August 15 1999 EhBC Online Discussion

<Kilted_One> everyone ready for tonights discussion?
* lil^bear^ bounces into the room
<lil^bear^> hiya Sir Al
<PanheadAL> thanks Madra
<vixen{KO}> always
<PanheadAL> hi lil^bear^
<lil^bear^> <--at mom
<jalyn> greetings Kirspin
<lil^bear^> hmmm
* lil^bear^ wtahces her notify
* Leather`n`Lace must take her leave... be well, A/all :)
<Kilted_One> tonight it is on gorean in a D/s approach....anyone not wanting their nick to show in our logs pls leave or change your nick now
* cyberbrat_ scampers off to eat her supper! bbl!
<Madra> bye Leather`n`Lace
<ddesire> hello PanheadAL, <smile>
<PanheadAL> hugs dd how you doing < soft kiss >
<PanheadAL> hi LrdTZ long time no see
* Kilted_One turns his egg timer over (or in gorean vullo egg timer) to start the discussion
<lil^bear^> can i get a ping please???
* ddesire smiles back at AL..thankyou,,I am ok
<lil^bear^> ok thank you
<PanheadAL> ok KO lets start then i would like to know more about it
<Kilted_One> anyone care to start it off
<vixen{KO}> ooooh....thank you Master...
* vixen{KO} squirms feeling the ping
<Kilted_One> more about what in particular AL?
<`abi> I'd like to know how much of Gorean lore can be translated into r/l
* lil^bear^ raises her hand..waves it in the air bounces off her
<lil^bear^> alot abi
<vixen{KO}> Master....perhaps you should start off the discussion and give a quick and dirty of just what being Gorean means to you...
<PanheadAL> well i am not verry fermiler with gore but i have read a cupple of the books
<lil^bear^> depending on the slave and what she wants to give
<lil^bear^> you cannot force a slave real life to wear a collar
<lil^bear^> but a slave can do nadu
<Kilted_One> as much as the law allows abigaille....or if the slave reports it I guess is truer
<lil^bear^> and tower
<lil^bear^> and she leen
<joyial{AF}> what are those, lil^bear^
<Kilted_One> well I guess lil^bear has been around :)
<lil^bear^> up to the slave and the Master has to be able to handle a Gor slave
<`abi> how does it cross legal boundaries KO?
<lil^bear^> Danny was Gor
* vixen{KO} pokes lil^bear^ and whispers "showoff sis..."
<lil^bear^> wand a pompus ass
<vixen{KO}> lol
* joyial{AF} doesn't know squat about gor
<Kilted_One> in D/s everything is with gor that need not be the case
<lil^bear^> exactely Sir KO
* Madra is always willing to listen/learn
<joyial{AF}> gor D/s??
<lil^bear^> yes joy
<PanheadAL> i am with you Madra
<lil^bear^> but a more intence form
<lil^bear^> intense even
<Madra> great AL
<Kilted_One> the Master has the right to inflict his will at whim....and strickly speeking there is no safe words
<joyial{AF}> then...i'm confused...
<jalyn> I would liken the Gorean Master/slave relationship as one of absolute submission
<lil^bear^> the slave has few rights if any
<Kirspin> Greetings Ganimon
* jalyn agrees
<Madra> hmm
<lil^bear^> and it walks very closely to abuse if the Master is not in total control and careful
<lil^bear^> there is little leeway for error
<vixen{KO}> for this really is the ultimate power exchange.
<Ganimon> Grfeetings Kisrpin
<jalyn> that it is vixen!
<`abi> can you talk about some of the rituals associated with Gor KO?
<LrdTZ> ok we had a split????
<LrdTZ> can anyone see me.
<lil^bear^> think about it tho...if your Master said slave..nadu for the room...r/l would you??
<PanheadAL> yep LrdTZ
<lil^bear^> wb Sir KrdTZ
<jasmine{LV}> i see You LrdTZ Sir
<vixen{KO}> Al, Sir.....this one would be happy to share with you some good URL's later to aid in your Gorean education...
<joyial{AF}> what is nadu??
