July 20, 2003 EhBC Online Discussion

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<victoria_angel> hi Justice,SirBear,naughtyvickie
<SirBear> hi victoria_angel
<yummy> so anyone found their inner slut?
<yummy> anyone even looked for said slut?
* jewel`{F} didn't think she had lost hers
<`abi> I think you have mine yummy
* yummy checks her pockets
<yummy> nope `abi i don't see her... could you have left her naked at a play party?
<jewel`{F}> you have pockets in that corset yummy?
<yummy> i'm being a bad sub, sitting at the computer in jeans and sweater, not a corset, heels and lingere
<yummy> so you have found your inner slut jewel`{F}?
<victoria_angel> i certainly had a problem a long time ago with the word 'slut'
<naughtyvickie> why is that victoria_angel?
<yummy> you felt it was a "bad" thing to be?
<jewel`{F}> i never lost mine, i know right where she is and when she will play
<yummy> so you let her out from time to time?
<jewel`{F}> Master gets her to come out
<victoria_angel> well, for a long time naughtyvickie, it was the 'word'
<yummy> i am okay with slut, its whore i have a problem with
<victoria_angel> but now there is someone who used that name and it is meant 'lovingly' and not offensive
<victoria_angel> agreed yum
<MasterGuny> usually find every one has a word that makes them squiggie but thats not the discussion LOL
<victoria_angel> well, i remember that my 'not so favorite word' was bitch
* drauma{M} chuckles, reading the etymology of 'slut' = Icelandic slttr, a heavy log-like fellow. the old norse and derived meainings all have to do with idleness
<drauma{M}> the meaning we discuss must be a modern usage
<BernieRoehl> Have we talked yet about what we mean by the word "slut"?
<`abi> ya....someone said your name was beside it in the dictionary Bernie
<`abi> does that mean you found yours?
* BernieRoehl smiles
<BernieRoehl> Well, I thought I'd lost my inner slut, but it turns out it had just rolled under the bed
<`abi> lol
<MasterGuny> Im always a slut..or is it a pervert?? ummmmmmmmmmmmm
<drauma{M}> well, I found out just how hard it was for me to deal wiht the term slut during a game of channel slut...
<Johncin> what is the defination of "slut"
<victoria_angel> online slut - anyone can 'print that'
<victoria_angel> be that!
<drauma{M}> loose, lewd woman
<drauma{M}> (websters)
<MastrFlash> Greetings and salutions
<victoria_angel> k, so we've got the definition of slut
<victoria_angel> however, in bdsm - slut is also a tease - is it not?
<MastrFlash> true
<drauma{M}> I go beyond websters, in BDSM context I see slut as refering to someone so comfortable wiht sex that they hunger for it
<MastrFlash> writing that down
* Johncin is a slut then
<BernieRoehl> I think the difference between a slut and a tease is that a slut follows through
<`abi> more than once
<SirBear> lol
<drauma{M}> no, rephrase that - so comefortable wiht sex that they hunger for it with all comers, freind, stranger, whatever
<victoria_angel> well, BernieRoehl, i like the name slut - i follow through
<victoria_angel> grins
<yummy> a good slut never just teases
<drauma{M}> if that is all she is allowed to do...
<BernieRoehl> Me too, victoria_angel
<victoria_angel> i think that teasing allows the sub to communicate to the Dom/me she plays with
<niagaramale> Hello all, not sure if I missed much, but I am 25yo male from St. Catharines
<BernieRoehl> Hi, niagaramale. We're discussing sluthood.
<niagaramale> sounds like a great topic
<victoria_angel> grin, although i've never associated a Dom/me as being 'slut like'
<MasterGuny> we are all the time
<victoria_angel> to me - slut - sounds feminine though
<MastrFlash> I am 2 years older than dirt
<victoria_angel> is there a male equavilent
<victoria_angel> ??
<MasterGuny> I remember a certain Dom flogging three subs at the same time..I thought what a slut he was LOL
<niagaramale> gigalo?
