September 29, 2002 EhBC Online Discussion


<Kilted_One> Discussion in progress. Please refrain from Hiya and byes. The

topic is "What's in Your Toybag". Our logs are posted so change your nick

if you dont want it to show in a search

<04`abi> Thank you KO :)

<DarkAngel^{rt}> Mmmmm a nice topic ,, I love toys

<04`abi> I thought we might start with the 'basic' toybag and work our way up

to the deluxe model ... what were some of the first things that people


<Kilted_One> yw

<kierana> a flogger...*grins*

<DarkAngel^{rt}> well ,, personally speaking ,, I own a pain slut ,, and

have no tickly, soft toys

<04`abi> did you make it yourself kierana .. or did you purchase it?

<04Achilles{tr}> Rope, crop, paddle, one flogger, cheapy cuffs, blindfold.

<DarkAngel^{rt}> my first actually was a paddle ,,,,, self made ,,,

<kierana> it was the one i won at last november's kinky kraft fair,

<10dalian> a flogger, vibe, dildo, rope, slapper and clamps

<fiestyone> you did wood work in grade school DA????

<DarkAngel^{rt}> still have it too ,,, used it on rosethorns last DAL ,,,

after she broke my cane

* `abi smiles ... a fine way to start kierana :)

* jewel`{F} smiles

<04`abi> did anyone start with anything simpler? ... pervertables for example?

<10dalian> a fav of mine...a mushroom brush

<shadoe{S}> hands.

-> *04Achilles{tr}* lol

* `abi smiles...still one of my favourite toys shadoe :)

<04Achilles{tr}> Teeth.

<shadoe{S}> before i even knew toys existed.. i was begging for a good smack

on the *ss

<DarkAngel^{rt}> Mmmm does scarves count? .... or rope for a little

bondage/rape exploration (back when married and vanilla)

<04`abi> scarves definitely count DA

<laralynn> rope and clothespins

<laralynn> duct tape

<shadoe{S}> heh.. they sure do DA.. and panty hose is amazingly versatile as


<04`abi> I think that often, those 'things just lying around the house' become

our first toys

<shadoe{S}> the belt from an old robe

* DarkAngel^{rt} agrees

<04Achilles{tr}> Clothes pins are great on nipples of course.

<laralynn> neck ties...tons of old ones that were no good made great


<John-Lennon> hmmm well i've used rope and clothespins myself thats

about the extent of my bdsm experiances

<shadoe{S}> the hard plastic of a pair of slide on slippers

* Kilted_One makes some minor adjustments to shadoes keyboard so that

*now reads A like everyone elses <EG>

<DarkAngel^{rt}> Mmm ooohh,, pulling off the belt and ordering the wife

to bend over ,,,*innocent grin* ,,, damn ,, maybe I was never vanilla

<shadoe{S}> :-)

<shadoe{S}> i'm not allowed to swear Sir

<04`abi> any thoughts on what you'd like to acquire next John-Lennon?

<shadoe{S}> i'll admit to occasionally slipping however

<John-Lennon> no idea abi i dont know what toys exist

* kierana nods...lots of scarves, some rope, real hand cuffs *grins*

<04`abi> well, perhaps we can help with that tonight John-Lennon :)

<John-Lennon> :)

<04`abi> desert island toys?

<Kilted_One> wooden rule, spagettii lifter, Kitchen film breaker, plastic

rules, cloth pegs to name but a few that are still in mine

<04Achilles{tr}> Blindfold.

<04`abi> and why a blindfold Achilles{tr}?

* kierana nods...blindfold

<04`abi> okay, I had to ask ;)

<laralynn> neckties also double as gags

<kierana> lol abi

* Achilles{tr} laughs

<04`abi> perhaps because the greatest toy of all will always be the mind?

<shadoe{S}> ack.. the proverbial chops sticks with little elastics at each end

<04Achilles{tr}> A blindfold is a way of isolating the subject (that's you My

girl) from their surroundings visually and causing them to FOCUS on what is

happening to them more intently. Take away one sense and the rest become

more intensely sensitive.