<Kilted_One> gor is D/s in an extreme if you want to practice hard gor....I dont practice hard more of a litegorean
<jalyn> of course lil^bear
<lil^bear^> if your Master said pleasure that Dom..would you?
<PanheadAL> thanks vixen{KO}
<lil^bear^> no questions
<lil^bear^> no hesitation
<Ganimon> i dont think hard gore can be done
<Ganimon> Gor
<vixen{KO}> agreed Ganimon...
<Kilted_One> any in particular abigaille there are many?
<vixen{KO}> not to mention many of them are against given laws.
<lil^bear^> aww but you see..there is a whole Gor community and they practise it r/l
<Ganimon> takes fantasy to a level where reality cant match it
<PanheadAL> ok vixen{KO} joy would like to know what a nadu is
<lil^bear^> to the extent that the law allows them too
<jalyn> yes...lil^bear...if Master requested it
<lil^bear^> and to the extent that the slave allows them too
<`abi> well, perhaps you could share some the rituals that you and vixen practice...if that's not too personal
<Madra> wow
* Kilted_One looks to vixen ....nadu for me vixen
<lil^bear^> vixen?
<vixen{KO}> Al, is the position of the pleasure slave that a gurl takes as naturally as she breathes...
<Ontario_Medic> hi i am back
<Kilted_One> no that is kewl abigaille....the richest is the ko-lar....most of you have seen my ko-lar??
<lil^bear^> you also Gor?
* jalyn nods
<Kilted_One> it is fashioned around a Turian ko-lar (city of gor)
<`abi> yes...quite beautiful
<joyial{AF}> nadu is a posture of somekind?? that right????
* vixen{KO} snaps to nadu....kneeling back on heels with back straight, head high, eyes respectfully lowered, hand on resting on thighs palms up and knees quite far apart
<Kilted_One> and af course the second ritual is the nightly chaining....vixen is chained to my bed each night to my ko-lar
<joyial{AF}> are there lost of postures then??
* lil^bear^ kneels quietly..back straight head high, sitting upon her heels..eyes lowered sparkling..thighs parted widely showing her sex..palms placed upon her thighs
<Ganimon> Kilted.I readily find a lot og Gor in my BDSM,but draw the line at asking for Ka.La.Na
<GentleMaster2> good evening ddesire, goldie, lilbear, AL, abi, trufriend, and A/all others
<LrdT> vixen is that not also called the position of presentation??
<vixen{KO}> yes, joyial{AF} sis...there are many postures.
<lil^bear^> no Sir Ganimon...
<lil^bear^> that is fantasy
* Kilted_One smiles I think you scoff at Dysneygor?? Ganimon
<lil^bear^> but the rituals
<lil^bear^> the positions
<autumn_whspr> hello A/all
<lil^bear^> the honour trust and loyalt
<lil^bear^> are much stronger in a gor relationship
<vixen{KO}> it is by some called that LrdT....
* Ganimon scoffs at nothing,merely expressing
<vixen{KO}> but not all
* jasmine{LV} smiles and moves to Lord Viper.. lowers to her knees at His feet
<jasmine{LV}> hello Master :)
* joyial{AF} just sits and listens...glad her friends have something they enjoy...but knowing it's not for her
<Lord^Viper> Hello, sweet...*S*...evening, A/all!
<vixen{KO}> many of the Gorean positions are purely for presenting the slave in various forms for use to Masters
<lil^bear^> ohhh lol bear never siad she enjoyed it lol
<Kilted_One> there are other rituals that we practice only when we have the house to ourselves
* vixen{KO} smiles knowingly towards her Master...
<joyial{AF}> lil^bear^ ...i could never do it...
* lil^bear^ smiles at Master KO and vixev
<Kilted_One> for example...vixen will be clothed in no more that her pleasure silks....kewl design....allows full access an removal or placement of cuffs or chains
<`abi> why do you think you could never do it joy?
<lil^bear^> some of the postions are wonderful but jy there has to be total trust and maybe because bear did not have that with Master Danny is why she didnt enjoy it
<vixen{KO}> Gor is not for the faint of heart...or for those that aren't serious...
