April 29 2001 EhBC Online Discussion

<BernieRoehl> Well, time for the discussion to start
<BernieRoehl> I've set an automatic message on the channel that reads as follows...
<BernieRoehl> Welcome to our regular Sunday night discussion. Please refrain from sending "hi" and "bye" messages until after 10 pm. Also note that the discussion is being logged. If you wish to say something, but remain anonymous, you should change your nick. We recommend using twisted.ma.us.dal.net as your server, to minimize lag. Tonight's discussion topic is "What Make a Good Play Party". The moderators tonight are vixie and sarah. Enjoy the discussion!
* `vixie`n`sarah thinks He did it with my watch, too!
<Omy`n`melody> O: Well Kilted_One, guess this Irishman is going to have to show you how to drink
<BernieRoehl> Yes I did, My love :-)
<`vixie`n`sarah> seeing as how tonight's discussion is about play parties, does anyone have any good suggestions on what should/should not be involved?
<rhiannon{KO}> woops..
<celtic`mist> lol
* `vixie`n`sarah glares at sarah sitting here eating
* #bdsm-kw is being logged
<grrrlkelly> good people...good energy and good equipment to start
<DrEva> no psychodrama
<DrEva> ROFL
* BernieRoehl nods in agreement, and adds "a good location"
<grrrlkelly> lol awwww DrEva
* `vixie`n`sarah notes that this is _lunch_ for one of us!
<BernieRoehl> There are other factors too, of course... music, for example
<Omy`n`melody> O: Space...good lighting
<`vixie`n`sarah> What other factors set the mood??
<grrrlkelly> thats a tough one to satisfy everyones tastes BURNie
<DrEva> I think we should have a no "Big Chill" rule
<grrrlkelly> lol DrEva
<Kilted_One> is this in ref to a Private party or a public one??
<`vixie`n`sarah> Either KO
* BernieRoehl chuckles
<BernieRoehl> Yes, different people do like different music
<`vixie`n`sarah> but what would you do differently b/w a private or public party?
<fr0ggy> #1 : good parking,
<MzMystic> the answer lies in......how many people can we fit into our basement and still swing a single tail
<BernieRoehl> Either, KO
<Omy`n`melody> M: has to be am atmosphere where new sub/slaves can feel safe
<Mltdwn> for Me a party w/ very limited rules....
<Mltdwn> we are all adults....and if it's not your kink there are other areas to watch
<`TimberWolf-|> limited or limiting?
<DrEva> agreed
<Mltdwn> respect each others at the p[arty
<MzMystic> hey......a play party is generally set up by individuals inviting specific people (ie.friends), so where do newbies fit in?
<DrEva> I don't get to set people on fire at public parties
<Mltdwn> where they feel comfy
<Kilted_One> my approach to them is markly different....the public one you are somewhat restricked in who attends...a little more that a private one and you also resticted some what at the public one on the content of the party
<DrEva> they're the apetizers MzMystic
<`vixie`n`sarah> true KO
<Omy`n`melody> O: If a group of like minded people are to grow, then you have to intigrate new n\blood...or the parties become stale
<MzMystic> LOL Eva
<Mltdwn> so should we taylor our play for newbies?
<BernieRoehl> That's true, Omy`n`melody -- you have to have an inflow of new people
<fr0ggy> Mltdwn : absolutely not
<Mltdwn> tailor even
<Kilted_One> I try and include a full spectrum of ppl at at party including "newbies"....
<Omy`n`melody> O:No..not tailer..but make them feel welcome
<DrEva> maybe they should be warned if extreme players are there
<fr0ggy> exactly
<`vixie`n`sarah> So what kind of suggestions do Y/you A/all have to accomodate both newbies and experienced players at a play party, be it public OR private
<Omy`n`melody> O: nods with DrEva in agreement
<fr0ggy> point out that if there is an extreme scene going on as the host, or what not, explain to them what is going on and answer any questions...
<`vixie`n`sarah> good one fr0ggy
<pandora``> i have never played publicly, so consider myself a newbie in that respect, so while i am happy watching, it is good to have a "safe" area to watch from
<`vixie`n`sarah> So to set aside an area for those who want to watch w/out being voyeurs would be a recommendation?
