May 4, 2003 EhBC Online Discussion

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<earl{MS}> having a hard time keeping up with the pace of this discussion
<subjugate_me> considers going to write in my journal
<earl{MS}> subjugate_me, may this one ask what you put in your journal?
<subjugate_me> i put what ever needs to be let out in words
<subjugate_me> the topic could be anything
<earl{MS}> activities, feelings, desires?
<subjugate_me> tends to be my time to reflect
<Sir_StephenS> writers often express the same sentiment, subjugate_me, about needing to put things into words
<earl{MS}> private thoughts?
<subjugate_me> i tend not to be private in my thoughts while writing,,the private thoughts often stay inside.
<rose{MD}> Sometimes for my journals i like to read certain articles in bdsm sites and write what they make me feel or think
<rose{MD}> And how they may be able to help in my submission to Master
<earl{MS}> rose{MD}, does your Master read it?
<rose{MD}> Yes He does. Right now He is not online so i send them to Him via snail mail
<rose{MD}> He does not always comment on them or at least not right away but He does read them
<earl{MS}> do you use it to communicate things that would be otherwise difficult to convey?
<rose{MD}> Yes i do. Things i think, feel, activities i would maybe like to experience. What scares me How it scares me
<shadoe{S}> rose.. is your journal online?
<subjugate_me> when i think of a journal being used as a communication tool obviously gives the Dom insight but it also helps bond the submissive to Him
<rose{MD}> no i use my own e-mail to write and send to Master when He has His puter working
<rose{MD}> This is true subjugate. It helps Him to understand your moods too
<shadoe{S}> is anyone here using an online journal.. or is it more private?
<earl{MS}> rose{MD}, is there anything you would not put in your journal?
<rose{MD}> Not anymore there isn't . i know i should not keep anything from Master. But i used to till i became more confident in what i was writing
<earl{MS}> rose{MD}, have you ever used it to convey your feelings when He has hurt or upset you?
<rose{MD}> oh yes. When i was with Him last year He had me write in a notebook
<rose{MD}> One time i was quite angry at Him and i wrote about it and what i felt,
<shadoe{S}> so i'm taking it that everyone here who has a journal.. is doing a personal journal.. not an online one?
<rose{MD}> He left it till the next day after we both thought about it and then we talked
<earl{MS}> rose{MD}, thank you, your comments have been very helpful
<rose{MD}> your quite welcome earl
<shadoe{S}> hey terri
<tc_terri> Hi shadoe
<shadoe{S}> i'm trying to find out if people are doing personal journals or online ones.. so that i can join in the discussion
<tc_terri> I started an online journal
<shadoe{S}> however, i'm not having luck with that questions.. terri.. do you journal? is it personal or online.. jewel? do you?
<subjugate_me> i find it hard to write as often as i should
<_dove> online as in public?
<shadoe{S}> yes.. as in public dove
<_dove> thanks shadoe{S}
<jewel`{F}> i do both, online and a hand written one
<tc_terri> mine is online, but only one person besides me has access to it
<rose{MD}> subjugate i write every day even if it is only to say i had a lousy day
<jewel`{F}> both were at Master's suggestion
<shadoe{S}> cool terri.. so in a sense it's still personal as only one other has access
<shadoe{S}> jewel... do others have access to yours?
<tc_terri> true
<subjugate_me> writing has not made its way faithfully into my busy routine
<tc_terri> ditto I'm afraid,
<jewel`{F}> they help me to work through and deal with things, or feelings i may be needing to sort out, as well it lets Master see how i am doing, what i am dealing with both in our relationship, and everyday life
<earl{MS}> do not keep a journal, but write fiction and poems to Mistress to convey things but so far have kept to positive subjects only
<tc_terri> i'll write daily for a bit,then loose the discipline
<ravenswolf> it's hard to write faithfully - but i've found it's kinda like exercise - the more you write the more you want to
<rose{MD}> i have done it since the beginning with Master over 18 months ago It has become routine now
<shadoe{S}> rose.. if your journal were public.. do you think you would censor the information in it?
<shadoe{S}> even if you were trying to convey a message?
<jewel`{F}> oh i am sure if they looked hard enough shadoe{S} they could find mine, but it really isn't all that interesting, mostly venting about kids and raging hormones right now
<rose{MD}> if it was public for anyone to see yes i would have to censor it . There are things i wish only Master to read.
<shadoe{S}> kids and hormones are valid *s*.. it can affect a relationship
<rose{MD}> i feel for you jewel cause i think i am going through the hormone thing too
<shadoe{S}> so rose, hypothetically.. if your Master would request your journal become public.. and assuming you use it as a communication tool.. how would you then approach the communication aspect?
<jewel`{F}> oh not me rose{MD} my girls, they are 9 and 13
<rose{MD}> i would do as i am told. Write it all if it pleased Him.
