May 23, 2004 EhBC Online Discussion

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<dana^^^> hello Eeveryone
<_dove{S}> hello dana
<dana^^^> hello dove
<dana^^^> are you getting this storm too?
<_dove{S}> dunno, i'm out of town
<dana^^^> its wicked
<krista-F> hmmmmm big crowd.....hello A/all
<dana^^^> hello krista
<_dove{S}> This discussion definitely falls under "Moving Too Slow"
<krista-F> hello dana.....hi dove....
<dana^^^> lol
<_dove{S}> hello krista-F
<dana^^^> well i wish i had moved slower in some areas and faster in others.. lol
<krista-F> i get any slower i'll be at a dead stop.....
<dana^^^> lol
<krista-F> no.wait thats my knees..
<_dove{S}> dana, care to expand?
<dana^^^> is at a dead stop... ended a long distance relationship i thought had a future
<krista-F> that is always sad
<_dove{S}> long distance in itself is quite a challenge
<dana^^^> well.. my best friend was caming with him... lol.. they just met too... now thats fast
<krista-F> i have always been an intense person.....and i have probably done more in my time in the life than most.
<dana^^^> it is dove.. he was less than 5 hours
<krista-F> not wise perhaps....but just my way
<_dove{S}> i did the long distance thing for 4 years
<dana^^^> i was involved with a Dom from boston for over 3 years... meeting every month or so.. still bittersweet though
<dana^^^> this came outta no where so im still a little confused...
<_dove{S}> Do you find that distance slows things down, or speeds them up?
<dana^^^> thats a good question... in many ways it speeds up the getting to know you but without meeting its very hard to read...
<dana^^^> i need to see a person's eyes.. their body...
<dana^^^> but meeting.. well.. its hard not to uh.. well ya know
<dana^^^> lol
<_dove{S}> lol
<_dove{S}> the lack of real time slows some things down, but imo it speeds other things up because of limited opportunity
<dana^^^> when you spend as much time as i did just talking to him... you get to understand a little more than offline...
<dana^^^> geesh what do i know.. lol... ive been abandoned.. lol
<_dove{S}> It's true that communications tend to become quite deep, because of distance
<dana^^^> i do like the idea of just talking... about everything and anything
<_dove{S}> nods - that's healthy for any relationship
<dana^^^> especially on voice... webcam... but its still so limited...
<_dove{S}> yes, it's very limited, nothing replaces our other senses
<dana^^^> so true dove...
<dana^^^> so then you meet face to face...
<_dove{S}> smiles
<_dove{S}> krista - are there some things you would have done slower or faster, given a second chance?
<dana^^^> may i ask if your relationship started online or offline
<_dove{S}> i met Skyhawk here, at a Sunday discussion
<krista-F> yes....i would have gotten a lot more knowledge before i got so involved
<dana^^^> understanding your self more krista?
<_dove{S}> i agree krista, i think many of us launch head first, and hope the knowledge catches up
<dana^^^> i spent months just reflecting after ending the first relationship... helped run a room for questions and answers...
<krista-F> i undertook formal training.real time
<krista-F> and it made all the difference for me
<dana^^^> im very secure in who i am now... what i need...
<_dove{S}> experience is a good teacher dana
<dana^^^> very good teacher... and some of the discussion topics really made you look within...
<krista-F> and teachers can be a good experience
<dana^^^> the key is to be positive... embrace what is right for you
<_dove{S}> the trick is to find out what is right for you, imo
<krista-F> it is
<dana^^^> or Who is right for you.. smiles
<_dove{S}> amen to that
<dana^^^> so what are some redflags with moving too fast
<dana^^^> or too slow
<_dove{S}> Moving too fast - being asked to make decisions or to play in areas that you don't understand yet
<dana^^^> thats a very good one...
<dana^^^> giving control over too fast?
<_dove{S}> That happens often, imo, and is usually unhealthy
<dana^^^> i agree but its something i find myself doing without really thinking about it...
<dana^^^> after talking for weeks that is...
<_dove{S}> i found myself doing the same thing, you're not alone *smiles*
<dana^^^> smiles.. thank you dove... needed to hear that...
<dana^^^> ive been questioning every thing lately...
<_dove{S}> learned a valuable lesson though...... slowing down on offering control makes it a lot more meaningful
<dana^^^> yes it does...
<becky> hey A/all.. guess the storming outside kinda kept everyone from the chat
<_dove{S}> hello becky
<krista-F> hi becky
<dana^^^> hello becky... it just passed over here...
<becky> hiya _dove{S} *hugz*
<becky> hiya krista-F
<becky> hey dana
<becky> yes here too.. thats why i didn't bother getting here earlier
* kierana{DRFL} settles in comfortably to listen to the discussion
<dana^^^> are there redflags that you are moving too slowly?
<_dove{S}> frustration, boredom
<dana^^^> restlessness
<kierana{DRFL}> i think that if you feel that something is moving too slowly then it prolly is...time to chat with the One you're with
<_dove{S}> in my case, i tend to want to move too fast, if left to my own devices
<dana^^^> and if he says its not time to meet...?
<dana^^^> same here dove...
<_dove{S}> you growl, you whine, you pout, you wait, and then you say through gritted teeth that He was right to wait
<kierana{DRFL}> lol dove
<dana^^^> smiles...
<kierana{DRFL}> now, is it just D/s issues that is moving too fast or slow...or the whole relationship?
<_dove{S}> It can be anything kierana, imo
* kierana{DRFL} smiles THAT case!!! lol...
<_dove{S}> LOL
<dana^^^> for myself.. i think he was pushing too fast ... not really taking time to let me get use to each little level... as for meeting... that was too slow
<_dove{S}> Your comfort is very important dana
<kierana{DRFL}> *nods*...did you discuss meeting...and nothing happened, or He just couldn't get to where you are?...and i agree with dove...the pace of the learning curve should be comfortable for you
<dana^^^> i can see that now
<dana^^^> it was postponed a few times...
<dana^^^> well with me it
<_dove{S}> i went headfirst, 6 years ago......... i did the "gift of submission" thing...... and didn't understand half of what i had signed up for.
<kierana{DRFL}> that happens sometimes...dana
<dana^^^> he just met the other... lol
<kierana{DRFL}> lol dove...same here...Master and i met at a munch and talked for 8 hours...collared a month later...but almost 2yrs later i wouldn't change a thing
<dana^^^> did that too dove but this time i didnt question myself... i just accept who i am now...
<_dove{S}> That was part of my problem dana, i *didn't* question enough
<dana^^^> i didnt look at the redflags... but my submission to him was comfortable in many ways...
<_dove{S}> That's wonderful kierana - sometimes things just click
* kierana{DRFL} smiles well, it hasn't always been smooth sailing...but...that's the too slow thing
<_dove{S}> i'd be concerned if things were perfect, kierana - life would be boring
<dana^^^> lol
<dana^^^> so true
<kierana{DRFL}> ohhh i agree there, dove
<kierana{DRFL}> i find that outside influences like kids, and family, and work schedules tend to slow down the progress of learning in Oour relationship
<_dove{S}> Good point kierana - real life can't be ignored
<kierana{DRFL}>'s frustrating...
<_dove{S}> tell me about it LOL
<kierana{DRFL}> lololol
<_dove{S}> what - no dinner? *pouts*
<shareena> lol
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<dana^^^> fast or slow... learn from your mistakes... be positive... smiles..