July 6, 2003 EhBC Online Discussion

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<becky> ruh rohhh .. there we go
<Trinshadow> ok is back
<Trinshadow> Wasn't the discussion about Elaborate scenes?
<shareena_> thank you arhiannah
<arhiannah> yw
<Trinshadow> Well Justice, are we starting?
<Justice> usually starts at 9 sharp
<Trinshadow> Is it not 9?
<shareena_> my clock says it is 9
<Trinshadow> ditto
<Justice> it is an open discussion Trinshadow - go for it
<Trinshadow> OH uh [laughs] I'm new at this, so I dunno.
<Trinshadow> Anyone?
<Justice> it's your chance to ask any newbie questions then Trin
<naughtyvickie> what constitutes an elaborate scene?
<`abi> I believe the intent is that it is related to scenes which require elaborate setups ... kidnappings etc.
<shareena_> oh that sounds kewl
<Trinshadow> Um, I do have a question if the topic's not set?
<Justice> ask away
<Trinshadow> How can you incorporate ritual into a scene?
<jewel`{F}> i think it would depend on the ritual
<jewel`{F}> for some it may be part of every scene that the sub starts in a particular postion
<krista-F> abi...you have done that if i recollect.....correct??
<naughtyvickie> or do a certain action first
<`abi> we have alot of ritual in our scening, yes krista-F
<krista-F> yes..and it is quite lovely to watch as i have stated before
* `abi smiles....thank you
<krista-F> i find rituals to be very comforting and comfortable to me
<_cassie> I can't speak from experience, but I would assume that a consistent ritual would go along way into helping you get into the proper mindset.
<krista-F> every time.....i meet Trainer Sir......even when we meet for dinner.....he does the exact same thing.....
<krista-F> and i love that.....even though our relationship is not the same as it was in the past...
<Trinshadow> What about mor formalized ritual, chanting etc?
* `abi smiles and wonders if 'ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod' counts
<Trinshadow> LOL
<naughtyvickie> lol
<krista-F> lol
* _cassie only chants that on roller coasters
<krista-F> or please please...more more
<krista-F> lol
<`abi> welcome to the biggest roller coaster ride of them all cassie ;)
<Trinshadow> Seriously though
<_cassie> yes, I'm starting to sense that *buckles in*
<`abi> it's your scene Trinshadow ... you can incorporate whatever you like into it
<Trinshadow> [nodding] end of question.
<_cassie> No one else has anything else to ask/add?
<naughtyvickie> i think it depends on the Dom/Master and the sub/slave and what they have agreed upon that makes them comfortable
<jewel`{F}> what is the most elaborat scene anyone has seen of been apart of?
<Trinshadow> None here
<jewel`{F}> i have heard of scenes that involve a lot of planning, or last days
<naughtyvickie> i have heard that too jewel`{F}
<naughtyvickie> i was talking to a Dom once and he told me he tied up a sub and left her that way for several days only allowing her about 15 mins twice a day to be untied and use facilities
<Trinshadow> omg! Isn't that.....dangerous?
<_cassie> I would think that would depend on how the person is tied.
<MasterGuny> unless he stayed in the room for two days yes
<naughtyvickie> he was always with her
<Trinshadow> Hm, I'd be afraid to do that.
<MasterGuny> rule is never left alone when tied
<Alix> When did he sleep?
<Alix> That's a technical question as this has always been a hot fantasy of mine
* Trinshadow nods
<Alix> But don't want to wake up and find a dead / dying person on my hands
<naughtyvickie> not sure
<Trinshadow> That woudl suck
<_cassie> Well, someone could be cuffed on one hand to a bed, chained to the bedpost, so unable to move far, but they could sit up, lie down, change positions, etc., but they would be at the mercy of their Dom/captor for the duration of something like that.
<jewel`{F}> very true cassie
<Trinshadow> Um ok, another question. How does a newbie gain any practical experience while still being safe?
<MasterGuny> read
<MasterGuny> ask questions
<_cassie> listen, talk to people
<BernieRoehl> That's a tough one. Since they're new, they don't know who to trust and who not to
<MasterGuny> come into hear and watch
<MasterGuny> munchs
<jewel`{F}> getting out to munches and talking to others
<MasterGuny> play parties
<Alix> I've been going to munches, it doesn't help
<Trinshadow> Exactly Bernie. That's where I fall short. I've read my brains out, and now want to play, but am not sure enough of myself.
<Trinshadow> My first munch was on Wed.
<jewel`{F}> going to workshops
<Alix> In fact going to the local munches only makes it worse
<BernieRoehl> What I would suggest, Trinshadow, is to start coming to events -- not to play, but to talk to people
<MasterGuny> start off very slow with a willing partner and ask lots of questions
<_cassie> Well, is it easier for a sub to be taught and guided than it is a Dom/me to learn things?
<_cassie> makes it worse, Alix? How so?