<Madra> seems so
<lil^bear^> true vixen
<jalyn> very true vixen
<joyial{AF}> was said earlier that little leeway is afforded...i take that to mean that mistakes aren't well tolerated...i'm sooooo far from perfect that i'd always be in self esteem couldn't hadnle that
<Lord^Viper> I agree with joyial...except I find NO leeway is afforded...
<`abi> vixen...can you talk about self-esteem and Gor....since yours seems to be intact ;)
<Kilted_One> I draw the line at the consentual part....hence another reason I think I practice gorlite....everything must be consentual
<vixen{KO}> the levels of unquestionable commitment and intense loyalty, honour and respect are quite least for most folks.
<Lord^Viper> and that bothers Me....there isnt even a learning curve there..
<Galadan>'re far from anyone perfect?
<LrdT> I have always been told that gorl have no rights to say No. is this true.
<Ganimon> thats a point Kilted.Gor isnt much into the concept of must,i take it,have to make a marriage between the two
<vixen{KO}> a good Master takes the time to train his property...for he wants to be proud of his slave
<Galadan> (I don't mean I think you are not perfect...I just mean you say that)
<jalyn> leeway is depends on the relationship between the M/s...a Master does not expect perfection, however he does expect correction
<joyial{AF}> that's the sense i get Lord^Viper ... i don't think i'd be happy with anyone expecting that level of perfection from me...especially if i as just learning
<Kilted_One> Viper that just gives the Master more reason to administer a punishment...
<lil^bear^> yes vixen it is as for self esteem if the Master is good and the girl has done her best..then most Gor Masters accept that..however if a girl just does what is requested or doesnt try or doesnt do it at all then there is problems but a Good Master will take the time to teach his slave so he can be proud of her and she in return will lavish in the praise..
* vixen{KO} always has her own Gorean say in matters....."Yes, Master..."
<joyial{AF}> what happens if you are physically incapable of doing a posture??
<Lord^Viper> OK, Kilted One..fair enough..I guess I just have a tough time with punishment if one is still learning...**S**
<Kilted_One> but that can be part of the fun too Viper
<`abi> I think that goes to the discussion of punishment vs. correction does it not?
* jasmine{LV} smiles .. punishment is sometimes a good learning tool too Master ;)
<vixen{KO}> then, joyial, you hope that you belong to an understanding Master...LOL
<joyial{AF}> then gor isn't for me
<Kilted_One> gor a slave is treated more like a possesion a thing not a person,, however a good Master is not likely to knowingly damage his fine goods now is he??
* lil^bear^ wiggles her toes
<joyial{AF}> fine goods???
<PanheadAL> no he would not KO
* lil^bear^ smiles..yes joy..prperty..fine goods
* vixen{KO} has also learned much this last year or so on trying to live up to expectations and learn and grow to be a better slave...and will continue as long as her kind Master has patience for...
<Kilted_One> that is how a good slave is seen joyal
<lil^bear^> <--wasnt a good slave put pudding in her Masters boot lol...
<lil^bear^> got punished for it too
<LrdT> but she is a possesion not a person. to me she has no identiy at that point. maybe I'm wrong but vixen do you still have your identy as a person and a woman.
<joyial{AF}> let's just say...i would be damaged goods...and leave it at that
<Kilted_One> in your D/s life abigaille do you have punishment and corection?
<joyial{AF}> maybe that's why i think i couldn't do it...
<vixen{KO}> very true, Master...we kajirae are property....and few Men, other than foos, ever fail to adequately care for their property....for then what would they have to show off? ;)
<Kilted_One> was the punishment you being made to eat it all up lil bear??
<`abi> yes KO...although I'm damn near perfect yanno ;)
<Kilted_One> so the same could be said for punishment in a D/s relationship as well as gor
* vixen{KO} winks at her sis, abi.....and smirks.
* lil^bear^ looks at Master KO...hmmmm wonder when You spoke to Danny and yes..along with well being put to bed wanting..for a week..
<LrdT> What happens if the Master does not want the property anymore KO or vixen.
