July 4, 2004 EhBC Online Discussion

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* mE-AFK is in the middle of nowhere area, roughly an hour from KW or London
<BernieRoehl> Actually, you're equidistant from two major centres, mE-AFK
<BernieRoehl> Glad to see some people around even on a long weekend!
<BernieRoehl> So, tonight's topic is about roleplaying. Has anyone had any experiences in that area?
<bridgeit> yes
<bridgeit> wouldnt most
<seeria> in the bedroom, no = )
<BernieRoehl> Any that come to mind as being particularly memorable?
<bridgeit> hmmm being new may be i should sit back and listen
<mE-AFK> I can roleplay in some situations, but struggle with it when it gets personal
<BernieRoehl> Not at all, bridgeit -- by all means, join in and share
<bridgeit> but i would have thought roleplaying and scening would be the same
<BernieRoehl> They're certainly related, bridgeit, but they can also exist separately
<sultry_spirit{Omy}> I think that roleplaying is totally different from scening
<seeria> mind explaining how?
<private_sassy{CP}> can we start by defining roleplay
<BernieRoehl> For some people, scenes are purely physical. For others, it's about becoming someone different (or perhaps more accurately, bringing out a particular aspect of who you are)
<seeria> *nods*
<BernieRoehl> Good idea, private_sassy{CP}. Anyone want to give it a shot?
* sultry_spirit{Omy} nods
<bridgeit> roleplaying for me would be the Pplayers being characters
<jewel`{F}> role playing can involve say Teacher/student Doctor/patient/nurse
<sultry_spirit{Omy}> well, roleplaying would be ... something like.. me tarzan you jane? right?
* sultry_spirit{Omy} chuckles
<bridgeit> for instance Warden / prison guard who just doesnt seem to leave the inmates alone
<BernieRoehl> Yes, those are all good examples
* sultry_spirit{Omy} nods
<BernieRoehl> Can we create a basic definition?
<sultry_spirit{Omy}> to act out different from ones self
<tyne-afk> "playing a character"
<bridgeit> playing a character would be my definition of roleplaying
<sultry_spirit{Omy}> agree
<BernieRoehl> That was easy
<sultry_spirit{Omy}> but isn't roleplaying another way of playing?
<BernieRoehl> So what scenarios have people tried? So far we've had several mentioned -- teacher/student, doctor/patient, guard/prisoner, tarzan/jane
<BernieRoehl> Any others?
<jewel`{F}> play rape
<sultry_spirit{Omy}> age play, rape play...
<BernieRoehl> Hmm... rape fantasies seem to be a popular choice
<sultry_spirit{Omy}> animal play
<sultry_spirit{Omy}> or puppy play
<BernieRoehl> And how have they worked out?
<sultry_spirit{Omy}> not sure myself , never tryed rape play
<seeria> forced service rp?
<sultry_spirit{Omy}> sexual service , I would say yes seeria
<sultry_spirit{Omy}> to be attacked and then force to serve..
<bridgeit> i guess the ones i have done have been more discipline
<seeria> would these always take place in a bedroom?
<BernieRoehl> So kind of a kidnapped-slave fantasy, sultry_spirit{Omy}?
<bridgeit> no not necessarily
<sultry_spirit{Omy}> yes, BernieRoehl Sir, something like that I guess *smile*
<jewel`{F}> they wouldn't have to seeria
<BernieRoehl> So how elaborate have people gotten in staging the various scenarios? Has anyone made use of costumes or props?
<Copper> I think the best "take me" fantasies don't take place in the bedroom
<bridgeit> yes
<sultry_spirit{Omy}> but , my question if I may be so bold. Is if a " Couple" for say is vanilla most of the time and then D/s would D/s be a role play?
<bridgeit> i answered the door in complete uniform, cuffs on the uniform and said one opening line and then let Him take it from there
<seeria> I would think so sultry, they've books on that actually
<private_sassy{CP}> i think anytime you pretend to be someone you are not is roleplaying
<sultry_spirit{Omy}> then the Domminator would be only in character, and also the submissive. So then what say if it's the opposite. A "Couple" 24/7 D/s, but yet vanilla in vanilla situation. Role play again?