<Omy`n`melody> Perhaps newbies can be asked to wear a ribbon of a certain color separate from the Dm's
<fr0ggy> if the person cant 'tolerate' a scene, that doesnt mean that they should restrict you from carrying it out (within the limits set by the event/party host
<Mltdwn> agreed DrEva
<MzMystic> most play parties would scare the hell outta most newbies.......
<`TimberWolf-|> public play is not everyone's kink pandora...but many like to watch who would never participate
<pandora``> somewhere comfortable, non-threatening to sit quietly and observe
<DrEva> life is hard pandora
<Omy`n`melody> O: That sounds like a realable idea pandora``
<dalian> a ribbon?....besides the "newbie" banner on my forehead?
<fr0ggy> as fresh meat,
<`vixie`n`sarah> good point fr0ggy
<S_W> that is what evenbts like the Bombay nee Cafe and Lady A's provide
<Omy`n`melody> O:I don't think calling a newbie fresh meat makes them feel comfortable :)
<BernieRoehl> It's good to have a social area set up, so that newbies who are feeling overwhemled have someplace safe to retreat to
<`vixie`n`sarah> exactly Bernie
<Mltdwn> just play...do your thing and dont judge others
<`TimberWolf-|> yes no sense making them stand out more they will be the ones with their mouths open
<Omy`n`melody> O: Agreed BernieRoehl
<fr0ggy> I dont think I need to identify myself as such.. the green shows.. and anyone who looks will see it if they know what to look for. point #2 : honesty.. if you are a newbie : dont kid yourself. if you dont understand something.. examine it and ask questions of someone else who seems to be experienced ie a DM or host
<BernieRoehl> I think there's also some value in having newbies escorted by more experienced friends, who can help explain things and give some insight
<Mltdwn> enoy yourself and use the public aspect to highten your play.
<`vixie`n`sarah> yes, but not all newbies want to go with someone experienced, may make them feel even more out of place
<Mltdwn> agreed BernieRoehl
<fr0ggy> for a private play party
<fr0ggy> ie me my friends at my place..
<dalian> and not all newbies will have an escort...some will arrive alone
<celtic`mist> i think most DM's know the regulars and make it a point to see that newbies are made welcome and also made aware of exterme scenes being possible :}
<pandora``> being a newbie to public play doesn't mean that he/she is being judgemental, but at the same time, maybe they don't want to go there just yet
<Mltdwn> I find most enjoy having an experienced person w/ them...like a 'protector' of sorts
<`vixie`n`sarah> Some also feel that by joining an experienced person Mltdwn, that they are being a 'third-wheel' or that they are in the way of that person enjoying themselves as they can't partake
<Omy`n`melody> I think with alot of people present mist its hard for a DM to play host to the newbies and watch what is going on
<fr0ggy> Omy`n`melody : i disagree,
<DrEva> I'll be the newbie wrangler
<fr0ggy> i think most of the events that I've attended
<DrEva> heh
<`vixie`n`sarah> Suggestion: a friendly face, or a welcome wagon for newbies
<`vixie`n`sarah> have them with armbands with big yellow smiles or something
<fr0ggy> have had more than thier share of people who will say 'hi havnt seen you guys
<Omy`n`melody> A DM job is not to play babysitter to new people
<pandora``> where were You last night when i needed You then DrEva
* celtic`mist makes it a point to greet new faces, its not like i was running of my feet while DMing
<S_W> Suggestion: Everybody takes that olbigation upon themselves.
<`vixie`n`sarah> Ahhh, but then a newbie might feel overwhelmed S_W
<DrEva> I was at KO's
* pandora`` was at KO's too!!!
<celtic`mist> and we are responsible for play area and outside play area also
<celtic`mist> :}
<DrEva> then who are you?
<DrEva> nobody told me there were newbies at KO's
<celtic`mist> oops, got to run, later all
<pandora``> i am the tall english sub
<Omy`n`melody> O: If I'm in a scene..I'm not paying attention to what others are doing
<fr0ggy> Omy`n`melody : nor should you
<fr0ggy> you should be focusing on the scene... (depending on the situation around you)
* Kilted_One says that pandora was "earth" -> *DrEva* Pandora was the Attendant of the North (with the earth).
<DrEva> I think maybe the newbies should wear the armbands
<fr0ggy> why?
<fr0ggy> I dont feel a need to indentify myself as a newbie
<Omy`n`melody> O: I like the idea od having a safe area for newbies
<fire^runner^> thats kinda intrusive behaviour towards the newbies isnt it
<DrEva> ok, so newbies who want mentoring armbands?
