September 24 2000 EhBC Online Discussion

<Kilted_One> well time to start this discussion....
<canplay> hello sindrella
* vixen{KO} sits properly again
* Chiaroscuro{a} stops what he was about to say
<Kilted_One> anyone not wanting their nick to show in the posted logs pls change or leave now
<canplay> welcome back bottoms :)
<Kilted_One> k, everyone all cumffy now
<bottoms_up38> thanks ;)
* vixen{KO} is looking round the room to see if any "furniture" is being a decoy
* ^trufriend is cuffy....rally
<Kilted_One> I would like to start by askin anyone for a toy or piece of equipment that they want help with disguising
<Kilted_One> any takers???
<Chiaroscuro{a}> well just HOW do you disguise a st. andrews cross?
<dalian> a spakning bench?
<genitorturer> lol i don't have any equipment yet, but how will i disquise the whipping post yer makin KO? lol
* bottoms_up38 has a second bedroom and i lock the door.. i need excuses why no one can go in there *giggles*
<Kilted_One> welll that has been done
<dalian> spanking
<Chiaroscuro{a}> or a whipping post for that matter...
<zaRina`> LS's bedroom?
* vixen{KO} LOL at genitorturer EST ""
<vixen{KO}> the post is easiest....and knows it can easily hang MANY things off it...
<bottoms_up38> how do you explain a heavy hook system in the ceiling of your bedroom? ;)
<Kilted_One> I have seen a St Andrews decked out with a cross bar and a tapersty hung from it It looked the parrt
<bottoms_up38> ohh good idea KO :)
<dalian> cool idea
<zaRina`> i like Debs,,she hangs a huge tapestry in front of the cross,, like a chineese screen
<Kilted_One> what gave it away was the handcuffs that was used to hold the cross bar to the top eyes
<Chiaroscuro{a}> so it is explained away as a 'holding device' for the tapestry then... hmmm..
<bottoms_up38> you cant use a plant hanger for a hook above the bed
<vixen{KO}> k....the hook system...the best i've seen, so far has been one where the hooking was all done above a suspended ceiling....mahvelous idea
<bottoms_up38> i am in an apt... wouldnt work for me .. but good idea ;) EST
<OD_ivy> W/we placed eyehooks all up and around archway in bedroom, then covered with fake pun intended
<Kilted_One> k, your hook about running a chord so that it looks like a lite holder could even run a clamp on spot to it if you wished...knowing your use of the wand you could have and ext chord there and plug in later
<vixen{KO}> well, then there's always the excuse that it's all part of some kinda home physical therapy apparatus....and i've actually had to use such a it's valid
<MasterGuny> Evening
* vixen{KO} likes the ivy idea....good one
<bottoms_up38> ohhhh cool KO :)
* DarkAngel^ has an eyelet in a beam abov his weightbench
<bottoms_up38> i like the ivy idea but in the centre of the ceiling would be a bit strange.. but then i am ;)
<Kilted_One> with the ivy I gues you could even have a length of chain too and twist the ivy around it
* vixen{KO} just KNEW her Master would work chain in there somewhere....LOL "Intelligence in chains loses in lucidity, what it gains in intensity." Albert Camus"
<canplay> lol
<Kilted_One> well anyone been to the dentist and looked up??
<canplay> where else is there to look?
<DarkAngel^> only if the cute nurse wasnt around
<Kilted_One> you could suspend lil pics or framed whatever from a few of em
<bottoms_up38> now seriously.. i need a reason that my 13 year old grand daughter would believe.. about NOT being able to go into my second bedroom ;))
<MasterGuny> Monsters?
<DarkAngel^> sleeping monsters
<zaRina`> tell her its rented
<bottoms_up38> lol
<vixen{KO}> nah....13 is too old for monsters
* canplay trys to stifle a giggle
<Kilted_One> keeping her out will only raise the curiosity
<DarkAngel^> may I PM sindrella ? (zopz) ChanServ OP'S Justice^ in #bdsm-kw
<bottoms_up38> rented out as storage.. to help me pay for the apt?