<John-Lennon> the mind is the best toy :)

<kierana> yes, you can never replace a good mind f**k

<shadoe{S}> the blindfold is good for increasing anticipation as well..

if the mind can't see what is happening.. it can't pre-process

<laralynn> a leather dog leash makes a great strap *grin*

<04`abi> this may seem like an obvious question ... but it follows from

the blindfold choice ... do people accumulate different toys for

different purposes?

<04Achilles{tr}> A blinded girl can be stimulated tactilely, audibly and

with such usually ignored senses as smell and even the sense of

thermal sources (warmth near the skin). It's like taking her into a

whole new world of sensations.

<03kneels> know what i love..those little clips that go in your

time in the middle of sex he started pulling them out on by one and

sticking them in various places...simple..but damn did they hurt..and

of course i had a million in..ruined my hair..but it was worth it :)

<04`abi> there is certainly something to be said for simplicity kneels

<Mobius77> lol

<03kneels> absolutly abi..i think we get carried away with expensive toys

<kierana> and paper clips...can be evil too

<laralynn> my used used to smoke pot and I stole his roach clips for clamps

those little teeth really bite LOL

<04`abi> well, certainly one toy leads to another .. .and another and another

kneels ... but I think that can be part of developing the 'art' of scening

<03kneels> not that i am i dont care am just

saying...sometimes just a good being dragged off by the hair and having a

belt taken off to your the best thing going

<04Achilles{tr}> The toys in My bag have been accumulated to offer different

sensations. Filling niches not already occupied by existing items or

providing varied intensities of the same sensations. Example: Clothespins

are good... nipple clamps can do the same thing on a different level. I

keep both.

* kierana nods agreeing with kneels

<03kneels> that is the hair clips i mean laralynn..the little ones with

the teeth..they KILL

* starla{TDM} wiggles her toes and listens

* `abi smiles at starla ... what's you're favourite toy these days


<shadoe{S}> so .. what are the favourite toys in the toybag?

<shadoe{S}> lol abi.. great minds....

<04Achilles{tr}> To look at the 6+ floggers I keep on hand one might think

they are all for the same purpose but each is very different and each

has a very distinclty different use at a different point in the scene.

<starla{TDM}> shark skin flogger

<starla{TDM}> i love the smell

<laralynn> both kinds Achilles...the wooden ones and the colored plastic


<starla{TDM}> i know it is coming

<04`abi> I would think that's pretty unique starla .... what is the

sensation it creates?

* Achilles{tr} perks up at discussion of a type of flogger He doesn't

yet own

<Mobius77> shark skin flogger....that is unique

<04`abi> lol...which will lead us to a discussion of ever larger things to

carry toys in ;)

* Achilles{tr} rolls His eyes

<03kneels> thinks that trying everything once is a fine idea :)

..ummmm..usually because she ends up enjoying every damn thing!

<shadoe{S}> one of the best purchases i made and gave to himself.. was a set

of bedstraps that Sweet1 made

<starla{TDM}> phone wedding stuff

<04Achilles{tr}> yes, there are restraints to be discussed and included in toy

bags as well.

<04Achilles{tr}> In My case, in their own bag seperate from the actualy scening


<Mobius77> leather or rubber paddle...which is better...comments?

<shadoe{S}> These restraints are very handy for the bed.. or for the posts on

the stairs.. versatile.. clip onto cuffs.. very very handy

<kierana> i like leather...personally...*smiles*

<04`abi> I think it depends on what you want to achieve Mobius77 ... which is

perhaps an important cosideration in filling a toybag

<03kneels> both have there different sensation i think Mobius77..neither better

to me

<04Achilles{tr}> I started with a small backpack, advanced to a large case for

pool cues, then onto one and then two vinyl satchels and to My most recent

of a full size aluminum gun case for toys and a smaller aluminum camera

case for restraints and hardware.

<Mobius77> Me thinks rubber provides a more "lasting" sensation

<04`abi> DA already alluded to the fact that his acquisitions are based on

the kind of play that he engages in ... do others consider that as


<04Achilles{tr}> next one will have wheels I fear.

<04`abi> I'm still bucking for a caddy ;)

<03kneels> thinks Achilles{tr} will soon need to rent a storage unit

<kierana> lol Achilles Sir

<04Achilles{tr}> saucyboy hasn't come back yet. :)

<shadoe{S}> does 'furniture' come into the realm of toys?

