October 15 2000 EhBC Online Discussion

<DarkAngel^> what is the topic ?
<shimmer{J}> "Pervertables"
<Kirspin> DA, things you can use from around the home in BDSM play
<DarkAngel^> MMmm
<DarkAngel^> ahhh ok , ty Kirspin
<LeatherSmith> everybody here is pervertable, er too late, already perverted!
<@joyfulgurl> "BDSM in SW Ontario! Our discussion tonight is "Pervertibles -- Kinky Uses for Household Items" starting @ 9pm. Our server of choice is hebron.in.us.dal.net Visit our website at home.golden.net/~ehbc/
<roxy> Hello A/all that came in
<shimmer{J}> plant hooks :)
<`firestar> wb furpleasure
<furpleasure> thanks
<joe_joe> How about the one we're all missing. The computer. How many of us sat alone with our kinks before the advent of the Internet?
<Kirspin> With the large Wooden Spoon, they break easy if struck the worng way
* dalian begins to make notes for her next trip to the $ store ;)
<DarkAngel^> well I think we should continue the discusion ,, if A/all could refrain from the Hello / goodbye greets ,, and continue on topic ,, from 9 till 10 ,, is anyone logging ?
<@`abi> little teeny whisks
<Kirspin> The same for the Bath Brush, they can break when you least expect them
<shimmer{J}> ah and pastry brushes
* DarkAngel^ loves going into the hardware store ,,MMMmmmm
<Kirspin> We forgot the Hair Brush too
<Sweetone{LT}> i am logging DA
<Kirspin> Clothes Pegs as well
<LeatherSmith> and the painfully obvious clothepins
<DarkAngel^> does anyone else have silk plants hanging from rather large eyelets in the ceiling ?
<DarkAngel^> ty Sweetone{LT}
<shimmer{J}> I have a hanging chair, DA ;) *very* large eyebolt
<dalian> hmmm...what about tongs?
<khaibit> spatula heads on the end of a crop ? oo and tongs
<Kirspin> sure why not Tongs can be useful too
<RON^^^> mousetraps
<shimmer{J}> beat ya to that one, RON ;)
<RON^^^> I was a little late sorry, but it is one of my favourites
<DarkAngel^> OOooohhh ,,,, oh ya
<shimmer{J}> yeah :) Master loves em ;)
<DarkAngel^> I was sent a pic the other day ,,,, brought mousetraps into a whole different light
<Kirspin> Well I have found that some subs dont or cant stand a clamp so I would think the heavy spring on a Mouse trap would be more severe
<`firestar> wb Ron
<shimmer{J}> ah Kirspin, call me a masochist then ...*grin*
<autumn`breeze{JFC}> cat grooming combs
<RON^^^> :)
<Kirspin> If you say so shimmer
<shimmer{J}> lol
<@`abi> hey shimmer?....you're a masochist
<shimmer{J}> wow abi, really???? damn, that explains so much. Wait till I tell Master!
<DarkAngel^> has anyone something they leave out ,,, that vanilla friends and family notice ,, but dont realize ?
<@`abi> he'll be thrilled, I know :)
* shimmer{J} nods ... you think ???
<Kirspin> Maybe mouse traps for punishment, but I think too severe for play
<shimmer{J}> DA- I just went around my place putting everything away so my sister wouldn't clue in :)
* DarkAngel^ looks over at his swords on the wall ,,, one day ,,,,MMMMMMmmmm
* shimmer{J} nods at Kirspin ... Master doesn't use pain for punishment.
<@`abi> my family has no idea what that couch gets used for
<RON^^^> you don`t snap the mousetrap on someone just gently let the spring go down on a nipple
<DarkAngel^> but shimmer{J} ,,,, is there something that could be left out ?
