June 22, 2003 EhBC Online Discussion

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<`abi> decent music ... please god ... no Cher
<naughtyvickie> lol abi
<naughtyvickie> music does set the mood
<jewel`{F}> no bubble gum pop stuff either
<`abi> it sure does naughtyvickie ... it can make or break a scene for me
* Indulgenc luvs enigma personally " principles of lust"
<Kenjiro> well prepped Monitors
<naughtyvickie> i like to have Culture Clubs "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me" playing lol
<Indulgenc> thts good too:P
<Indulgenc> hehe
<jewel`{F}> what about having a variety of equipment?
<Kenjiro> open door policy is good
<`abi> why do you think that's good Kenjiro?
<`abi> I have a preference for ticketed events
<Kenjiro> why ticketed? makes for a large party, yes?
<`abi> well, most of the events I attend are ticketed and they sell out
<`abi> but knowing that people can't just walk in off the street makes me feel more comfortable
<Kenjiro> I have only gone to a small number of play parties. I am abit public shy.
* `abi nods ... do you feel more comfortable with an open door policy?
<Kenjiro> I too prefer the ones with security. But also I enjoy the smaller ones where it is private, and the security are all involved.
<Kenjiro> yes, in a private setting. I believe large parties are all in open areas, at least the ones I have attended.
<Indulgenc> Laters:)
<`abi> well, we generally refer to about 4 levels of public/private
<Kenjiro> what have others experienced that was good?
<jewel`{F}> what are you meaning by "open door" Kenjiro?
<`abi> public....where anyone can walk in off the street
<`abi> ticketed ... where people must be known and purchase tickets in advance, but which are held in large venues
<`abi> private parties ... which are by invitation only ... usually in someone's home
<Kenjiro> jewel`F: in a private party, no door is allowed to close so that d.monitors can always check in on those at play for safety.
<`abi> and private ... between two people
<`abi> ahhhh...is that what you mean by open door Kenjiro?
<Kenjiro> y
* `abi smiles ... alright ... I misunderstood
<jewel`{F}> okay, any party i have been to the "play area" is pretty much open, with a few more private areas but yes for the most part the doors are left open
<Kenjiro> nods
<Kenjiro> areas for different kinds of play, and spot lights on certain techniques early
<Kenjiro> then free play after a break
<Kenjiro> quiet area for rest
<`abi> it's interesting that the format and style of different venues varies considerably ... and more so from community to community
<jewel`{F}> but don't most organizers make sure of some basics?
<`abi> I think that one of the really nice things about so many regular fet-events popping up is that people can find the kind of atmosphere that suits their scene-style best
<`abi> what would you consider the basics to be jewel?
<jewel`{F}> socializing area, sectioned off play area, cool down area, refreshents if only drinks, and safety features like DMs and first aid areas
<slave_earl> is there usually a dress code or can subs and slaves be kept naked?
* `abi nods ... I agree ... and I think if those basics are handled well, then the event will be successful ... even if other factors are variable
<`abi> depends on the venue earl ... some venues allow full nudity ... others do not allow genital nudity
<`abi> it often has to do with liquor licensing
<Kirspin> Strickly Private parties, then the Host makes his or her own rules regarding Nudity
<_cassie> also if it's considered a private "club" with membership (even if it's just for the night).
<`abi> what do people think about dress codes for parties...the other end of the spectrum is events which enforce a fetwear dresscode
<`abi> flash your Northbound tag or you don't get through the door
<yummy> i don't have enough fet wear to qualify, so if an event is "dress to impress" i normally stay home
<Kirspin> Fet wear is expensive, so I stay away from Parties demanding full leather, also I like my comfort
<jewel`{F}> closest i have to fet wear is my renassaince outfit, or a cheerleader costume i made for a "school girl" event
<Kirspin> thats sometimes okay, except maybe for Northbound events
<Kenjiro> one can always make leather clothing
<Kirspin> Yes true, I have Chaps and leather too but again I guess I am lazy but in Hot and humidmweather I like to be comfortableand cool
<Kenjiro> or black clothing, or go au natural. . . .