<OD_ivy> tell her adults have sex in there..she will think gross ! (have teenagers)
<DarkAngel^> good idea bottoms_up38
<sindrella> yes of course Sir, always
<MasterGuny> If she has seen Blair witch she won't go in there :-)
<canplay> oh i like rented,,, for storage and things belong to another
<vixen{KO}> you could tell her a friend is storing things in there and it's private property and not to be touched or gone into
<canplay> just in case she does happen to peek :) (zopz) ChanServ OP'S Mis-J in #bdsm-kw
<MasterGuny> anyone older wouldn't buy it
<bottoms_up38> i am putting a lock on it ;)
<DarkAngel^> sure bottoms_up38 ,,, and when you go in,, take the lock for use
<bottoms_up38> lol.. yup ;)
<becky{BH2}> hi Mis-J ;o)
<OD_ivy> make sure a deadbolt..bottoms up
<Kilted_One> I would let her see what was inside first and have it "clean" so that she saw that it was nothing more that a bed room
<vixen{KO}> there ya situation decoy'd.....any more?
* DarkAngel^ has a guitar case in his bedroom ,,,full of his toys
<bottoms_up38> she will see it filled with my crap next weekend... i mean later when its my dungeon.. i cant let her see. i am having a pipe jungle gym built for me in there ;)
* vixen{KO} makes note of the guitar case idea....
<vixen{KO}> jungle JIM?
<bottoms_up38> lol vixen
* vixen{KO} blushes and behaves herself....some
<vixen{KO}> has anyone made any modifications to current furniture in the house?
* Veloria smiles
<bottoms_up38> oh gee, i didnt think of my gun case... hmmm wonder if she will recognize it as one EST
<bottoms_up38> i heard people put eyebolts on their furniture ;)
<DarkAngel^> Mmm I saw a nice couch in a basement ,,, that actually had rings attached *innocent smile*
<vixen{KO}> gun case...not a necessarily good excuse....LOL
<Veloria> I made the play room so subtle that it actually doubles as a guest room.. relatives>kids are none the wiser
<vixen{KO}> that one's not disguised DA.....
<Kilted_One> ya know no one has even asked about that one DA
<vixen{KO}> tell U/us some of those ideas Veloria, please?
<Veloria> certainly....
<Kilted_One> there is that aspect to it...up front and in your face..ppl think "no that cant be!!!"....
* vixen{KO} sits back and listens intently
<Veloria> first, it's a chamber, not a dungeon, in a victorian style.
<bottoms_up38> Veloria.. hard to explain huge peices of pipe that put together for play *grin* .. and i mean alot of pipe that will be for full suspension
<bottoms_up38> sounds beauuutiful Veloria ;)
<vixen{KO}> chamber as in how?
<Veloria> antique furniture including a locking armoire, prayer stool, washstand with jug and basin, and a custom wrought iron canaopy bed (zdeopz) Justice^ DEOP'S Justice^ in #bdsm-kw
* vixen{KO} loves the room already
<bottoms_up38> you should take pics Veloria ;)
<zaRina`> very nice!
<Veloria> you know those old heavy irons....
<Veloria> carpet beaters...
* Kilted_One thinks that is the best form of disguise....thought before hand and a little planning
* vixen{KO} nods
<Veloria> straw brooms
<Veloria> antique siler brush and mirror set
<Veloria> all theses are toys
* vixen{KO} loves the old carpet beaters....excellent
<Veloria> yet very appropriate decoration
<vixen{KO}> brilliant.....truly....
<DarkAngel^> weight bench is perfect
<Veloria> that works DA :)
<Veloria> anything not so subtle is locked in the armoire
<Kilted_One> I guess the things that works are the things that most suit the individual
<zaRina`> i used to have an inversion machine,, for my back,, too bad it went back
* vixen{KO} wonders if the guitar case lays under the weight bench, DA...
<Veloria> lol
<zaRina`> a purfect contraption, that can stand in any homegym,, bedroom or nook,,
<DarkAngel^> lol,, nope ,,, over by the bed vixen{KO}
<bottoms_up38> oh those are kinda expensive.. yes zar? i was shopping on ebay for one ;)
<Kilted_One> the workbench works for you DA and the boudoir works for you Veloria because the suit you both
* vixen{KO} wonders about the prayer stool.....where did You stumble across that one? can You describe it, please?
<zaRina`> it was supplied by WCB for my back,,didnt use it enough, and no room,, so sent it back,, then later realized what a wonderful item it could have been used as
* vixen{KO} *PERKS* reading back about the inversion machine....
