July 14, 2002 EhBC Online Discussion

<BernieRoehl> Well, it's 9 pm and time for our weekly Sunday night discussion
<BernieRoehl> I've set an automatic message that reads as follows:
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<BernieRoehl> So... the age-old debate. :-)
<saucyboy> :o)
<BernieRoehl> Do we feel that D/s desires come from our upbring (nurture) or from our genes (nature)?
<saucyboy> put me down for nature Bernie..
<BernieRoehl> That's one vote for nature :-)
<arhiannah> i'm inclined to believe it's nature also
<Rejiri> It's an interesting question - and I'm not 100% sure of my answer. (Mr. Fence-sitter. :-)
<jewel`{F}> i think that the D/s comes from nature but the fetishes from nurture
<_Talula_> I'm with Aaron, I'm be on the fence too
<BernieRoehl> So far it's three to zero for nature, with two abstentions :-)
<`abi> I'm on the fence too, but only because I like sitting on those pointy things ;)
<_Celtic_> I think it could be a bit of both but mostly nature
<jewel`{F}> we are either naturally Dominant or submissive
* BernieRoehl smiles at abi
<Rejiri> Judging by how I figured out what I'm primarily interested in, an outside observer might say it was nature with me - but envt. might have "set the stage".
<saucyboy> sillyabi..
* BernieRoehl thinks this could be a very short discussion *smile*
<dalian> I think probably a balance of both
<jewel`{F}> why is that Sir?
<saucyboy> reasons why we think so?
<arhiannah> does it set the stage or are they mearly props we surround ourselves with because of the nature?
<BernieRoehl> We seem to have a consensus that nature is a powerful influence
* jewel`{F} asks as she gets up on the fence with `abi and the pointy things
<`abi> I think that there is a predisposition ... but situations and relationships can cause that predisposition to flourish or to wither
<BernieRoehl> Of course, there's much more to it than that (I was being a bit facetious)
<_Celtic_> what if one is raised by a dominate or submissive parent, what affect would that have??
<Rejiri> I suppose nature's a big part... but how it's expressed I'm sure depends on the envt.
<saucyboy> I tend to lump D/s tendencies with the likes of homosexuality... same feelings of "different" at an early age..
<`abi> absolutely none that I can see Celtic
<Rejiri> How about if you're raised by a dominant _&_ a sub parent? :-)
<_Celtic_> I just dont know abi
<BernieRoehl> I've known Doms who were raised by Dominant parents, by submissve parents, and by one of each -- haven't noticed any pattern yet
<jewel`{F}> i know that i am a naturally submissive person, i just didn't realize how so untill Master started to push those limits with His expectations of me
<_Celtic_> its odd thing to pin point
<saucyboy> i'd agree Bernie..
<arhiannah> we blossom under guidance that nurtures our nature
<Rejiri> I'll go with the "early age difference" idea - but I'm not sure how much effect that really has.
<saucyboy> D/s didn't blossom for me.. it was a secret for a very long time.. no guidance at al..
<_Celtic_> same here saucy
<arhiannah> ok...*i* did then :)
<saucyboy> in fact, the first bit of guidance i got, interestingly enough.. was from this room. :o)
<jewel`{F}> saucyboy i think a lot of us are late bloomers as it were
<saucyboy> think so jewel`{F} ..
<arhiannah> exactly jewel
<dalian> I'm submissive by nature, but raised by a dominant parent, which only casued me to be rebelious...did not encourage my nature at all
<Rejiri> Well, late blooming is logical - because one likely tries vanilla stuff first
<`abi> speaking of parenting ... my granddog has arrived ... bbiab
<saucyboy> for sure Rejiri ...
<_Celtic_> and probley pressure to conform to sociaty expectations Rejiri
<Rejiri> True - conforming is easy.
<_Celtic_> no one wants to stand out
<_Talula_> is it really a question of conforming?
<saucyboy> some of us found ourselved far too far down the vanilla path to change without affecting others..
<_Talula_> I mean
<_Talula_> "straight" is just the default setting
<saucyboy> :o)
<_Talula_> for most anyway
<jewel`{F}> too true saucyboy
<_Celtic_> hmm interesting Talula never thought that before
<arhiannah> i stopped conforming the day i asked my soon to be ex to leave
<Rejiri> Ok, here's a question - if it's nature vs nurture, at what ages did people figure out their interest?