<victoria_angel> a male sub
<BernieRoehl> If we were getting paid for it, I suppose we would be, niagaramale
<Johncin> slut sounds good, male or female
<niagaramale> I think really that slut is anyone who uses sex to thier advantage. I think slut and permiscuous are two seperate things
<BernieRoehl> Unfortunately, all we get from our submissives is gratitude
<victoria_angel> all you get BernieRoehl? gratitude - i would think gratification ;-)
<victoria_angel> and release -
<victoria_angel> heehee
<niagaramale> release is good:)
<BernieRoehl> Well, that too victoria_angel
<victoria_angel> MG - getting back to above - maybe this Dom, who flogged three - was greedy
<drauma{M}> I feel that 'slut' is an attitude, 'eagerness'
<MasterGuny> that to but its ok hes just a lil guy so I don't mind
<Johncin> so he was a greedy little slut
<_cassie> lol
<victoria_angel> lol
* BernieRoehl smiles
<victoria_angel> k, did he earn a 'capital S' ???? as in Slut
<MasterGuny> as long as I have one to play with Im a happy slut
<SirGriz> you think a Dom can be a slut too or do you think of only subs as sluts?
<MasterGuny> its an attitude with different meanings depending upon the situation
<SirGriz> you feel that you can be a slut is what I am asking
<victoria_angel> i thought subs to be sluts, but it is interesting that some Dom/mes feel they are too - wink
<SirGriz> that is what I am thinking v-a is that MY slave can be my slut but not ME
<SirGriz> you get my drift?
<victoria_angel> k, i do
<Johncin> Dom, Dommes, male, female, most are sluts at heart
<Johncin> we all like sex
<victoria_angel> SG - however, there was a definition and explanation earlier, that you missed, so when you go back to digest you'll understand why the current Dom's present believe they are sluts also
<drauma{M}> sluting doesnt have to be fo sex tho, pain-sluts are known too
<victoria_angel> ah, drauma{M} - good topic
<victoria_angel> that is where we are 'best' at
<victoria_angel> being pain-sluts
<victoria_angel> grins
<_cassie> can anyone send me the definition from earlier, please?
<SirGriz> well I am thinking that my sub can be different kinds of sluts
<victoria_angel> k, i am also happy to be considered a 'slave'
<SirGriz> that is what I cansider mysub to be also......
<ambah> so how does one find their inner slut?
<SirGriz> sub and slave to me are interchangeable
<victoria_angel> agreed SirGriz
<MastrFlash> hhhhhhhhmmmmm
<niagaramale> how does one go about aquiring a slave??
<SirGriz> well to answer off the top of my pointy little head I would say I would have to look within to find my inner slut
* ambah scratches her nose
<SirGriz> but then I don;t think of myself as one though
<victoria_angel> the inner slut, is what one cannot be in vanilla world
<ambah> well I don't think of myself as one but I'm not sure it's being defined in this conversation
<SirGriz> have you seen or knownany vanillas that are that liberated?
<Johncin> true victoria_angel
* _cassie doesn't see herself as a slut either.
<`abi> well, I think that's rather the point ambah ... not everyone self-identifies as a slut ...and it rather depends on what your own personal associations with the word are
<victoria_angel> lol SirGriz, there are some 50 somethings - who don't want to miss out on their 60's or 70's years - they are liberated, but this is different
<ambah> kind of figured that `abi but I thought I'd ask
* `abi nods
<SirGriz> I feel the same way frankly
<drauma{M}> growing up, I learned to associate 'slut' wiht a strongly pejoritive context
<`TimberWolf> but isn't the truest definition of a slut....not that you see yourself as one...but that others see you as one...or more particularly as Their slut?
<SirGriz> I was more liberated you might say at 50 before I dicovered this Life
<SirGriz> me too drauma
<_cassie> uhm... I guess that would have to depend on how others define it, TW
<`abi> *a* slut and *your* slut carry different connotations, do they not TW?
<ambah> it's all subjective
<SirGriz> I am a child of the 50s and 60s so slut was a bed word and to be one was a fate worse than death
<victoria_angel> topic was 'finding your inner slut - i think i didn't find mine - i think someone found out i was, and told me
<victoria_angel> find = found
<`TimberWolf> lol
<SirGriz> isn't that the key though that you did find out
<drauma{M}> I supose one can submissively be someones slut, while still thinking of the term as pejoritive.
