July 24, 2005 EhBC Online Discussion

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<catsbrat{CM}> hmmm hear the final frontier and i automatically think of star trek
<jewel`{F}> some of those shows were pretty kinky
<catsbrat{CM}> especially for their time
<MeltedGlass4> So tell me, what does "Final Frontier" mean tonight?
<Justice> not sure - perhaps it speaks of pushing limits
<MeltedGlass4> Alright... I'm good for dwelling on that side of it. Or shall I check EB?
<MeltedGlass4> EhBc rather
<Justice> I don't think the site gives any more hints about the topic
<MeltedGlass4> Shucks, it doens't
<MeltedGlass4> And we don't have a guest Mod? hmmm...
<Justice> feel free to interprete the topic anyway you wish I guess
<MeltedGlass4> alright. So, dealing in the bdsm community, how do you and others feel that we are taking on society; pushing the boundries?
<MeltedGlass4> Anyohe?
* `abi{A} notes for historical interest that the topic was originally "Subspace - The Final Frontier"
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