<Kilted_One> in my case I would simply remove my ko-lar...but some gorean communities would have the freed slave go to the family or close brothers....we dont really have any close gorean freinds
* Kilted_One says freed should say "released"
* jalyn nods
<vixen{KO}> for having my own identity as a person and as a woman...this gurl would have to admit i've never felt more of a person with purpose or more of a woman than i have being His...a slave gives a gurl the ability to be freer than she has ever been before to be a woman...
<LrdT> go to the family or close brothers? you just hand her over to someone else.
<Kilted_One> was there a eason you asked that ? T?
* jalyn high five's vixen
* vixen{KO} ^5's jalyn
<Kilted_One> yes on gor once a slave always a slave so someone must look after her T
<jalyn> couldn't have said it better
* lil^bear^ shakes her head..
<Lord^Viper> Your You find Most of those who participate in Gor have had some RT scene experience?
<Kilted_One> what do you do when you release a submissive T?
* vixen{KO} may have respectfully missed a question or two with the scroll shock...would anyone care to ask again? forgive me...
<LrdT> yes actually. I have always been the type of person that is more concern for the safety of my subs, and have heard a lot of horror stories about this, and wonder if your done with her what becomes of her.
<Kilted_One> cant answer that one Viper,,,,I dont know anyone in gor rl besides ourselves
<Kilted_One> but based on what I see in irc they are play acting
* jalyn nods...most of them
<Lord^Viper> **S** ok...that was the feeling I had where I used to chat...
<Kilted_One> there are a lot that seem to be other that that but I dont know them r/l
<Galadan> to remember that one...
<LatexCD> hello
<lil^bear^> its not easy being Gor in r/l
<jasmine{LV}> i have heard Kilted_One Sir .. that irc gor play is much different than that of rl gor... is this true?
<lil^bear^> Danny was Gor
<lil^bear^> bear wasnt
* vixen{KO} has had the pleasure of getting to know some other R/L Goreans...and it's a pretty good tightrope walk to pull it is still together and the other couple has split up...and she went back to her homestone (where she lived before her Master)
<lil^bear^> bear didnt enjoy most of it
<lil^bear^> ome of it but not all
<lil^bear^> bear likes to think and to feel for herself
<lil^bear^> and to make her own decisions
<vixen{KO}> very different jasmine...
<lil^bear^> and man if bear wouldna known all this before she moved in with Danny she never would have
<jalyn> a slave does think and feel for herself
<Kilted_One> jasmine I would say that r/l gor is as different as rl D/s is different
<Kilted_One> irc is play acting r/l is real
* jasmine{LV} nods.. if i may make an opinion on what i've seen on irc as far as Gor goes.. ?
<lil^bear^> IRC gor is fantasy
* Kilted_One nods by all means my fingers are getting sore lol
<jalyn> in what ways bear?
* jasmine{LV} smiles.. irc Gor seems to me to be taken out of a scene of Xena ..
<jasmine{LV}> lil^bear .. is RL Gor not also fantasy?
<LrdT> IRC gor is fantasy but when you are r/l do you not follow the principles of Gor that are also followed in some cases on IRC.
<vixen{KO}> this gurl thinks that hardline D/s and hardline Goreaqns have many similarities...but the big difference, in this gurl's opinion is that Gor has many more consistancies which are not open to the multiple interpretations as in D/s
<Kilted_One> or maybe the other way around as gor was here before Xena
<lil^bear^> and even r/l is different for each Gor/slave depending on what extent they want to go to..same with D/s some go to further extents then other asking permission for all..Gor can be the same way..some Master may be content with a slave that thinks and feels some may not...
<jalyn> the language, geography and some terminology is certainly fantasy...but the philosophy is not
<jasmine{LV}> KO Sir .. RL Gor was here before Xena .. in RL is it really acted out in the ways seen on irc?
<lil^bear^> its a comfort zon that yes even with Gor a Master and slave have to decide..if it is too intense then obviously the slave will not wear his ko`lar...
