October 17, 2004 EhBC Online Discussion

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<spirited_sassy{CP}> Eastside Mario's??????
<DarkAngel^{a}> I remember now
<DarkAngel^{a}> yup spirited_sassy{CP}
<DarkAngel^{a}> does that discussion mean the slave always has to Much out the stables ?
<BernieRoehl> So, the topic is "Stable" relationships -- one Dom or Domme, with multiple submissives
<DarkAngel^{a}> Muck
<BernieRoehl> So, any initial thoughts?
<concubinary> It doesn't often work. Jealousy comes iinto play.
<princess{Jaysker}> Is that from experience, concubinary?
* Sweet1` agrees
<spirited_sassy{CP}> jealousy is insecurity and it is something you work out
* BernieRoehl knows cases where it works, and cases where it doesn't
<DarkAngel^{a}> I am looking for a second slave ,,,, but not until, unless we find someone totaly compatible with us both ,, probably never
<BernieRoehl> I suspect a lot of it comes down to the specific people involved, and their comfort level with each other
<concubinary> well it is from experience. He wanted another sub but I knew I couldn't handle it
<serra^angel> DarkAngel^{a} expressed what i wanted to say... for it to work i beleive that you there has to be a connection all way around.. all parties must have a relationship with each other.
<dana^^> i agree spirited_sassy{CP} its usually more about feeling secure in the relationship
<DarkAngel^{a}> the only thing I think we will find long term ,,,, is a casual play 3rd
<dana^^> and can be sorted out
<princess{Jaysker}> Is a three-way relationship =more= or =less= stable, generally, with the addition of BDSM play?
<princess{Jaysker}> Thanks, concubinary - helps to put it in perspective.
<DarkAngel^{a}> not sure princess{Jaysker}, ,,, I never do that BDSM Play stuff
<princess{Jaysker}> ;)
<spirited_sassy{CP}> all relationships are as stable as you make them
<BernieRoehl> Interesting question, princess{Jaysker}
<Jamie{p}> agreed sassy
<serra^angel> i beleive that because D/s people are more "conscious" of open and honest communication than say.. most vanilla relastionships.. that it would work better... but it does depend on the people.
<DarkAngel^{a}> no relationship is "stable" ,,, relationships are ever changing rollercoasters ,,, adding a 3rd ads complexities and potentials for conflic
<spirited_sassy{CP}> it takes more work to keep 3 working well
<dana^^> i think it also depends on the form of poly that is setup... whether its more of a family unit or kinda separate relationships...
<BernieRoehl> In some ways, it makes for a more "well defined" relationship between all the people involved
<princess{Jaysker}> I would think, dana, that it would help to make it more familial - less likely to triangulate, maybe?
<princess{Jaysker}> Right, Bernie, that's what I was thinking,.
<DarkAngel^{a}> I disagree serra^angel ,, I think we as a community keep telling ourselves that
<spirited_sassy{CP}> we are like a family but have stations
<princess{Jaysker}> Reason I mentioned it.
<dana^^> lots of dynamics to work out... and communication... but with the right partners i think it could be so rewarding.. well the family unit poly... smiles
<spirited_sassy{CP}> i know my place and so does my sister
<DarkAngel^{a}> LOL ,, aurelle wants a sister ,, probably more so than I want a second slave
<spirited_sassy{CP}> this was all put in place before we went into the relationship
<dana^^> my thoughts to princess{Jaysker}... i do like the idea of having a close relationship with a sister
<princess{Jaysker}> That's what I was thinking, dana - that if the relationships are separate, it might be harder to keep the...for want of a better word, levels equal?
<dana^^> i would think so... a little too easy to lose your place?
<Jaysker{princess}> if the relationships are separate, i think it requires far more trust
<spirited_sassy{CP}> we are equal but there is always a primary
<princess{Jaysker}> That's another issue, sassy - the difference between starting as three, and growing to three
* DarkAngel^{a} SHAMELESS PLUG - DAL will be Hosting a Workshop on Poly Lifestyles in 2005
<lucy{H}> hehe
<dana^^> smiles... and signs up
<Jamie{p}> I could envision a poly amorous relationship between adults, however how would you deal with the true complications of children etc.
<asian^pie> hi
<asian^pie> hello
<spirited_sassy{CP}> the children in our house are cool with it
<dana^^> excellent question MJamie Sir..
<shareena> are we talking about having more than one Dom in an relationship as well?
<spirited_sassy{CP}> they just think we all live together to help with bills
<dana^^> and they would see the dynamics of D/s...