<bottoms_up38> oh geez zar *fwap* ;)
<Veloria> when Peter and Chris had to make the gallow pole for the Cafe the workspace was at Pete's place. He's got a bunch of teenagers there... we got away with calling it a punching bag stand
<zaRina`> LOL
<bottoms_up38> rofl
* Veloria hums
* vixen{KO} has heard many a punching bag stand thing being excused....and why not? EST
* DarkAngel^ intends to build a house in 2 to 3 years ,,, there will be exposed beams (rustic look ,,, cough) as part of the planneing
<bottoms_up38> someone mentioned countersinking a nut system into the floor.. that you screw a bolt into. When its not in use its not noticed much or you can use a dowel type filler ;)
* Kilted_One was working on the Pillory and told everyone that it was to be used as a fake guillotine
<bottoms_up38> good time of year to build one.. halloween :)
<Kilted_One> good idea bottoms
<Veloria> of course you can just keep the door locked and tell friends and family it's your secret grow-room
<DarkAngel^> what size do you want bottoms_up38 ?
* vixen{KO} loves the countersinking idea.....Master's used such on the new Celtic Cross
<Kilted_One> that is the normal way to hide screws
<jen^^> what about just adding a large storage type cabinet, that everything could be locked away in
<bottoms_up38> size DA?
* DarkAngel^ is a millwright
<Kilted_One> erveryone jen?? :))
* bottoms_up38 slinks closer to DA and grins ;))
<vixen{KO}> but then ya can throw a little mat over it and nobody's the wiser....good one
<jen^^> no everyTHING :-)))
<DarkAngel^> you dont need to hide it bottoms_up38 if a table or chest is normally overtop
<Kilted_One> what about a "dark room' and you would spoil my developing pics??
<bottoms_up38> true
<vixen{KO}> true....something over the floor part....whatever it be
<bottoms_up38> yeah but eventually people would want to see it.. it isnt 'in use' all the time
* dalian makes notes for her garage>dungeon
<Kilted_One> so a few props is all that is needed and few boring pics
<Veloria> in the old apartment I had built a St Andrew's cross into the closet, if your closet is not too full just a matter of pulling down a couple items from shelf, the shelf and the rod before you use it.
<bottoms_up38> hmmm true ... until someone asks you to develope some pervert pics they made *giggles*
* vixen{KO} has seen that idea on the net.....sorta like the old ironing board idea...
<dalian> or wonders why you arent in the darkroom while the prints are developing ;)
<Veloria> LOL.. a secret door to the dungeon?
<bottoms_up38> hehehe
<jen^^> the murphy bed theory, hide it in the wall when not in use :-)
<Veloria> ..I love it
<vixen{KO}> now you're talking, Veloria.... <sly wink>
* zee_LQ is listening to the posts for ideas
<DarkAngel^> kewl idea
<bottoms_up38> some ideas are better for a house.. where you can renovate more
<vixen{KO}> good one,'re on a roll
<Kilted_One> that is a great idea jen
<bottoms_up38> a false wall ;)
<Kilted_One> the fold away bed that goes in the clsoet
* DarkAngel^ plans there to be enough room in the attic in the house he will build ,,, pull down stairs in the Master bedroom being the only accesss
* Veloria imagines what James Bond's dungeon is like EST (zopz) ChanServ OP'S DukeDom in #bdsm-kw
<Kilted_One> Lee Valley I think sells a kit for that style of bed too
<jen^^> in an apartment, you can have a large platform style bed with storage underneath su'izcide, 1. willful killing of one-self. [Thanatron v1.2]"
* jen^^ that is what i have
* vixen{KO} wonders what James Bond's bed is designed like..... <coy grin>
<Kilted_One> like yours vixen ;))
<bottoms_up38> lol Veloria
<DarkAngel^> probably for coy-pulation
* jen^^ loves the line i think from Bond, "where does He get all those wonderful toys" *eg*
<vixen{KO}> hmmm.....let's have fun with this.....if one was like James Bond......what things would you incorporate in a really good working play bed?