<Trinshadow> Would it be a good idea to find a more experienced partner to help me learn?
<BernieRoehl> Start by forming friendships with others in the community, and finding out who's who
<Alix> Because each person tells me that the other people can't be trusted
<BernieRoehl> Well, yes Trinshadow -- but of course there are some people who would delight in taking impressionable newbies and "helping them learn"
<_cassie> ah k
<MasterGuny> there are a number here that can
<Trinshadow> I've been lucky to already start that track, both with my friend in the UK and the people at EhBC
<jewel`{F}> i don't think it is any harder for Dominants to be taught or guided cassie, just that it is a mental hurdle many have to get past, "If I ask for help or to be taught, people will think I less dominant"
<Trinshadow> Ok so to branch off from that, is it a bad idea to try and bottom first, to get a feel for things?
<MasterGuny> not really Trinshadow unless its in you to
<BernieRoehl> There are two schools of thought on that. Some people feel that it's best to start at the bottom, others feel you to going with what you're naturally drawn to. I can see both points of view.
* Trinshadow nods
<Trinshadow> Can you elaborate Bernie, we didn't talk much on wed.
<MasterGuny> I have learned as much from subs as I have from Doms..probably more
<BernieRoehl> (It was nice meeting you on Wednesday, Trinshadow)
<Alix> Is it different for a male top than a female one?
<Trinshadow> And BernieRoehl, may I pm?
<jewel`{F}> going to play parties as well you can watch many different people and their techniques
<BernieRoehl> Elaborate on which part, Trinshadow?
<Alix> Here play parties are closed to non-experienced people
<BernieRoehl> Of course, Trinshadow -- no problem, and thanks for asking
<Trinshadow> Both schools of thought, and perhaps the merits of both?
<MasterGuny> were is here Alix?
<jewel`{F}> Alix may i as where here is?
<BernieRoehl> Where are you, Alix?
<Alix> Calgary
<MasterGuny> thats very unusual
<BernieRoehl> The Calgary scene, from what I've been told, has been a bit... political. That may be the reason.
<Alix> It's the political nonsense I can't get past
<Alix> It colours everything
<BernieRoehl> Locally (Southwestern Ontario) the general rule is that you have to have been to a munch or two before attending a play party
<jimmi_Da_troll> name me a city that isnt political?
<jewel`{F}> by non-experienced they could also mean that like here in Ontario, some parties like people to have been out to munches before the play parties
<Alix> Here it seems to mean that you have to be prepared to actually play
<Alix> Whatever that means
<MasterGuny> glad that was not in effect when I started..mind you there were no munches
<Alix> In fact, one woman recorded a bit of shock when she went to an Ontario scene and found there were spectators at all
<Trinshadow> lol
<MasterGuny> yes we have discussed the play out west in general chat it is very different
<MasterGuny> everyone at the party is expected to play
<Trinshadow> Are the local play parties different?
<MasterGuny> our play parties here are about 60% watch 40% play or in that general area
<BernieRoehl> Yes, that's about right -- 60/40
<BernieRoehl> Though it does vary from party to party a bit
<MasterGuny> and the night LOL
<jimmi_Da_troll> then you have thoes ppl that whish they could play but dont/cant
<Trinshadow> Wow really?
<`abi> some of us drive the average up
<jewel`{F}> really?
<Trinshadow> lol
<jewel`{F}> anyone we know `abi?
* `abi whispers innocently to jewel..4 I think I took your turn last time ;)
<BernieRoehl> That's an interesting question as well -- what if a newbie wants to play, but doesn't know who or how to approach?
<Trinshadow> [listens close]
<jewel`{F}> oh thats an easy one Bernie, all they need to do is talk to You?
* jewel`{F} grins
* BernieRoehl chuckles
<MasterGuny> Im not for that in public but thats me
<_cassie> check references? *grins*
<BernieRoehl> Well, yes, but that's not really a general solution to the problem
<Alix> How do you check references?
<MasterGuny> think its a train wreck looking to happen at some point
<arhiannah> the whiteboard was an excellent addition...giving those too timid to approach someone directly the opportunity to make their desire to play known
<_cassie> whiteboard? *looks confused*
<_cassie> what's a train wreck, MasterGuny?
<MasterGuny> I know of three cases of casual play that has gone totally off track..I made a long post on the dssg list why I don't agree with it
<BernieRoehl> We had a whiteboard at some of the local parties (DAL and KNANO) where people could sign up to indicate that they were available and what they were interestedin trying
<MasterGuny> I have seen things that I would not want happen to me
<ModBot> There are only about five minutes left in the formal part of tonight's discussion. Does anyone have any last-minute thoughts on the subject?
<BernieRoehl> However, only a couple of people ever used them, so they've pretty much been discontinued
<MasterGuny> I would not want a sub I don't know ask me to play then scream red when I did..that in this lifestyle is my worse nightmare
<BernieRoehl> By the way, we're officially looking for new discussion topics again. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know
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