August 8, 2004 EhBC Online Discussion

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* Symmetre flirts shamelessly with da ModBot
<arhiannah> Symmy ya
<Symmetre> I'm a sucker for a bot that still can't spell
<Symmetre> "Welcome to or regular Sunday night discussion ... " OUR regular, me thinks
<tvsubbie> so, would anyone like to start??
<ThatGrrl> Does someone just start talking about the topic or is something prepared? This is the first time I've made it to a discussion.
<daria> not sure what it meant
<ethereal> so short of putting a hood over someone's head and tieing them to a cross does anyone have any ideas about introducing newbies? ;)
<arhiannah> well.....i'm having just such an opportunity present itself to me....
* Symmetre listens to arhiannah
<daria> <---never played so a newb
<daria> well sorta
<ethereal> me too daria...but i might respond well to the method i suggested ...hehe
<tvsubbie> so daria, did anyone bring you in here, or did you find your own way?
<ThatGrrl> How dou you plan to bring up the subject with him or her arhiannah?
<daria> well i dated a guy tht handcuffed me once
<daria> we broke up and he suggested this
<arhiannah> already done it ThatGrrl....*grins*...he's ready willing & able...just needs to find his niche....and to learn how-to & what he likes
<daria> its been frightening at times
<Symmetre> so he introduced a new person to the scene, daria
<daria> ok
<daria> well thats my final answer
<daria> heheh
<daria> irc
<ThatGrrl> Glad for your arhiannah. But how did you bring it up? I've always thought that was a touchy area to just hurl at someone without knowing what they think about it.
<daria> well
<daria> you could say hey how bout i...
<daria> and see how they respond
<arhiannah> i'm very open about my kink with someone who i feel there may be's easy when you're at a munch, coz we're all there for the same reasons, no?...but in a 'nilla's a little tricky asking someone if they'd like to spank ya...
<daria> not really
<ThatGrrl> Or if you can spank them
<daria> if you sense someone might like it you can ask or i was
<abitbent> for a lot of us.. finding the lifestyle is inevitable... some of us are wired this way and we seek it out.
<ethereal> i think it really depends on the nature of the relationship...if it's someone you're close to it would be easier, i'd hope
<daria> i am at accepting who i am atm
<ethereal> if they're not so close...say a newer relationship it might be more difficult
<arhiannah> there was plenty of inuendo and i just came out and asked him if it was offensive to him...
<daria> no
<daria> i disagree
<ThatGrrl> In my experience I told my boyfriend about it, we talked, never did much. When we were married he decided he was a Dom. Still never did much. Then we got divorced.
<daria> someone sensed it in me
<tvsubbie> arhi's approach is a good one, i's worked for me...the people i've brought out to munches and events, are all people i opened up to in the first place....then, they started asking me questions...
<daria> tried some things in discussion
<Symmetre> that's often a good way to test the water .... ask the person how they feel about something like an sm scene in a movie ... get them to reveal if they're open to it or if they find it repulsive
<daria> just getting thewm to understand it is harder
<daria> anyone can spank or tiei you up
<daria> for fun
<ThatGrrl> We talked about John Norman's books, and other science fiction. That's how I brought it up.
<abitbent> i think that's where munches separate the players from the lifestylers daria
<arhiannah> my first question to him was....."so, is that cane just a walking aid or do you know how to use it?"
<daria> but understanding and not feeling bad is harder to keep them
<ThatGrrl> That was a good way to kick things off arhiannah.
<arhiannah> yeah...and he was cute...lmao
<ThatGrrl> lol
<daria> i dont thnk you understand me
<daria> lots think its exciting but are raised to think its bad
<daria> crossing over is harder
<ThatGrrl> Few are raised to think it's good.
<daria> my pt
<daria> how do you then
<ThatGrrl> You make your own decision, based on your own brain not someone else's.
<daria> true but
<daria> what if you dont understand
<ThatGrrl> Then you leave things out for them to find and discover for themselves. If they still don't get it then you have to leave them behind.
<daria> you cant make that decision nor can your partner
<ThatGrrl> You can't force it on someone.
<abitbent> i think there is a difference between bringing them across and converting someone.
<daria> true
<Symmetre> daria ... people can be attracted to and excited by things they don't understand
<daria> i am not saying that
<arhiannah> i agree abitbent
<daria> may i give my example and others
<Symmetre> please
<ThatGrrl> I think it's more about finding like people than converting anyone.
<daria> i was totally scared by what was done
<Symmetre> sorry, but I'm having a hard time following
<daria> he talked of whips
<daria> caning my pussy
<arhiannah> this particular gentleman was already halfway simply took someone like myself to allow him to be true to his feelings
<ThatGrrl> That was a bit much for someone to introduce to a newbie.