* jewel`{F} is so hoping she survives puberty
<rose{MD}> ohoh sorry didn't mean to make you age there jewel lol
<jewel`{F}> no problem rose i am not far from that
<rose{MD}> *w*
<shadoe{S}> a journal, both private and public, is your own thoughts.. feelings.. can you honestly say that you put everything in there? knowing that someone else will read?
<jewel`{F}> i do
<jewel`{F}> Master requires honesty from me
<rose{MD}> Mine to jewel even if it hurts one or both of us in some way. Still helps us grow
<jewel`{F}> there are times my writing "style" will vary, and sometimes i will hold back till i have sorted through the feelings first
<shadoe{S}> i think that might be one of the benefits
<shadoe{S}> because you know someone else (ie Master) will read your words.. you really really think about the emotion behind them
<shadoe{S}> and make sure that it's a valid emotion.. much better than the knee-jerk reactions we sometimes fall into
<jewel`{F}> not so much in censoring, i am finding it is also helping me to better search my feelings, to know what they are, frustration vs anger
<jewel`{F}> that sort of thing
<shadoe{S}> my journal is online.. so i do have to censor.. sometimes because i refer to people outside of my relationship. and so i'd need their permission to go into any great detail
<jewel`{F}> i am having to find the correct wording at times to get my feelings out
<shadoe{S}> but also because Himself is a private person and doesnt want all of our personal life all over the net
<jewel`{F}> anytime i am talking about someone other than myself, Master, family, kids, i don't use names in my online journal
<shadoe{S}> me too jewel
<jewel`{F}> i do have names for people,
<jewel`{F}> even family etc
<jewel`{F}> just not ones that would be comonly known
<Sir_StephenS> has anyone considered blogging? its basically a web log of sorts, and usually includes observations, commentary of some sort; the format seems good to mantain reader interest and still be personal
<jewel`{F}> i am not that computer literate, Master is the computer geek
<shadoe{S}> my online journal is essentially the same as blogging
<subjugate_me> sound like a good format,,,seems it would provide a outline or routine instead of just letting out emotion
<Sir_StephenS> thats cool shadoe{S}
<Sir_StephenS> yes subjugate_me...they frame their experiences to make them readable, while still being keenly felt
<earl{MS}> does A/anyone think that a journal is NOT a good idea?
<_dove> There are situations where i think a journal is not a good idea, yes.
<Sir_StephenS> I think that sharing a journal can be NOT a good idea, and the sharing may be forced..also a bummer
<victoria_angel> i kept a journal years back and it was not a good experience for me, when it was read and reacted to by my Master
<_dove> If communication isn't good without a journal, the journal can make things worse
<ravenswolf> and if a journal is a form of venting or exploring emotions and mis read then it can be misconstrued
<tc_terri> I use it as a way of exploring emotions
<Sir_StephenS> the act of journalling itself I think is almost always a good thing; the reading of it by another may or not be
<tc_terri> helps me understand myself more
<victoria_angel> in my case, i put in my feelings, but the interpretation was made that i was misled or misguided and therefore, it was believed that i was not actually feeling what i expressed
<_dove> Agreed, Sir Stephen, i keep a journal for myself - it helps me vent and work things out. Having it read by another is a different story
<ravenswolf> i agree - my journal is a very personal thing - having someone else read it is not necessarily a positive experience
<Sir_StephenS> thats too bad victoria_angel; I guess the criticism was that you were not doing authentic journalling, whatever that is
<victoria_angel> no, i think i told too much of the truth and He could not accept what i wrote
<subjugate_me> In an ideal world ...just think of the closeness if one can write all and share all.
<tc_terri> very true subjugate_me
<subjugate_me> and if all was excepted
<Sir_StephenS> for sure, subjugate_me; could you imagine where you can say everything and anything to another person, without fear
<tc_terri> it isn't always easy to express emotional turmoils, It can be used as a tool for partners to understand each other
<subjugate_me> i imagine it all the time.
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<subjugate_me> The journal as a communication tool ..the pen and paper of trust.
<tc_terri> thats a nice way of saying it
<ravenswolf> very eloquent
<_dove> nicely said
<subjugate_me> thank you very much.
<Sir_StephenS> its interesting to think of the journal as form of writing, for an audience, as a form of communication
<tc_terri> so many Dominants ask there subs to write a journal, I wonder why the subs don't as a rule, read the Dominants journal ?
<_dove> Interesting question
<tc_terri> funny, until this moment, I've never thought of a Domme keeping a journal
<Sir_StephenS> thats a very fair question, tc_terri; I see no reason in principle why a Doms journal should not be shared with their sub
<tc_terri> I wonder......................?
<_dove> i've never heard of a Dominant keeping a journal, but it's a valid thought
<Sir_StephenS> not that I would ever do it, though
<ravenswolf> why not Sir Stephen?
<Sir_StephenS> just not my cup of tea, I guess...I don't have a good reason
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