweetone{LT}
<glory{Mlt}> geez i love these sharp shootim Masters :)
<Sweetone{LT}> lol
<@Mltdwn> so then he goes ahead and punishes her...and she goes out for the ev w/. him....and is a total basket case....trying to deal w. being punished....should he still make her go out?
<@LrdThomas> the interesting thing about r/l M/s is actually how few times punishment is needed. Teaching and "the look" are constant... but actual punishment is rare.
<@LrdThomas> unless the slave doesn't get rid of the sheeding rabbit coat. lol
<@LrdThomas> shedding
<{OT}cariye> the look of disappointment or the frown look are very powerfull
* dalian is off to bed...night A/all
<{OT}cariye> night dalian
<@Justice^> night dalian
<@Mltdwn> so should he make her go out...? knowing she is down and dealing w/ being punished...
<{OT}cariye> so... what if the sub did not want to go out and did something wrong because she knew she would get punished ?
<glory{Mlt}> me thinks He should...a strong sub/slave would be able to accept her punishment..and work thru it...and be able to carry on....
<glory{Mlt}> thats a whole nother problemo cariye imo ;)
* {OT}cariye nods
<@Mltdwn> agreed glory
<@LrdThomas> if she is down from being punished, DomlyDude has work to do to teach her to understand why punishment is part of the relationship. Completed punishment is a time to reinforce the love and committment. I would think dinner would be delightful.
<{OT}cariye> but we never found out why she was punished
<@Mltdwn> I agree LT.....
<{OT}cariye> did she run out of time while getting ready or was it a long standing order she violated
<@Mltdwn> order
<glory{Mlt}> maybe she threw a temper tantrum and broke a vase..or had a cigarette when she was suposed to have quit smoking....
<glory{Mlt}> any rule that is set out for her cariye
* Mltdwn looks a glory...
* glory{Mlt} looks at her Master
<@Mltdwn> dont even think about smokin *EG*
<glory{Mlt}> :(
<glory{Mlt}> :))
<@Mltdwn> So why is/should punishment be part of a d/s relationship.?
<@Mltdwn> or should it not be...and why?
* Mltdwn sniffs....I smell a trout!
* glory{Mlt} sniffs
<glory{Mlt}> nope..jsut cookies
* LrdThomas knows and will listen to others. :
<Sweetone{LT}> cookies??
* Sweetone{LT} grins
<@Mltdwn> no...you left all the cookies at our friends house.
* glory{Mlt} grabs a cookie and gives it a lil taste
<glory{Mlt}> kept one SIr..just for You :)))
<Sweetone{LT}> lol
<@Mltdwn> anyone have an opinion on punishment...back to the topic that isnt
<{OT}cariye> most times knowing i have disapointed is almost worse than punishment
<@Mltdwn> choc o chip?
<@Justice^> hi Kellar
<@Justice^> hello DungeonLord
<@Mltdwn> but should there be one?
<Kellar> hi Justice^
<@Mltdwn> carrye
<glory{Mlt}> no Sir...mint flavoured :)|
<@Mltdwn> yummy...girl guide cookies
<@Mltdwn> :))
<{OT}cariye> it would depend Sir, i said most of the time, if i am being very bad then punishment works better
<@Justice^> hi joe_joe
<Kellar> not the chocolate mint ones, glory{Mlt}...those are so good
<@Mltdwn> so it should be part then IYO. :)
* glory{Mlt} gives Mlt the 3 finger girl guide cookie salute :))
* Kellar grinz
<@Mltdwn> MMMM...three
<joe_joe> hello everyone.
<Kellar> hi joe_joe
<@Mltdwn> so how does it work better carrye?
<@Mltdwn> and better than what. :)
* LrdThomas tosses Mltdwn a condom, a one finger slaute and a sign reading "Be prepared". lol <wink>
<Kellar> heh
<glory{Mlt}> lol
<@Mltdwn> :)
* Mltdwn is always prepared :))
<{OT}cariye> i have a temper and sometimes it comes out
<{OT}cariye> then a look does not do it
<@Mltdwn> you mean sometimes you make a choice to show your temper. ... :)
<{OT}cariye> sometimes i have no choice over my temper
<@Mltdwn> we all do cariye :)
<@Mltdwn> a choice
<Sweetone{LT}> is punishment a cornerstone of d/s?
<DeuxLeMax> control is the cornerstone of D/s
<@Mltdwn> it is a part of it yes...for sure
<@Mltdwn> good answer DeuxLeMax
<DeuxLeMax> wow do i get a gold star
<DeuxLeMax> i want one real bad
<@Mltdwn> right on yer butt. *smack*
<@`abi> where would you like it DeuxLeMax?
<glory{Mlt}> heh .
<@Mltdwn> too late abi...took control of sit :)
<DeuxLeMax> where ya wanna put it abi
<@`abi> you do that alot Mltdwn .... I think it may be a Dom thing
* `abi ponders the possibilities
<Sweetone{LT}> is punishment one of the separators of nilla and d/s?
<DeuxLeMax> you get a gold star too Sweetone{LT}
* Sweetone{LT} grins
<DeuxLeMax> i'll let LT put that one where he sees fit
<@Mltdwn> yes it is....although the nilla none for you tonight is used lots in nilla land. :)
<@Justice^> hello Masterguny
<Masterguny> Evening
<DeuxLeMax> evening Masterguny
<Masterguny> howdy
<DeuxLeMax> dodeee
<DeuxLeMax> wow looks like we are loosing the room
<Masterguny> well they sure are thining out around here huh:)
<@Justice^> should have stamped them with glue instead of gold stars
<@`abi> you mean if I stay long enough, I might thin out?
<Sweetone{LT}> lol, Justice^
<Sweetone{LT}> nite all :)
<@Justice^> night Sweetone{LT}
<Masterguny> nite Sweetone{LT}
<Sweetone{LT}> did anyone log this tonight?
<{OT}cariye> i have it
<Sweetone{LT}> i did, if no one else did
<Sweetone{LT}> ok cariye, someone needs to send it to Bernie
<{OT}cariye> ok i can
<Sweetone{LT}> ok :)
<Masterguny> must have been good :(
<Sweetone{LT}> nite nite :)