<SirGriz> doesn't matter how you found out.....just that you did
<`TimberWolf> yes and know abi....for many being called a slut...is a high compliment....and being called MY slut is even more so
<`TimberWolf> yes and no even...sheesh i am tired:)
* _cassie chuckles
* Kenjiro smiles
<`abi> I was gonna let it go yanno ;)
<SirGriz> were you out howling at your inner slut last night TW?....lol
* _cassie clams up yet again
<`TimberWolf> lol I wish SirGriz out working
<victoria_angel> and SirGriz, i agree, slut and bitch and whore were BAD words when i was growing up, so now i'm older - grin - i've been re-educated
<`abi> don't do that clam thing cassie ... you know what happened last time
<_cassie> true, abi
<`TimberWolf> lol actually I was howling at a slut last night....just not an inner one
<SirGriz> kinky TW...lol
* `TimberWolf winks at cassie
<victoria_angel> good one Tw
<`abi> isn't that part of what makes them sexy, seductive words victoria_angel ... the fact that they were naughty?
<SirGriz> the fact that the Kink world has taken these words and reversed the original meanings and made them compliments to some
<Kenjiro> agreed.
<victoria_angel> no, i was raised very strict, infact the one time i used the word 'prick' i got a very good spanking
<Kenjiro> isn't finding your inner slut a matter of finding your sexual self, regardless of what others say, and what one was taught by one's own programing?
<drauma{M}> well, to me, being thought a slut, that would mean I was one who wouldnt want to say no to something
<SirGriz> now she uses the word prick to GET a spanking....lol
<victoria_angel> NOT THAT BRAVE
<SirGriz> sluts were loose women in when I was growing up
<victoria_angel> ah, whores
<SirGriz> and if in school if you had that reputation then the whole school looked down on you
<victoria_angel> teen sluts are easy - even now
<SirGriz> yeah
* drauma{M} smiles, thinks of the show tune "I'm just a girl who caint say no..."
<MasterGuny> a whore plays with everyone a slut plays with everyone but you
<victoria_angel> ???
<victoria_angel> that sounds like a sleeze
<drauma{M}> its a pejoritive term, so I thin what MasterGuny is saying is, when you refer to someone as slut, you are almming them, and wouldnt do that had they favored you
<drauma{M}> slamming
* _cassie wonders why there are so many negative words to describe a sexually active and open woman, and there aren't the same for men.
<MasterGuny> we are just lucky?
<victoria_angel> lol
<`TimberWolf> that is only assuming that terms like slut whore bitch are negative
<`TimberWolf> in my books they are not
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<drauma{M}> don-juan is often a pejoritive term
<SirGriz> men in society's eyes for the most part can do no wrong........girls on the other hand can do no right........
<victoria_angel> men have a few i'm sure - grin
<`TimberWolf> yes why don't we have a MODslut instead of a MODbot
<victoria_angel> we just don't hear them - think - change room terms
<SirGriz> slut and bitch are female terms IMO
<victoria_angel> as prick is male
<SirGriz> yes
<victoria_angel> both adjuctive and noun
<drauma{M}> as is cad, bounder, rogue
<`abi> mostly we just say 'guy' and the promiscuous stuff is assumed cassie
* BernieRoehl chuckles
* _cassie grins
* Kenjiro smiles
<SirGriz> girls are the ones that can get pregnant......men can't
* `TimberWolf looks from abi to cassie....see I knew introducing those two was a mistake
<drauma{M}> well, the natural result of slutting oneself about is pregnancy
<victoria_angel> oh, oh, are we loosing people?
<drauma{M}> and, pregnancy oput of wedlock has its difficultys
<SirGriz> even now but with not as much of the stigma as there used to be eh v-a?
* Kenjiro nods
* drauma{M} wonders if medical science hasnt found a way to use a man to nurture a foetis
<victoria_angel> well, i wouldn't like to be called any of those 'names' in front of vanilla or children
<victoria_angel> i still believe that isn't appropriate
<drauma{M}> nods
<victoria_angel> that is why my nic works well - it is like my name
<Johncin> true victoria_angel
<victoria_angel> err, rephrase
<victoria_angel> my nic is 'pet' for playmate
* motoki thinks the word "slut" is best used between two consenting people, not in general or in public
* Kenjiro nods
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<Kenjiro> that is much kinder.