<Kilted_One> with some thought and planning there is a lot of toys that go under the bed....the gorean whipping post DOES fit under the bed
<DarkAngel^> so ,,MMmm a little bit of James Bond ,, a little bit of Martha Stuard ,,, geesh you people are kinky ,,, no wonder I luv ya
<bottoms_up38> lol
<jen^^> chains, stereo, ropes, vibrator, built in Master (oops)
<bottoms_up38> wooo hoo jen
* dalian scribbles furiously EST "Ping timeout"
<dalian> built in that
<vixen{KO}> They can be built these days?
<bottoms_up38> blow up kind? hehe
<Veloria> oh.. room first, I would have a gothic looking room, like a den....again something friends and family would wander through, think "my, isn't this nice..but I wouldn't do it in my home.. to ominous..." but once they leave....
* jen^^ shrugs, well it was a dream bed
* dalian imagines a holodeck version
* DarkAngel^ would be happy with a ring in the floor for disapline>isolation ,, and the bed to put her over his knee ... keep it sinle and happy
* vixen{KO} loves the gothic theme.....
* Kilted_One will design this dream bed if he gets enough ideas tonight
<DarkAngel^> sinle = simple
* bottoms_up38 growls at DA.. but but but... toy addicts like me cant even THINK like that ;)
<^brat{SteelBlue}> i'm with you, DarkAngel^
<Kilted_One> how about the headboard area??
<jen^^> padded
<Veloria> I find most antiques, cultural items, stuff like that, you can't get it in department stores, takes some shopping around, but is alot of fun.. and cost less then furnishing your hous out of IKEA
<DarkAngel^> but think people ,,, the hardware store ,,, simple ,, but MMMmmmmmmm\
<`zee_LQ> no.. rot iron to rope to
<vixen{KO}> wait a minute.....holodeck? can you 'splain that one further?
* jen^^ has bump on head once to often
* `zee_LQ pictures one tied to the bed standing
* DarkAngel^ will have a nice workshop ,,, hey ,, I like your workshop Kilted_One
<Bare_Naked> dont know many four post brass beds with headboards
<bottoms_up38> built in stocks in the head board ... hehe
<Kilted_One> what style of bed is this going to be??
* `zee_LQ pictures one tied spread eagle to the bed
<dalian> when i figure out how to make a holodeck...i will write the book :)
<Veloria> lol
<vixen{KO}> in the footboard is better
<Kilted_One> yeah the headboard would have to be too far out from the wall
<Kilted_One> footboard it is
* vixen{KO} wants one of the first copies, k, dalian?
<jen^^> 4 poster canopy bed is ideal, can put mirror on top, ropes or chains on posts
<bottoms_up38> ;)
<MasterGuny> later
<dalian> sure vixen.... "Read error: Connection reset by peer"
<bottoms_up38> definitely rings at workable points ;)
* vixen{KO} reaches up and scribble out the mirror idea....LOL
<Kilted_One> k, so a four poster or at least a cannon ball bed with the four posts
<DarkAngel^> who care about a holodeck ,, I want that sexy Yeoman who always makes Jim sign stuff
<Kilted_One> how about Lions heads with rings in their mouths
<dalian> but i will keep the programming for the Klingon Masters to myself :)~~~
<`zee_LQ> and sheer material on the canopy down the posts.
* vixen{KO} sharesies?
<DarkAngel^> good idea Kilted_One
<Veloria> anyone ever see an antique hatrack/bench thing is enourmous. the bench usually folds up for a storage bin inside. There is a mirror in the center, with heavy posts on either side. Not only can toys be kept locked in the bench, but one can kneel on it arms spread and tied to the hooks.. and watched themselves having to undergo whatever may come....
<vixen{KO}> deacon's bench
* vixen{KO} nods
<jen^^> yes Veloria, great idea
<bottoms_up38> ohhh Veloria... yummmm
<dalian> i have a four poster...has deep bevelling for great adjustment of ropes
<Kilted_One> any other toys>fixtures in the headboard??
<bottoms_up38> a plug *grin*
<vixen{KO}> handles....LOL Time wasted: 16 minutes 6 seconds"
* vixen{KO} likes the plug idea, too
<jen^^> furniture that doubles as furniture and toy is ideal
<jen^^> more than one :-)
<Veloria> and keep it right at the entrance to your home, to offer the sub that extra sense of vulnerability "oh, is that the door.. hmm what should we do now?"
