May 1, 2005 EhBC Online Discussion

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<fierydezires> Greetings A/all
<paperclip[B]> :)
<cailinnn> smiles
* nightmans sit's down next to Titan and watching chat
<Omy> SO to start this ball rolling..what are some of the issues in Balancing D/s and R/l folks have been having?
* fierydezires pokes nightmans as he walks by
<Titan> lol
* nightmans ouch
<fierydezires> lol
<Titan> price of bus tickets went up
<nightmans> when topic at work or outher place get a little twisted few thing can slip out
<Omy> One of my issues has been balancing my personal/work life. Being self employed I've put in over 300 hrs in April. Just about everyone is ticked at me
<paperclip[B]> not having kids myself, i wonder how a D/s relationship works when there are children around.
<krista-F> rut roh
* minxy nods
<fierydezires> the issues i have been having are children and medical issues that have been detering
<krista-F> i can get next to those medical things....being a woman of advanced years
<Omy> Yes fierydezires I can appreciate slave came down with a case of shingles about 10 days ago
<krista-F> submission and menopause are not a really compatable mix
<Omy> We had to put everything on hold and concentrate on getting her healthy
<fierydezires> well my problem is balancing medical problems and dealing with family issues and still trying to keep up witht he lifestly some have a hard time dealing with both at time
<Omy> You have to take care of your health...if you don't you have nothing
<fierydezires> shingles are a very painful condition
<fierydezires> yes i know that for sure Omy
<Ausage> I consider D/s a normal part of my life... What I have observed over the years is that when my relationships are not doing well, my D/s life is not either... If the relaitonshops (work, love, family, commuity) are healthy, my D/s life is too
<Omy> I've found there are always family issues of some kind or the other. I've found that I can ignore them for a bit..the serious ones always seem to rise to the top
<dragon-fly> Ausage.. i seem to have found exactly the opposite ... it seems to be either or for me ..
<dragon-fly> i am however attempting to change that outcome
<minxy> For me, it's work that interferes. i'm not working, and He works ALL the time.
<dragon-fly> i am certain that there has to be an achievable balance somewhere.. just finding it is a challenge
<kierana{DRFL}> some days i find there is more D/s than other's always there, just sometimes in the background, humming away
<Omy> Work will always interfere...nothing we can do about that but try to manage...there will be periods where you HAVE to work..and other you COULD work. I try to ensure that those COULD periods are balanced with the other areas of my life
<krista-F> that is how it is for me a backdrop to my existance....
<paperclip[B]> i honestly don't put much thought into it. it's just something i do and part of who i am. the only time i really have to watch myself is around my family. i'm pretty open about this stuff so even some people at work know.
<nightmans> i have talked to one sub where one of her frend kid's was spanking her and calling her back in front of many ppl and trying to get aroused
<nightmans> not get
<kierana{DRFL}> there are ways to be D/s even with family and kids around...little things, like serving your One first
<Omy> With me being a High Protocol Dominant, we haven't had too much trouble keeping the pilot light going. It also helps that sultry doesn't ahve to leave for work until 9:30 that gives us a hour most mornings
<shadoe> am i too late to ask for a description of a high protocol dominant?
<nightmans> i was woundering that my self
<Titan> nay think 40 mins left
<`abi{A}> it's never too late to light that gernade shadoe ;)
<`abi{A}> grenade
* Ausage smiles at `abi{A}
<Omy> Out of the context of the topic tonight shadoe, but you can PM me at 10
<Sweet1`> I think it is important to the discussion...after all, how do you balance high protocol with real life?
<shadoe> umm.. i don't think so you've used the term in relevance to the discussion tonight
<shadoe> i dont think asking for clarification is for naught
<Omy> Let me try a short sentence version...We use protocols and rituals to keep the spark alive
<nightmans> thnak you Omy
<shadoe> i see.. and what would you describe those protocols and rituals as?
<shadoe> i'm sorry..i'm truly late.. so am trying to catch up
<shadoe> quick answers are greatly appreciated
<Ausage> Protocols and rituals are part of all "normal" activities... they are the lubrication of society
<Omy> Not sure I'm following you shadoe.
<shadoe> Ausage.. are you suggesting we aren't any different than any other sect of society?
