July 13, 2003 EhBC Online Discussion

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<Omy> Hello blue
<blue^^> ehello Omy
<jewel`{F}> hi ModBot
<Omy> okay now...Elaborate Scenes...sounds like and advanced topic to me
<Omy> drats...no cookies tonight
<maidenEarth> is elaborate a verb or adjective this evening?
<Omy> adjective I would surmise knowing Bernie
<oasis{Omy}> has anyone been involved in,oe seen an elaborate scene that they loved
<Omy> Hmm well there is that long 2 hour bondage scene we did slave that you made a mess of in about 20 seconds
<oasis{Omy}> hahaha
<Omy> Here is a question...can you have an elaborate scene with someone you just met...or are they reserved for people you know?
<MasterGuny> how can you know if they will be into it if you don't know them that well?
<maidenEarth> Personally I am still keeping things fairly simple to avoid pitfalls and discover limits.
<maidenEarth> Usually incorporating only 1 or 2 new things into a scene at a time
<oasis{Omy}> i feel for myelf that rather elaborate scenes have to been done with people that know me very well
<Omy> That's the question Guny...can it be done?
<MasterGuny> not with me IMO
<breathlessmaiden> IMO ????
<jewel`{F}> in my opinion
<Omy> In My Opinion
<breathlessmaiden> *s* thank
<Omy> Guny ain't Humble ;)
<Omy> That was a joke folks...IMHO...
<MasterGuny> eleborate scenes for me are close to the heart take a lot of time and alot of knowing your partner so you will both get the maximum out of it
<`TimberWolf> Omy isn't humble either...so who is he kidding
<`TimberWolf> :)
<Omy> 1Laughing 140ut 1Loud
* krista-F bites her tongue
<maidenEarth> bite it harder baby!
* oasis{Omy} just smiles and looks to the side
<Omy> I'm lengendary in my own mind
* jewel`{F} smirks and winks at oasis{Omy}
<Omy> I thinl elaborate scenes take lots of planning...having it go wrong would be a real pisser
<jewel`{F}> what makes a scene elaborate?
<oasis{Omy}> number of people involved ..
<krista-F> props?
<maidenEarth> I also think that it goes much further into the psychological aspects of the relationship, so may be safer with those you trust implicitly.
<Omy> I think...Time, planning, duration would be parts jewel
<MasterGuny> location
<MasterGuny> could be costumes settings
<oasis{Omy}> very elaborate kidnapping scenes can involve many people several venues and a tremendous mind f...
* Omy looks at his slave....hmmmmm
<janizz> so can interogation scenes
* jewel`{F} thinks oasis{Omy} better be careful what she wishes for
* oasis{Omy} thinks your rite sis..lol
<Omy> How much talking do you do with the slave? It'll depend I guess on the type of scene...interrogation..vs pirates of the seas
* `abi is having Johnny Depp fantasies
<krista-F> lol
<jewel`{F}> mmmmmm
<janizz> how about a scene...that starts off with a dinner party
<jewel`{F}> Master has a boat too
<Omy> Well Achilles look great with mascarra on
<janizz> there doesnt have to be any "play" per se...bt it still can be a scene
<janizz> well....guess i'll slip away...~enjoy~
* oasis{Omy} is one listens and observes the sub welll an amazingly elaborate scene could eveolve hiting one or more buttons desires
<MasterGuny> in all my years I have only done three but they went very well but overall not really my thing
<Omy> Ohhh elaborare scenes with multiples...the more butts the merrier I say
<breathlessmaiden> *S* hello GAGthatslave....thank you
<victoria_angel> i think scenes - staged ones must be hard to plan though - it isn't like a play
<jewel`{F}> oh like You and Master keep threatening to put oasis{Omy} and i up on the cross together Sir?
<oasis{Omy}> am glad to hear you felt threatened sis..lol
<jewel`{F}> lol
<Omy> Threat? Who said anythign about a threat...we mention it to cool your heels...works well
<jewel`{F}> okay not threatening, but hinting at or promissing
<jewel`{F}> so letting oasis{Omy} and i go shopping, getting into mischief together, was all part of a plan and elaborate scene?
<Omy> It could be jewel...why not
* jewel`{F} grins
<MasterGuny> hide the credit cards
<Omy> Don't need to...my slave knows better
<MasterGuny> this discussion is kinda stalled LOL
<Omy> Any have an e;aborate scene they like to share?
<krista-F> same thing last week....same topic...
<`abi> apparently we're going to keep having it until we get it right
<krista-F> lol
<MasterGuny> oh? maybe they forgot to change it
<krista-F> well last week it didn't go anywhere....
<MasterGuny> funny same tonight
<victoria_angel> i still think elaborate scening - isn't really possible
<MasterGuny> sure it is
<Omy> why is that victoria?
