May 16, 2004 EhBC Online Discussion

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<`abi> so...what do you want to know then jewel
<jewel`{F}> how to hide the toybag so the kids don't find it?
<`abi> leave it at your Master's
<`abi> next question
<shareena_> hi everyone
<`abi> hello shareena_
<`abi> so...what's wrong with this picture...all the newbies are at Knano and we're here trying to remember what it was like to be a newbie
<jewel`{F}> lol abi
<`abi> maybe we can be born-again newbies
<`abi> hello catsbrat{CM}
<`abi> are you a newbie?
<catsbrat{CM}> hello abi
<`abi> pandora! the perfect newbie!
* pandora`` takes a bow and refuses to let abi get to her! *g*
<`abi> lol
<catsbrat{CM}> well been in the lifestyle for 2 yrs so ya i would consider myself a newbie
<pandora``> and btw, good evening A/all
<`abi> now that's interesting catsbrat{CM}... 2 years is quite a long time in BDSM years...why do you still consider yourself a newbie?
* jewel`{F} waves hello to the very pretty perfect pandora``
<pandora``> for the sake of discussion, i could pretend to be a newbie
<pandora``> hiya jewel`{F}, it was good to see you today
<`abi> we've been trying to fake it pandora``'s not going so well
<lorraine> newbie to this chatroom community
<`abi> any surprises lorraine?
<pandora``> k, so here goes, being new to the scene, what does it take to meet the "perfect Dom"
<`abi> meeting about 100 imperfect ones as I understand it
<lorraine> well nobody really talks much, lol
<catsbrat{CM}> because i know there is alot i need to learn
<pandora``> lol, been there, got the t-shirt
<`abi> it's a very strange place for mimes to gather lorraine ... but we like it ;)
<lorraine> :)
<`abi> like what catsbrat{CM}?
<lorraine> guess I fit in jus fine
<shareena_> everyone's definition of "perfect" is different i would think pandora``
<`abi> well, yes..but don't let us discourage you lorraine ... talking is allowed
<pandora``> i agree shareena_, i was just trying to be funny
<shareena_> oh ok
<lorraine> actually, I could consider myself a real newbie, Im looking into swtching
<`abi> and you've been exclusively submissive or dominant up until now lorraine?
<Justice> hope you brought your questions then lorraine
<lorraine> submissive
<`abi> so what has you interested in switching?
<pandora``> what has made you decide to try switching?
<catsbrat{CM}> i guess its the different protocols and there are alot of implements i haven't tried
<lorraine> my Master and I believe I reached my furthes platue in masochism,
<`abi> interesting
<lorraine> I want to teach my experiences, to allow others enjoyment
<pandora``> so as i read it, you are more into the physical aspect, are you are not interested in exploring the service, or D/s side?
<lorraine> yes
<lorraine> maybe Im just getting old, lol
<`abi> lol....I don't think age turns you into a Dominant
<lorraine> lol, nor do i
<`abi> if it did, I'd be topping a stable
<`abi> hello dana_foreveralways
<pandora``> no i don't either, but i wonder if there comes a point where you have gone as far as you can as a bottom, and need a further challenge?
<pandora``> you can top me any time abi!
<dana_foreveralways> hello abi
<pandora``> hi dana_foreveralways
<`abi> hasn't happened so far ... one horizon always seems to lead to another for me
<dana_foreveralways> hi pandora
* `abi backspaces about a dozen responses to pandora's post
<dana_foreveralways> hello Eeveryone...
<lorraine> I need to take my self control to a more challenged level
<`abi> so dana...jump right in ... do you consider yourself to be a newbie?
<dana_foreveralways> hmm... more like experienced learner...
<`abi> that's a good way to put it dana
<pandora``> me neither abi, this was just a thought that came to mind, and being one who is always curious about things, i wonder if at some point the challenge ceases as a bottom and where does one go from there
<dana_foreveralways> grins... thank you abi..
<`abi> I suppose it's possible pandora
<lorraine> thats were i fell Im at now pandora
<jewel`{F}> to parenting pandora``?