<_Talula_> I was "closested" so to speak because I really didnt know any different
<arhiannah> lol...and all hell broke loose in arhi's house :)
<_Talula_> not so much a societal expectation
<_Celtic_> took me to be exposed to d/s to know what I was
<jewel`{F}> with me i think it has always been there, it just took the right person to really let me be me and to have that control
<BernieRoehl> I was 17 when I first began exploring it, but found it was very natural for me (once I got over the initial uncertainty)
<saucyboy> earliest recollection for me Rejiri would be about 7-8
<Rejiri> With me, I found out ~ age 14ish. After a bit of experimentation I set it aside for a while until I could get out of a one-horse, gossipy town.
<_Talula_> I was dressing my bf in dresses when I was in high school
<_Talula_> what a swinging guy :)
<saucyboy> :o)
<_Celtic_> gessss lol
<dalian> for me it was about 7 and I though my perversions were normal until I realized that "nobody" ever talked about it, so I thought I was the weird one until in my teens and met an older Dom
<BernieRoehl> So it seems as if society's only influence on us is to prevent us from following our desires until we have the courage to ignore society's expectations
<saucyboy> same here dalian ... just unclear on what it was..
<_Celtic_> think alot are in d/s relationships and dont know it
<_Talula_> agreed, Celtic
<_Celtic_> wanting to control your gf at 15 was umm not a good thing
<Rejiri> I think you're right on the society thing Bernie, but what about family?
<Rejiri> I think my family _might_ have been an influence on the kink.
<BernieRoehl> I've sort of lumped family in with "society", but I can certainly see how they might be different
* sraana{KQ} muses
<Rejiri> Agreed Celtic - it's very non-PC. :-/
<BernieRoehl> In what way, Rejiri?
<saucyboy> I'm almost positive we're born with it.. but don't know for sure if it's genetic or not... perhaps something during fetal development... dunno
<sraana{KQ}> i was adopted... my family that i grew up with are very 'nilla... but i have found my blood family... and have found that my younger brother is also into BDSM...
<sraana{KQ}> i am convinced it's genetic in a way
<jewel`{F}> for me seeing my mom at home with us kids and dad going off to work, mom always letting dad make the final decisions influenced me i am sure
<Rejiri> Well, my Mom was fairly dominant on the surface - probably compensation for being a housewife. It took me a long time to realize how much my Dad influenced / ran things etc.
<_Celtic_> sounds like how I grew up too jewel
<saucyboy> that's interesting sraana{KQ} ..
<_Talula_> mom is a raging christian, I have a thing for clerical collars and catholic school girl uniforms... perhaps I am rebelling?
<Rejiri> Well sraana, I don't know if any of my family is into it. However, my Dad's so nice he may be repressing / compensating. :-)
<saucyboy> single Mom for me... very nice lady.. not too Dominant at all..
<jewel`{F}> now if my brothers ever found out just what sort of relationship that Master and i have they would not be pleases
<sraana{KQ}> i have found that there are so many things that influenced me that i didn't know of until i met my blood family
<sraana{KQ}> i know my adoptive family would not understand at all... it's only my younger brother who knows... seeing as he understands being there too
<arhiannah> my brothers are so square compared to me that even my sisters in law comment on how they can't believe we're from the same family
<_Celtic_> I was told once when I first learned of d/s that ether you are or not
<saucyboy> would you all say that bdsm is absolutely something you can't live without, or just a choice to spice things up?
<sraana{KQ}> i didn't figure out this part of me until i was 30... to me it explains in part how i ended up in an abusive relationship before figuring this part of me out.
<sraana{KQ}> i know i will never be able to go back to how i was before BDSM.
<Rejiri> I kind of suspect my brother & sister are vanilla - for starters, what would be the odds? :-) Secondly, they had a way easy time in high school compared to me. :-)
<jewel`{F}> i have certainly learned recently the difference between Dominant and domineering
<Rejiri> For me, going back to before BDSM would feel like going back to before air. :-)
<jewel`{F}> i could not go back now
<sraana{KQ}> Rejiri> exactly how i feel
<_Celtic_> bdsm is aa part of me sraana, could never go back
<_Talula_> my extended family is very straight and narrow... When I was 18, I found out about a 1/2 brother I have (but still havent met), when I was 22 I found out about his history and mince was frighteningly similar
<Rejiri> Still, given that most of us feel we can't go back - is that from within or is the Scene just so nice / welcoming?