<daria> scared me but i was drawn to the lifestyle
<ThatGrrl> The lifestyle isn't about caning or whips.
<daria> exactly
<daria> i didnt comprehend that
<arhiannah> caning & whips are just the perks ;)
<daria> now i know and its great
<ThatGrrl> I think you let them see your interest and then see where their own interests lie.
<abitbent> surrounding yourself with peers at a munch daria is prolly your best beginning
<abitbent> talk to many
<daria> but someoen knew nkeeds too understand that first
<daria> isi my ot
<daria> i am ok now
<ThatGrrl> You can't start out knowing everything, you just start somewhere and figure it out as you go along. That's why munches and groups online are important.
<abitbent> well let's all agree that the hard and fast way you were introduced was unfortunate.
<ThatGrrl> I introduced myself.
<daria> so if you introduce someone i feel knowledge is key
<abitbent> i blame wonder woman ThatGrrl
<ThatGrrl> lol
<arhiannah> LOL
<ThatGrrl> She did do rope tricks.
<daria> not get them all excited first
<abitbent> Linda Carter owes me an explanation
<abitbent> :p
<Symmetre> lol
<ThatGrrl> I found a John Norman book of my Dad's left out. I started reading it and then found others, skipping to the good parts since the story itself bored me.
<daria> heheh =)
<ThatGrrl> After that I just kept learning, finding more, etc.
<abitbent> so it was inevitable for you too then ThatGrrl
<arhiannah> i always had an inkling....for example, a little rough 'nilla sex....was always like hmmm....ow...oh! more please!
<ThatGrrl> I think so. Thats why I dont think it's hard to introduce new people. They will already have the interest. Its just a matter of making it feel less "bad"
<abitbent> agrees
<daria> i agree
<abitbent> meeting munchfolk was definitely an integral part of my development.
<ThatGrrl> I think there is an image people have of someone into BDSM, big tattoos, whips, chains, piercings, etc.
<daria> yea heh
<ThatGrrl> Some are like that. Not all.
<daria> i just learn differently
<daria> i found it confusing till irc
<abitbent> well you were probably relatively alone till irc daria
<ThatGrrl> I found a lot more online too. But met a ton of trolls and such which spoiled it for me for a long time.
<ThatGrrl> If your first impression was from some troll type you'd think it was pretty hardcore.
<daria> my ex tried but long distan ce too hard
<straponlvr-m> Hello A/all
<daria> i think that is why more than anything
<ThatGrrl> Long distance has never worked out for me.
<ThatGrrl> You can't really enjoy it if you're always alone.
<daria> we arent talking a few hours drive but a 5 hour plane ride
<arhiannah> it's hard to do...been there done that
<daria> so that is an example of how it wont work
<ThatGrrl> I had an online sub who lived in Hong Kong for a few years. It was great but there was a LOT missing.
<ThatGrrl> But, now that I'm trying to find someone local they are all trolls.
<daria> yea
<abitbent> our picking pool is definitely smaller than our vanilla counterparts
<daria> i will be moving to london or TO so i want to get to those munches
<daria> yes
<ThatGrrl> Im up around Barrie. Havent been to a munch yet cause they are all too far away. But I hope to have the right day off for the next one here.
<daria> nod
<abitbent> i remember thinking i was in the wrong place when i went to my first munch.. everyone looked too normal
<ThatGrrl> Have you found better luck at muches? I think it will be just the same as online and I will leave early in disgust. lol
<daria> crossing over is hard after years of nuns and parents preaching sex is bad
<daria> bdsm in their eyes devil
<abitbent> at the very least ThatGrrl... You'll make friends... network..
<shadoe> munches are a good thing
<daria> that is another issue
<shadoe> they remind you that everyone is human
<ThatGrrl> Hope so. But I do have some thoughts that everyone will be wearing leather and tattoos. lol
<abitbent> lol
<daria> lol
<arhiannah> only half of us do ThatGrrl ;)
<ThatGrrl> Which half of you arhiannah? ;)
<arhiannah> the bottom half of course
<ThatGrrl> lol
<ThatGrrl> I've had fairly good luck with meeting people from online. Met two guys so far. Both were ok, though nothing came of it.
<abitbent> i like to think of the topic more as "guiding them across".
<ThatGrrl> Luring them across.... ;)
<arhiannah> drag 'em kicking and screaming?
<ThatGrrl> Get that carrot... lol
<abitbent> lol.. i guess it all depends on what is compatible with you personally...
<ThatGrrl> That's true.
<shadoe> are we actually talking about that?
<daria> i just think its harder for someone raised stricter
<daria> and older
<daria> i recall asking and dont laugh..
<daria> is this the only way you can get laid..bind someone
<shadoe> daria.... are you saying that it is harder for someone raised stricter to be in this life?