<Kirspin> Especially if you as a Dom are doing lots of flogging etc, its hot work!
<Kenjiro> Black linen
<jewel`{F}> You could always be like KO and wear a skirt
<Kirspin> Thats a A Kilt, not a skirt and it is a huge garment, goes around several times too
<jewel`{F}> lol, i know
<Kenjiro> I think it is more whether you and yours have a good time, not what you wear
<Lady_Meadows> and wool if I'm not mistaken
<`abi> so, what makes for a good time Kenjiro?
<jewel`{F}> good company
<Kenjiro> come, abi . . . . I'll show you . . .
<Kirspin> probably some are not as heavy but do beleive his is all Wool
<Kenjiro> I think if people are good with one another
<`abi> lol
<Kenjiro> follow the house rules and Monitors guidance
<slave_earl> what makes a good time, the people!
<`abi> what creates that intangible 'chemistry' at an event?
<Kenjiro> and can expect a safe and fun place, without too many distractions
<Kenjiro> that is a long way there. Also, if you can make some friendships
<Kenjiro> learn some things, share some things, then it is a good day.
<Kenjiro> it is a complex question. Timing can be a big issue as well.
<Kenjiro> when the event is.
<jewel`{F}> Kenjiro have you been to any of the local events that you would say you enjoyed?
<Kenjiro> a few.
<Kenjiro> yes.
<Kenjiro> of course
<jewel`{F}> i have only been to DAL and KNaNO, i enjoyed them both extremely
<Kirspin> Last October I played in Public at Steelfetto, really enjoyed that evening too
<krista-F> i enjoy being with friends....that is what makes it for me.....personally
<jewel`{F}> Steeletto is one event that i would really like to get to when Master's schdule will allow it
<Kenjiro> friends makes the world
<krista-F> when i am feeling adventurous....i travel out of town
<Kenjiro> make the world
<krista-F> when i need to feel..loved and cared for...i attend my home club
<_cassie> Is Stelletto similar to Dal and KnaNO?
<`abi> yes cassie ... Steeletto is a Hamilton event
<krista-F> yes.....it is cassie...i have been to steeletto...great event
<jewel`{F}> from what i have heard cassie, yes
<Kenjiro> why so good ?
<krista-F> large play space
<krista-F> great hosts
<Kirspin> Sterelfetto has lots of Space and lotsd of play stations
<krista-F> well run
<Kenjiro> ic
<Kenjiro> how to make play parties easier for newbies? Should we do anything?
<krista-F> friendliness always goes a long way Kenjiro .....
<`abi> a very good question Kenjiro .... everyone has their first party ....what makes it a good vs. bad experience?
<naughtyvickie> maybe have someone who has been there stay with the newbie and show them the ropes
<`abi> literally naughtyvickie ;)
<jewel`{F}> i was lucky enough to have some very good friends that prepared me for it before hand, letting me know what to expect, how to deal with anything i had questions with etc
<krista-F> i remember going to DAL the first time.......
<krista-F> had no clue...was going to wear jeans and a t-shirt....
<Kirspin> I think its good if you are a new person, just go to a Party and watch, its good education for next time
<krista-F> a local sub took me shopping and helped me find something appropriate....
<naughtyvickie> i had a friend who allowed me to follow her around the first time i was at DAL
<krista-F> i would have really felt out of place if she had not
<Kenjiro> watch once or twice then look to play is a good guideline.
<`abi> naw krista-F ... you could have just ripped some stragic holes in the jeans and t-shirt ;)
<krista-F> i know that now......but didn't then!!
<krista-F> or hell.just take em off
<`abi> lol..ya, that'd work too
<DarkAngel^{rt}> MMmmmm quiet here tonight
<krista-F> i had my mouth runnin a min ago Sir
<`abi> well, DA ... you're the expert ... what makes a good play party?