<Ausage> What exactly are the D/s High Protocols varies from person to person, region to region
<Ausage> Exactly shadoe... the fundations of our life style are same as the foundations of all life styles
<shadoe> well Omy... you are saying you use protocol and rituals to keep the spark alive.. how is that different than any other walk of life? All walks of life have a certain set of mores that they follow.
* nightmans think where geting off topic
<shadoe> Ausage.. perfect.. thank you
<Omy> There are differences shadoe...and they can't be discussed here...we are drifting off topic
<shadoe> ah.. well then please direct me back
<`abi{A}> actually, it's quite on the rituals of D/s conflict with r/l?
<Sweet1`> not really Omy, it is relevant as to how you balance them with real life
<Ausage> What I said earlier is that when the non D/s parts of my life (which are actually D/s) are in balance, everything is in balance
<MasterGuny> I know my rituals don't they just enhance my life
<Omy> There is no conflict abi
<shadoe> it's about rituals and the lifestyle.. no? and i'm suggesting that all lifestyles have their own set of rituals... ergo.. we aren't that unique
<Sweet1`> how do you accomplish that Omy?
<Omy> The protocols may change...for example...sultry always walks on my left
<`abi{A}> certainly not unique in the fact that we have rituals shadoe...but perhaps the rituals differ?
<nightmans> that would be a good one Omy
<Omy> however, if her daughter is around, she'll serve me first with both hands...if it's just her and me, she's on her knees
<shadoe> yep they do abi.. that's the best part
* `abi{A} thinks aurelle is too tall to be tyne ;)
<aurelle> rofl
<Titan> whos who lol
<`abi{A}> I'd agree shadoe ...but given that they differ...does that create a conflict?
<shadoe> okay.. Himself and i have a ton of rituals.. but i can bet if we weren't in this lifestyle.. i'd still by leaving a thermos of tea beside his side of the bed every morning before i left for work
<Omy> If it's creatign conflict then maybe the details of the protocol or ritual needs to be examined
<`abi{A}> do you have any rituals that you wouldn't likely have if you weren't D/s?
<shadoe> that's not a lifestyle ritual.. that's a dominant personality and a submissive personality.. working out their mutual arrangement together
<shadoe> some people live like that their entire life without the label
<Ausage> Question: Is D/s lifestyle not real life... and if it his how can it conflict with real life?
<MasterGuny> I agree with you shadoe my mom and dad actually had Ds rituals but never new about the lifestyle
<jewel`{F}> good question Ausage
<shadoe> exactly Guny
<kierana{DRFL}> same here Master parents were/are D/s without the labels
<krista-F> same mother being the Domme
<shadoe> so maybe it all boils down to relationship dynamics
<shadoe> as opposed to lifestyle
<Ausage> When I was raising children.. when they were small... the parent/child relationship was 24/7 TPE
<kierana{DRFL}> it could be shadoe
<shadoe> and sometimes you just figure out you belong in the lifestyle
<Omy> To answer your question Ausage, D/s is r/l for sultry and is not for her when together with her..the D/s aspects have to be put away
<shadoe> but y'know... the kids figure it out
<jewel`{F}> Omy are they really put away or are the expectations of things just kept realistic enough so that you and she always know the contorl is there?
<kierana{DRFL}> my daughter lives with Uus full time, but that doesn't mean all aspects of Oour D/s lifestyle has to's there
<shadoe> my son found my online journal the other day
<Ausage> Is it the D/s aspects or the adult sexual aspects that need to be put away?
<kierana{DRFL}> or the play aspects?
<MasterGuny> I don't put them away besides the behind close doors rituals maria does them and the kids just know she takes care of me it is nothing overt
<Omy> The innocence of her daughter is proetced at all they are put away say..95%
<aurelle> young children are very influential and i think it is a delicate balance to teach them to make their own decisions and be confident in themselves and their opinions/ideas...yet at the same time continue to live much of D/s around them
<Ausage> I believe that all relationships are a D/s power exchange, from my relationship with God... to the the girl at the check out counter
<nightmans> true
<kierana{DRFL}> very true, Ausage
<`abi{A}> perhaps, but not all of them are consensual ... does that impact how we balance them?
