September 26, 2004 EhBC Online Discussion

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<BernieRoehl> Hi, everyone -- I'm only half in channel, busy doing other things
<BernieRoehl> I will, however, try to kickstart the discussion
<dana^^> yes i think we did bridgeit... smiles
<BernieRoehl> The topic is "Elaborate Scenes". The idea is that some scenes are simple -- say, a straightforward bondage/flogging scene -- and others are more complex
<BernieRoehl> So... would anyone like to contribute some more elaborate scenes that they've either done themselves, or seen others do?
<the_wild_rose> the only one i have bee n in was naughty school girl/head mistress
<the_wild_rose> it was very intense
<bridgeit`> elaborate scene = playroling, or no?
<the_wild_rose> complete with a scolding to start and spankling with a yardstick to more intimate
<the_wild_rose> end result i gott a teddy bear for becoming a good girl and put to bed
<ethereal> that sounds lovely
* BernieRoehl smiles
<the_wild_rose> it was =)
<BernieRoehl> That does sound nice
<the_wild_rose> my first scene ever
<BernieRoehl> The problem, of course, is that a well-thought-out scene like that raises the bar for subsequent scenes
<ethereal> only a problem if one runs out of ideas ;)
<the_wild_rose> well we did discuss what could keep happening
<BernieRoehl> True, ethereal
<BernieRoehl> As to bridgeit`'s question about elaborate == roleplaying... not necessarily
<the_wild_rose> i could keep getting into trouble and made to do menial task and spanked followed as i did
<the_wild_rose> the possibilites seemed endless
<the_wild_rose> and when exhausted a new scene
<BernieRoehl> Many elaborate scenes are roleplaying scenes, and all roleplaying scenes tend to be on the more elaborate side, but (for example) a kidnapping scene is elaborate without necessarily involving roleplaying
<the_wild_rose> heh cops and robbers was spoken of
<the_wild_rose> nod
<ethereal> i would imagine there would be a great deal of planning that goes into a kidnapping scene
<the_wild_rose> me and a dom planned one out for fun
<the_wild_rose> it involved picking me up and cuffing me in a public place covered by a jacket
<BernieRoehl> Yes, so much that it's *almost* not worth it a lot of the time
<the_wild_rose> it really is tho ;)
<the_wild_rose> worthit
<BernieRoehl> Yes, generally they are
* the_wild_rose smiles
<ethereal> i think the level of responsibility that would go with that type of scene would also be a deterrent for the tops...which i can totallyunderstand
<BernieRoehl> Part of what makes kidnap scenes elaborate is the number of people usually involved as well as the need to scout locations and find enough content for the scene to carry it through (say) a weekend
* BernieRoehl agrees with ethereal
<the_wild_rose> definitely
<the_wild_rose> i wouldn't want to do it alot
<ethereal> not to mention that small detail of making sure you don't kidnap the wrong person ;)
<the_wild_rose> but saved to be a treat is so yummy
<the_wild_rose> hehe yes
<the_wild_rose> there are other ways to scene elaborately
<the_wild_rose> you can make kinky games like clue that would involve several
<the_wild_rose> as something further
<the_wild_rose> like lol prof peacock in the kitchen with a wooden spoon
* BernieRoehl smiles
<ethereal> hmm...good idea the_wild_rose
<the_wild_rose> done it
<BernieRoehl> Yes, you want to make sure you have the right victim!
<the_wild_rose> yes
<ethereal> sort of a decision tree idea...each one builds on the last choice
<the_wild_rose> yes
<the_wild_rose> or as with clue identity unknown
<the_wild_rose> and allw atch the victim at the end
<the_wild_rose> heheh
<the_wild_rose> ok i am gonna be quiet now
<ethereal> no, keep going
<the_wild_rose> i can give you my email later and email my events/games
<ethereal> maybe a submissive's treasure hunt...where they have to collect several items to be used in a scene later that day or later that weekend
<BernieRoehl> So, aside from kidnapping scenes, what else would qualify as "elaborate"?
<the_wild_rose> haha done that
<ethereal> oh the possibilities
<jewel`{F}> a home invasion or rape scene could be
<the_wild_rose> yes
<BernieRoehl> True
<the_wild_rose> alot of carful thought there
<ethereal> i would think that any sort of edge play has the potential to be elaborate in terms of taking care to think of all possible outcomes and prepare for/mitigate those....needles, cuttings, branding, that sort of thing
<the_wild_rose> well also decorating someone with food on a table
<the_wild_rose> would qualify
<bridgeit`> in general, does the Dom/me want ideas/input for scenes from Their sub
<the_wild_rose> i think so
<ethereal> would hope so
<the_wild_rose> some aren't as creative
<the_wild_rose> i wwould definitly email my ideas and such
<the_wild_rose> he could modify or choose noto to use it
<jadeofdragonspirit> i find a high protocal, not a single word spoken scene elaborate.. it's very rare to see i find..