<shimmer{J}> well, other then the hanging chair in the middle of my living room ... and the big hook ... :)
<Kirspin> even so, a mouse trap has a heavy spring, each to his own on that
* DarkAngel^ likes the wooden spoon idea
<shimmer{J}> the little schoolgirl desk in my living room ... :)
<Kirspin> When you get them ie wooden spoons buy a few, they break easy
<DarkAngel^> hair brush ,,, plants/chair hanging from good locations
<shimmer{J}> hair rollers or curlers
<DarkAngel^> how about a fly swatter ,, or a dogs lease ?
<RON^^^> Kirspin it doesn`t hurt that much if you don`t put it at the end of the nipple you can gauge to the subs degree of liking
<shimmer{J}> yeah I have a leather fly swatter ;)
<autumn`breeze{JFC}> clothes pins
<DarkAngel^> OOohh good one autumn`breeze{JFC}
* celtic`mist uses a pastry server as a paddle, has holes that sting lol
<celtic`mist> pasta, not pastry lol
* DarkAngel^ runs into the kitchen ,,, damn you people ,,, good ideas
<Kirspin> What I was thinking about, that this past summer I had occasion to play with a sub, and the clamps became a no,no for her. as I said each to his own
<RON^^^> understood
<shimmer{J}> kitchen knives :)
<autumn`breeze{JFC}> what about the work shop area
<RON^^^> I have a pick-up loaded with power tools of all sorts
<shimmer{J}> a drill with a dildo attached :)
<autumn`breeze{JFC}> oh kewl!
<dalian> well I for one enjoy clothespins and occasionally clamps if worked up properly...but a mousetrap ain't going to happen in my lifetime....lol
<joe_joe> For those into electroplay: your home stereo can be interesting.
<shimmer{J}> yah :)
<Kirspin> Ah now thats a great idea
<shimmer{J}> it takes some glue and tampering, but it does work :)
<LeatherSmith> how so joe-jkoe?
<joe_joe> No first hand experience:not my thing, but I have seen it on the web.
<celtic`mist> ohh, now that could be a good reason for buying a drill lol
<Kirspin> Cordless too
<DarkAngel^> well ,, a battery drill
* shimmer{J} grins
<RON^^^> joe_joe I just started electronics , I won`t even attempt that stuff
* dalian thinks Black & Decker should start a new line of product
<celtic`mist> hehe
<joe_joe> By using a signal generator you create voltages simulatr to a PES machine.
<starkicker> hey then there are battery cables lol
<starkicker> now those are clamps lol
<shimmer{J}> hmmmmm Black and Decker ... B&D ... coincidence???
<RON^^^> I tried to re-wire a light once and blew my ass off the coffee table onto the couch
<`firestar> ewww interesting
<joe_joe> lol
<Kirspin> I think Battery clamps are a little too awkward in some areas of the body but yes I guess they have uses
* celtic`mist wonders if anyone has tried the plastic fruit lol
<shimmer{J}> plastic fruit?
<autumn`breeze{JFC}> water pic?
<celtic`mist> you know, like the bananas you put on the table lol, the ones you cant eat
<DarkAngel^> anyone with electric background has aligator clamps
<Kirspin> Ie Bananas etc
<Sweetone{LT}> electric toothbrush
<celtic`mist> ohh, water pic, i gotta get me one lol
<shimmer{J}> ahhhhh lol - we use the real thing ...*grin* I get to practice on it after for deep throating techniques ...
<DarkAngel^> water pic ?..hey I got one ,,,
<RON^^^> I have alligator clamps but don`t like to use them they have teeth that can cut
<@`abi> tool dip Ron
<DarkAngel^> yup `abi
<celtic`mist> hmm, how bout gluing felt onto the clamps so they dont cut?
<^tru> get the rubber ends for the wire shelving Ron...they fit nicely over the teeth
<celtic`mist> or that lol
<autumn`breeze{JFC}> condom popcicles
<shimmer{J}> oooooo autumn :)
<^tru> condom popcicles?