<BernieRoehl> I think the more general answer to that question, sultry_spirit{Omy}, is that we all have different sides of ourselves that we put forwards in different situations
<private_sassy{CP}> W/we are 24/7 D/s even in vanill situations
* sultry_spirit{Omy} smiles
<sultry_spirit{Omy}> Thank Y/you
<BernieRoehl> Which are real and which are roleplaying is really just a matter of perspective
<private_sassy{CP}> i agree
<sultry_spirit{Omy}> agree BernieRoehl Sir,
<BernieRoehl> Getting back to the question of staging... has anyone tried using props/costumes/prepared dialog to help create the mood for a scene?
<OMY> i would consider role play as somethign along the lines of an interogation scene, school girls, nurse, doctor, etc. Where you are being an actor so to speak and fulfuilling a role
<private_sassy{CP}> i have never done it Sir
<Copper> AS a sub - and I'm new and realize I didnt enter my name correctly -
<sultry_spirit{Omy}> agree M'Lord , but as private_sassy{CP} I haven't done any roleplaying
<Copper> As a newbie roll playing can give me a way to let go as i learn
<OMY> I've used props and costumes Bernie and they certainly help in getting into the mood.
* BernieRoehl nods
<bridgeit> whenever i roleplay i dress for it and have just a start of dialog, bring in appropriate props as well
<paperclip> i would think a newbie would have a harder time in roleplaying, no?
<BernieRoehl> I find the same thing -- it's extra preparation, but even a few items can add to the reality of the scene
<sultry_spirit{Omy}> bridgeit , do you have time before starting to kinda get into the role?
<OMY> Yes...hard to do a takedown scene where your supposed to have a knife and use a straw instead.
<seeria> lol
<sultry_spirit{Omy}> lol
<Copper> lol
* BernieRoehl smiles
<private_sassy{CP}> i would find roleplaying hard to do
<bridgeit> yes i do, but thats when i am starting the roleplay, not when He is starting with an idea of His
<seeria> try the crafters from the SCA.... their merchants make great looking, but safe weapons
<mE-AFK> I have the difficulty with role playing with a partner in an intimate way in thet it is kinda like lying, or faking something. Deep seated, hard to overcome. Anyone out there have similar feelings?
<OMY> Why is it hard private_sassy{CP}?
<paperclip> i do mE-AFK.
<seeria> I would have to agree with mE
<private_sassy{CP}> You know me OMY Sir......i am who i am i find it hard to play someone i'm not
<sultry_spirit{Omy}> what do you mean hard to overcome?
<private_sassy{CP}> without giggling that is
<seeria> lol
<sultry_spirit{Omy}> lol
<bridgeit> i think i look at it as an acting role, so just doing a play
<seeria> its hard to slip into a role you are not comfortable with or don't know how to act out
<BernieRoehl> One way of thinking about it, mE-AFK, is that you're both "in" on it -- so there's no lying involved. You're both agreeing to a particular variation on reality, so to speak.
<sultry_spirit{Omy}> that I can understand seeria
<OMY> You don't think you could play say a little school girl private_sassy{CP}?
<private_sassy{CP}> not without laughing my head off and getting into trouble
<sultry_spirit{Omy}> LOL
<sultry_spirit{Omy}> go for it private_sassy{CP} *wink*
<Copper> but if playing a part lets you express something you might not have before - isnt't tha just another level of accrptance/submission
<bridgeit> sounds like a school girl to me
<Copper> ?>
<OMY> Well that's part of the school girl scene private_sassy{CP}...so your all set!!
<private_sassy{CP}> i can't see Corporal Punishment as a school teacher
<BernieRoehl> The giggling could easily be part of the roleplay, private_sassy{CP} -- laughing in class, for example
<bridgeit> for sure, or worse yet, laughing at the Teacher
<bridgeit> that'll get ya in trouble
<private_sassy{CP}> so maybe a school girl would not be that big a stretch for me
<sultry_spirit{Omy}> depending on the role , I would think copper. It could be dangeous if the character trigers something in someones mind. That's when communitation between both has to be strong
<OMY> How do you figure that Copper? So when I role play I am showing another level of Dominance?
<Copper> I'm actually thinking that it might be a way to explore something that you have no experience with
<Copper> (remember i'm new)
<sultry_spirit{Omy}> I would think roleplaying would be fun.