<fr0ggy> again : DrEva : why?
<fr0ggy> why single them out
* S_W honeslty does not understnad the concept of a safe area for newbies. The whole venue is safe, be it a private party of fet night.
<S_W> You are either in a scene - or watching one
<`TimberWolf-|> so it is easier to stalk them froggy why else
<DrEva> if the tome of the party is thought to scare newbies
<Omy`n`melody> a safe area could also be used by those that feel disjointed that particular evening
<`vixie`n`sarah> Not so much a safe area S_W, but a quiet area to sit, discuss, and be able to step back from what is going on
<fr0ggy> `TimberWolf-| : hell if your looking to stalk em just loko for the ones that are all shiny and green still
<`vixie`n`sarah> that too Omy`n`melody
<DrEva> then either help them through it or watch them run screaming into the night
<Mltdwn> exactly
* fr0ggy shrugs : that conversation can take place anywhere...
<`abi> pandora is new as dirt ;)
<DrEva> I don't really care which
<pandora``> lol @ abi -> *`vixie`n`sarah* We're focussing a lot on newbies (which is fine), but you may want to move people on to other aspects to having a good play party
<fr0ggy> If I have a question.. i'll find someone and Ask..
<Omy`n`melody> O: Well DrEva I would hate to see any new person run screaming away.
<`TimberWolf-|> I was being sarcastic but yes I know froggy
<DrEva> everyone was a newbie at some point
<DrEva> maybe we should have a party rating system
<fr0ggy> likewise. if anyone asks me a question
<fr0ggy> i'll do my best to answer it honestly
<fr0ggy> and if I dont know
<BernieRoehl> We're focussing a lot on newbies (which is fine), but there are other aspects to having a good play party
<fr0ggy> i'll say that...
<DrEva> S&M Stand & Model all the way up to Extreme
<Mltdwn> agreed
<dalian> hmmm...I can't really see a newbie being shocked enough to require safe space to retreat to...if we're there to begin with, I think we know what to expect in most cases...not that surprises don't happen...lol
<`abi> the trouble with that DrEva is reaching consensus on what constitutes "extreme"
<Omy`n`melody> O: That would only work DrEva if the parties were strictly RSVP
<fr0ggy> what about cooldown area in private/vs public parties
<grrrlkelly> like tall handsome Doms...and gorgeous voluptuous Dommes BURNie :)
<DrEva> we do our extreme play only at private parties
<BernieRoehl> For example, I was at DAL (Dark Angel's Lair) recently, and it was fun -- a really good time. I'm not quite sure what made it stand out, though.
<S_W> well - depends - if a private party where there is blood play and penatrative sex - newbies can be shocked
<fr0ggy> DrEva : extreme for me may be everyday for you
<`vixie`n`sarah> let's focus on the more experienced people....: what do you look for in a good play party aside from relative unobtrusive rules?
<fr0ggy> well, the right # of people is a goodthing
<Omy`n`melody> O: I think BernieRoehl that people felt comfortable...probably the most important thing
<S_W> daring play and good conversation
<BernieRoehl> I like seeing a variety of different scenes -- not just plain old flogging, but a wider range of different activities
<fr0ggy> if an area is too crowded, *shrugs* its no good
<DrEva> the chemistry of the people mix is important
<BernieRoehl> Yes, there was a nice comfortable atmosphere there, Omy`n`melody
<Mltdwn> refreshments
<Omy`n`melody> O: agrees with DrEva
<fr0ggy> non-alcoholic refershments :)
<Mltdwn> drinks...fruit...etc
<Mis-J> and perhaps that everyone there makes the evening, with not only a few individuals standing out
<Mltdwn> a quiet area
<DrEva> where does that leave me, grrlkelly - answer carefully
<grrrlkelly> :) DrEva somewhere in the middle??
<`vixie`n`sarah> lol grrrlkelly
<pandora``> very diplomtatic grrrlkelly
* grrrlkelly hopes DrEva doesn't pocket that one for future use...She's good like that
* Kilted_One thinks "on your ass" would have been closer answer
<DrEva> I like humble subs
<grrrlkelly> lol KO
<DrEva> who request play, not expect it
<DrEva> when playing w/new people at parties
* fr0ggy ponders..
<`vixie`n`sarah> Should we do a workshop on Play Party Etiquette for anyone who is interested?