<^tru> frostbite! lol
<autumn`breeze{JFC}> yeah fill condoms with water and freeze
<Kirspin> another great idea, Ice and all
<DarkAngel^> ya ,,, uhh ,, water
* ravynne^ shivers ...ice...brrrr
<celtic`mist> whipped cream in a can, and strawberries
<celtic`mist> served a la sub
<celtic`mist> tie the end of the condom tho lol
<Valkyrie> good evening
<celtic`mist> or you may be flooded lol
* shimmer{J} grins at celtic, remembering being a table for breakfast not so long ago ;)
<autumn`breeze{JFC}> oh yeah forgot that part mist
<DarkAngel^> any other interestin things that can be left out in the open ?
<^tru> stupid question...isn't the latex on a condom too thin to hold water like that??
<shimmer{J}> yeah DA... pet food dish :)
<dalian> c-clamps and vices would work too
<celtic`mist> ohh, you know what
<celtic`mist> you could freeze water in a glove like that lol
* DarkAngel^ keeps his toys in a guitar case ,, <this one is locked) ,, and since ther is an acoustic guitar ,, and 2 other electric guitars in the house ,,, *innocent grin*
<DarkAngel^> kewl shimmer{J}
<celtic`mist> rub in and on
<autumn`breeze{JFC}> put this on subbies rite parts make her scream whate the hell is it or put it on another part it feels warm and soothing what is it ??
<celtic`mist> ohh, how bout toothpaste
<autumn`breeze{JFC}> buckley's cough syrup
<Kirspin> Menthol cream
<ravynne^> sugar free halls
<shimmer{J}> tiger balm
<RON^^^> good idea DA I have a bunch of guitars and cases also, a couple blown amps too, once I learn this electronics thing I may be able to rig up some special contraptions
<shimmer{J}> cinnimon oil
<shimmer{J}> cinnamon too
<DarkAngel^> MMmmmm
<celtic`mist> owwwie
<Kirspin> Ben Gay
<DarkAngel^> he is ?
<Kirspin> Its a Menthol based cream
<autumn`breeze{JFC}> wooden skewers
<^tru> just be careful what creams are used in certain areas though......can get dangerous
<shimmer{J}> blistex. Master did that to me the other day. Ack.
<autumn`breeze{JFC}> ooops wrong spot
<celtic`mist> things you can use on your lips should be safe for the other lips lol
<ravynne^> cinamon oil can burn the skin too it is an essential oil and can leave scars...should be used minimally
<tndrsub> pepermint oil diluted in peanut oil
<^tru> different membranes celtic.....
<shimmer{J}> cinnamon oil should be diluted :)
<tndrsub> peanut oil can dilute any essential oil nicely
<Kirspin> Yes that Oil should be "cut" before use on sensitive skin areas
<celtic`mist> still both are tender areas
<^tru> upper lips are exposed to the elements.....tougher
<tndrsub> speak for yourself mine are pretty tndr
<autumn`breeze{JFC}> this subbie lies back and lets Master use whatever He wants
* DarkAngel^ has a dog ,,, I wonder if a dog cage ,,,, like my friend has ,,,, would be ordinary ? *evil chuckle*
<shimmer{J}> cages :))))))))
<autumn`breeze{JFC}> got one
<^tru> i got a really kewl set of wooden salad forks....great for running over the body
<Valkyrie> agrees with DarkAngel^ also can use the bed
<DarkAngel^> yes ,,, he is vanilla ,, and I have been walking past his cage to the beer fridge for years
<celtic`mist> how about tracing wheel for sewing
<RON^^^> men don`t need to worry about going to the doghouse any more? Women go the cage DA?
<celtic`mist> or pizza cutter
<DarkAngel^> depends on your kink RON^^^
<celtic`mist> rolled across the body, could be chilled first
<celtic`mist> ohhh, chains in the freezer
<DarkAngel^> god idea celtic`mist ,,
<Valkyrie> a large exercise ball can fe fun
<tndrsub> pastry brush dipped with essential oils
<celtic`mist> feather duster of course
<Sweetone{LT}> clover clamps
<celtic`mist> ohh, i like that tndrsub
* autumn`breeze{JFC} looks at Master's dental drill He uses for making jewellery ohh damn!!!
