October 9, 2005 EhBC Online Discussion

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<krista-F> well......i want a discussion.but it appears that ain't gonna be happening
<Kilted_One> not a lot to discuss I guess
<krista-F> this has been dying a slow death the last couple of months ..sad to say
<Kilted_One> maybe just the time of year??
<Kilted_One> hi Shoshin
<Lady_Shoshin> hi
<Lady_Shoshin> oh sure, the topic I am interested in and practically no one shows lol
<krista-F> well it is a holiday weekend as well.
<krista-F> lots of people out of town with family
<Lady_Shoshin> thats true
<Kilted_One> I guess they all know what they want and are getting it
<Lady_Shoshin> overdosed on triptophan
<Lady_Shoshin> yep, turkey and pie lol
<Kilted_One> that is tomorrow I thought
<Lady_Shoshin> Some people do it today
<Lady_Shoshin> Gives them a day to get over it before going back to work
<krista-F> and some people must travel home on monday as well
<Lady_Shoshin> true
<krista-F> if they went some distance to visit relatives
<Kilted_One> hi rebecca
<Kilted_One> hi spirited_sassy{CP}
<spirited_sassy{CP}> hello Sir
<Kilted_One> how is the canal doing today??
<rebecca> hi Kilted_One *smile*
<spirited_sassy{CP}> it is cold here Sir
<Lady_Shoshin> well I am going to skedaddle, you folks have a good evening and don't overdo the turkey
<Kilted_One> hi MsNameless
<krista-F> hello MsNameless
<spirited_sassy{CP}> Sir says the canal is still wet
<Kilted_One> ach I was out in ma shorts today and t shirt
<MsNameless> hello KO, hiya krista
<Kilted_One> ahh so it is still working not iced over yet
<MsNameless> hello spirited_sassy{CP}
<Lady_Shoshin> Hi MsNameless, I am just on my way out
<spirited_sassy{CP}> nope not yet
<krista-F> wasn't it great....i was out with the pups..was great
<MsNameless> Hello Lady_Shoshin have a great evening
<spirited_sassy{CP}> hey KO its CP here, mind if I pm you?
<Lady_Shoshin> hugs to all, nite nite
<krista-F> nite
<Kilted_One> np CP
<MsNameless> hello CP...:)
<MsNameless> have a great night everyone....see you all soon
<spirited_sassy{CP}> quiet tonight
<Kilted_One> who said that
<spirited_sassy{CP}> sassy Sir
<Kilted_One> hi jamieB
<jamieB> hi KiltedOne
<Kilted_One> damn sassy slaves
<Kilted_One> laughs
<spirited_sassy{CP}> lol
<spirited_sassy{CP}> yep that is me
<spirited_sassy{CP}> gets me in trouble all the time
* jamieB knows that feeling too
<spirited_sassy{CP}> that might be what i want though......not want i need
<Kilted_One> I think that was a song was it not??
<spirited_sassy{CP}> could be
<Kilted_One> sheryl crow...its not what you want its wanting what you got
<spirited_sassy{CP}> cool
<Kilted_One> so this is where it all happens???
<Kilted_One> only thing is it happens behind the curtains I think
<Kilted_One> this conversation maybe recorded for quality control purposes....anything you may say could be used against you
<spirited_sassy{CP}> not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing
<spirited_sassy{CP}> i'm trying to watch the Cin and Jax game and my boys are doing bad
<spirited_sassy{CP}> so if i'm bad in here it will come back to bite me?
<Kilted_One> whos gonna bite yoy
<Kilted_One> yoy?? you even damn fingers are all thumbs
<spirited_sassy{CP}> lol
<spirited_sassy{CP}> Sir will bite me
<Kilted_One> hello abigaille
<spirited_sassy{CP}> hi `abi{A}
<spirited_sassy{CP}> it's quiet tonight
* `abi{A} ignores Modbot and says hello
<`abi{A}> apparently everyone is out getting what they want
<Kilted_One> we have been ignoring him all night or is it a hur??
<`abi{A}> nothing that quiet could be a her
<Kilted_One> or have already gotten it and are out
<Kilted_One> something to do with chemicals in the turkey
<`abi{A}> ah..that could be...turkey is tomorrow for me, so I'm presently chemical free
<spirited_sassy{CP}> sleep aids
<spirited_sassy{CP}> we have turkey in november so it is chicken today
<`abi{A}> newsflash...kettles do not boil if you don't turn on the burner
<spirited_sassy{CP}> that's for the tip `abi{A}
<Kilted_One> sorry cant type right now trinity showed me a pic from bondage.com guy by the name zulwig......we think he is an alien...
<Kilted_One> even has pointy ears
<`abi{A}> lol
<spirited_sassy{CP}> lol
<`abi{A}> so, you save the big birds for American Thanksgiving sassy?
<spirited_sassy{CP}> yes
<spirited_sassy{CP}> don't want too much turkey
<`abi{A}> lol..well, I know some people who would say there is no such thing
<spirited_sassy{CP}> yeah jody would
<`abi{A}> I thought I was going to have turkey dinners tonight and tomorrow night, but when I arrived where I was going tonight, it was roast beef instead
<spirited_sassy{CP}> cool
<`abi{A}> but tomorrow, I'm the one cooking, so I'm reasonably sure it was a turkey I bought
<Kilted_One> we could have rabbit here but I think trinity would starve!!!!
<spirited_sassy{CP}> no don't eat the bunny
<Kilted_One> and I would be able to go to sleep for fear of not waking up
<spirited_sassy{CP}> lol
<`abi{A}> as long as it isn't boiled, I think you're safe
<spirited_sassy{CP}> ewwwww
<ModBot> There are only about five minutes left in the formal part of tonight's discussion. Does anyone have any last-minute thoughts on the subject?
<`abi{A}> well, let's see
<Kilted_One> yeahh only 5 mins to go
<`abi{A}> in summation
<`abi{A}> we do not wish to have bunnies for dinner
<`abi{A}> large birds should be reserved for American holidays
<spirited_sassy{CP}> lol
<`abi{A}> bondage.com is inhabited by aliens (there are also a few on collarme.com btw)
<`abi{A}> and I think that pretty much covers it unless there were some great revelations before I got here
<Kilted_One> ohhh do you want me to cut and paste it for you??
<Kilted_One> here it is ....."....."
<spirited_sassy{CP}> lol
<`abi{A}> lol
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<`abi{A}> I wonder if the brunch discussions will be any livlier