<Kilted_One> there are a few golden principles that I follow and utmost importance to me.....honour...probably my attraction to gor is here....and of course I cannot forget the chains and ko-lars
<`abi> can you sum up the philosophy jalyn?
<lil^bear^> loyalty
<lil^bear^> more intense
<Kilted_One> the others are respect and loyalty
<LrdT> who are the others that are respected and loyalty.
<Kilted_One> T may I ask how many ppl that you bearly know would you accept their word as their bond without quivacation??
* Kilted_One was adding the other principles T
<joyial{AF}> well...i think that honor, loyalty and respect should be the cornerstone of any relationship...along with, gor is not singled out by them
<LrdT> very few KO. I have to get to know them before I would accept their word.
<jalyn> for a slave it is one of absolute trust, respect and submission, one serves from their heart regardless of mood...because it is their Master's pleasure that they exist for....I can't speak for a Master's feelings on the philosohy...but a slave gives of herself unconditionally....period
<Kilted_One> gor is not singles out by them it is singles out because it holds them so dearly
* vixen{KO} ^5's jalyn
<`abi> thanks jalyn....I think that illustrates it nicely :)
* joyial{AF} really could never do it...especially after what jalyn just said
<Kilted_One> T....when I give my word to a complete stranger or a best friend it makes no difference to is my word and expect that I will honour different we would be today if that were true for the masses?
<vixen{KO}> we serve out of pride and need to please our Master....that is far more honorable than any other thing this gurl can think of...
<lil^bear^> but also a slave has to be happy doing it
<goldcharm> Kilted_One Sir...there seems to be a lot of intolerance on the part of some D/s'rs when it comes to far in fact that on one channel if you have the nerve to say "Greetings" their bot sprays you with anti-Gor spray....what do You feel is the cause of this anti-Gor reaction? Is it lack of information, incorrect information, closemindedness or something else?
<lil^bear^> if not then the relationship ends
<joyial{AF}> exactly lil^bear^
* jalyn agrees with vixen and finds it disheartening that there are fewer gorean Masters about in kitchener/waterloo
<autumn_whspr> well....from my heart...I think Gor takes a greater strength than I would have....
<joyial{AF}> me too autumn_whspr
<Kilted_One> I cannot answer for the case that you quote but I can say that i have been kicked simply because of my nick Kilted_One....I put this down to disneygor syndrom
<jalyn> being a kajira requires work...lots of is an everlasting process
<lil^bear^> mine also autumn to the extent that my last Master wanted it..i felt like i was being destroyed
<autumn_whspr> I read what these people say and know I couldn't go there....
<LrdT> I think a solid D/s relationship has the same devotion and trust that is required in a Gor relationship if i'm reading this right.
<autumn_whspr> it would rip me apart inside
<vixen{KO}> the players and wannabes are too often all W/we look at, humans. What many Goreans tend to see on the surface of BDSM is what many BDSMers tend to see on the surface of Gor...that it's games...
<Kilted_One> there are a lot of similarities T but I wouldnt say they were the same
<`abi> I've always seen the ritualization of Gor as being the significant difference between an intense D/s relationship and a Gorean one
<vixen{KO}> only those whose hearst and desires are true delve more deeply into either/both and are rewarded with finding far more enrichment in either forum.
<autumn_whspr> what I see is selflessness....pure heartedness and the simplicity of the beauty in complete surrender....
* jalyn nods
<lil^bear^> that is the difference abi one is more intense then the other
<autumn_whspr> and a strength I dont posess
<LrdT> how can it be more intense bear.
<LrdT> a solid relationship is a solid relationship.
<`abi> but D/s relationships can be quite intense too lilbear...for me it's the rituals that distinguish it
<jalyn> being kajira forces a woman to really delve into themselves
* vixen{KO} thinks there is great intensity in both...dependent on the person in any aspect of life.
<joyial{AF}> i agree LrdT
<Kilted_One> T would you feel safer with or without a safeword then ask the ? yo uasked agin to yourself
* jasmine{LV} thinks intensity is weighed on the individuals.. but imagine's for the slave .. Gor to be a much deeper submission after limits in bdsm have been tested reached and passed..