<lorraine> feel
<`abi> but I just can't see it as a 'progressive' sort of thing
<`abi> and interstingly enough...the more submission I experience, the more of challenge to my self-control it becomes
<pandora``> for me, i love service, it's where i want to be, it's not about learning, it's about being what i am, so i don't feel the need to explore other avenues, but others might
<lorraine> ones forever growing, in mind, spirit and soul I believe
<pandora``> thats a good point abi, for me the challenge is always in my self-control, being able to maintain the decorum and dignity that is expected of me, even under adverse situations
<`abi> but, I keep discovering places that I didn't know existed, so who knows...maybe someday someone will push my Dominant button
<dana_foreveralways> i do understand that pandora... atleast in knowing who you are and what your needs are
<`abi> and you're very good at it pandora`` haven't slapped me once for calling you perfect
<`abi> are you planning to go about exploring your Dominant side lorraine?
<pandora``> sorry, Sir just called, so i couldn't slap abe
<pandora``> abi
<`abi> lol..he wouldn't let you?
<lorraine> I started a few years back , by taking control of myself..... I under went a major transition in my life, now its time to allow the true me to live
<pandora``> oh he would indeed, he loves seeing me top other women!
<`abi> that does seem to be a universal Dom thing
<`abi> or possibly a universal Guy thing
<dana_foreveralways> knows its a Guy thing...
<dana_foreveralways> lol
<`abi> hello dove
<`abi> are you a newbie?
<_dove{S}> hello abi
* `abi smiles innocently
<_dove{S}> old as dirt........... oh you mean in the lifestyle? *grins*
<`abi> does that make you a dirty old lady?
<_dove{S}> works for me abi
* jewel`{F} bites her tongue
<`abi> are you allowed to do that jewel?
<`abi> self-scening ... tsk, tsk
<pandora``> lol
* catsbrat{CM} giggles
<jewel`{F}> yup, cause it keeps me from saying something that may hurt me later
<_dove{S}> well now i'm curious jewel
<jewel`{F}> about dove?
<_dove{S}> well i dunno, whatever you're biting your tongue about jewel
<_dove{S}> Are there no newbies in the group?
<`abi> no, they're all at Knano!
<_dove{S}> figures
* `abi mutters and bitches and whines
<dana_foreveralways> lol
* _dove{S} sees some new names
<pandora``> i keep trying to think of things i wanted to know as a newbie, so i can ask some newbie type questions, but i can't remember what i wanted to know then!
<`abi> you mean all I have to do to be a newbie is change my name?
<`abi> I wanted to know if I was too old
<_dove{S}> i wanted to know if i had to like pain
<`abi> apparently they don't check ID's
<catsbrat{CM}> well i have a question
<jewel`{F}> oh oh oh
<pandora``> ask away catsbrat{CM}
<jewel`{F}> i've got a newbie type question
<catsbrat{CM}> did any of you as newbies have trouble getting to different events?
<_dove{S}> It took me 6 years to get to an event catsbrat{CM}
<`abi> well, when I started, there were only about 2 a year!
<pandora``> i was scared to death of going to events! fortunately i met someone in the scene who took me in hand and introduced me
<`abi> so it wasn't as easy as it is now
<`abi> what is it that you're finding difficult catsbrat{CM}?
<catsbrat{CM}> i would love to go to the different events but i don't have my license and no way to get to different events
<`abi> it's a logistical thing
<_dove{S}> i've seen emails from others looking for rides catsbrat{CM}
<catsbrat{CM}> i have tried that _dove{S} and no luck
<_dove{S}> Are you from this area catsbrat{CM}?
<catsbrat{CM}> i am in St. Thomas
<`abi> well...hmmmm.....solution.... get your license?
<_dove{S}> i know people in London, but not St. Thomas
<catsbrat{CM}> trying about half way of saving up the $100.00
<tenacity> well, that's good catsbrat{CM}
<_dove{S}> lol
<tenacity> what are you most looking forward to about attending events catsbrat{CM}?
<lorraine> where are these events held
<tenacity> Kitchener, London, Toronto, Hamilton, Woodstock, Stratford, Guelph
<catsbrat{CM}> meeting the people i have talked to online and experiencing the aviance of of the events
<lorraine> so there is some here in london, cool thans
<lorraine> than
<tenacity> can find them on the ehbc website
<_dove{S}> yes lorraine, there are munches and DAL in London, as well as workshops
<lorraine> k, didnt think my k was working, must be the fingers, lol
<catsbrat{CM}> haven't been to London munch in almost a yr
<jewel`{F}> great group in London lorraine
<Miss_Kristaz> Im in london
<tenacity> hello Miss_Kristaz ... didn't see you sneak in
<tenacity> are you a newbie?
