May 18, 2003 EhBC Online Discussion

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<`abi> apparently there aren't very many frantic people
<earl{MS}> really big group tonight
<`abi> was your search frantic earl?
<earl{MS}> no, it was not
<`abi> so what do you think makes people frantic?
<QTIP> loneliness
* `abi nods to QTIP
<`abi> so any relationship is better than no relationship QTIP?
<QTIP> i'm not the one to ask. i haven't been in a relationship for 2 yrs
<QTIP> i guess i'm not frantic enough
<earl{MS}> this one was very lucky, met Mistress soon after joining alt, but if had to do it over again would probably have a much more difficult time finding someone
<`abi> so, you're not the frantic type either then
<QTIP> hard to say earl{MS}. sometimes things just click
<`abi> how did you know that it was the right relationship for you earl?
<earl{MS}> abi, will try to answer that...
<earl{MS}> took a couple of months
<earl{MS}> this one got ill, had a couple of heart attacks
<earl{MS}> went through open heart surgery
<earl{MS}> W/we had not know each other that well, She could have left, just gone away or sent this one away but she did not, She got even closer...
<earl{MS}> found out later that She was truely concerned and was very shaken by the whole thing
<QTIP> special
<`abi> I'm sure it was difficult for her, being so far away
<earl{MS}> W/we finally got a chance to meet about 7 months later, after having been on line and on phone only for about 10 months...
<`abi> worth the wait, I'm sure
<earl{MS}> W/we went out to eat and then to Her house, W/we had a great time over the next four days, W/we both said it was the best time of our lives (to others without knowing W/we had both said the same thing.
<`abi> so, what has kept you out of a relationship for 2 years QTIP?
<QTIP> my mother was quite ill for a few years and passed away. i was the local sib and oversaw her care
<QTIP> that took a lot of time
<`abi> doesn't leave alot of time for frantic relationships
<QTIP> as that began i had a sub living with me. we parted amicably
<QTIP> one thing i realized after mom died was that, to protect myself i naturally keep emotional "distance"
<QTIP> i don't know if that is part of my kink or not
<QTIP> it's not that i'm not intimate on more then a sexual level
<QTIP> i don't mind talking over problems in the relationship
<`abi> but you've become a little self-protective?
<earl{MS}> QTIP, may this one ask You a question?
<QTIP> Quit Taking It Personally is something i'm looking at
<QTIP> no need to ask earl
<earl{MS}> were You the One who asked Your sub to leave?
<QTIP> i did
<QTIP> i'm seeing a Kink Aware psychologist now. one of the things we're talking about is my motivation for emotional distance
<QTIP> it's an old habit.
<QTIP> very old
<`abi> one you wish to break?
<QTIP> why i asked the sub to leave was her messy nature. her dog had puked on the carpet. i noticed it when i let him out one morning and asked her to clean it up. when i let the dog out the next morning and the puke was still there, it was the final straw
<earl{MS}> it did not have anything to do with Your mother's illness?
<QTIP> that was difficult. i can't say it didn't weigh in my decision
<QTIP> as i said the dog puke was the final straw. there was more going on than that
<QTIP> as it was i helped her move. she had belongings here a year after she left. free storage. it was i who moved that stuff out.
<QTIP> she still asks me to bring over somethings she can't if she doesn't own a car
<QTIP> geez
<QTIP> am i too nice a guy?
<`abi> dunno..what's too nice?
<QTIP> well, as i said, we parted amicably enough. not that she wasn't hurt when i asked her to leave. i consider myself her friend
<QTIP> but...
<QTIP> there's doing someone a favor and being taken advantage of
<earl{MS}> QTIP, if it were this one, Mistress would probably start out by saying, "Now listen slave!"
<`abi> so, aside from loneliness, what propels frantic relationship searches?
<QTIP> we weren't in a M/s relationship. she was a relative newbie. i was going slow. in truth i don't know if i have the consistancy of nature to maintain a D/s relationship
<QTIP> i like to joke around
<QTIP> i'm not always "on"
<`abi> hmmmm
<`abi> can't joke around in an M/s relationship?
<earl{MS}> and who is always "on"?
<QTIP> i've met a few who live life to an extreme which is quite rare
<earl{MS}> every one is different, got to go with what works for You
<`abi> I'm not sure that I see D/s as necessarily negating the ability to have a good time
<QTIP> hard to say `abi. some want control demanded from them more consistantly than others
<earl{MS}> abi, though it was about having a good time
<`abi> well, I don't think that having a good time negates control either QTIP
<earl{MS}> as well as other things
<QTIP> or should i have said, "control demanded of them..."