<DarkAngel^{a}> no shareena ,,,
<shareena> why DarkAngel^{a}?
<Jaysker{princess}> kids don't take on shame unless the adults involved model it for them
<spirited_sassy{CP}> true Jaysker{princess}
<DarkAngel^{a}> cause Bernie stated the topic before you entered ,, just answering your question
<spirited_sassy{CP}> why would it be shameful
<shareena> the topic i have is One or more than one in a stable relationship. Has that been changed?
<spirited_sassy{CP}> stable as in one Dominant and 2 or more slaves/subs
<DarkAngel^{a}> <BernieRoehl> So, the topic is "Stable" relationships -- one Dom or Domme, with multiple submissives
<spirited_sassy{CP}> my questions is why would it be shameful how i live?
<shareena> ahhh... ok. Thank you
<dana^^> spirited_sassy{CP} may i ask if you've discussed the relationship with the children?
<spirited_sassy{CP}> my son is 18
<spirited_sassy{CP}> and 21
<princess{Jaysker}> Further question: what about an alpha sub, who is her or himself dom/me to the third, who is only sub?
<spirited_sassy{CP}> they know
<DarkAngel^{a}> keep him away from my daughter spirited_sassy{CP}
<dana^^> ahhh... thank you spirited_sassy{CP}
<spirited_sassy{CP}> Sir's daughter is 14
<spirited_sassy{CP}> she has an idea
<spirited_sassy{CP}> we don't lie to our kids.......we tell them what they need to know
<spirited_sassy{CP}> my sister is the alpha sub and i take direction from her also
<DarkAngel^{a}> what is wrong with 2 slaves that have eaqual status ?
<spirited_sassy{CP}> that is how our relationship works
<princess{Jaysker}> Nothing at all, DA - just introducing the other possibility for discussion.
<Sweet1`> are they ever truly equal? in their eyes?
<princess{Jaysker}> :)
<dana^^> would that be worked out ... it just seems to me that there will always be some form of hierachcial (yikes the spelling) that may develope on its own?
<Jamie{p}> I do not see where more than one submissive would be any differrent for a Dom if the same level of negotiation and understanding were mutually entered into for all, make for a very busy Dom !
<spirited_sassy{CP}> we are equal.......
<spirited_sassy{CP}> just different
<DarkAngel^{a}> I am not sure ,, that is why I ask
<spirited_sassy{CP}> Sir is exhausted.......hahahah
<dana^^> lol
<DarkAngel^{a}> perhaps one can be alph in the home,, one alpha for budget ?
<arhiannah> lol
<spirited_sassy{CP}> i agree DarkAngel^{a}
<lucy{H}> spirited_sassy{CP} would it be fair to say you are equal in value and responsibility, but not in status?
<`Anticipation> this is just my opinion....I realize that a lot of people feel its possible to have more than two people in a relationship and find that "equal balance".....but to me.....I have enough of a time taking care of one person....I cant see it always being "equal"
<spirited_sassy{CP}> we each have different strenghths
<serra^angel> each slave ends up filling different needs..
<dana^^> was that discussed spirited_sassy{CP} or just finding your place within the relationship
<Jamie{p}> the Dom would have to recognise the various strengths and use them to compliment the environment of the home
<lucy{H}> i just wonder if people may be getting hung up on the idea of a beta sub being 'less' than in some way
<penny{J}> i wouldn't mind poly as long as the other sub was atrociously ugly and did lots of housework and Master really only loved me
<spirited_sassy{CP}> no i don't agree lucy{H}
<princess{Jaysker}> brava, lucy!
<DarkAngel^{a}> `Anticipation ,,, but in a triad ,, you have 3 taking care of each of the other partners
* shareena laughs at penny{J}
* serra^angel nods.. lucy{H}.. some people do feel like that at times yes.
<penny{J}> :)
<spirited_sassy{CP}> that's right we all take care of each others needs
<princess{Jaysker}> I think some people are concerned that beta is "less" than someone else...for me, it would be the spot I'd want.
<serra^angel> may i ask why princess?
<princess{Jaysker}> But anyone who thought that had to do with low self-esteem would be sorely surprised...:)
<shareena> How does a Dom have time for two subs?
<spirited_sassy{CP}> i'm not less just because my sister is alpha
<spirited_sassy{CP}> i'm 1a not #2
<DarkAngel^{a}> control and power exchange are a seperate dynamic of the relationship (IMO) ,, it is still 2, or 3 (or more) people taking care of the needs of each other
<dana^^> lol penny... pick me pick me
<Jaysker{princess}> how do parents hav time for two kids? love/affection/etc. are not finite
<princess{Jaysker}> Because, serra, I don't have a dominant bone in my body.