<the_wild_rose> nod
<ethereal> as opposed to giving them mid-scene...might be considered topping from a bottomy-type position
<bridgeit`> yes
<the_wild_rose> hide and seek the sub is also sexy and elaboate
<ethereal> jadeofdragonspirit, i think that would be lovely to see
<jewel`{F}> i know Fyre likes to know what my likes, dislikes, what i would really like to try, and feed back afterwards as well
<the_wild_rose> dom having to find said sub and knowing when he does that it will be intense
<the_wild_rose> getting clues as to her whereaboous
<the_wild_rose> whereabouts
<the_wild_rose> checking in with cells
<the_wild_rose> etc
<the_wild_rose> yummy
<the_wild_rose> builds and builds
<the_wild_rose> till he finds u
<jadeofdragonspirit> i agree greatly, i love to see two people so intertwined with one another that no words are spoken, needs and desires are met, and the communication cannot be seen unless one knows where and what to look for... prrrr
<the_wild_rose> =)
<the_wild_rose> there are also scenes a sub can do for her master
<the_wild_rose> offering herself to him for the courses and driving to locations witih him
<ethereal> we seem to be mostly subs here, but i'm wondering if the Tops enjoy planning an elaborate scene or is it cumbersome?
<the_wild_rose> ea course served/fed to him at ea stop witih a note of what she is offering him as per her body
<the_wild_rose> till desert heh
<the_wild_rose> ya i am gonna hush lets hear from the doms
<jadeofdragonspirit> does elaborate mean planning with other dominants of how to make a subbie lose there panties or bra, or perhaps sit bare bottomed on a leather seat?.. cause Sir CP would be the right person to ask in that regard...
<Corporal_Punishment{pb_ps}> actually jadeofdragonspirit that was spur of the moment, nothing elaborate about it lol
<jadeofdragonspirit> :P
<the_wild_rose> what about strip scenes where you set up a bar scene in the homle and turn stripper for ohim and lap dance
<the_wild_rose> might be considered elaborate
<ethereal> oh, you mean a comedy scene? ;)
<the_wild_rose> need costumes
<ethereal> jk!
<the_wild_rose> lol no i was serioous ;)
<ethereal> it would only be a comedy if i did it ...hehehe
<the_wild_rose> done that too
<the_wild_rose> its so hot
<the_wild_rose> another gift to h im
<the_wild_rose> this was vanilla tho but could be applied here
<the_wild_rose> having him control u /shrug
<the_wild_rose> ifi keep talking it will look like confession
* BernieRoehl returns to channel and scrolls back a bit
<the_wild_rose> someone else lol
<BernieRoehl> On the question of whether it's a burden to plan an elaborate scene... the short answer is that it depends on how successful the scene is.
<BernieRoehl> If the end result is satisfying, then it's definitely worth the effort.
* the_wild_rose smiles
<ethereal> have you ever gotten partway through planning a scene and felt like chucking it?
<kierana{DRFL}> but why do ppl need elaborate scenes in the first place? i'm trying to understand this
* ethereal feels nosey tonight
<the_wild_rose> i crave it
<ethereal> because it's fun?
<the_wild_rose> adore it
<the_wild_rose> look forward to it
<BernieRoehl> During the planning stage? Not really... there's a kind of "brainstorming" process by which you refine the scene until it's both interesting and feasible
<the_wild_rose> some do and some dont i suspect
<bridgeit`> i would think they would be a fun, once in a while thing, not all the time
<the_wild_rose> nothing wrong with not doing it
<BernieRoehl> Occasionally something will fall through just due to logistical problems (locations not being available, essentialy people being out of town, that sort of thing)
<the_wild_rose> agreed bridget
<kierana{DRFL}> i could see doing an elaborate scene for specific occasion...but not as an everyday occurance, that would get jaded pretty fast i think
<bridgeit`> esp if people have kids, elaborate scenes just cant happen that often
<the_wild_rose> well sitters
<the_wild_rose> it just takes planning
<BernieRoehl> Generally, the more people you have to coordinate, the more work it is and the less likely it is that the scene will actually come together
<BernieRoehl> For example, consider a gang-bang. You have to get a bunch of guys to coordinate their schedules, make sure the "victim" is available at the appropriate time and place, and so on
<ethereal> i don't see elaborate scenes as a regular thing by virtue of the fact that they require more planning
<the_wild_rose> on the weekend it is nice to look forward to something be it eliaborate or whatever
* ethereal goes glassy eyed at the mention of a gang bang
<ethereal> umm...sorry, Sir, what were you saying?
