May 11, 2003 EhBC Online Discussion

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<DarkAngel^{rt}> kewl ,, not sure if we will be or not ,,, I have DAL in June as well
<melissa{G}> that is the first venue that does not conflict with work and childcare
<DarkAngel^{rt}> who is moderating tonight Justice ?
<Justice> no moderator DA - unless you want to <grin>
<kneels> sees she is the topic of discussion tonight
<DarkAngel^{rt}> no thanks Justice ,,, lol
<DarkAngel^{rt}> speeking of cronic disapline problems ,,, *winking at kneels*
<kneels> smiles sweetly at DarkAngel^{rt}
<DarkAngel^{rt}> do you have a chronic disapline problem kneels ?
<kneels> nah, i may be challenging..but i know when not to cross the line
<DarkAngel^{rt}> brb
<Sweet1`> we must be a good bunch if there are no chronic discipline problems to
<Justice> another topic anyone? lol
<earl{MS}> to answer Justice, does anyone want to talk about different types of bondage?
<arhiannah> hey dovie
<_dove> hi arhiannah
<_dove> Evening folks - what happened to the discussion?
<Justice> just so the log isn't totally empty, victoria_angel says: chronic discipline problems to me means change partner, something isn't working
<_dove> works for me
<arhiannah> hiya DA
<_dove> hello DarkAngel
<DarkAngel^{rt}> a quiet discussion tonight ?
* DarkAngel^{rt} strugles notto say hello ,,, since he was just instructed not to by the bot
<Justice> we have one commment so far DA
<DarkAngel^{rt}> lol
<DarkAngel^{rt}> sounds like there is junst not enough disaplie Justice
<_dove> seems like we've all ignored the bot..... would that be a discipline problem? lol
<DarkAngel^{rt}> bad _dove ,,, bad birdy
<DarkAngel^{rt}> actually ,, have we met _dove ?
* DarkAngel^{rt} throws caution to the wind ,, and hugs and gropes arhiannah
<_dove> nods.. in channel yes.. i have been to some of the discussions that You've been at *s*
* arhiannah purrs and cops a feel
<_dove> lol
<DarkAngel^{rt}> oh I have never been to any _dove ,, this is my first time here ,, I am a virgin
* DarkAngel^{rt} *innocent smile*
<arhiannah> *coughs*
<_dove> umm okay *looks at Justice* how come HE gets away with the innocent look?
<_dove> hello krista-F
<DarkAngel^{rt}> cause I have better disapline ,,,, see
<arhiannah> hi krista
<krista-F> hello A/all
<Justice> we believe it from him dove
<_dove> sheesh
<DarkAngel^{rt}> care to re-intro then _dove ? ... I have a terrible memory
* _dove is 45, female sub, Cambridge area
<_dove> oops
<_dove> 46
* DarkAngel^{rt} winks at ,, but doesnt do the hello to krista-F ,,, finding a loophole in the bot's instructions
<DarkAngel^{rt}> nice to re-meet you _dove
<_dove> nice to re-meet You as well DarkAngel
* DarkAngel^{rt} <-- old ugly guy who bothers women and is a perv
<Baerd> Hello everyone, brand new to IRC, finally decided to check it our from dssg
<_dove> hello Baerd
<ModBot> There are only about five minutes left in the formal part of tonight's discussion. Does anyone have any last-minute thoughts on the subject?
<arhiannah> brb
<DarkAngel^{rt}> nice to meet Baerd,, do also check out the DSSG room as well then ,, #Kinky-Toronto
<DarkAngel^{rt}> Mmmm my thoughts ,,, are ,,, -- yes , it is a subject
<DarkAngel^{rt}> been to any Munches yet _dove ? ... I do think Cambridge has one again
<DarkAngel^{rt}> I havent been to it yet though
<_dove> phone brb
<DarkAngel^{rt}> wow Justice ,,, them subs have no disapline ,,, we should have a topic about disapline problems one night
<DarkAngel^{rt}> disiplin too ,,,lol
<Justice> was thinking about that ... maybe tell Bernie and he can put one on the schedule
<Baerd> I think I may end up going to my first munch in the next couple months..
<DarkAngel^{rt}> where from Baerd ?
<Baerd> Kitchener..
<DarkAngel^{rt}> ahhh ,,, sorry to hear about that
<Baerd> LOL.. you?
<DarkAngel^{rt}> lol
<DarkAngel^{rt}> allow me to intro
* DarkAngel^{rt} is a straight Dom Male,,38, one green eye, one brown eyed Mutant, from London area of Ontario Canada, Host of the London Munch, Co-Host of the Woodstock Munch, Host of Dark Angel's Lair - DAL (Private Play Party), Chief DM of Snow-Bound 2003, defender of evil, corrupter of the innocent, Owner and operator of his R/L slave rosethorns{DA}
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<ModBot> Thank you to everyone who participated in the discussion.
<Baerd> the 'corrupter of the innocent' sounds like good work if you can get it.. lol