<_Talula_> event though he has a totally different mom and is atleast 20 years older than me
<_Talula_> mince=mine
<_Celtic_> Scene ??
<BernieRoehl> Even before the current warm and welcoming scene existed, people who crossed over from vanilla found they couldn't go back
<saucyboy> is that by choice or because they are "hardwired"?
<sraana{KQ}> i know for me... it's not the scene... it's that i have finally figured myself out... and luckily i have also found my match
<saucyboy> i think the lifestyle sports both folk..
<_Celtic_> I dont bother with the scene but can see that
<jewel`{F}> for me it is who i am, yes the community has been very welcoming and protective of me, but i would be lost like on a trip with no map or directions
<Rejiri> Personally, I think most people that come out are really nice, intelligent, etc - definitely above average. But I suspect some other groups might be the same - but I'm not interested in them. :-)
<saucyboy> so we can agree that most of us are here because we need to be, not because we chose to...
<sraana{KQ}> i know i'd still be lost even in the "scene" if i hadn't found the right one to lead me
<jewel`{F}> that too sraana{KQ}
<BernieRoehl> So... we've established that much of our D/s nature is part of who we are, rather than something we've learned or acquired. The interesting question is... why?
<_Celtic_> is there a good answer to that Bernie??
<jewel`{F}> why are You a male and i a female Sir?
<_Talula_> I have ADD, so I am a huge senastaion seeker... for me, I tink that is why
<sahara^> if I may interject...wouldn't that be because we are either born submissive or Dominant?
<Rejiri> Why? Don't ask me. :-) I suspect there may be a different answer for everyone.
<saucyboy> i think that statement Bernie stongly points to the theory that we are born this way..
<arhiannah> coz his plumbing is outdoor jewel
<_Celtic_> lol
* jewel`{F} fwaps arhiannah
<BernieRoehl> Let me clarify.... :-)
<arhiannah> remember that talk we had...
<jewel`{F}> i know that
* arhiannah giggles
<BernieRoehl> Yes, we're born this way -- something in our genes makes us Dominant or submissive, just as something in our genes makes us male or female. The question is "why did this trait evolve?"
<sahara^> i don't choose to be who I am in the bedroom... nature dictates that for me
<saucyboy> Million Dollar question.... that's why i'm in therapy... lol
<sraana{KQ}> _Talula_> along the same lines as Bernie's question though... why would one be ADD/ADHD ... why would one be into BDSM?
<Rejiri> I think it's still unproven that "genes" are involved - just like identical twins can be different heights (bad example) - some people just may be at the ends of a bell curve.
<_Celtic_> only thing I can think of is its in the genes somehow
<saucyboy> i still think it paralells homosexuality..
<sahara^> hell Sir... this evolved from the first amaeba.. all animals display the Dominat-submissive trait
<sraana{KQ}> myself i'd answer those questions with the thought that perhaps we are closer to our more primitive roots... and as such it would have been a benefit to function in such a fashion in order to survive
<_Talula_> sraana: easy, most people with ADD/ADHD are huge adrenalin/endorphin junkies, this is probably because our (para?) sympathetic nervous systems are on high anyway
<_Celtic_> maybe something needed in the dark past of evolution
<BernieRoehl> ... and we know there's a genetic basis for homosexuality, so it stands to reason that D/s would have a similar basis
<Rejiri> I also think it may parallel homosexuality - but that could be determined fetally / early childhood.
<saucyboy> we do know homosexuality is genetic?
<Rejiri> Actually, pretty weak evidence on "gay genes".
<saucyboy> amazing..
<jewel`{F}> i think that there are many out there that are either Dominant of submissive but never find the right one or way to nurture it, there are just a few of us lucky enough to find someone or place to help us find ourselves and nuture us to our full potential
<_Talula_> sraana: but that explains more the S/m than the D/s side of it
<saucyboy> and how does all this explain switches?
<saucyboy> lol
<sahara^> well.. y'all are pre-supposing that these triats are not inherent in man as an animal
<Rejiri> Good point jewel - my opinion is kind of that there's kinky, vanilla, and people who haven't been exposed enough to kink to know. :-)
<sraana{KQ}> _Talula_> no... being D/s is also survival...
