September 18, 2005 EhBC Online Discussion

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<jen{SE}> hmm,,, does the turnout have anything to do with the topic
<catsbrat{CM}> it is possible
<jen{SE}> Hello Sir Seville
<Seville{s}> hey jen
<`abi{A}> well there's a stranger ... it takes a discussion in ethics to bring you out again?
<Seville{s}> did the discussion turn into krplach?
<Seville{s}> laughing
<Seville{s}> I have very few ethics abi
<jen{SE}> yep, no discussion so far
<spirited_sassy{CP}> we were waiting for you Sir
<Seville{s}> and tha tis why I M LOVED
* `abi{A} smiles... lovely to see you Sir
<Seville{s}> ty sassy
<Seville{s}> so ethics?
<Seville{s}> who has them?
<Seville{s}> and what do they cost
<Seville{s}> ?
<`abi{A}> everyone has them. The ones without them are the people who have ethics which differ from your own.
<Seville{s}> I'm seeing by the list here that probably the submissives have more than the dominants
<Seville{s}> when are you running for office abi?
<`abi{A}> right after Dr. Eva gets elected
<`abi{A}> honestly...have you ever met anyone who didn't believe they were ethical?
<Seville{s}> nope
* jen{SE} digging around in her cupboards looking for her ethics
<Seville{s}> every one believes that they are ethical but their actions belie their words
<Seville{s}> but there are ethics of honour abd then there are situational ethics
<`abi{A}> so either everyone is or no one is
<Seville{s}> sheeesh I wish I could type with a cat on my lap
<`abi{A}> that's no challenge...the challenge is typing with one on your keyboard
<`abi{A}> cats are completely unethical
<jen{SE}> is there any base ethics.... or do they change based on political or religious believes
<Seville{s}> laughing
<Seville{s}> base ethics
<Seville{s}> hmmmmmmmm
<`abi{A}> of course they do jen...that's called moral relativity
<Seville{s}> probably some ideals that people should uphold
<Seville{s}> like honesty, trust etc
<Seville{s}> but in reality many people have shaded meanings for all of those
<`abi{A}> sounds lovely Seville{s} ... but is brutal honesty ethical?
<`abi{A}> is blind trust ethical?
<Seville{s}> brutal honesty is usually a disguise for someone to be cruel
<jen{SE}> nods and agrees
<spirited_sassy{CP}> agreed
<`abi{A}> precicely .. and while cruelty is sometimes very say therefore that 'honesty' is a base ethical value, doesn't quite hold\
<Seville{s}> anytime I see a sentance whiche starts...."I'm just being honest"...I know that the person is lying
<`abi{A}> my personal favourite is "I shouldn't be saying this, but..."
<Seville{s}> is the cruelty to harm the other person?
<Seville{s}> mentally or physically?
<`abi{A}> so...the morality is based on intent, not action
<Seville{s}> I've seen people be cruel to you abi
<`abi{A}> I know...and they are some of my favourite people!
<Seville{s}> but never to destroy you as a person
<`abi{A}> so...then the means justify the ends
<`abi{A}> which works until the desired 'end' shifts
<Seville{s}> I know you are being a bit of a sophist right now but you know the difference
<Seville{s}> did you sign up for the means justifies the ends?
<Seville{s}> if so then yes you are correct
<`abi{A}> my end couldn't take it
<Seville{s}> so what did you do?
<`abi{A}> seriously, there cannot be universal morality as long as there is change
<`abi{A}> and change is the only certainty
<Seville{s}> change is truly universal
<Seville{s}> ah nothing like philosphy to drive folks away
<Seville{s}> or my spelling
<`abi{A}> yes...and morals will always change with it....whatever 'it' is
<Seville{s}> expediancy
<jen{SE}> morals change based on culture, in some cultures it is moral to beat your wife
<Seville{s}> that would be the it
<jen{SE}> in others it is not moral to have sex except to procreate....
* jen{SE} avoids the no sex culture
<`abi{A}> there 'personal morality'?
<Seville{s}> sex ethics?
<Seville{s}> are they related?
<Seville{s}> smiling
<`abi{A}> or is that relative too?
<Seville{s}> not for me
<`abi{A}> because.....
<Seville{s}> I have a personal morality but hmmmmmmmmm
<Seville{s}> sometimes it has not been accepted by others
<jen{SE}> i believe i have my morals, they mean not much to others, but they are mine..
<`abi{A}> which is what makes it personal morality and not social or universal morality
<`abi{A}> so, why is it important?