<bottoms_up38> ohhh Veloria .. nasty ;)
* vixen{KO} shares bottoms_up38's love of da wand
* Kilted_One laughs at bottoms...cant do without that one lass
* bottoms_up38 winks at vix
<Veloria> ya well... <grin>
<dalian> the medieval bench that i'm making will have "ornamental" posts for use in the living room
<jen^^> even a doorway doorframe can become a good place to hang around
<dalian> like a jolly jumper?
<jen^^> nods, nods
<vixen{KO}> LOL
<dalian> cool
<Veloria> oh yes jen, with something as simple as well attached plant hooks.. remove plants as required ;-)
<jen^^> sub on a spring
* vixen{KO} gets a visual of ageplay here...
* dalian like to bounce
<becky{BH2}> nitters A/all ;o)
* bottoms_up38 thinks of a pulley system tucked under the bed ... sorta like 'the rack' .. hmm cant figure out how though EST "Quit: "All the world's a cage".... Jeanne Phillips"
* `zee_LQ was thinking about other plugs.. for the 'humping aspect
<Kilted_One> most doors are held in place with hinges that have removalbe pins in them the doors can be removed and fixtures put in the pins instead jen
* vixen{KO} remembers that kinda action, zee, sis... <winks>
* bottoms_up38 grins at zee ;)
* `zee_LQ grins to vixen{KO} and bottoms_up38
<jen^^> *smiles*
<Kilted_One> two eyes mounted in the wall with a dowel through them and a hanging rugs looks pretty kewl
<vixen{KO}> it's really amazing how many things from history can be reproduced with slight modifications for O>our ways.....always an inspiration to look at old museum pieces....and pervertable them
<Kilted_One> how about the kitchen table??
* bottoms_up38 books a trip to the musuem ;)
* `zee_LQ loves it on the kitchen table
* jen^^ has fond memories of kitchen table
<`zee_LQ> ohh what??
<`zee_LQ> oops
<Bare_Naked_> want company on that trip bottoms_up38
<Kilted_One> most of the old wooden table have hardware in the corners already
<jen^^> it has a flat surface and four legs to tie "things" too
* DarkAngel^ just let the dog in ,,, and smiled as he passed the hook in the kitchen which holds the rarely used leash
<`zee_LQ> not that kind of question right Kilted_One Sir!
<vixen{KO}> even webpages too.....ever pull up any on torture chambers and look at some of that "furniture"???
* bottoms_up38 is getting toooo old for the table..i want padding *grin*
* Veloria made sure to get a solid maple trestle table.... because kitchen tables are so much fun
<`zee_LQ> You have to have padding if you are bent over it.. edges hurts the mound area
<Veloria> but damn I hate moving lol
<jen^^> but bottoms_up38, just think about the "edge" of the table *eg*
<bottoms_up38> lol.. looking from zee to jen ;)
<Veloria> oh oh oh.. time for a quick funny??
* vixen{KO} nods
* Bare_Naked_ knows someoe with one of those old padded doctors examining tables bottoms_up38 ... complete with stir ips
<vixen{KO}> where do they keep it?
<jen^^> now one of those would be hard to disquise
<bottoms_up38> ohhh yummm BN :)
<Veloria> when we moved last we had 3 boxes of "toys" we were wondering what to mark them.. we ended up marking about 15 boxes with big bold letters SEX TOYS just to freak out the movers
* vixen{KO} knows people that also have them...but down in the basement or their dungeon area
<dalian> lol
<bottoms_up38> rofl Veloria!!
<vixen{KO}> LOL
<Bare_Naked_> Veloria did any go missing
<DarkAngel^> only if your dad is helpin with the move Veloria
<vixen{KO}> you're truly evil....i LOVE ya!!!
<Kilted_One> yeah that your face most often does too Veloria
<Veloria> none... and we were right there too.. we told then it was a joke.. maybe.. maybe it was a joke
<jen^^> most people will not ask, will just look away
<bottoms_up38> if my family helped.. they would believe the 15
<Veloria> exactly jen
<Kilted_One> if mine helped the would have been helping themselves!!!!
<jen^^> give them something to talk about and dream about for abit :-)
<bottoms_up38> lol KO
<Veloria> lol bottoms
<vixen{KO}> Bare_Naked_.....where did the examining table get kept?