<OMY> How about CP as the vice-principle private_sassy{CP}?
<private_sassy{CP}> oh boy
<private_sassy{CP}> see i'm getting myself in trouble already
<private_sassy{CP}> lol
* jewel`{F} pictures CP more as the Dean
<seeria> lol
<Copper> If you can give someone a seniero (I also can't spell) you can have a "levle of defined reaction and the gage what happens fromthere
<private_sassy{CP}> lol
<OMY> 1Laughing 140ut 1Loud
<sultry_spirit{Omy}> or a teaching telling you a lay for an A private_sassy{CP} .. lol
<OMY> Dean of the School of Hard Knocks? 1Laughing 140ut 1Loud
* private_sassy{CP} sees CP more as a Drill Seargent
<sultry_spirit{Omy}> well I guess I'll soon have the expirences of roleplying .. Won't I M'Lord? You Chief , me indian *wink*
<seeria> Seargent Payne... let me teach you how to deal with the pain!
<Omy> I maybe over generalizing, but I think the schoolgirl roleplay is pretty common and not to much of a stetch. What about other roles...which ones were interesting?
<seeria> pirates = )
<private_sassy{CP}> i have not done any......but this conversation has intrigued me
<Omy> Pirates?
<Copper> Do we have to hold knives in our teeth?
<seeria> haha
<Copper> CAN we hold knives in out teeth?
<_dove{S}> lol
<Omy> yes and do floggers at 20 paces
<seeria> wouldn't be much different than a prisoner/guard deal i would think. Just set more back in history, pirates pillaged and plundered and kept the women
<private_sassy{CP}> mmmmmmmmmm floggers
<Copper> at sunut
<Copper> SunUp
<Copper> at 40 paces
<seeria> at the crack of a whip? lol
<Copper> as we crack it at Dawn
<bridgeit> has anyone done medical play
<Copper> that would be Dawn the great priate.
<Sweet1`> or pony/puppy play allowing the animal side to come out
<BernieRoehl> I have, bridgeit, though it's not really my thing (I'm not into needle play, which is often part of the doctor/patient scenarios)
<Omy> No..no medical play...although I have thought about the Doctor and the umm head nurse
<bridgeit> for me i prefer if the roles also mix age play
<BernieRoehl> Ageplay is very popular, and can be part of the other scenarios
<mE-AFK> mmmnnnn medical play
<Omy> Isn't the schoolgirl thing a form of age play?
<bridgeit> for sure
<BernieRoehl> Absolutely, Omy
<private_sassy{CP}> i would think so
<bridgeit> but what i am saying, is if i was playing Doctor/patient, i would want to be a young patient, perhaps a school girl
<Copper> How about the NEW young doctot and the older patient
<bridgeit> can get complicated and a challenge to stay in role for a long period of time
<Copper> ala Mrs Robinson
<sultry_spirit{Omy}> and how about just looking around us.. What comes to mind when your out camping or something. Role play can be very interesting.. Bigfoot and his toy?!
<Omy> Bondage Gorilla and the chimp?
<Copper> lol
<sultry_spirit{Omy}> lol
<sultry_spirit{Omy}> something like that
<seeria> lol
<bridgeit> age play the opposite way wouldnt appeal to me but thats interesting, i wonder how many that do age play like to be young or old or will play both
<private_sassy{CP}> bringing my dog cage to camp so if Sir wants to do puppy play
* sultry_spirit{Omy} nods
<Omy> anyone done roleplay where the roles are more everyday...like Boss and secretary?
<sultry_spirit{Omy}> that's not roleplay M'Lord.. That's reality!
<sultry_spirit{Omy}> well.. not the way you play it
<sultry_spirit{Omy}> scrach that
<sultry_spirit{Omy}> I didn't say a word
<private_sassy{CP}> lol
* sultry_spirit{Omy} kneels quietly zipping her mouth shut
<seeria> we can always take roles from novels we've read, at least the char's personality but give it our own "ending' so to speak
<Omy> ohh there is an interesting idea
<sultry_spirit{Omy}> little red riding hood?