<penny{J}> lol at dana
<Jamie{p}> as I understand it as well DA, each has to give mutually
<penny{J}> whispers.. you are too cute..
<princess{Jaysker}> Oh, penny, that's hilarious.
<Jamie{p}> the Dom of course must be constantly cognizant of the dynamics
<shareena> Different roles, different needs... to me it would still be difficult
<spirited_sassy{CP}> there is no law that says you can only love or serve one person
<`Anticipation> well....all I can add or say with regard to this topic is that I couldnt split myself amoung more than one.....to me thats lessening the relationship between the individuals....I respect the right for others to disagree with my opinion.....I but for me....it wouldnt be possible
<dana^^> that seems to be a common misconception about submissive/slaves in general princess{Jaysker}
<spirited_sassy{CP}> this lifesytle is not for eveyone
<princess{Jaysker}> More difficult, I'd say, shareena; relationships can be hard as it is with two.
<shareena> Has anyone seen a poly relationship work long term?
<shareena> i agree princess{Jaysker}
<Jamie{p}> yes shareena they have worked for generations
<spirited_sassy{CP}> we have been in a poly for 2 years
<Jaysker{princess}> of course its more difficult - just like working on a project with 10 people at work is harder than doing it yourself or working with one
<Hamilton_Aaron> Lore knows of a poly relationship that lasted a decade\
<shareena> no it isn't spirited_sassy{CP}. As I have said many times.... " I suck at sharing" *grin*
<Jamie{p}> mostly in very D/s style relationships such as stricktly religious
<Hamilton_Aaron> for some reason she still sees it as a failure
<princess{Jaysker}> Not being ethnocentric would let you see many, many.
<DarkAngel^{a}> we need to keep in mind ,,, Polly is a single relationship ,, if a Dom/me were to have 2 seperate relationships with 2 seperate slaves ,,, ,, to me ,, that isnt poly ,,, that is an open relationship
<penny{J}> i would suck too, i'm afraid..
<lucy{H}> given the life span of vanilla relationships these days i'd say a decade is pretty darn impressive
<penny{J}> i would try, of course, if that is what Master desired
<penny{J}> i think
<shareena> ok..so has anyone seen a relationship where there are three people living together work long term?
<princess{Jaysker}> Jaysker and I have been together for ten years this December.
<Jamie{p}> IIMO one has to be wired for ply relationships, I am not
<shareena> and do you have another person living with you princess{Jaysker}?
<penny{J}> whew
<spirited_sassy{CP}> we live together
<princess{Jaysker}> No...but it's a long-term relationship, which someone said (lucy?) was rare...:)
<dana^^> i agree with that DarkAngel^{a} Sir... poly is more about a family unit imho
<spirited_sassy{CP}> our kids the cats the dog all live togehter
<shareena> yes it is princess{Jaysker}. Congratulations
<DarkAngel^{a}> Jelousy is the #1 problem WITHIN a Poly relationship
<princess{Jaysker}> I agree, DA - I think we're looking largely at a close stable, probably living-in type relationship?
<spirited_sassy{CP}> yes it is DA
<DarkAngel^{a}> that and who gets the shower next
<princess{Jaysker}> Maybe we should start by defining stable.
<spirited_sassy{CP}> it is something that must be worked out before
<spirited_sassy{CP}> shower together
<shareena> jealousy can be a big problem in any relationship. Especially if one person feels someone else is getting more
<`Anticipation> actually spirited_sassy{CP}......if your supposing that the relationship reaches the point where any of the man/woman parts of the couple reach that critical time that defines common-law marriages.....while you can HAVE more than one common-law relationship.....what happens if one of the people decides that they want out.....the woman would be entitled to 1/2 of the relationship assets.....how would that work w
<Jamie{p}> history is full of Poligamous relationships, as is the bible so it has been a real part of our history since recorded time, the tribal relationships have been poly for all of history it is nothing new it is only tha last few 100 yrs or so that has seen it fall from favour
<`Anticipation> how would that work when there is more than one woman
<spirited_sassy{CP}> we have a contract
<DarkAngel^{a}> co-habitation agreement
<spirited_sassy{CP}> yes DarkAngel^{a} Sir
<Jamie{p}> D/s would make the obligations and consequences well understood
<`Anticipation> which is really not enforcible by law....it doesnt supercede what the law has given common-law spouses
<spirited_sassy{CP}> it does if it is a pre nuptual type contract
<Jamie{p}> only multiple marriages are illegal
<DarkAngel^{a}> aurelle and I have already agreed upon a co-hab agreement
<princess{Jaysker}> The law, as common-law, wouldn't recognize the (extra) relationship,
<penny{J}> signing an agreement and being able to live within that agreement could be a problem anyway... i do know that poly relationships have worked, but just because specifics are outlined in a contract does not insure smooth sailing
<princess{Jaysker}> so it's not an issue in one way. It would be invisible to the law.