* jen^^ would not want an examing table has unfond memories of gynechologist
* dalian agrees with jen
<Bare_Naked_> they keep it in the basement under a work bench with doors on it
<Kilted_One> there is something about what Veloria was talking about and that is a "Theme room" about doing your living room or family room into a medieval room??
<jen^^> would love that
* DarkAngel^ would like one of those old thick butcher block tables ,, in the middle of the kitchen ,, the heck with padding
<vixen{KO}> goth.....<nods>
<dalian> i am working on just that KO
<jen^^> *smiles* @ DA, nods, nods
<vixen{KO}> and it's so trendy and easy to pull off these days too
<SkyDom> Hey.....are we having fun yet?
* jen^^ plans on doing my new room medieval :-)
* vixen{KO} just got a visual of DA in a leather apron....
<SkyDom> ooops
* bottoms_up38 pouts at the mean DA.. OLD people need padding *Grin*
* DarkAngel^ copies the idea of a theme room down ,,MMmm someplace to hang my sword colection too
<Kilted_One> sometimes making something look what it really is and put it in an unbelievable setting works
* jen^^ already has the sword collection
<Bare_Naked_> but vixen{KO} these people's freinds would not say much if they did not hide it.... the also have an antique electric chair
* vixen{KO} really *PERKS* now...
<jen^^> perks at the electric chair, now that's more like it
<Bare_Naked_> non working of course
<vixen{KO}> dang
* Kilted_One has a plug!!!
<bottoms_up38> lol
<DarkAngel^> lol
<dalian> oh my
* `zee_LQ has a
<bottoms_up38> hehehe
<jen^^> wrong plug again zee
<Kilted_One> wrong type though zee
* vixen{KO} shuts up and sits properly
* bottoms_up38 has one of those bars that has multiple plugs.. for all my 'toys'
<Kilted_One> k, how about a wall gallery of toys in the theme room
<`zee_LQ> geesh!! sorry..hee hee
* vixen{KO} ^5's the toy slut
* `zee_LQ becomes unplugged
* bottoms_up38 shakes my head at KO.. my stepkids woulndt appreciate a toy wall with my grandkids visiting ;)
<Veloria> various themes for a bedroom or den that can be used by day, but have that double capacity.. I mentioned Victorian and Gothic.. there has been Gym, Workshop, others? hunting>trapping... ? An actual dungeon? (antique pieces like they have at medieval times)
<vixen{KO}> not You, Master....that ^5 was for bottoms_up38
<dalian> but how to disguise them when company comes over?
* bottoms_up38 giggles at vix.. 'hi, my name is Nancy and i am an addict'
<OD_ivy> why not a false wall with toys behind them?
<vixen{KO}> LOL [100]@.Mis-J> thats a good idea OD_ivy
<`zee_LQ> i know a Master who has that now
<SkyDom> that's the first sensible thing I've heard all night OD....:)
<DarkAngel^> untill I have the James Bond pad ,, I preffer the guitar case
<`zee_LQ> He got a kink friendly interior designer
<dalian> i think i will hide the toys in the bench ;)
* bottoms_up38 pokes OD-ivy.. hey i mentioned a false wall earlier *pout*
<DarkAngel^> plain site ,,, with one acoustic and 2 electric guitars displayed around the house
* vixen{KO} wants to design dungeons when she grows up....LOL
<jen^^> still wonders why if You have a dungeon, you can't just keep room closed, most guests would not go in a closed room, those who do deserve to see what they see
* DarkAngel^ doesnt want to grow up
* OD_ivy smiles at bottoms_up38...sorry..
<Veloria> kids jen
<Kilted_One> there is harware called "trapdoor handles" that fold flat these can be mounted anywhere on the walls and a picture fitted over the top of them
<jen^^> latch at the top
<bottoms_up38> jen, the problem is not guests... but friends and family not understanding why they cant go in there
<Veloria> closed door is like wrapping paper on a christmas present, when did that ever stop them?
