May 25, 2003 EhBC Online Discussion

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<ravenswolf> ahhh there it is
<earl{MS}> or is it becky in descise
<earl{MS}> ooops, never could spell
<earl{MS}> this should be an easy topic since most of you are in your youth
<`abi> I don't even remember mine
<pandora``> i get depressed when i try to remember mine, it seems so long ago!
<earl{MS}> because its not over yet?
<`abi> I'm sure the mokly one remembers hers
<kneels_in_heels> runs amuck
<kneels_in_heels> what do i remember?
<`abi> your wayward youth
<`abi> the road to bDSM
<pandora``> how about wayward adulthood?
<`abi> well, Picasso did say that it takes a long time to grow young
<kneels_in_heels> actually..i dont remember ever not having bdsm fantasies..i was kinky as soon as i was sexual..i didnt realise that i was a "sub" until about 5 or 6 years ago though
<kneels_in_heels> my earliest related memory would being about 5 and wanting to play "bad men" with my brothers friends
<pandora``> i always had "submissive" thoughts i guess, from my 20's, i used to have fantasies about it, but it wasn't till i was in my 40's that i started to do something about it, i just thought i was weird till that point
<`abi> geez kneels ... they were just learning to tie their shoelaces ... how were they gonna tie you up?
<pandora``> lol
<kneels_in_heels> well i remember getting frustrated with them because i always had to explain to them what i wanted them to do
<`abi> lol..did they accuse you of topping from the bottom?
<kneels_in_heels> i remember being 14 and trying to get my boyfriend to spank me
<kneels_in_heels> lol
<earl{MS}> can remember fantacies that go back over 50 years
<`abi> you think that 'kink' is a sexual orientation which is innate?
<`abi> to ask the nature vs. nurture question
<kneels_in_heels> for me it was abi
<pandora``> i think for me it was too
<pandora``> i just wanted someone to take control, that has been there as long as i can remember
<kneels_in_heels> i think the submissive part perhaps is more nuture and nature..but the kinky side of me had those thoughts before i had any idea what sex was
<earl{MS}> do you really think its a sexual orientation?
<ravenswolf> someone posed a question somewhere that has always made me wonder - do people without bdsm inclinations even know it's there - do they even recognize it in the world - unless it's introduced to them or thrust in front of their faces
<earl{MS}> kneels_in_heels, my fantacies also go back before sex
<kneels_in_heels> no..i mean that aspect of me was kinky before i knew what kink or sex was...the sub part isnt sexual earl{MS}
<`abi> I think that many people are blissfully unaware that it exists ravenswolf
<`abi> almost everyone I've ever met in the lifestyle has said that they always thought they were the only ones ... and just weird
<earl{MS}> abi, why? is a good question
<ravenswolf> yesss but do those people have bdsm inclinations? - or do you have to be inclinded to the lifestyle regardless of when you explore it to even stumble upon it
<`abi> because it hasn't been a mainstream lifestyle earl ... and even now, it is more underground than aboveground
<`abi> well, it depends on where you draw the line ravenswolf
<`abi> if you ask how many people have ever tied their partners up ... the numbers are quite high
<`abi> even higher if you ask how many have spanked a partner
<`abi> is that BDSM?
* `abi shrugs
<earl{MS}> abi, probably
<ravenswolf> so the real question is where do you draw the line between kink and bdsm? if such a line can be drawn
<Symmetre> :-)
<`abi> but many people who do those things, don't think of them as BDSM ... they think of them as 'spicy' sex
<earl{MS}> stigm?
<`abi> and they would object strongly to being labelled 'kinky'
<earl{MS}> a
<pandora``> i never thought as spanking or being tied up as bdsm, i just thought it was mildly kinky
<`abi> precisely pandora
<`abi> so, even those people don't really have to recognize or understand that there are people who are hardwired differently
<`abi> and since for the most part, we don't go around broadcasting our orientation, it's quite possible for them to go about in blissful ignorance
<earl{MS}> interesting
<`abi> until they find out that their partner has been visiting a Dominatrix in his spare time
<ravenswolf> which leads us back to things you our youth that leads us to bdsm
<ravenswolf> sheesh in our your
<ravenswolf> our
<ravenswolf> youth
* Symmetre used to get a lil kid woodie playing Pirates with the other kids ... especially the neighbor girlie
<`abi> ohh...word games ... I love word games ;)
<abitbent> :)
<ravenswolf> lol would like to be able to type
* abitbent played house with a couple neighbourhood girls and i always wanted to play the part of the dog.
<Symmetre> loved capturing other kids then tying them up for interrogation
<`abi> it's interesting that psychologists believe that one of the functions of play is to learn
<abitbent> Did anyone else notice that something was "different" about their likes, even before adolesence?