<daria> to accept it
<daria> being in it is easy
<daria> accepting it i havent done yet
<daria> i will just saying
<shadoe> you think it is easy?
<abitbent> many of us have demons to overcome... accepting this is a challenge to many
<daria> nope
<daria> i know from talking to lots of others it was easieri without the fear from religion
<shadoe> huh?
<shadoe> how does religion get into this?
<daria> in catholisim for instance
<daria> you are taught way different
<ThatGrrl> I had no religion problems, I think that would make it harder. Also, harder if you are a parent too.
<daria> aye
<ThatGrrl> Mom's just don't DO some of those bad things.
<daria> and i have lil boys
<shadoe> what!?
<`abi> oh yes they do
<daria> sure they do but that is how they think
<daria> initially
<ThatGrrl> Yes, Mom is still Betty Crocker.
<`abi> although, I don't think I ever thought of them as 'bad things'
<shadoe> what!?!
<ThatGrrl> I thought of them as perversions and very bad. Only someone really demented would do that stuff. Kids talked about it at school.
<shadoe> are we in some cloud here?
<daria> yes ThatGrrl
<daria> dont put me down i am being honest
<shadoe> daria.. no one is putting you down
<ThatGrrl> I don't think he/ she means it that way.
<daria> its how many of us felt
<daria> sorry shadoe
<shadoe> but if you think that moms are perfect.. i have news for you
<daria> they arent not what we are saying
<ThatGrrl> No, I don't think Moms are perfect.
<ThatGrrl> I dont think Dad's are either.
<daria> me either
<ThatGrrl> But, there is an attitude about what a Mom is and what she isn't.
<daria> then you take your kids to church heh
<shadoe> well i have to tell you
<shadoe> my mom
<daria> and it hits you hard
<shadoe> abhored the church
<shadoe> and drank like a fish
<`abi> apparently I missed that attitude lesson
<shadoe> and beat up my father.. who by the way molested me.. and my sister on a regular basis
<shadoe> and then my mom molested my brother
<shadoe> so pulllleeeeeze
<daria> my dad is an officer of the knights of columbus and my mom led the anti abortion issue here
<abitbent> i wonder if we're drifting a little off topic
<shadoe> lets not put moms on any kinda pedestal.. okay?
<daria> we are
<ThatGrrl> Just a bit lol
* `abi smiles at abitbent ... ever the tactful one ;)
<ThatGrrl> shadoe, no one is suggesting putting Moms on a pedestal.
<abitbent> ;) abi
* _dove{S} is lost
<daria> getting back on topic for some especiailly those brought uo strict it isnt easy
<shadoe> aren't we?
<daria> you cant bring those over easy or guide them
<abitbent> sure... we all have different histories... and face many challenges
<ThatGrrl> I can see that it would be different for you daria than it was for me. I already became Pagan so looking into BDSM was a bit anticlimatic.
<daria> i thought i was going to hell for sure lol
<daria> i need it tho
<ThatGrrl> Not that I'd tell my Grandmother about the BDSM part. I did try to tell her about Paganism but she couldn't understand.
<`abi>, to steer it back a little .. I don't think that parental models are much of an obstacle for people coming into the lifestyle .. however, I do think that people are often unaware of just how pervasive 'kink' really is
<daria> all i am saying
<shadoe> but what i dont understand is .. that tonight's topic was introducing people into our life
<shadoe> arent we talking about that?
<daria> sure we are
<ThatGrrl> Yes shadoe. But when people talk things meander around.
<daria> so to the pt some need more care
<ThatGrrl> As we said earlier, some will find it more shocking than others.
<ThatGrrl> But I think if the interest is there, it's there.
<daria> definitely
<`abi> but do you really think that people who are interested in becoming involved in BDSM find it 'shocking'? I have mostly found that they are relieved
<daria> relieved and scared heh
<shadoe> not shocking at all
<ThatGrrl> Also, when you introduce someone to the scene you are putting yourself at risk too, you don't know what they will think of you after you tell them you like BDSM.
<daria> its overwhelming the trust involved
<daria> i talked to my lst master or whatever
<daria> he said many want to but dont unless coaxed a bit even if the interest is there
<ThatGrrl> I'm still shocked by things I find. So, yes, I think it's realistic that even people interested in BDSM can be shocked by degrees of it.
<daria> some
<daria> those people tend to be repressed
<shadoe> okay.. i need to get a sense of people here
<daria> and are kinkier end result than most
<shadoe> daria.. do i know you?
<ThatGrrl> I don't think so. I just think peopel have different styles and tastes.
<daria> i am in windsor
<daria> so dunno
<ThatGrrl> Like choosing a book to read. Not everyone wants to read the same kind of book.
<shadoe> okay.. cool.. and in the scene
<shadoe> out of online?