* bottoms_up38 huggles OD ;)
<jen^^> hmm, true, always knew what all my christmas presents were
* vixen{KO} knows a Master like that, too, Veloria <glancing over....>
<bottoms_up38> Eva *smiles*
<dalian> fortunately most will have to get past my altar room to get to the garage...that alone will stop most prying eyes
<Veloria> and when did your parents know if you reallly manged to peek ;-)
<Veloria> lol vixen :)
* zaRina` loves putting a HUGE HUGE big joke sized vibrator in my medicine cabnite when i am having a party,,, you can always tell whos peeked
<jen^^> never was very good at re-wrapping *eg*
<Bare_Naked_> what about an atique armoir.... you just say it did not come with the key and it ws locked when you got it
<Dr_Eva> we just bought a huge cabinet, screwed it to the wall, and put a big ol' chain on it.
<Veloria> lo, zaR
<DarkAngel^> lucky wall EST
<bottoms_up38> ohhhh zarina!!! i like that one! EST
<Dr_Eva> I always get here late, what was the best suggestion so far?
<Veloria> dalian.. that's great.. an alter room.. neighbours will only think you're a fanatic.. but not kinky
* Veloria giggles
<Kilted_One> if your nick is wall it was Eva
* bottoms_up38 makes plans for all kinds of stuff to stick in the cabinet now
*evil grin*
<Veloria> can I come over dressed as a nun?
<dalian> not that kind of altar room ;)
<Veloria> there goes all my fun
<bottoms_up38> what kind??
<zaRina`> ack nun!!!!!
* DarkAngel^ gets nun now
* dalian is wiccan
<zaRina`> poor DA,, leather apron, unused leash,,,,
<Bare_Naked_> another idea is you put a bar fridge (like a honour bar at hottels in the room.) keep it locked
<dalian> lol
<bottoms_up38> your own fault DA *grin* timeout"
<Dr_Eva> who wants to be a victim, I mean volunteer for a piercing breast suspension scene at Lady A's?
<zaRina`> if i ever hear another sub moan about there being no Doms,,,,
<Bare_Naked_> keep the toys cold too......LOL
<DarkAngel^> Mmm not a good idea around my friends BN
* bottoms_up38 pouts at Eva and sighs
* Veloria smiles at dalian
<DarkAngel^> ummm,, not me Dr_Eva *evil wink*
<bottoms_up38> lol.. imagining the look on DA's friends when they grab for a beer ;)
* jen^^ has all the holes in my body i need *smiles innocently*
<Kilted_One> so any last minute requests for help in diguising a toy or piece of play equipment??
<Dr_Eva> these would heal quickly EST
<Dr_Eva> how do I dress up the Cross?
<Veloria> KO, we still have to get stocks ready for the next cafe
<Veloria> colapsable and storable is the key
<DarkAngel^> christmas lights ?.. tinsell ?
<Bare_Naked_> Dr_Eva use it as a coat rack
* zaRina` puts in a reservation
<Kilted_One> most definately
<SkyDom> A porridge stirrer is just a porridge stirrer.
<dalian> actually...i would like ideas on how to use a huge old wooden drafting table for play without ruining it
<Dr_Eva> I just say it's exercise equipment
<jen^^> great idea Dr_Eva :-)
<Bare_Naked_> yes mideval exercise equiptment
<jen^^> all kinds of new and different exercise equipment these days, ppl would belive You
<Kilted_One> the best idea for a cross has been to hang a tapestry from it Dr
<OD_ivy> tilt drafting table dalian ?
<dalian> yes....and perhaps add rings to the top edges?
<Dr_Eva> anybody got a spare tapestry?
<Veloria> lay a bunch of flowers at the bottom of it.....oh nevermind....
<OD_ivy> or lock hi angle with hook underneath
<Kilted_One> and the other was to hid it in the wall or closet
<zaRina`> two rails, and a print from a textile shop Dr Eva
<Bare_Naked_> buy a used area rug and call it tapestry
<bottoms_up38> you dont have to be known to have great taste in decorating
<Dr_Eva> I'm not anyway ;)
<Kilted_One> use clamp on brackets too dalian..and you can add shims to protect the surafaces
* DarkAngel^ is a known perv
<Bare_Naked_> a spanking bench could be passed off as a bench press
* dalian makes more notes
* DarkAngel^ notes the time ,,,, and jumps on Dr_Eva ,,, so you scared of me ? lol ,, givin her a hug
<Kilted_One> well time is up ppl and thanks for your ideas tonight..fell free to carry on with this discussion
<Dr_Eva> ok baby
<jen^^> Thank You KO