<`abi> do you think that children playing those games are 'learning' dominance and submission?
<Symmetre> none of the other kids got into the nazi interrogation scenes in war movies like I did
<earl{MS}> abi, do you think the learning of D/s is limited only to playing games or does it occur in normal interaction of children?
<`abi> I don't know that it is learned at all earl
<earl{MS}> i.e. some lead, some follow
<`abi> I think it's possible that the play reflects characteristics which are already present
<earl{MS}> yes, characteristics may be inate but the experiences teach the how to
<`abi> well, I think that it's possible that positive experience influence self awareness ... yes
<`abi> if the experience of being tied, restricted, controlled is a pleasurable one .. then you will likely look for more opportunities to experience that
<`abi> and as you get older ... the opportunities change
<abitbent> amen
<abitbent> for that
<ravenswolf> no kidding
* `abi smiles at abitbent
<`abi> yes, somehow the cowboy hats have lost their appeal for me over the years ;)
<`abi> the boots however, I still like
<earl{MS}> and the rope?
<ravenswolf> and the realllyyy tight jeans
<`abi> the addition of chaps is nice
<abitbent> it's funny because i no longer seek Mistresses who look like wonderwoman any longer either.
<abitbent> :-P
<`abi> little abitbent is growing up ;)
<abitbent> lol.. i'm getting there.
<earl{MS}> wonderwoman, the one with the whip?
<abitbent> sure that works earl{MS}
<abitbent> lol
<`abi> what about teenage years ...
<`abi> anyone feel markedly different from their peers?
<earl{MS}> that's an understatement
<`abi> I think it was a substatement ... but yanno
<abitbent> definately.. but i tried my hardest to blend in.
<`abi> were you consciously aware of what it was that made you different abitbent?
<abitbent> from the start abi... it surfaced for me the first time i gathered with friends to look at some stolen playboy books.. ... had no idea why it did nothing gor me.
<abitbent> for me
<`abi> because I think that I always felt like I didn't fit in, without really understanding why
* `abi smiles at the Gorean slip ;0
<abitbent> this one is far from gor.. lol
<`abi> we're all just a fantasy away from gor abitbent
<abitbent> conversations with your girlfriends had you nodding when the topic of sex came.. but inside you were thinking different thoughts?
<`abi> speaking of which .... what kind of books did people read?
<abitbent> joy of sex... and eventually The Story of O
<`abi> did my question about reading material get here before I poofed?
<ravenswolf> yeppers
<earl{MS}> loved the story of O
<`abi> I remember reading "Pretty Maids All in A Row" when I was about 12 and being completely fascinated by the fisting scenes
<subcdn> I read the usual male magazines
<earl{MS}> is it a fair observation that most people start with bondage fantacies?
<abitbent> i find it interesting.. that the hardwired D.s folk that i seem to gravitate to... always seem to have recollections of feeling different since childhood.
<abitbent> it was for me earl{MS}
<`abi> I didn't really earl
<ravenswolf> me also earl{MS}
<subcdn> I didn't earl
<earl{MS}> by the way, am still a bondgae slut
<`abi> interestingly earliest fantasies were slavery fantasies ... ownership, service
<subcdn> that is similar to mine abi
<abitbent> that's neat abi.. that's something that didn't manifest in me until i started to realize what d.s was.
<subcdn> bondage wasn't a requirement
* `abi nods to subcdn .... confinement, yes .. bondage, no
<earl{MS}> was probably in my thirties before any thoughts of slavery came into it
<`abi> I used tp
<`abi> oops
<`abi> I used to 'confine' myself .... I always liked to make my world smaller
<earl{MS}> isn't that a form of bondage?
<`abi> that's still a large part of what BDSM does for me ... for periods of time, my world gets quite small .... physically and psychologically
<`abi> I consider bondage to involve being bound in some way earl
<earl{MS}> abi, just that Mistress considers being caged as a form of bondage
<abitbent> physical restriction of movement?
* `abi nods to earl ... we all define things a little differently earl
<`abi> yes abitbent ... I actually dislike tight bondage ... confinement and tight restriction of movement are very different experiences for me
<earl{MS}> it was once said that a slave was in bondage just by being a slave, human bondage
<earl{MS}> there seems to be broad and varied definitions of bondage
<subcdn> isn't that a mental restriction rather than a physical one
<`abi> I don't believe that even Meriam Webster restricts itself to one definition of very many terms
* `abi waits for the Bots last call
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<`abi> tada
<`abi> my only last thoughts are that it definitely gets to be more interesting when you grow up
<ravenswolf> i definately agree abi
<abitbent> it's my thought.. that true inner kink is usually born.. not bred.
<earl{MS}> then it took me 57 years to grow up, just slow i guess
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