<princess{Jaysker}> However, the "third", whoever that was defined as, would be left without any protection.
<Jaysker{princess}> like queer relationship (until very recently) we have to rely on peoples ethics in terms of relationship breakdown
<princess{Jaysker}> Hence sassy's very wise contract
<`Anticipation> yoits an issure princess{Jaysker}.....if the 'beta" is the one who wants out and also has reached that critical time for common-law status
<`Anticipation> yes its an issue...sorry...my puter is skipping
<DarkAngel^{a}> a co-hab has nothing to do with common law marriage ,,, 3 friends could have one ,,, and it is enforcable
<princess{Jaysker}> No, she hasn't, because there is NO common law on multiple marriages
<lucy{H}> as with any relationship, one has to choose their partner(s) carefully
<spirited_sassy{CP}> that's right
<princess{Jaysker}> There's no time limit past which the people living together become "married".
<spirited_sassy{CP}> Sir and my sister are married to each other
<spirited_sassy{CP}> i'm the so called third
<DarkAngel^{a}> yes there is princess{Jaysker} ,,
<princess{Jaysker}> So they have contracts, which =would= be enforced, so long as they're observed.
<spirited_sassy{CP}> Sir can't be married to me too
<`Anticipation> yes there is princess{Jaysker}
<princess{Jaysker}> Not in a multiple, DA>
<princess{Jaysker}> No, not in a multiple.
<Jamie{p}> my girl has attained a legal status as common law that entitles her to assets etc
<serra^angel> hopefully some day spirited_sassy{CP}...
<princess{Jaysker}> Yes, within a dyad, not within a triad
* spirited_sassy{CP} is not looking to be married ever again
<Jamie{p}> co-habitation contracts would work
<DarkAngel^{a}> just replying to your one comment princess{Jaysker} ,, that there wasnt a time line beyond which someone is considdered married
<spirited_sassy{CP}> why get hung up on that part
<spirited_sassy{CP}> first you need to get together
<Jamie{p}> how ever the third would never attain spousal status
<penny{J}> smiles at sassy... i agree with ya there
<princess{Jaysker}> Yeah, but I only meant within multiple relationships...triads, if you will
<DarkAngel^{a}> me either spirited_sassy{CP} ,,, been there ,, done that ,, she took the t-shirts
<`Anticipation> what I am asking princess{Jaysker}....is what happens if ONE of the partners chooses to act on that time frame.....that would negate the others role....IF she wanted
<princess{Jaysker}> Given that's the topic of conversation, I didn't feel I kept having to say "within triads" on every line...
<spirited_sassy{CP}> in my case that doesn't matter
<princess{Jaysker}> No. Common law only applies if both sides agree, and have lived as married.
<Jaysker{princess}> it would be a difficult battle i think to act on that time frame
<spirited_sassy{CP}> 2 of the parts are already married to each other
<princess{Jaysker}> Since they weren't living as "married", they won't be grabbing common-law so easily either
<spirited_sassy{CP}> we don't dwell on the negative......we always look at the positive
<princess{Jaysker}> It would certainly give the third a leg to stand on.
<DarkAngel^{a}> that one legal point (which we probably cant answer) ,, what other hurdles does a Polly relationship have ?
<Beacon> Jamie{p}, cohabitation contracts would only work legally in a 2-person conjugal type relationship...When you have more than two people involved, the law looks at that as an illegal thing...therefore the law would not validate a contract based on something it considers illegal
<princess{Jaysker}> You'd have to have it as like a "partnership" contract - like setting up a law firm.
<DarkAngel^{a}> no Beacon ,,, 3 friends (no sex,, etc) can have a co-hab ,,
<Jamie{p}> I was speaking in terms of cohabitation as in room mates, hapens all the time the law does not recognise any status for triads
<spirited_sassy{CP}> that's right Jamie{p}
<DarkAngel^{a}> how does the rest of society view a Polly relationship ? ... going on a date etc ?