<jewel`{F}> have you been out to any munches Miss_Kristaz?
<lorraine> I take its best to talk to Dark Angel about the london community
<tenacity> depends on what you want to know lorraine
<_dove{S}> i believe jewel is active in the London community?
<Miss_Kristaz> yes i have
<tenacity> but DA is certainly knowledgeable, yes
* tenacity tries to erase that from the log so he doesn't get a swellder head
<jewel`{F}> yes dove i get to the munches regularly
<_dove{S}> too late
<lorraine> atending munches, workshops, and events
<dana_foreveralways> fantastic group in London...
<_dove{S}> lorraine perhaps you could ask jewel
<lorraine> :)
<jewel`{F}> recently if i may ask Miss_Kristaz?
<Miss_Kristaz> yes i was at the last one
<jewel`{F}> i admit, trying to put a face to the nick
<tenacity> hello Prathen ... home already?
<jewel`{F}> hi Prathen
<Prathen> Hi tenacity, jewel. Yeah, I decided to head back early, was not really anything to do there for me.
<jewel`{F}> no one to talk to Prathen?
<jewel`{F}> hi b24h
<tenacity> hell b24h
<b24h> greetingd
<tenacity> are you a newbie?
<b24h> kind of bit of lurker
* Prathen shakes his head. "Not really jewel
<tenacity> hmmmm....
<b24h> used to look in 3 yrs ago
<tenacity> so, you're a relurker then
<b24h> Yup
<tenacity> Prathen is pretty new...what are your observations as a newbie Prathen?
<Prathen> If at all possible, do not go to events alone
<Prathen> The people I have met have all been very nice
<tenacity> I'd say that's actually pretty good advice, at least as far as play parties are concerned
<Prathen> But most keep to their own circle
<tenacity> they can be a little overwhelming at first
<Miss_Kristaz> hello
<catsbrat{CM}> play parties can be very overwelming
<Prathen> I think I am going to keep away from the large play parties. I have been to two, and I left both early
<lorraine> at the moment alone is all I have to go on
<b24h> why did you leave?
<Prathen> I have the same problem lorraine.
<tenacity> I know that alot of people feel more comfortable once they've gone to a few munches and know some people
<Prathen> I left because there was not really much there for me to do b24h. I do not really know anyone
<lorraine> at least we got something in common now, lol
<tenacity> even then it helps to have someone who can tell you about what you're seeing
<Prathen> That is true tenacity
<Prathen> And you can only stand and watch for so long
<catsbrat{CM}> and envy
<dana_foreveralways> has the same problem... not knowing a soul but ive made the first step and actually walked through the door at the last munch..
<b24h> ahh,might help if there was someone to guide newcomers
<Prathen> I went to the last munch, and the brunch that was today
<Prathen> As well as the workshop and playparty in Hamilton last month, and the playpartie today
<jewel`{F}> getting out to that first munch seems to be the hardest step
<lorraine> Im looking to attend the next london munch, at least its a starting point, besides chatting here
<Prathen> Hi brit
<catsbrat{CM}> tell me about it jewel`{F} first munch i was soooooooooooo nervous
<kw_brit> lo all
<dana_foreveralways> it was jewel... actually it was my second munch in over a year.. lol
<lorraine> people just have the tendence to stay away from me
<jewel`{F}> lorraine you will find that over all London group is very warm and welcoming
<Prathen> I think I am just going to go to the local munch and brunch until I am more known, and see if I get invited to small gatherings
<lorraine> hasnt found london to welcoming so far
<Prathen> I think I would to a lot better in a smaller crowd
<dana_foreveralways> so agrees with that jewel..
<catsbrat{CM}> i found london very welcoming
<lorraine> and I lived here all my life
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<jewel`{F}> i have most of my life as well lorraine
<dana_foreveralways> thinks nametags would help though.. lol
<dana_foreveralways> i was so nervous i couldnt remember mine
<jewel`{F}> being new can be a very daunting thing
<lorraine> its my other lifestyle which eople are afraid to approach me from
<Prathen> hopefully soon I will get put on the email list
<catsbrat{CM}> is there anything we can do to help newbies?
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