<DarkAngel^> fether duster is ,,MMmm fun ,, especially after sensatizing a subs body
* ravynne^ has two tiny wire brushes that are wonderful for teasing tender body parts..
<celtic`mist> yup
* ^tru has a Dremel multi-tool.....hmmm
<celtic`mist> bath mitten would be great too
<tndrsub> loofah sponge also
<celtic`mist> the loufa kind for a scratchy feel
<celtic`mist> lol
<celtic`mist> terry side for softer touch
* DarkAngel^ likes his Motorcycle riding gloves ,,,, good for spanking
<celtic`mist> powder puff
* ^tru got a bunny flogger at the Kinky Craft Sale......reallllly nice
<celtic`mist> ohhhh
* celtic`mist goes glassy eyes at that thought
<ravynne^> a dremel?? what you do with a dremel ^tru?
* tndrsub sighs ?leather gloves
<dalian> mmmm...leather gloves
<shimmer{J}> back scratcher
<Kirspin> Glad you got something good a the Fetish Fare
<autumn`breeze{JFC}> sand paper
<^tru> i got it for when i'm working on my miniatures (dollhouses) but now new ideas are popping in to my head.....lol
* tndrsub drooling still at the thought of leather gloves
* celtic`mist would not try it but has seen pop bottles used lol
<celtic`mist> ohh, rolling pin
<LeatherSmith> did we get the everyday wax candles yet??
<tndrsub> ah chilled marble rolling pin
<^tru> the bunny flogger is great becasue there's the soft fur on one die of the falls and the courser hide on the other side
<celtic`mist> or the puffy paint rollers
<tndrsub> paintbrush,,nice firm bristles
<celtic`mist> could be dipped in oil :}
* DarkAngel^ will not mention the use for an empty beer bottle ,,,,,,, how about them Dodgers
<celtic`mist> hehehe Sir
<Kirspin> Hot was is better to dip your brush in
<Kirspin> Wax
<^tru> those decorators gloves for doing all the different painting techniques are fun too...
<celtic`mist> ohh, hot oil on a roller?
<autumn`breeze{JFC}> hmmm wax
<^tru> all kinds of different textures
<DarkAngel^> hey LeatherSmith ,,, very good point ,, nothing like safety candles #bdsm-kw url is http://home.golden.net/~ehbc <01#bdsm-kw> url- 14http://home.golden.net/~ehbc
<LeatherSmith> and saran wrap, LOTS of it :)
<autumn`breeze{JFC}> how about warmed up shampoo or body soap
<^trufriend> someone had mentioned about getting the coloured saran to make a dress for a play party or fet night.....that would be interesting to see
<Kirspin> Candles are ok, but a pot of warm wax is better
<DarkAngel^> saw that in the paper from Gay Pride Parade
<DarkAngel^> how about the hardware store ?
<tndrsub> rope
<RON^^^> lot`s of rope
<DarkAngel^> who can pass the stirr sticks for paint ,,, and not think ,,,MMmm
<tndrsub> lol
<Kirspin> Wooden dowls
<ravynne^> chains
<DarkAngel^> is it hot in here ?... or just me
<LeatherSmith> the plastic stir sticks walmart gives away are awesome!
<RON^^^> I just saw those stir sticks in my garage today and thought hmmm
<Kirspin> Agreed, good discussion eh
<tndrsub> wire brush
<DarkAngel^> ouch tndrsub ,,, lol
<tndrsub> gently to tickle
<DarkAngel^> never thought of the wire brushes
* tndrsub is full of surprises
<tndrsub> heated butterscotch for those with a sweet tooth
<^trufriend> the plastic ones give quite a wallop LeatherSmith
<celtic`mist> ohh, carmel dip for apples lol
<LeatherSmith> yes ^tru
<RON^^^> Ice cubes, one of my favourites
<tndrsub> popsicles,,freezies
<shimmer{J}> chocolate sauce :)
<tndrsub> good brandy
<Valkyrie> pop rocks
<tndrsub> has a nice bite in more than one way...WEG
<shimmer{J}> keep alcohol away from mucous membranes :))
<shimmer{J}> ouchie :)
<RON^^^> Valkyrie they work it hillarious
<tndrsub> excellent for nipples though
<Valkyrie> love them RON^^^ lol
<shimmer{J}> altoids or fisherman's friend are a great addition to a blow job :)
* tndrsub writes pop rocks on her shopping list
<Kirspin> Night all
<roxy> Likes pop rocks alot
<celtic`mist> lol
<celtic`mist> they are fun lol
<^trufriend> what are pop rocks?