<lil^bear^> there is no safewor with Gor
<LrdT> so does being a true submissive or giving the gift of submission. you have to delve into yourself
<autumn_whspr> i agree jasmine
<`abi> I'd sure say so LrdT
<`abi> otherwise you wouldn't know what the hell you were giving
<vixen{KO}> me too....never delved deeper...and it's scary to be that intense
<LrdT> and the Dom would know know what they were getting either.
<LrdT> not know even.
* Kilted_One prays no one will start on the "gift of submission again" :)))
* joyial{AF} is too scared to do you get past that vixen{KO} ??
<lil^bear^> ack brb kid fellout of bed
<joyial{AF}> or did you feel that??
<vixen{KO}> it's a major hurdle joyial.....and one that once you have gotten over it, you feel freer than you ever have before...
<LrdT> why not KO.
* `abi winks at KO....awww come on....we've only hashed that out a billion times so far!
<Kilted_One> ohh T it was a previous discussion is all...
* joyial{AF} thinks she will never get over it..
<vixen{KO}> it's taken this gurl a lifetime to be able to get past that point...but going past it and finding out her true self...her Master's slave is her meaning for being here on this planet Urth
<Kilted_One> can I ask who in channel have practiced gor of any description??
<`abi> okay books generally suck, but the lifestyle is intrigueing...given that most people have a limitedtolerance for the books, which one is the best to read to get a flavour for the lifestyle?
<LrdT> as is the reason for a D/s relationship.
* jalyn raises her hand
<Lord^Viper> parts count or do You mean the entire intent of Gor?
<LrdT> what did I say that is not right about the gift of submission that he won't talk about.
* goldcharm has been on the fringes of it Kilted_One Sir...exploring it to see if she fits into that lifestyle
<Kilted_One> well maybe vixen should answer that as she is closer to your way of thinking
<lil^bear^> back..
<lil^bear^> sorry
<Kilted_One> any description Viper
<Lord^Viper> Good question, abi..I would like to know that too...
* vixen{KO} is partial to the eleventh one..."SLAVE GIRL OF GOR"...
<Lord^Viper> Ok..then I will raise my hand too...*S*
<vixen{KO}> but then i'm just on #13...
<goldcharm> and WHERE can one get the books...i have only been able to secure 4 of the series
<Kilted_One> anyone who wuld like to know more about gor??
* jalyn this one only has 13 of them
* `abi has 4
* jasmine{LV} has only basicly visited some Gor channels on irc .. and found myself intriuged enough to keep going back untill the harshness of Gor hit me in the face ..
* goldcharm compares her 4 to abi's 4
<Kilted_One> I have the first 20 of them
<`abi> and I think that may be one of them vixen
<`abi> got mine at a used book store
* vixen{KO} would promote eBay for securing Gor books...but it's in American buyer be smart..
<Kilted_One> got mine in bdsm-ontario one night
<joyial{AF}> if one wanted to learn about the positions and things, how would you do that?
<goldcharm> yes Kilted_One Sir...where does one go for GOOD information about Gor..besides the books themselves?
<vixen{KO}> harshness, jasmine{LV}??? can you explain?
<Lord^Viper> I would like to do some other readings..but have heard conflicting stories about the books...
<`abi> lots of links there joy
<Kilted_One> the web is a great resoure vixen can supply addys if you email her
<goldcharm> thanks abi
<joyial{AF}> ok
* lil^bear^ smiles
<`abi> welcome goldcharm :)
<Kilted_One> and of course you could rub shoulders with the two of us goldcharm
<jasmine{LV}> vixen ... at the time of finding a Gor channel i wished to return to .. had met a Gor Master .. who was teaching me the ways .. in a very gentle way .. as i was brand new and curious and scared ..
<vixen{KO}> anyone can pm me for my addy and i'll supply them with some URL's...
<goldcharm> just shoulders? *wicked grin*
<Kilted_One> maybe the odd chain and slave whip too lol
* vixen{KO} chuckles at her Master...