<Mobius77> Achilles will soon need a transport truck

<04`abi> It certainly can for this discussion shadoe{S} ... what's your

favourite furniture?

* Kilted_One wants to know what furniture shadoe has that goes in

Sevelle's toybag

<jewel`{F}> Achilles{tr} i was at Walmart today and they had some really nice

luggage on wheels with good compartments in them nice handles and wheels too

<03kneels> yes abi...Max tends towards instruments of destruction for

himself..and humiliation/bondage type things when he buys for me

<kierana> abi...since this one is still learning which toys work for her, it

isn't really a consideration in what i pick out for my bag....(very small

but slowly growing)

<shadoe{S}> well to be honest.. we don't have a lot here.. however KO (giving

Him a sideways smart glance!).. attached these things to our beams that

seem to be the favourite of the year in this house

<shadoe{S}> but what i was meaning was, that a spanking bench is nice to

have.. but in reality .. submissives can and do bend over kitchen tables

very nicely.

<shadoe{S}> hence the spanking bench would be a "toy"

* ka`ri ( has joined #bdsm-kw

<04`abi> so, what's the appeal of made for the purpose furniture ... and toys

... shadoe?

<shadoe{S}> and i think a cage would be a great toy! i'd love to have a house

big enough !

<04Achilles{tr}> Thanks jewel`{F}. I'll look into that. <chuckles>

* Kilted_One using his hand held 'smarl glance defector <mirror> deflects it

out of harms way......sounds like the posts are getting a good workout

* rhiannon{KO} loves to bed over a kitchen chair..;)

<03kneels> has discovered her new couch is comfy to bend over..didnt think of

it..but certainly will from now own when aquiring every day furniture

<shadoe{S}> i dunno abi..

<03kneels> shadoe{S}..Daddy bought me a cage that folds down

<04`abi> I think I find that I have an appreciation for the artistry and

craftsmanship that goes into well-made toys and furniture ...that's

part of the pleasure

<shadoe{S}> i just get.. hmm.. into a certain state when i contemplate a

good cross.. or bench or cage

<04Achilles{tr}> Most of the finer furniture has a touch of Scots

Craftsmanship I notice.

<shadoe{S}> being made vulnerable in a good set of stocks is very


<Mobius77> <----has a fold out cage that fits in a duffle bag

* Kilted_One chuckles

<04`abi> which doesn't diminish the pleasure that a good butter paddle found at

an antique market :)

* Achilles{tr} glances into his toy bag with a smile

<04`abi> what about safety items that belong in toybags? .. what kinds of

things do people carry?

<jewel`{F}> bandage scissors,

<shadoe{S}> astringent

<04Achilles{tr}> Safety scissors, first aid kit, gauze, antisepctic, alcohol

swipes, seatbelt cutter...

<Mobius77> batteries

<fiestyone> pain killers??

* DarkAngel^{rt} is used to attending events that are known to have "first -

Aid" kits and trained people

<04`abi> lol Mobius77 ... I'm not sure that's a safety item, but it certainly

is annoying not to have fresh ones handy ;)

<Mobius77> lol

<DarkAngel^{rt}> endorphins fiestyone ,,,, endorphins

* starla{TDM} slips back in

<Sweet1`> pain killers??? lol

<04`abi> but do you think that you should also have your own DA?

<fiestyone> lol...just kiddin folks....this girl is a pain slut.....:)

<DarkAngel^{rt}> I do in the truck,,, and the spitfire,, and the bathroom,,,

but hell - no room in my guitar/toy case `abi

<04Achilles{tr}> Having to go to the DM to get a bandage ir a swipe to deal

with a small cut is a pain and can end a scene. Having it handy lets me

deal with it and move along.

<DarkAngel^{rt}> although I do have a little spray bottle ,,, for cut healing

<04Achilles{tr}> Besides, the alocohol hurts a teeny bit.