<RON^^^> Valkyrie they also make for a tasty little sweet treet when they stop fizzing
<roxy> Mmmmm are they ever
<DarkAngel^> pop rockets are supposed to be very interestin
<celtic`mist> no one mentioned duct tape lol
<Valkyrie> lol
<DarkAngel^> duck tape ,,, very good point
<tndrsub> ah,,the handymans friend,,duct tape,,a must have
<`firestar> Pop Rocks... interesting
<celtic`mist> or the double sided quick release clips
<DarkAngel^> you can borrow duck tape from a nieghbour ,,, lol
<RON^^^> celtic`mist Red-Green would be very dissapointed in all the Dom`s for not comming up with that earlier
<^trufriend> yeah, and not have them question you why you want to borrow it! lol
* celtic`mist smiles
<celtic`mist> yup, i bet he would at that
<tndrsub> clothes pins (probably already mentioned) the good plastic ones
<LeatherSmith> ever tried to return duct tape you "borrowed"?
<celtic`mist> ohh, you can now get the bangage stuff that is not sticky, coban i think its called
<@`abi> helps if you remove it from the submissive first LeatherSmith
<Valkyrie> curtain hooks work well for nipple and clit clamps
<tndrsub> wood working clamps
<celtic`mist> got some at the a&p of all places lol
<celtic`mist> in blue, red, black or white
<RON^^^> tying a sub to the shower head with hand cuffs or rope and give them the water treatment
<tndrsub> gotta love them water pic shower massagers
<LeatherSmith> the enema bag
<celtic`mist> ohh, curtain hook clit clamps??
<celtic`mist> wow
<celtic`mist> ewwwwwww
<celtic`mist> no way....
<tndrsub> would be great nipple clamps
<DarkAngel^> my mom said it was a hot water bottle ,, oh wait ,, that was the other one
* celtic`mist had a barium enema two weeks ago, no f***ing way
<roxy> lol
<LeatherSmith> add SMALL amount of alcohol for added effect :)
* celtic`mist adds enemas to her absolutly not list
<RON^^^> Leathersmith never tried that but I bet you would get anything you wanted if you stood in front of the washroom
<tndrsub> indeed!!
<shimmer{J}> coffee enemas work too :)
<Valkyrie> mrs surpized with clit clamp celtic`mist :))
* celtic`mist thinks at that point, you would be in danger of getting a knee to the groin lol
<celtic`mist> hell hath no fury like a woman denied the toilet after an enema
<ravynne^> alchohol enema??..wanna dammage your kidneys?? you nuts??
<LeatherSmith> a small amount of drinking alcohol added is ok ravynne^
<tndrsub> cant forget the ole turkey basters with the festive season apporoacing
<shimmer{J}> it wouldn't damage your kidneys, rayvenne :) and we're talking a very small amount of alcohol.
<RON^^^> alcohol is mentioned in Screw the Roses Send me the Thorns read before trying
<LeatherSmith> 1 shot turns to five, so they say
<celtic`mist> was wondering what you could do about it lol
<celtic`mist> err, with the baster that is
<squeeky> I've heard that, LeatherSmith. Apparently some guy got nailed for DUI but he passed the breathalizer. It seems they had it hooked up to the wrong end.
<RON^^^> LOL at squeeky
<^trufriend> on my way back over tndrsub....
* DarkAngel^ Well A/all ,, 10 pm by my clock ,, an interesting topic ,, it may continue ,, but the log is done ,,,, and I am off ,,, be well A/all