<BernieRoehl> Agreed, sahara^ -- many animals display D/s traits. That suggests there's some survival/breeding related reason for their existence
<jewel`{F}> or are so conditioned by up brining or society that they feel their inner deisres are wrong
<saucyboy> well for me... i didn't know much of what D/s was at an early age.. but understood what side of the fence i fell on right away..
<Rejiri> Got to disagree here, saucyboy - I was pretty sub until I hit puberty - and then domness showed up.
<saucyboy> interesting Rejiri ...
* saucyboy tears up all his notes..
<Rejiri> In fact, might have been a reaction. :-)
<sahara^> all animals ( humans included) display the "Hunter gatherer" mentality what kmakes the D/s group different?
<jewel`{F}> are not all children somewhat submissive as we guide them into the best people that they can be?
<Rejiri> Err... how does hunter gatherer go with D/s? I think I lost track of something there.
<_Talula_> my personal fear with saying bdsm is nature, is that it can be used as an excuse for bad behavior
<Rejiri> yes, all children are somewhat sub - but I took after my Dad's sub exterior.
<sahara^> Dominant/submissive
* Kilted_One thinks that sahara^ should consider the major difference between animals and humans in this respect...."we do it conciously, not by instinct"
<_Talula_> ie: he couldnt help raping her, it was in his genes
<sahara^> men were hunters.. female were gatherers
<Rejiri> I really don't think D/s is a conscious matter. Much more instinct-level, with me.
<sahara^> aahh yes Sir.. but do we? do it consciously that is.
<saucyboy> i agree Rejiri ..
* sraana{KQ} comes from a background where everyone gathered... everyone was warrior...
<Kilted_One> it maybe instinctive but we make conscious decisions to carry out whatever kink we are into
<_Celtic_> that is so true Kilted
<sahara^> aahh, but that is another issue Sir.. we were chatting on the inherence of D/s I think:)
<_Celtic_> animals dont do that
<BernieRoehl> I think we can certainly choose to consciously overrule (or follow) our instincts. My personal sense is that we're happiest when we follow our instincts.
<Rejiri> True, there's conscious decisions involved - but how long can you fight a preference? Ask some gays about the 1950s, perhaps.
<sahara^> but they ARE instincts none the less..yes?
<Kilted_One> most likely true Bernie, as a result of "less internal conflict"??
<Rejiri> Instincts or subconscous preference? I'm not sure.
<BernieRoehl> Agreed, KO
<saucyboy> indeed BernieRoehl ... my current situation makes me overrule my instinct.... and it's driving me crazy..
* Kilted_One laughs at saucyboy knowing it could be a short drive in his case???
<saucyboy> lol KO.. must be Brantford water..
* Kilted_One nods
<odalisque> I can only add to the discussion by saying that my earliest fantasies (aroudn age 5 or so) involved D/s
<_Celtic_> 5 wow
<BernieRoehl> Which again suggests that it's part of our nature, odalisque
<jewel`{F}> my fanatasies and even dreams have always had a Dominant person involved
<odalisque> Also I suppose that for me sex *has* to be with me as the submissive or there is no interest on my part
<Rejiri> Ah, but are there any Doms that caught on at 5ish? That would be required to prove "nature".
<sahara^> mine involved a white knight on a black horse coming to rescue me (the princess) and stealing me away.... if that isn't a D/s daydream I don't know what is heh
<saucyboy> exactly the same for me odalisque ... vanilla sex does nothing for me
<odalisque> Well for me Bernie yes but perhaps not for all
<saucyboy> (which causes large problems in a vanilla relationship by the way)
* Kilted_One hardrive doesnt go back that far in history to remember what he did when he was 15 never mind 5
<jewel`{F}> yup stuff like that sahara^,
<odalisque> I don't think the issue has to fall into *all* either nature or nurture. Science doesn't support that idea in other areas either
<BernieRoehl> And yet, there's a lot more research these days that leans towards nature rather than nurture (for a variety of traits)
<_Talula_> if you follow socioboligists
<Rejiri> True Bernie, but what are the implications if we start saying everything is more nature-ish? Could get problematic.
<sahara^> when I met my Master, I had no clue I was a submissive. I am actually a very Dominant woman in my area of expertise. He showed me sides of my sexual nature that I could only have dreamed about and had I not met him I would in all liklihood have lived my life vanilla.