<ethereal> *blink blink*
* the_wild_rose drools
<the_wild_rose> this is what i like'
<the_wild_rose> dom do one a month
<the_wild_rose> sub plan something once a month for him
* BernieRoehl smiles at ethereal
<the_wild_rose> i dont subscribe to dom not getting treated to tht once in awhile
<the_wild_rose> spongebath or massage or whatever something nice
<the_wild_rose> that i can touch his body
<the_wild_rose> rofl
<the_wild_rose> or do for him
<krista-F> that is just day to day service for me when serving
<kierana{DRFL}> same here...Master and i don't need to do elaborate scenes for Him to have a massage or such
<the_wild_rose> true i am talking something special however
<ethereal> that's what i was thinking...big difference in planning for a sponge bath and a role playing scene, for example
<the_wild_rose> when u dont live together it works tho
<ethereal> though i probably wouldn't fall into a fit of giggles giving a massage...might if I had to give a massage while pretending to be a beer wench
<the_wild_rose> i have kids
<krista-F> bathing is a daily most people's regime isn't it?
<the_wild_rose> if u live withi him u can
<the_wild_rose> i have homework with kids
<the_wild_rose> cooking for them
<krista-F> i don't live with a Dom.but when i stay with him...i do such things every day
<the_wild_rose> and other responsibilites
<kierana{DRFL}> i don't live with Master and Wwe don't have to plan a scene for massage...and i have a child
<the_wild_rose> thats great i am just saying that wouldnt be my case
<`abi> a bath or a massage may be an everyday occurrance ... therefore the challenge is to create something more elaborate from that
<the_wild_rose> yes abi
<the_wild_rose> for me those would be something i could do
<krista-F> to me that is personal service
<krista-F> not a scene
<the_wild_rose> we each are different tho which makes things great
<krista-F> nice to hear everyones different opinions...:)
<the_wild_rose> =)
<BernieRoehl> So, any other types of elaborate scenes?
<BernieRoehl> So far we've mentioned roleplaying scenes, kidnappings, and gang-bangs. Any other thoughts?
* BernieRoehl smiles and thinks "apparently not"
<cdn_slave> i'm just learning Sir...this has been great for me
<BernieRoehl> I'm glad, cdn_slave
<bridgeit`> an age play scene complete with taking her out in public and she must remain in role
<cdn_slave> thank You Sir!
<BernieRoehl> I'm curious, since we have a lot of subs here... how do you feel about elaborate scenes? Is it worthwhile from your standpoint?
<BernieRoehl> Ah, interesting bridgeit`
<jewel`{F}> i think it depends on ones perception of a scene
<ethereal> at the risk of sounding like i'm stealing your answer Bernie,Sir, i think it depends on how well the scene goes off in the end
* BernieRoehl smiles
<jewel`{F}> even just going out to a play party with out actually playing can be a scene
<suzq{C}> exit on hwy 2 i think
* BernieRoehl looks at suzq{C}, puzzled
<jewel`{F}> starting with the preperarions prior to the party
<ethereal> my first play party was quite a scene...but i was just a spectator
<suzq{C}> a travel scene Bernie
<BernieRoehl> How... elaborate, suzq{C}
<`abi> I think that any time significant effort goes into exploring a fantasy, it's always worthwhile ... whatever the end result
* BernieRoehl nods @ abi
<bridgeit`> much of a scene depends on the eroticism of the foreplay, the developement of foreplay and getting to an end result that is not necessarily a pain element but a climax of a fantasy and orgasm
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* BernieRoehl smiles and pats ModBot
<cdn_slave> lol
<ethereal> even modbots need positive reinforcement
<BernieRoehl> True
<suzq{C}> blindfolding the sub and driving around to an open field in the country, or an empty warehouse (building) Bernie
<kierana{DRFL}> now that has posibilities, suzq
<kierana{DRFL}> lol
<BernieRoehl> Excellent quasi-kidnapping idea, suzq{C}!
<ethereal> then make her bale hay ;)
<BernieRoehl> (Perhaps exit at hwy 2?)
<ethereal> heehee
<bridgeit`> lol
<suzq{C}> good open country there
<suzq{C}> :)
<jadeofdragonspirit> <---ran a hay baling company in alberta.. i can help!
<jadeofdragonspirit> lol
<jadeofdragonspirit> bailing
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