* `abi chuckles...and refers DA to the luggage sale someone mentioned ;)

<DarkAngel^{rt}> lol

<04Achilles{tr}> A small kit for camping can be a little bigger than an

envelope and deal with a large number of small boo boo's. :)

<DarkAngel^{rt}> whenever we go to specialy events,, I have my travel first

aid kit not far away

<04`abi> okay...the toy wish list ... if you could have any toy ... real or yet

to be invented ... what would it be?

<DarkAngel^{rt}> but,, to be honest ,, most of my toys cause pain ,,, not

deal with it *Demonic Grin*

<kierana> lol

<fiestyone> my kind of guy DA

<Mobius77> invisible restraints

<DarkAngel^{rt}> how about a vibrating double dildo attachment for my St

Andrews Cross

<Sweet1`> they are all in the mind Mobius77

<04Achilles{tr}> A full bullwhip. Not yet... but soon. Say, 12'.

<kierana> a mummification kit that fits in a purse

<DarkAngel^{rt}> mmmm that sets my mind a working ,,,,,

* starla{TDM} doesnot like the bullwhip

<Mobius77> invisible butt plugg

<04`abi> lol...why invisible Mobius77?

* Kilted_One thinks that kierana has gotten that mixed up with a vacuum bed


<Mobius77> that expands on my command

<kierana> lol i was going to ask that

<04Achilles{tr}> As soon as it is in place a butt plug is pretty inconspicuous

as it is. :)

<04`abi> ah..well, I do believe that inflatable buttplugs exist Mobius77 :)

* kierana grins at KO Sir...wellllllll...ok...want one of those

<DarkAngel^{rt}> except the ,,, hard to explain ,,, opening

<DarkAngel^{rt}> say awwwww

<kierana> rofl

<Mobius77> it fits inconspiuously under weekday clothes

<Mobius77> tam spill khecker

<DarkAngel^{rt}> actually I have seen butt plug harnesses Mobius77 ,,, for

such a use

<04Achilles{tr}> get the cat off the keyboard Mobius77

<Mobius77> inflatable...I'm not putting my mouth near that thing!!

<DarkAngel^{rt}> lol

<kierana> lololol

<shadoe{S}> do chastity belts count as toys? or cbt things?

* toddy{T} thinks inflatable plugs awkward if you really have to go

<DarkAngel^{rt}> certainly shadoe{S}

<shadoe{S}> are they portable for the the toy bag?

<Sweet1`> sure shadoe :)

<kierana> yuppers shadoe

<04`abi> yes shadoe ... I'd say so ... which one is on your wish list ;)

<04Achilles{tr}> Why not? Seems like the bag to carry much of this stuff

already needs 4 wheel drive. :)

* kierana starts writing out my xmas wish list...hmmmmmmmm

<jewel`{F}> lol Achilles{tr}

<DarkAngel^{rt}> in fact ,,, I guess you could count the ring I installed

next to my bed ,,, where I tie my slave for the night

* Achilles{tr} orders one for DA while placing the order for His oan.

<shadoe{S}> i'm thinkin the big guy wouldn't do the cbt abi lol

<04`abi> ya think shadoe{S}?

<shadoe{S}> *laughing*

<shadoe{S}> i've got this idea in my head of a leather chastity thingy though

<shadoe{S}> for girls :-)

<toddy{T}> the question should be, how much is needed to create bondage, and

how much is needed for the stimulation. How much of your toybag do you

actually use?

* toddy{T} has a pvc pipe version idea for males :)

<Mobius77> forget trying to pull out that damn apple out of your xmas


<starla{TDM}> has a leather chasity

<shadoe{S}> do tell starla

<Mobius77> tiss nothing compared to that inflatable buttplug with harness

<starla{TDM}> well Master maskes all that stuff

<04`abi> I think there are other considerations as well toddy{T} ... the

pleasure that the Dom/me derives from using certain toys as well

<04Achilles{tr}> Restraints I carry way more of than I need but now and then do

end up using much of it. 6 Steel cables don't come out very often but when

they do is for soemthing very special.