<odalisque> Any research is done by researchers who start with a thesis and therefore are more likely to find findings to support their beliefs
<BernieRoehl> Perhaps, Rejiri, but that doesn't change the results of the research
<Kilted_One> I remember something that Jack McGeorge said...."we all have a submissive and Dominant side to us, those who think that is not true just havent been honest enough with themselves yet, or looked hard enough"
<sahara^> what I am trying to clumsily say is that I feel D/s is an inherent trait in all of mankind
<jewel`{F}> i know what you mean sahara^, i would still be very much vanilla were it not for meeting my Master as well
<Rejiri> Right KO - but my sub side isn't linked in with the sexuality. :-)
<sahara^> well said KO.. well said:)
<jen{SE}> submission does not have to have anythign to do with sexuality, it is a nature, not a kink
<jen{SE}> kink is different
<`abi> I agree with him KO ... although I don't think it is 'sides' so much as it is 'parts' ... but perhaps that's just semantics
<jewel`{F}> agreed jen{SE}
<`abi> oh, I think it has alot to do with sexuality jen ... submission is very definitely part of my sexuality
* Kilted_One nods at abigaille, that is what he meant, and most likely I am mis-quoting him
<_Talula_> I odnt think subvmissiveness is nature, necesarily
<sahara^> yes exactly jun{SE} but I do feel that given the right recipe.. they can be one and the same
<jewel`{F}> people can have a very deep D/s relationship with out the kink or the play
* _Talula_ rummages thru her soc notes
<_Talula_> I cant find it, but there was a famous study done in the 60's with some uni students
<_Talula_> I wish I could find the who.what/where...
* `abi rereads jen's post ... sorry ... I missed the qualifier :)
<_Talula_> basically, people were divided into prisoner and prison guards
<jen{SE}> you can be submissive with out sexuality, also at a Jack McGeorge session and also Lady Blake, there are many Master/slave relationships where there is no sex
<jen{SE}> you can also be submisive with your sexuality
<_Talula_> done randomly... the study had to end when the prison gaurds were taking their roles to seriously, and the prisonrs were too
<jen{SE}> does not have to be one or the other but does not have to be both
* sraana{KQ} wants to be a prisoner... but only if the guards frisk me... LOL
<sahara^> there are also many submissives that are only submissive thru sex
<_Talula_> very extreme, but showed that dominant and submissive behaviour between humans can be learned
<`abi> but any behaviour can be learned Talula
<_Talula_> agreed
<BernieRoehl> Well, we're into the final five minutes of tonight's discussion. Anyone have anything they'd like to add?
<saucyboy> Myself i feel it's nature... but may not be the same for some..
<saucyboy> (Based on personal experience)
<sraana{KQ}> i agree for myself too... nature...
<Rejiri> I don't know whether it's nature or nurture with me - but it's not going away. :-)
<`abi> I don't think that you can create a submissive or a dominant, but I do think that you can nurture those traits.
<jen{SE}> i believe it is nature, but can be grown, expanded and enhanced
<saucyboy> lol Rejiri
<_Celtic_> its nature with me also
<sahara^> it's nature for me as well.. but not in the board room.. only the bedroom
<fiestyone> nature for me........
<_Talula_> I'm still fince sitting, but probably leaning on the nurture side to a small degree *g*
<`abi> well, if you people all agreed, what the heck did you talk about for an hour?
<BernieRoehl> Nature for me as well
<saucyboy> lol abi..
* BernieRoehl smiles at abi
<sahara^> hell my Master used to tie up his freakin' babysuitters at 5 yrs old :)
<fiestyone> and at my house...barbie and ken did not go to the soda shop
<Rejiri> good one sahara :-)
<sahara^> if that ain't nature i don't know what is
<BernieRoehl> Well, let's wrap up the formal part of the discussion here. Please feel free to continue chatting informally.
<`abi> but how many of them liked it sahara^ :)
<BernieRoehl> Thanks to everyone who participated in tonight's discussion!
<saucyboy> thanx Bernie
<sahara^> from what he remembers.. they all did lol
<saucyboy> hey KO.. Brantford is getting it's first munch.. you goin?
<`abi> lol
<xxendlessdesirexx> :)
<fiestyone> sorry i was only able to catch the last bit here
<sahara^> that could be his precocious memory at work tho
<Kilted_One> good job Bernie