* goldcharm grins
<Kilted_One> one thing that we have no shortage in this homestone is chain lol
<Kilted_One> but we do have short chains
<jasmine{LV}> anyway to make a long story short .. He had allowed me certain privleges while learning ... when the <can't remember proper terms> but the channel Mistress .. returned from being away and was very disgusted in what She saw in me ..
<trufriend> ok, i am completely lost in the way of Gor, so i will ask this can Gor be 'performed' online if it is such an exacting interaction between partners?
<LrdT> Good question
<Kilted_One> much in the same way that online D/s in performed tru
<`abi> it's pretty exacting online too tru...many Gorean channels are very formal
<jasmine{LV}> the Master gave me to Her and i was to do what She wanted <which were things i'd never heard of and frightened me intensely> or leave and not return...
<jasmine{LV}> so i left and did not return
* vixen{KO} is a quazikajira...doesn't do the online Gor...
<goldcharm> i can understand that jasmine...
<LrdT> online D/s or Gor is make believe and can not possible be real.
<vixen{KO}> that's why you have an X button in the top right corner jasmine...
* `abi still wants a Tarn though :)
<Lord^Viper> there any reason why you don't do Gor online?
<lance_38> hello all
<jasmine{LV}> agreed LrdT .. i think this is a wonderful place to learn about D/s bdsm and gor ..
<Kilted_One> some do this as some form of testing test the depth of your submission....some do it cause they are cruel...and others cause they can unfortunaly
<jasmine{LV}> but nothing compare's to rl
<LrdT> to learn about it yes to practice it NO
<jasmine{LV}> vixen .. exactly sis ;)
* vixen{KO} finds the florally, pompous, righteous, self-promoting retoric that they call serves to be the only way some of those gurls get any attention...and this gurl would rather do Gor R/L and get her own REAL attention from her loving Master...
<goldcharm> agreed vixen...i really get annoyed watching a 30 minute serve for a coke
<vixen{KO}> but that's just this gurls humble opinion, of course...LOL
* Kilted_One dccs a chocolate tarn to abigaille...I should warn you they are trained to be controlled only by men abigaille lol
* `abi chuckles
<Lord^Viper> **S** works for Me, vixen...I agree with you completely...
<jalyn> yes...nothing compares to r/l...however there are many who wish to still explore their own submission and have no other outlet....I may not REALLY feel the whips caress but I sure the heck know when I've dishonoured my Master by acting inappropriately
<Galadan> 30 minutes serve??
<Galadan> you saw an expigated version then....
<`abi> I know KO, that's why I want one...kindred spirit :)
<Nathan_Brazil> hello
<`abi> anyone have an opinion about whether John Norman lives it for real?
<goldcharm> that's why i'm not basing my acceptance or rejection of Gor on that alone Galadan...but will continue to research it extensively to determine whether i fit it and it fits me
<Kilted_One> yeah it is kinna stupid when you ask for a blackwine and it hasta be cold by the time you get it at your feet ya know??
* goldcharm smiles at Nathan_Brazil
* Madra smiles at goldcharm
* lil^bear^ smiles
<Galadan> ya I know goldcharm
* lil^bear^ can see the Gor web sites being bombed by ppl from bdsm-kw
* Nathan_Brazil smiles back
<Kilted_One> and Im sure that is what they are there for li bear
<Kilted_One> lil^bear sorry
<goldcharm> Kilted_One Sir..may charm ask how long You have been Gorean (forgive me if You've already answered this before)
<vixen{KO}> any final questions about how Gorean approach to D/s?
<Kilted_One> since a year last November...or nearly two years
<goldcharm> thank You Kilted_One :)
<Kilted_One> yw
* jalyn smiles happily for Kilted_One and vixen
<Kilted_One> ty jalyn
<lil^bear^> lol
* vixen{KO} winks and returns a warm smile to jalyn
<Lord^Viper> I'm impressed, Y/you T/two....I would like to borrow some of Your library some time if I could...
<Kilted_One> you are welcome to visit but it stays her Viper lol
<Lord^Viper> **LOL** ok..fair enough....
<Kilted_One> may I ask who was it that asked about the "gift of submission earlier??