<starla{TDM}> so we have a wide vqariety of things from leather chasity to

body harnesses to breast torture devices

* sraana{KQ} has a rubber chastity belt

<toddy{T}> or how much a sub can carry to the play party

<starla{TDM}> depends on His mood what is used

<toddy{T}> being part donkey.. half the dungeon would fit on my back LOL

<starla{TDM}> the leather gets hot tho wearing it all day

<shadoe{S}> brb.. Himself is home

<starla{TDM}> but mentally it is amazing

<DarkAngel^{rt}> I dont plan play ,,, I go on feel and mood ,,,, so I carry a

bit more than I use ,,, but I dont know how the mood will take me before


<starla{TDM}> that is what Master says to DarkAngel^{rt}

<toddy{T}> rubber items make you sweat a ton, don't wear dark colors

<04`abi> in consideration of upcoming cross-border events, does anyone have any thoughts/advice about crossing borders or boarding planes with toybags?

<DarkAngel^{rt}> lol ,,, and I took that very first made paddle out and gave the slave a damn hard beating last DAL after she broke my cane on her ass ,,,, lol

<toddy{T}> Lady Tuatha and I packed a light toybag on a trip in may

<starla{TDM}> my bags got checked last time i flew to the USA..worse humilation i ever girl even asked me if it was a gel vib

<DarkAngel^{rt}> good point `abi

<Kilted_One> keep it all in your suitcase and not carry on......and dont take anything that has batteries unless you are prepared to show the Inspector how it works

<toddy{T}> mainly percussion instruments.. crop, floggers, stick.. no handcuffs or such

<starla{TDM}> and these where bags i was checking not carry ons

<toddy{T}> packed in the suitcase in the trunk

<Mobius77> yes abi.....don't put heavy toy bag in overhead compartment

<DarkAngel^{rt}> dont travel with knives ,,,, any Canadian Tire can supply a cheap large scary replacment

<DarkAngel^{rt}> you can not have any,, that might even slightly be considdered weapons as carry on

<jewel`{F}> they won't even let craft things on carry on now

<04`abi> so knitting needle play may have to wait till you're home jewel`{F} :)

<DarkAngel^{rt}> lol

<jewel`{F}> yup

<toddy{T}> i wouldn't try a carryon toybag at all

* Achilles{tr} writes that one down

<abitbent> i wonder how long before knitting needle play came out in conversation.

<toddy{T}> there was a story where a woman's vibrator went on in the luggage and the made her get off and open the bag on the tarmac. she's suing.

<DarkAngel^{rt}> they made her "get - off" ?

<jewel`{F}> travel agents are warning people about it, no knitting needles, no scissors, nothing that could be used as a weopon

<DarkAngel^{rt}> can I watch next time?

<toddy{T}> the did.. the plane watched, the security people even laughed. she was quite embarassed.

<toddy{T}> it was in the papers.. american airlines or delta i think.

* DarkAngel^{rt} was thinking of a slightly different "get - off"

<kierana> lol Sir

<DarkAngel^{rt}> does anyone have dildos or such in their toy bags ?

<laralynn> what self respecting female doesn't own at least one? LOL

* toddy{T} chucles

* `abi raises her hand ... I prefer the real thing :)

* starla{TDM} grins

<Mobius77> lol abi

<starla{TDM}> lol abi

<DarkAngel^{rt}> laralynn ,,,, my slave has a good selection

<laralynn> real thing is good abi but not always available or it's limp if it is so vibes and dildos are the next best thing...after all what else do we have hands for ? LOL

<Mobius77> chock one up for wholesome goodness

<04`abi> well, I think we've already mentioned that hands make very good toys :)

<DarkAngel^{rt}> definetly Mobius77 ,,, hole - some - goodness

<toddy{T}> ouch.. men can't stand up to that ...

<Mobius77> lol

<laralynn> does furniture count as a *toys wishlist* item?

<kierana> brb

<04`abi> yes, it does laralynn ... what furniture are you wishing for?

<DarkAngel^{rt}> furniture is a whole other section ,, but sure laralynn ,,,

* Achilles{tr} wishes He had a place for one of KO's awesome Whipping Posts.

* DarkAngel^{rt} <--- furniture slut

<laralynn> doggie bench...I've wanted one ever since I saw the design for it

<starla{TDM}> Master has a portable kneeler..