<shadoe> ?? gawd?
<woe> ok, I'll pop in now as a mother. As a parent I want to share my values and ethics with my children, I want them to learn and live the same morality as I, for they are what I carry on in the world.
<woe> were I to have a d/s "lifestyle" then I would have to share it with my children
<shadoe> how old are your children woe?
<Ausage> I was never my children's friend or equal... I was their parent.. when they were born, they were totally dependant and I has unlimited power of them, or rather power limited only by my own ethics and morals...
<woe> I would have to tell them why I think it is best - much like sharing my dietary habits and my religion
<woe> shadoe - I'm being hypothetical
<shadoe> ah..okay.. thanks
<woe> it doesn't matter how old they are, what I've brought them up with is my vision of right and wrong
<Ausage> As they grew the relationship and the power imbalance changed until they became indepenant...
<shadoe> well.. it does matter woe
<shadoe> if they are 10.. you aren't telling them much
<shadoe> if they are 17 and angst ridden.. you have to be even more careful
<woe> why does it matter - they start off as newborns and they grow to fully independent adults
<shadoe> when they hit 19. .. you can start sharing a very SMALL bit
<woe> I cultivate that relationship the entire way through
<shadoe> woe.. if you havent had a child.. then you cant opine
<woe> no, if I were to have a d/s lifestyle and if I believed that to be right and good, then they would have to be aware of it
<shadoe> children come with their own personality
<`abi{A}> 'independent' would suggest that they determine their own morals and ethics...and I'm not sure that D/s qualifies as a morality choice anyway
<shadoe> and you have to understand it and respect it
<woe> shadoe I assure you I have many children
<`abi{A}> there is certainly nothing 'immoral' about a vanilla lifestyle
<woe> for instance... I am a nudist
<woe> that is something that I am
<woe> and I have never hidden nudity from my children
<woe> I was a vegetarian for a long time, and they too were fed vegetarian foods
<woe> these are the things I do, the things I believe in, and what constitutes my lifestyle, and if it were d/s then I would have to share it too
<shadoe> why would you do that? why would you feed your children vegetarian meals? what if they are carvivors?
<woe> I don't believe they are
<shadoe> you don't know that
<Ausage> Children don't get the choice...
<shadoe> some people are born vegetarians
<woe> What part of "I BELIEVE" don't you get?
<shadoe> some are born carnivors
<aymelek{D}> my son is full grown (26 yrs old) and fully aware of my choice of lifestyle, the the rest of my family is not
<shadoe> some are born submissive or dominant
<shadoe> why are you imposing your shit on them?
<Marlin> my son thinks I go bowling a lot
<shadoe> since when do kids dont get the choice?
<krista-F> LOL
<shadoe> what kind of wrong is that?
* `abi{A} resists the temptation to make ball jokes
<Ausage> All children are born omnivores
<woe> the law states that they do not until they are 18
<Titan> 5 or 10 pin?
<Marlin> lol
<Marlin> neither
<woe> children are born into society - and that society is first learned through their home and family
<Titan> chuckle
<shadoe> ooo puleeeeze
<shadoe> fuck the state and 18 thing
<woe> and the beliefs of the home and family are the basis of their character development
<shadoe> my daughter at age 13 wouldn't eat anything beyond lettuce
<shadoe> was i supposed to beat her to eat it?
<shadoe> ergo.. should i subject her to MY life?
<woe> your parenting issues aren't my concern
<shadoe> i think not
<Ausage> No... but you could let her starve
* Marlin wonders what Jeff Dalhmer's parents weaned him on?
<paperclip[B]> lol
<woe> the point I'm making is that if D/'s is what people live and believe to be right, then why are they hiding it from their children?
<aymelek{D}> not all of us do
<aurelle> eating habits and BDSM are two very different things
<Ausage> My kids were never forced to eat the food on the table... they were allowed to go to bed hungry
<shadoe> they don't need to hide it.. but they don't need to impose it either
<shadoe> i never hid it
<woe> if people do not do so, then it isn't a lifestyle
<Marlin> would you let your young children witness you making love?
<shadoe> but i never expected them to endorse, accept or embrace it either
<Omy> You have sex in front of your 5 year old woe?