* goldcharm packs a suitcase and shows up on Kilted_One's doorstep with a reading lamp
* vixen{KO} thinks that Master would sooner loan out his slave than His library...LOL
<`abi> wonder you're inundated with visitors KO!
<goldcharm> lol visen!
<Kilted_One> and I dont do that toooooo often either
<Kilted_One> its really my cookin abigaille
* jasmine{LV} grins .. loves a Master who can cook *giggle*
<`abi> ya...I know....who could turn down liver and onions for that a Gorean ritual too?
* jasmine{LV} smiles to her Master
* Lord^Viper smiles back at His jasmine{LV}....
<Kilted_One> good old bosk liver and onions sure is abigaille
<`abi> lol
* lil^bear^ giggles
* jasmine{LV} gags
* jalyn grimaces
<jasmine{LV}> liver?? ewwwwwwww
<Galadan> onions..oh thanks
<`abi> bet you're the only Gorean Master who makes haggis though!
* goldcharm packs lots of tums too
<Kilted_One> lollololol
* vixen{KO} would like to thank everyone involved in this evenings discussion on Gor and D/s...
<LrdT> and what is wrong with haggis??????
* jasmine{LV} smiles to vixen and Sir KO .. thank Y/you both for hosting :)
* `abi will have to work on her haggis serve :)
<Kilted_One> havent seen any "sheep" on gor YET lol
<goldcharm> thank You Kilted_One and vixen for Y/your information and answers :)
<jalyn> great discussion
<Madra> tnk u
* Madra has a lot to ponder
<vixen{KO}> and remind everyone that the important thing here is to not judge the sincere people in either lifestyle by their actions and/or attitudes....but to allow each their own merit.
* goldcharm thinks to herself "first Gor discussion where no one ended up fed to a sleen"
<`abi> lol goldcharm
<jasmine{LV}> touche vixen :)
<Kilted_One> thanks for the respect that you all ahve showm tonight...I have been in discussions where fights broke out.....I think we got off lucky....good group of ppl thanks again
* vixen{KO} nods and lowers her eyes respectfully...
* Madra removes his boxing gloves
* lil^bear^ giggles..
<goldcharm> no...Master..put them back on! *wicked grin*
<meow`> hi there
<jasmine{LV}> excuse me please .. brb..
<Madra> hmmm
<lil^bear^> hi meow
<Galadan> hi meow
* goldcharm steps into the boxing ring with Madra
<Madra> lol
* Madra is an ex boxer
-> -`abi- <whisper> nad you didnt get to swing yer booty lol ty all the same
<jalyn> thanks again...bbl A/all
<goldcharm> oh oh...*running outta the ring*
* jalyn waves
<Madra> hmmm
<goldcharm> bye jalyn :)
* Kilted_One puts his fingers in some ice water makin sure he doesnt use all the ice ;)
* vixen{KO} blows off her Master's fingertips...
* `abi is so glad vixen finished that sentence
-> -LrdT- <whisper> were you still looking for an ans on "the gift"?
* jasmine{LV} is back
<Kilted_One> who said she is finished abigaille lol
<goldcharm> lol abi
* vixen{KO} does that too, if commanded, abi...
<vixen{KO}> ;)
<PanheadAL> hey Mltdwn^jazmaia
* goldcharm kisses her Master and slips off His lap
-> -LrdT- <whisper> k, was too busy to get side tracked at the time
<goldcharm> good nite A/all :)
<jasmine{LV}> night goldcharm
<Kilted_One> nighers goldcharm
<Mltdwn^jazmaia> Hey AL..
<PanheadAL> dident say hi befor becouse of the duscion going on Mltdwn^jazmaia
<Mltdwn^jazmaia> Hello everyone...didnt want to interupt earlier :)
* Kilted_One waves to Mltdwn^jazmaia
<PanheadAL> good duscion KO lots of info in it
<vixen{KO}> on behalf of Master...thank you Al, Sir....we both have scroll shock but have enjoyed it...
* vixen{KO} luvs to educate the masses...
<Madra> see u all later
<Madra> bye