<bridgeit> Rhett and scarlett
<Omy> Sir Stephen and O
<private_sassy{CP}> there was a D/s couple if there ever was one
<private_sassy{CP}> Rhett i mean
<sultry_spirit{Omy}> The Love Slave
<SirGriz> I am partial to the Wolf and little red riding hood.....lol
<sultry_spirit{Omy}> Sleeping Beuti was a good book...
<SirGriz> all three of them
<sultry_spirit{Omy}> Beauti.. sorry typo
<bridgeit> sitting on Santas knee can be fun
<seeria> I guess for the big time sadistics, taking chars from Stephen King books might work lol
<bridgeit> seeria shhhhh
<Copper> As someome completely new to this, who is just beginning to communicate feelings and wants, I think roll playing could give an unsure sub a way to express what she/he may not be able to say in words. The TEACHER/STUDENT play we have been talking about with (let us admit ) a bit of "old had distain" can be a good way for a new sub to try to express her/his ideas and feelings. We all know what he rolls are supposed to be an
<sultry_spirit{Omy}> hmmm... Sleeping Beauti by Anne Rice was wicked!
<SirGriz> I have the collection
<sultry_spirit{Omy}> yes copper
<sultry_spirit{Omy}> it can be a good way, and a journal is a wonderful way as well.
<sultry_spirit{Omy}> Oh! someones journal. now that can be an interesting book to roleplay
<Copper> I am looking forward to the Jounaling chat in august
<seeria> me too
<private_sassy{CP}> my journal would not make a good scene
<private_sassy{CP}> lol
<seeria> lol
<Copper> sence when has good sence has anything to do with it?
<sultry_spirit{Omy}> but the emotion, and passion in ones journal can make a wonderful character and help the submissive to let go, and help the Dom to see more clearly . right?
<Omy> Agreed sultry_spirit{Omy}
<seeria> *nods*
<Copper> that is also when the trust factor comes in
<BernieRoehl> So what are the things that go into making a roleplay scene work?
<Omy> Consent of each partner
<Copper> both players want it?
<bridgeit> active creative participants,
<Copper> potential learning from it
<Omy> some fore thought into what you want to accomplish
<bridgeit> some props
<Copper> Hey Omy - are you lookin over my shoulder
<sultry_spirit{Omy}> mind set and eager
<Copper> ?
<Omy> I think props, costumes, and location are helpful
<seeria> lol
<Omy> I was about to ask you the same Copper ;)
<Copper> lol
<seeria> planning. perhaps not overly scripted but at least an outline? or just let it flow as it will.
<bridgeit> i think there can only be a start to the scene and the rest has to be off the cuff
<ModBot> There are only about five minutes left in the formal part of tonight's discussion. Does anyone have any last-minute thoughts on the subject?
<Copper> I think it can be a great learning tool for both sides
<bridgeit> planning too much would make it hard to incorporate if surprising the other
<Omy> I think seeria that having an outline is helpful...use it as a guideline and then then the energy flow and see whwre it takes you
<sultry_spirit{Omy}> when roleplaying does it really need a script?. I mean, can't you improvide and let your imagination go. I would think one can really open up that way.. non?
<bridgeit> sultry i agree with u
<sultry_spirit{Omy}> typo.. improvise
<spankablecyn> Although I collect and make costumes it still will not influence the scene or direct what my Dom wants to do, sometimes it can
<seeria> some planning must be done. Dom/me's plan out a scene to an extent, no reason it wouldn't be similar for a rp session
<Omy> Actually I don't seeria
<sultry_spirit{Omy}> agree, planning and knowing what is the foundation of the scene.
<sultry_spirit{Omy}> but not to know all
<seeria> explain, please
<sultry_spirit{Omy}> it would take the surprise out of it and also the fun
<Copper> I think roll playing can be a tool to help new subs as well. Give them a comfort zone and then you know where to move from.
<Omy> I do have a starting point...and then I just let the energy take over....that's why I have a big toy bag <eg>
* sultry_spirit{Omy} nods
<Copper> lol
<leatherdoll> hello everyone
<spankablecyn> When we do role play it is impromptu, usually started by single sentance
<sultry_spirit{Omy}> M'Lord, you have more then just the one " big bag "...
<bridgeit> yes spankable thats our way too
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<sultry_spirit{Omy}> or action .. i think so spankablecyn