<Ausage> Actually that is D/s...
<woe> you can't be a lifestyle nudist if you're hiding it from your children - where the hell are you going naked?
<kierana{DRFL}> not hiding it, but there are some aspects of bdsm that are much too mature for a child to witness
<shadoe> we arent talking nudism here woe
<woe> we're not talking about sex are we? We're talking about "lifestyle"!!!
<woe> it's a good analogy, so is vegetarianism and religion
<woe> they are lifestyles too
<shadoe> oh puleeze
<woe> what is a lifestyle?
<woe> look it up
<woe> do you know how to use a dictionary?
<Omy> ohhh and sex is not part of a lifestyle?
<`abi{A}> well, since I don't believe in dragging my children to church, I certainly don't feel compelled to bring them to a fetnight
<shadoe> woe.. get a grip
<Ausage> In a good old fashion "vanilla" family, when dad said jump, everyone jumped... or he took them to the woodshed for a thrashing... isn't that BDSM
<shadoe> we can't all expect roses in our family life
<woe> lol
<shadoe> we can share with our children "who" we are
<`abi{A}> no, that's paternalism Ausage
<shadoe> and they accept or don't accept
<woe> I make roses in mine
<shadoe> righto
<woe> there is a difference between a lifestyle and a hobby
<shadoe> well y'all have a party honey..
<woe> do you think you're bothering me?
* woe grins
<shadoe> err.. no..nor do i care
<woe> good, then stop talking to me because I find that you have nothing but derogatory things to say to me
<woe> and if that's all you have to say, then it's not lending anything to the conversation
<shadoe> ah.. well that's not my intent.. i'm trying to talk about real life experiences
<Marlin> lets get back to the nudism thingy
<kierana{DRFL}> lol
<paperclip[B]> lol
<shadoe> quite frankly i find you very intelligent and articulate
* LordScott- listens
<LordScott-> what were you talking about
<Marlin> now are there other sports or is it just all volleyball like in the mags?
<paperclip[B]> omg lol
<shadoe> if you dont choose to articulate on that level, then i'm disappointed
<Omy> It's not a matter woe of hiding a, honor, integrity, respect..those are part of my lifestyle that is shared with sultry's daughter
<LordScott-> there's a whole genre of pics that have become more prevelant in nudism area
<Omy> However, there are aspects of my lifestyle that she can't emotionally handle. Those areas are what she is not privy to
<ModBot> There are only about five minutes left in the formal part of tonight's discussion. Does anyone have any last-minute thoughts on the subject?
* Marlin imagines sliding into home base on a suicide squeeze play in his all natural might be a problem
<LordScott-> CFnm photos
<Marlin> just attempting some levity LordScott-
<paperclip[B]> what parts do you share that you believe she can handle Omy?
<LordScott-> Clothed Female naked male
<LordScott-> ah
<krista-F> and might i say no one does it as well as you Marlin Sir
<Omy> trust, honor, integrity, respect
<Marlin> well thankyou krista
<Marlin> do I send the cheque to the same address?
<Marlin> hehe
<paperclip[B]> and in what form does she observe these attributes Omy?
<Omy> those aspects see is shown
<krista-F> oh ya...but quick unempolyed now ya know
<Marlin> me too
<Omy> In my dealings with her and her conversations that we have
<paperclip[B]> ah
<Marlin> if this thing we do is a lifestyle others have no other way of looking at us, if its a choice it may be hidden
<Omy> when I say I'm goign to do something for her..I do it...I never lie to her....I treat her and her stuff with respect
<krista-F> i still think we should go on the road Marlin Sir......i could be your straight man
<paperclip[B]> :)
<Marlin> sure but I will smoke cigars and call you Gracie
<krista-F> ok...:)
<krista-F> im old enough for sure
<kierana{DRFL}> Omy...that is how it should be Master is with my "angel"
<Omy> What I don't understand is why soem people think it is complicated
<paperclip[B]> yeah
<Marlin> Im with you there Omy
<Ausage> Here is a though... when I am out on Pride day in my chaps with my naked ass handing out and a topless girl on each arm... tourists with the 8-10 children will as us to pose for a picture with... what needs to be hidden???
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<Marlin> not all are comfortable with themselves Ausage