<spirited_sassy{CP}> so what other problems do you see in a poly
<penny{J}> those are the issues i was thinking of DA, Sir
<Jamie{p}> hmmmm I always thought sheesh lucky devil
<spirited_sassy{CP}> we all go out as 3
<princess{Jaysker}> Well, how will we define stable, then?
<spirited_sassy{CP}> and don't care what others think
<spirited_sassy{CP}> we are happy
<dana^^> and thats all that really matters spirited_sassy{CP}
<princess{Jaysker}> Or perhaps "relationship"?
<serra^angel> how is it different than me going out, with a friend couple i have.
<serra^angel> it
<shareena> ditto to dana^^"s comment.
<lucy{H}> i think that's the key spirited_sassy{CP}...when the people involved are comfortable with their arrangement and happy it shows...and others pick up on that...if they aren't, they pick up on that discomfort too
<shareena> but its not for me
<princess{Jaysker}> Presumably, serra, in that each of them are in love with one another.
<penny{J}> but to events for the children, sassy?... you don't display a certain privacy of that poly relationship in a circumstance such as that?
<serra^angel> it's no one's business as to the personal relationships within the 3 that are out.
<Beacon> Jamie{p}, I now understand your context (=non conjugal type relationships)
<`Anticipation> well...i am of the "one man..one woman" generations.....I cant imagine having another woman in my life besides my lifepartner and sub....so I must bow out of this topic....but bear in mind...I hold NO judgements against those that do want it
<spirited_sassy{CP}> then don't do it shareena
<shareena> i don't spirited_sassy{CP}, and I wouldn't
<spirited_sassy{CP}> it is not for anyone
<spirited_sassy{CP}> it works for us and that is what counts
<princess{Jaysker}> or at least everyone, perhaps, sassy?
<spirited_sassy{CP}> yeah
<spirited_sassy{CP}> spelling and grammer is not my forte
<princess{Jaysker}> I think it's great - Jaysker and I started out with a triad, but the third turned out to be a bit of a wobbly wheel.
<Jamie{p}> lol I am not wired 220 or 440, a few experiences just for the sensations are just fine beyond that i am too full up with my girl to care about another
<spirited_sassy{CP}> and that is cool too
<spirited_sassy{CP}> but this is my kink and i like it
<shareena> I am happy with my Dom and not looking to involve others either
<Jaysker{princess}> i am remembering a date we had withanother woman and drove 15 hrs each way to go to Stomp and spend a great weekend
<spirited_sassy{CP}> we didn't start out looking for this.......it just happened
<penny{J}> and is probably the very reason it does work, sassy
<princess{Jaysker}> When we were part of our triad, J and I and the third woman all went to Parent-teacher things together.
<shareena> and that is fine spirited_sassy{CP}. I am just saying for me, I wouldn't have others in my relationship. But that's me
<princess{Jaysker}> We just went in and said we're their moms, talk to all of us.
<spirited_sassy{CP}> no i take care of my kids and they take care of theirs
<princess{Jaysker}> In fact, it was better than that, because Dad would always come too...arriving separately.
<spirited_sassy{CP}> that was also an understanding we made
<Jamie{p}> there has to be such mutual care, I know it can happen as I love many such as my children as much as my girl it is all completely possible
<spirited_sassy{CP}> a poly relationship takes months and months to work out
<spirited_sassy{CP}> hours of discussions
<spirited_sassy{CP}> and many a late night
<spirited_sassy{CP}> nothing that can be hammered out in an hour
<spirited_sassy{CP}> ours was cultivated over a very long period of time
<Jamie{p}> I know I wish my girl had such a close g/f close by but you cannot "make" those sorts of things
<Jamie{p}> they just happen
<penny{J}> how close, Master?
<Jamie{p}> like a sister Tina kind of friend
<spirited_sassy{CP}> my sister and i are very close
<penny{J}> for a poly relationship, Master?
<spirited_sassy{CP}> it is a relationship that i cherish
<Jamie{p}> no no for your own benefit
<penny{J}> :)
<princess{Jaysker}> Do you consider yourself bisexual, sassy? Only because I wonder if you could speak (as the obvious rep among us of long-term poly) about whether you get more because you have a man and a woman to love?
<Jamie{p}> there can be many bennefits to poly such as the level of support one can get when they need it
<spirited_sassy{CP}> i am but my sister is not
<princess{Jaysker}> Ah.