<naughtyvickie> a temp guide would help a newbie feel mor at home
<victoria_angel> DA - everyone was talking about good parties - and i understand your is one of the better ones - wink
<jewel`{F}> for my first party i was dressed much like i would have for a semi formal vanilla event
<DarkAngel^{rt}> I started that rummour victoria_angel ... lol
<DarkAngel^{rt}> no expert here `abi ,,, I am still learning
<DarkAngel^{rt}> I immagine the focus is on a house party ?
<Kirspin> All parties not just private ones
<DarkAngel^{rt}> the majority of people planning a party would be doing a private house one
<Achilles{tr}> A party can have equipment, DM's, food and a great soundtrack but it will always come down to the chemistry of those attending whether the party will be 'good' or not.
<DarkAngel^{rt}> absolutely Achilles{tr}
<DarkAngel^{rt}> you have to make your own fun
<Achilles{tr}> However, DA and His crew do seem to have the skill for providing an environment where such chemistries can flourish.
* DarkAngel^{rt} sits back to listen to the discussion ,,,, I am taking notes
<DarkAngel^{rt}> I have never had a house party ,,, what makes them different ?
* DarkAngel^{rt} winks at rhiannon{KO} ,,, the house party queen
<rhiannon{KO}> ok DA i get the hint..LOL...i thik what makes them different is the fact most of the people know eachother..
<jewel`{F}> i would hope a lot fewer people than are at one of Yours Sir, i can't imagine having to clean up the house after over 100 people had been through it
<rhiannon{KO}> AND the rules are different..;)
<krista-F> i have only been to one house party...and it was the only time i have ever been injured....
<Kenjiro> how do you introduce new people to your parties rhiannonKO?
* DarkAngel^{rt} is hungry for some reason
<rhiannon{KO}> i would bring them to a couple of munches first...introduce them to a few of O/our friends, then i would be with them or close by them the night of the party....some private parties can be overwhelming to a new person.
<soulful_kitten> oh for sure i would have to agree, my first one i was very overwhelmed
<Kenjiro> it is true. So you would get to know them first, and let them get to know you
* DarkAngel^{rt} was shy at his first Play Party
<soulful_kitten> my first one scared the bejesus out of me
<krista-F> me too
<rhiannon{KO}> for sure Kenjiro. i would never invite a stranger to one of O/our house parties.
<Kenjiro> I remember mine was a peak experience, but I also traveled to a big city to do it
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<Kenjiro> It was as amazing as it was overwhelming.
<krista-F> i would never invite strangers to a vanilla party i was hosting either
<Kenjiro> true
<Kenjiro> good point.
<rhiannon{KO}> there is a whole new set of rules the govern public and priviate parties....and some parties would scare the crap out of some people.
<`abi> the whole dead people things scares alot ;)
<krista-F> dead people???????????
<krista-F> eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
<rhiannon{KO}> i should say, a different set of rules that govern each.
<DarkAngel^{rt}> lol
<Kenjiro> naw, really, The Irish started it.
<DarkAngel^{rt}> hey ,,, we cleaned that up
<soulful_kitten> for some who have not seen/expierenced edge play that is scarey, also it is different the first time you watch others play than when you do it yourself
<rhiannon{KO}> LOL....yup, just take your dead with Y/you.
<Kenjiro> one good stiff deserves another.
<Kenjiro> edge play is not dead play.
<krista-F> what is dead play...never heard of it....
<krista-F> i live a sheltered life....
* rhiannon{KO} doesn't think she has ever heard of dead play....i know there is "playing dead" but what is dead play???????
<DarkAngel^{rt}> just a joke krista-F ,,, that at an intimate private house party ,,, there can be almost NO rules ,,, with the joking exception for participants "to take care of their own dead"
<krista-F> thanks Sir....hate to be the dumb ass of the group
<DarkAngel^{rt}> actually you have a nice ass dear
<Kenjiro> lets not talk about necrofilia. (sp.) I've heard it so much it is like beating a dead horse.
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<rhiannon{KO}> hummmmmmmm Dumb Ass=DA...nope krista-F, i don't think you are the DA of the group... hehehehehehehe