<Seville{s}> well it's only personal because all those other people won;t get with the program and agree with what I say
<Seville{s}> I mean what's so hard about that?
<`abi{A}> it would save so much time Seville{s}!
<Seville{s}> I think so.
<jen{SE}> specailly sincse some of Yours Sir, involve, good food and good wine
<Seville{s}> and good people
<jen{SE}> oops, went comman crazy ther for a moment
<Seville{s}> ok this morning
* jen{SE} does not have a cat on my lap or keyboard to blame for my poor typing
<Seville{s}> I saw a couple walking down the street
<Seville{s}> Queen street
<Seville{s}> and she was quite obviously in some sub mode and walking to show
<Seville{s}> how totally she was controlled
<Seville{s}> no leash
<Seville{s}> no chains
<Seville{s}> just a glazed look
<Seville{s}> and the appearance of deep satiation and control
<jen{SE}> ahhh, the thing behind the thing.. (a Lady Nichola quote)
<`abi{A}> you shouldn't let shadoe walk around like that, there's alot of traffic on Queen Street
<Seville{s}> ethically is that ok to parade so naked on the street?
<Seville{s}> for me sure
<`abi{A}> I don't think that ethics are about 'what other people will think'
<Seville{s}> but for others they would say that it was non consentual
<Seville{s}> or some other dreck
<motoki> sometimes just being on Queen St is nonconsentual
<Seville{s}> there is no island abi
<Seville{s}> laughing motoki
<Seville{s}> and thank ghod for that
<`abi{A}> personal ethics are about what you can live with and why you can live with it
<`abi{A}> social ethics are about what other people will allow you to live with and why (and that's subject to frequent change)
<Seville{s}> you know what abi?
<`abi{A}> probably not Seville{s}
<Seville{s}> for being so smart
<`abi{A}> You are going to cook for me?
<Seville{s}> you deserve some application of personal ethics
<`abi{A}> lol...I don't think that's allowed in public
<Seville{s}> and I would be happy to cook for you
<Seville{s}> talk to my social convenor and let
<Seville{s}> 's set a time
* `abi{A} smiles
<Seville{s}> seee
<Seville{s}> I am ethically food easy
<`abi{A}> is that the same as ethnic food?
<Seville{s}> pretty much
<`abi{A}> that I've sung for my supper....are there currently ethical standards in the BDSM community at large?
<`abi{A}> safe
<`abi{A}> sane
<`abi{A}> consensual?
<`abi{A}> leave no footprints, take only pictures
<`abi{A}> oh wait, that's hiking ethics
<motoki> more leather
<Seville{s}> I think that the current ethical standard is don't ask don't tell
<Seville{s}> which is pretty darn sad
<`abi{A}> Well, usually ethical standards evolve to address a change .. and I think the community has become too large for 'be discreet' to be enough
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<`abi{A}> but why do you think it's sad Seville{s}?
<Seville{s}> I think that is is sad because it advocates group think over personal responsibility
<motoki> not necessarily - i think that depends on the group or subgroup involved
<Seville{s}> I don't personally believe that we need the level of rules that are currently being imposed
<`abi{A}> in general, would you say that personal morality is better than group morality?
<jen{SE}> just had a conversation recently where it was mentioned that in the "old" days people would discuss the party and the play they saw, it was a way to learn and to share the experience.... now not acceptable
<Seville{s}> and if you can make the case that we do then the current group is way too large and it's time to opt out for smaller groups
<Seville{s}> so that those kind of rules are not necessary
<`abi{A}> but in those 'old days' jen...we pretty much knew everyone who was at the party ..that's no longer the case
<motoki> perhaps smaller groups in Seville's living room *g*
<Seville{s}> well you had an invite if I recall
<Seville{s}> then we have to change the party abi
<`abi{A}> I don't think it's an either/or thing Seville{s} .. I think that there is a place for the larger group and the smaller group
<motoki> i still owe you balance, Sir
<motoki> so to speak
<Seville{s}> of course people can choose the party size that fits them
<`abi{A}> and the 'ethics' of those groups will be different
<`abi{A}> or they can choose both
<Seville{s}> personally I choose smaller without the odious rules
<Seville{s}> many others disagree with me
<Seville{s}> but hmmmmm
<Seville{s}> I don't care
<motoki> i think the community *is* breaking off into smaller groups
<motoki> we were talking about this recently ... maybe at camp
<jen{SE}> both have a draw and serve meet differnt needs
<`abi{A}> I'm happy to play in small groups with no rules...but I also like playing in larger groups...and there, I want rules
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<Seville{s}> but there is the difference abi