<spirited_sassy{CP}> it isn't about sex
<princess{Jaysker}> So it's...no, of course not, I wasn't suggesting it was necessarily.
<dana^^> one of the key factors of a poly family Jamie Sir...
<princess{Jaysker}> I'm not lesbian just cause of the sex.
<princess{Jaysker}> :)
<spirited_sassy{CP}> it is about closeness and friendships
* motoki agrees
<penny{J}> exactly princess
<princess{Jaysker}> My point was you're getting the benefits of both a close relationship with a woman, and a close relationship with a man.
<spirited_sassy{CP}> yes yes i am
<princess{Jaysker}> If you and your sister had both been straight, then I wouldn't necessarily expect as much closeness, or possibly a different flavour of closeness.
* spirited_sassy{CP} is a very happy slave
<spirited_sassy{CP}> still close but different yes
<Jamie{p}> I think poly relationships would be simply defined as "more" benefit, responsibility, all of the things in a dual relationship, just more
<spirited_sassy{CP}> yes more
<spirited_sassy{CP}> more emotions
<spirited_sassy{CP}> more devotion
<spirited_sassy{CP}> more of everything
<penny{J}> just because there are more people involved?
<spirited_sassy{CP}> yes
<penny{J}> smiles..
<princess{Jaysker}> Yah...I guess I was looking at it from the pov of a couple of dykes; I think you folks may largely be thinking in terms of mixed-gender relationships, while J and I are definitely thinking of lesbian triads.
<princess{Jaysker}> Which are different, of course.
<spirited_sassy{CP}> pc and i are totally different
<spirited_sassy{CP}> oops
<spirited_sassy{CP}> pb
<spirited_sassy{CP}> every relationship is different
<spirited_sassy{CP}> but a lesbian triad can work too
* spirited_sassy{CP} likes that visual
<princess{Jaysker}> For sure.
<princess{Jaysker}> Ours didn't fail for any other reason than internal instability in the other woman.
<Jamie{p}> I think any level of relationships can work, it just depends on the will of the involved
<Jaysker{princess}> LMAO - i agree
<spirited_sassy{CP}> yes it takes work on all parties
<princess{Jaysker}> I can't imagine who it might be, but I think we'd be open to the idea if we met just the right woman.
<spirited_sassy{CP}> don't look......just let it happen
<princess{Jaysker}> Yah - we do. We have a regular series of "fuckbuddies" - women with whom either or both of us might sleep on an given occasion.
<spirited_sassy{CP}> :)
<princess{Jaysker}> Probably...half a dozen, anyway. Two of whom are in their own long-term dyad.
<princess{Jaysker}> :shrug:
<princess{Jaysker}> it works for us.
<Jamie{p}> I cannot forsee a poly relationship however in time if pressed i could envision assisting in training a sub, simply in that context
<spirited_sassy{CP}> ours works for us and that is what counts to us
<princess{Jaysker}> Exactly.
<Jamie{p}> I do not dare judge any level of relationship as long as it is consentual
<spirited_sassy{CP}> i try never to judge others kinks either
<princess{Jaysker}> Funny...I'm chatting with one of our buddies in MSN nright now - but she's not allowed to ee us until her Master says eshe can.
<princess{Jaysker}> That's because she went and saw another couple.
<penny{J}> without her Master's permission?
<Jaysker{princess}> yes
<princess{Jaysker}> indeed.
<Jamie{p}> hmmm that would be a bad thing here
<penny{J}> lol
<Jaysker{princess}> it was
<princess{Jaysker}> Yes, she's just been telling me how sore she still is.
<Jamie{p}> fuckbuddies are good things
<penny{J}> they are?
<Jamie{p}> fucking buddy without permission is very very bad lol
<princess{Jaysker}> And how happy she is about her soreness.
<penny{J}> i don't go buy a loaf of bread without telling Master... chuckles
* spirited_sassy{CP} doesn't go to the bathroom without permission
<ModBot> There are only about five minutes left in the formal part of tonight's discussion. Does anyone have any last-minute thoughts on the subject?
* princess{Jaysker} is jealous
<Jamie{p}> lol and only if it is multi grain
<penny{J}> lol at Master
<dana^^> me too
<dana^^> lol
<spirited_sassy{CP}> no more thoughts on the subject here
<spirited_sassy{CP}> i live it
<spirited_sassy{CP}> night all
<dana^^> thank you Eeveryone... another interesting discussion...
<princess{Jaysker}> indeed
<BernieRoehl> Thanks, everyone!
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