<`abi> personally, I have a great need for consistant control .... I also have a great need to have a good time
<`abi> and it seems that both are quite possible
* aliceunchained asks abi do the two not go hand in hand
<QTIP> did you hear of Dennis Rodman's latest marriage? his wife and her kids have a seperate home. he says it's best they only visit on weekends ;-)
<`abi> I don't know about hand-in-hand alice, they aren't dependant upon one another
<`abi> but they certainly can co-exist I think
<aliceunchained> no, my thoughts were that for the best experiences when the two conditions exist it is an ideal balance
<aliceunchained> those are the things i have seen in my short experience that many search for
<aliceunchained> patience during ones search is the key, if one rushes they are in for dissapointment
<`abi> QTIP ... do you think that submissives expect you to be "on" all the time, or is it something you expect of yourself?
<QTIP> i'm a 51 yr old bachelor abi. i'm not afraid to be alone. i rarely get lonely. at times what i desire is my time alone
<QTIP> it's not that i don't enjoy my time in a relationship
<QTIP> it's not that i keep myself unavailable
<QTIP> i do ask to be alone at times as well
<`abi> and do you see a BDSM partner as an intrusion into that...from an emotional perspective?
<QTIP> not at all
<QTIP> let's make the distinction between bdsm and a D/s or M/s relationship though
<QTIP> when i was just starting out i was a "do-me". i looked for other do mes to play with
<QTIP> there are quite a few out there
<QTIP> i was just learning
<QTIP> i still am ;-)
<aliceunchained> as we all are each day
<`abi> I think that eventually, we learn to see consistancy in layers
<Kilted_One> the day you stop is the day you die
<`abi> and when that happens ... there isn't such a need to be 'on'
<QTIP> now bdsm sex is interesting from both sides of do me and D/s
<QTIP> the top trains the bottom, the bottom trains the top
<earl{MS}> what of D/s without sex?
<Kilted_One> there is no need for sex in a D/s relatioship
<QTIP> i know a woman who's been with her Master for over 20 yrs. i'd consider her a human doormat. their relationship is extreme. not to my taste. but i believe she invited that type of training and treatment
<earl{MS}> Kilted_One, Your telling this one!!!
<deanna`> evening
<Kilted_One> evening deanna`
<Kilted_One> yes earl{MS}, as I said there is no need for sex in a D/s relationship
* `abi waits for the but
<Kilted_One> who's butt?? ;)
<Kilted_One> I have known a few relationships that had no sexual intercourse in them
<`abi> but I think that for a submissive ... sexual submission is often an intrinsic part of the relationship
<earl{MS}> Kilted_One, You may add this one to that list
<QTIP> i'm thinking of a couple from texas, M/s, both gay. they really don't answer much about what goes on sexually
<`abi> it's hard to separate the sexual self from the non-sexual self
<QTIP> oh..male/female and both gay
<krista-F> i have had non sexual relationships....within the D/s realm
* deanna` agrees with abi
<Kilted_One> I agree abigaille and the sexual part of it is very big for me too, but I have know D/s relationships that didnt have any sexual intercourse within the relationship
<krista-F> we related sexually on many levels.but tdid not have intercourse for a number of reasons
* `abi nods to KO ... yes, I'm not suggesting that they don't exist ... only that for most people the two things are separate, but entwined
<Kilted_One> and I guess there are levels of sexuality within the relationship as well, without going to the intercourse level
<`abi> there is a distinction between sexual and sensual as well
<krista-F> i have played casually with many different epople....if i had intercourse with all of them id be dead by now....
<earl{MS}> LOL
<`abi> but do you consider the casual play to be a sensual experience krista?
<krista-F> oh god .it can be.....
<Kilted_One> when I think about it I have had a few short lived D/s relationships that never got to the sexual intercourse level, but there was plenty of sexual content to them
<krista-F> but i am a pain slut you know
<krista-F> so....pain can often provide my satisfaction
<krista-F> depends on the person
<krista-F> my mood
<krista-F> our relationship
<krista-F> i have a Dom i play regularly with.and have for some time....i have never even kissed him intimately...
<`abi> is there an association between pain and sexual satisfaction for you krista
<krista-F> yes...much of the time.......
<krista-F> i don't process pain as most doesnt hurt me the same....
<krista-F> it is more an makes me feel alive
* `abi nods ... that's what I mean by an entwining of the sexual self with the non-sexual self ... it's often difficult to see exactly where they overlap, but they usually do I think
<krista-F> i am a very sexual person......i have to work to keep that side of myself in some semblance of control
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<QTIP> ah control ;-)
<krista-F> im still like those teen aged boys...ruled by hormones
<QTIP> i've heard that the the intellect is the tiller...passion is the gale. for some letting go of the tiller is the joy
<krista-F> interesting analogy
<QTIP> what do you think you let go of when in scene krista-F?
<Kilted_One> how would you let go of your intellect??
<QTIP> out of the head, into the feelings KO
<`abi> by doing something f*cking stupid KO ;)
<krista-F> my control......
<QTIP> but you said you keep some semblance of control still krista-F
<krista-F> yes.......i have to..
<QTIP> what might happen if you let go completely?
<krista-F> for to do less would be cannot just have six with everyone...
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<Kilted_One> how about 5 then krista-F <EG>