<Mobius77> <----hard to get my St.Andrews cross into my car let alone in a travel case

* toddy{T} sighs.. must finish basement, must finish furniture

<starla{TDM}> and sometimes it gets awfully hard to kneel on it for any length of time

* _dove ( has joined #bdsm-kw

<04`abi> I believe the first person to design a truly portable Cross will make alot of people very happy Mobius77

* DarkAngel^{rt} has so much furniture ,, I had to buy a trailer to move it all

<laralynn> you have a doggie bench DA?

<laralynn> LrdThomas told me he makes them

<DarkAngel^{rt}> starla{TDM} ,,, go to Home Despot ,, and get some "happy knees" , they are a gardening aid

<toddy{T}> those work good DA

<DarkAngel^{rt}> no laralynn ,, I have one or two other items

* toddy{T} can't kneel like he once could

<starla{TDM}> ohhhhhhh

<Kilted_One> I guess it is all in the definition of "portable" DA and I regularly take crosses to and from parties..

* toddy{T} prefers to curtsy these days LOL

<laralynn> have you seen the page with the plans for it? You could add it to your collection LOL

<starla{TDM}> the kneeler is padded..but still

<Kilted_One> My "Tim Hortons" will fit in any car trunk

<toddy{T}> numbness and spasms can be quite a pain while kneeling

<04`abi> there's another thing ... pet names for toys ... why is it called a "Tim Hortons" KO?

<DarkAngel^{rt}> could you pls post the addy here laralynn ?


<starla{TDM}> Tim Hortons?? i would die for tim hortons

<laralynn> there you go

<DarkAngel^{rt}> ty laralynn

<laralynn> welcome

<04`abi> maybe that's why it's called that starla{TDM} :)

<fiestyone> im drinking tim hortons as we speak

* laralynn would like to spend a few hours on that bench LOL

<starla{TDM}> sighs yah know as a weding gift..grins..tim hortons..a nice big can..would be so wonderful hint hint

<04`abi> just before we close out the discussion I'd like to add a couple of other references to the website laralynn posted

<10rhiannon{KO}> *giggles* W/we have that one down stairs...and it is fun.

<Kilted_One> It is a Double cross back to back with a another double cross, so it became a "Double Double' the most ordered coffee at TH

<DarkAngel^{rt}> LOL

* Achilles{tr} laughs

<DarkAngel^{rt}> not to mention one of the most favoured pieces at DAL

<fiestyone> lol

<04`abi> Trevor Jacques book "On the Safe Edge" has an excellent chapter called the $35 toybag (although he does suggest spending another $35 on ambulance scissors)

<04`abi> the website has a reference as well

<DarkAngel^{rt}> of course ,, maybe cause it is the only piece in a semi private room

<kierana> lol same as at my work KO Double Double Large

<toddy{T}> one comment on furniture, you can't please everyone all the time.

* toddy{T} likes extra solid

<04`abi> and if you can find a copy of Volume 4 of Whiplash Magazine there is an article by Bernie Roehl on assembling a toybag

<shadoe{S}> Himself says you can get ambulance scissors from lee valley for about 10 dollars

<DarkAngel^{rt}> true toddy{T} ,,, and it is hard to make a piece for everyone to be comfortable ,,,, good thing with so many events ,,, there is such a wide selection

<04`abi> even better shadoe{S} ... thanks :)

<jewel`{F}> in London you can get the bandage scissors at Forest City Surplus

* kierana wants to know how to fit the barrel in a gym bag

<10rhiannon{KO}> well.

<04`abi> so, let's close out the log with a top 10 countdown of favourite toys

<DarkAngel^{rt}> cane

<abitbent> drooly gags

<laralynn> crop

<fiestyone> single tail

<kierana> leather strap

<DarkAngel^{rt}> hand

<kierana> rubber flogger

<10rhiannon{KO}> wortenburg wheel...(spl)

<jewel`{F}> blind fold

<DarkAngel^{rt}> slave -- lol

<laralynn> lol

<fiestyone> lol

<04`abi> perfect ... thank you all :)

<jewel`{F}> mind

<shadoe{S}> Himself says moosehide flogger

* toddy{T} likes he barrel idea

<04`abi> please feel free to continue sharing ideas, but I'm closing the log here :)