<MasterGuny> have seen complete medical scenes
<MasterGuny> kidknap scenes
<MasterGuny> punishment scenes
<MasterGuny> look at the pony weekends
<krista-F> now those are amazing!!!
<victoria_angel> i do not agree - you can 'set it up' but it still amounts to a planned show - it wouldn't necessarily be real enough
<victoria_angel> now MG - putting anyone in horse wear - and prancing them around isn't a scene
<MasterGuny> oh?
<MasterGuny> at a farm
<MasterGuny> in a stable
<blue^^> why isn't it?
<MasterGuny> making them eat etc
<krista-F> i dont agree victoria
<Omy> victoria..more to the point..its not a scene in your opinion
<blue^^> i am very much in pony head space
<jewel`{F}> if a Dominant knows about a fantasy of their submissive and sets it all up with out the subs knowledge it can get pretty real i would think
<krista-F> i have seen elaborate scenes locally with pony play as a part of it
<Omy> And in a scene there has to be negotiation....no one wants to set off a hot button in their play partner by accident
<MastrFlash> Greetings A/all
<blue^^> and pony head space to me is very different than beating my ass head space
<victoria_angel> well, i also do not equate it to bdsm - it is just a 'type of play someone wants'
<blue^^> its control
<victoria_angel> to me elaborate sceneing is for show - i do not think that keeping a Master's pet in a stable, feeding them 'whatever' and keeping them harnessed isn't something everyone will do for a public function
<MasterGuny> just not your BDSM nor mine but it is for others
<victoria_angel> true
<blue^^> exactly
<victoria_angel> but what i think elaborate sceneing might be is more of a 'training' session or that which is used to educate
<krista-F> it may be ..but it doesnt have to be
<MasterGuny> I rented a truck kidnapped my slave..took her to a secluded location cut off her clothes and rapeed her/// would that not be elaborate?
<victoria_angel> again, using MG's suggestion of a medical scene - well that could be also very dangerous
<Omy> well I had an elaborate scene with my slave...went on for 4 hrs...discussed what would be involved, but not all of it...I knew her limits...so we discussed what I wasn't sure about
<victoria_angel> and unsanitary for the sub
<MasterGuny> huh?
<MastrFlash> depends how much money you spent
<MasterGuny> in a sterial medical room?
<Omy> Actually victoria...I would disagree...medical scenes are perfectly safe with kink-aware people
<victoria_angel> man, i've been to a few places, none were 'sanitary
<victoria_angel> except for a b&b that i know exists
<victoria_angel> which has medical facilities
<MasterGuny> I know of a dungen in Toronto that has a complete set up and a Doctors examining office you can rent
<victoria_angel> there are quite a few
<MasterGuny> so I don't see your problem?
<blue^^> and its upto the people scening to decide .... each to their own
<victoria_angel> maybe i see it as elaborate 'scenes' not the norm then
<MastrFlash> I agree blue
<victoria_angel> i don't know of anything i've experienced that has ever worked out quite as planned, and especially not if others are involved
<MasterGuny> I know you have experianced very elaborate scenes in your past
<Omy> Night folks...be well
* jewel`{F} hugs oasis{Omy} and Omy
<jewel`{F}> good night Sir
<victoria_angel> MG, not many just some very good ones
<victoria_angel> but i do not consider them true elaborate scenes
<victoria_angel> i want to experience those - someday
<MastrFlash> so what is the discussion on the floor now
<MasterGuny> anyone else?
<krista-F> its kind of the discussion that wasn't MastrFlash
<MastrFlash> is there an echo in here
<naughtyvickie> i think like with most things in the lifestyle elaborate scenes aren't everyone's cup of tea
<MastrFlash> is that like the Little Train that could
<krista-F> not in this case i don't think Sir...
<^subdude^> oops
<MastrFlash> I can feel the love in the room
<MasterGuny> you have to be in the right mind set thats for sure
<MastrFlash> or can I
<breathlessmaiden> *s* is it always this quiet??
<victoria_angel> i have just been remined that i have experienced an elaborate scene
<victoria_angel> however, it is one i care not to remember
<victoria_angel> so i stand corrected
<victoria_angel> however, i still believe that 'it is difficult to pull off'
<MastrFlash> yes I can see it now krista thanks
<krista-F> lol
<jewel`{F}> everything worth having is worth working for
<krista-F> you're welcome
<MastrFlash> true
<MastrFlash> ok
<ModBot> There are only about five minutes left in the formal part of tonight's discussion. Does anyone have any last-minute thoughts on the subject?
<MastrFlash> I think it's a dom's responsblity to know what his sub needs
<MastrFlash> if it is an elaborate scene then so be it
<blue^^> good night all
<MastrFlash> night blue
<victoria_angel> MastrFlash - it would interesting to see how an experienced Dom/me handles them though - especially with one inexperienced
<MastrFlash> who me
<victoria_angel> the sub is inexperienced - smile
<Kenjiro> I take it that I just missed it.
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