<daria> not yet
<daria> i am learning still
<shadoe> and ThatGrrl
<shadoe> out of online?
<ThatGrrl> What does out of online mean?
<ThatGrrl> I havent done much online in awhile.
<daria> confused too
<shadoe> meaning you are going to munches.. parties.. away from the computer
<daria> i just got involved 2 months ago
<ThatGrrl> No munches yet, too many hours at work. But I've done things offline.
<daria> so made decision to go to munches =)
<ThatGrrl> Had a play partner.
<shadoe> daria.. if you'd like to come into TO and meet realtime.. please.. i'd love to meet you
<daria> i am going after this month
<daria> money permitting
<`abi> soooo.....why do we *want* to introduce new people?
<ThatGrrl> Why not?
<ThatGrrl> lol
<`abi> I can think of a few reasons actually
<shadoe> well okay ladies.. .. there are a ton of people who know us.. abi included.. who can vouch for our reliability
<daria> i think you can tell if someone needs it
<daria> they talk differently
<ThatGrrl> I don't need it, I just enjoy it.
<`abi> there has been quite alot of discussion in the community at large about the fact that it might just be too *easy* for people to get involved
<daria> i need it
<abitbent> help them with the struggle
<shadoe> but i'm thinking we can't discuss this topic with people who need to go real time
<daria> i am kinky and need to talk to others like me
<ThatGrrl> That's a good point abi.
<ThatGrrl> There are tons of trolls and subs who just don't get it at all.
<shadoe> daria.. that's becoming hugely obvious
<ThatGrrl> Tons of Doms too, of course.
* `abi smiles ... called for the cavalry shadoe?
<daria> sorry again honest
<shadoe> i did indeed abi
<ThatGrrl> What calvary?
<abitbent> is it a bad thing to introduce someone to the lifestyle who only like d/s for fun and play.. and not for a relationship?
<daria> i dont want the whips so9 much as i want to serve be submissive
<shadoe> daria.. until you "try".. you can't say for sure
<daria> i have
<shadoe> in real?
<daria> with that old relationship for a week in real time
<ThatGrrl> I think making it a lifestyle is just another aspect of the same thing. Just because it's something one couple does on Sundays and another couple does nightly, doesnt make it any less BDSM.
<`abi> I wouldn't say so abitbent ... but the argument is that it 'dilutes' the lifestyle
<ModBot> There are only about five minutes left in the formal part of tonight's discussion. Does anyone have any last-minute thoughts on the subject?
<daria> i can say with all certainty i need that
<shadoe> okay.. so daria.. in real.. you may have the whip for a week.. but you will have D/s for a long time.. it's so different
<daria> no whip
<shadoe> no whip
<daria> i served him
<daria> i did everything as told
<daria> i loved it
<shadoe> it's not the same
<shadoe> no whip
<abitbent> well abi.. it'd be nice to keep it as pure as we could.. lol... but i wonder if we can really
<`abi> that somehow if it's too easy, then it loses some of it's intensity, some of what makes it edgy and dark and worth the effort
<shadoe> no chains
<shadoe> no cane
<shadoe> and you will still serve
<daria> huh heh?
<ThatGrrl> I think abi had a really good point about it being too easy for people to get involved and not really know what they are involved with. But, I dont think BDSM is some exclusive club. It's just something for people to enjoy. Not necessarily a lifestyle.'
<`abi> I don't think we can really abitbent .. but it does raise the question of how much effort should reasonably be put into making it easy for people to get involved
<shadoe> i promise
<daria> may i pm shadoe
<shadoe> of course
<abitbent> i think there is a difference ThatGrrl.. between people who want it and people who need it... some of us have an inherent need... almost a sexual orientation i'd say
<ThatGrrl> I think some people take it too seriously and make it too much a focus in their lives. There is more to life. I'd never do it as a lifestyle 24/7. I wouldnt want to be locked into a role.
<abitbent> that's you ThatGrrl
<abitbent> with respect of course
<ThatGrrl> I know.
<ThatGrrl> But, I'm always right. lol
<abitbent> lol
<abitbent> insert Yes Ma'am here
<Seville{s}> no one wants to be locked into a role
<ThatGrrl> lol
<`abi> but for some people it isn't a 'role' ThatGrrl ... and the argument is that many people don't take it seriously enough
<Seville{s}> but if all you are interested in playing with a bit of slap and tickle it's not that much of a role in the first place
<ThatGrrl> There is a balance, it shouldnt become some snooty club type of thing. If it's not fun what's the point? If you can't enjoy it why would you want to do it.
<Seville{s}> snooty clubs are not necessarilly devoid of fun
<Seville{s}> smiling
<abitbent> well.. being hardwired doesn't necessarily = snooty.. lol
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<ThatGrrl> Seville, you are judging style then. Someone might like softer elements and still take it seriously.