<pandora``> but that comes back to the previous conversation, how does a newbie, or a less experienced sub request play
<Mltdwn> I think a difficult one is how many pieces of equipt for what # of ppl....
<DrEva> yes we should
<fr0ggy> Mltdwn : use your imagination
<fr0ggy> ;)
<Omy`n`melody> O: speak to someone they know or ask a DM
<fr0ggy> its all nice and dandy to have a custom made spanking bench ;):P
<Mltdwn> thx fr0ggy not the answer I was lookin for tho
<BernieRoehl> We have one coming up this Saturday, on the topic of Negotiating a Scene. It's geared in part towards people who want to meet people at a play party and perhaps do a scene with them.
<fr0ggy> but if you use your imagination : you can use whatever furniture oyu have..
<DrEva> excellent topic Bernie ;)
<fr0ggy> improvisation is a wonderful if not humerous tihng
<ladywo1f> an there is always the question of the equipment hogs.....that is why i like the equipment scheduling
<BernieRoehl> We hope to answer that question there, pandora``
<`vixie`n`sarah> Negotiating a scene is different from approaching, or being approached, by someone at a play party
<fr0ggy> true vix
<DrEva> I would never time a person's scene
<BernieRoehl> Thanks, DrEva
<Omy`n`melody> O: Negot a scene is easy...Open and Honest Commination between the 2 parties
<Omy`n`melody> Communication that is :)
<Mltdwn> I was more referring to the ratio of what you should have available to how many ppl are attending fr0ggy
<fr0ggy> hrm
<BernieRoehl> True, they're someone different `vixie`n`sarah, but the workshop will cover everything from how to approach someone about play, right through negotiating and actual scene
<fr0ggy> Mltdwn : i think it comes down to how many will play
<DrEva> My first play party, I used the back of a couch as my equipment, eh MisJ?
<fr0ggy> if it was say two couples... or 3 couples
<Mltdwn> Me too DrEva
<fr0ggy> then one peice of furnature would suffice I think...
<fr0ggy> more than that...
<Mltdwn> Im thinking more like 1000 ppl type of thing...
<fr0ggy> *snort*
<fr0ggy> 1000ppl at a play party?
<Mltdwn> there has to be a guidling to follow as to how much equipt
<Mltdwn> yes fr0ggy
<DrEva> I've been to one with 250
<Mis-J> yep, Dr,... being flexible works too,.. the equipment is a definite asset but scenes can happen without it
* fr0ggy grins : realizes that he is still showing how green he is :P
<BernieRoehl> I've been to events with thousands of people (Black Rose, for example), but they were on a larger scale that a typical play party
<Mltdwn> I agree....taylor your other furniture to be play friendly as well...
<DrEva> slings make a good play party
<BernieRoehl> (than)
<Mltdwn> ie...solid dinner table...that sort a thing :)
<`vixie`n`sarah> Ok, at a play party most people see the traditional furniture.....crosses, benches, cages, pillories etc.....what type of non-traditional furniture would you like to see/use at a play party?
* dalian wonders if Bernie is still considering SkyDome
<DrEva> ottomans
* `vixie`n`sarah winces at the thought of turf-burn
<DrEva> surgical tables
<Mltdwn> chains all over from the cieling is a great easy one..that werks well
<Mltdwn> suspension pullies...
<Mltdwn> winches
<fr0ggy> Padded mats
<`vixie`n`sarah> Now what kind of stuff (nontraditional) is portable and useable by anyone walking into this play party....you don't want someone who has never done suspension using your suspension set up
<DrEva> a stairmaster can be torturous
<Mltdwn> agreed vix
<BernieRoehl> I wonder if it's possible to buy gymnasium mats?
<DrEva> and amusing to watch from behind
<fr0ggy> BernieRoehl : they go for about 100$ i think
<`vixie`n`sarah> yes it is Bernie
<pandora``> sure go to any workout store
<Mltdwn> would have a monitor...or you stay at it all night and assist w/. hok up
<BernieRoehl> Might be worth checking into
<fr0ggy> the 2 1/2" thick ones..
* BernieRoehl makes a mental note
<fr0ggy> the ones with the velcro
* `vixie`n`sarah wonders why Bernie is interested in gym mats
<fr0ggy> can be made into a 'padded' room
<`abi> maybe the K-W Gymnastics club would lend them to us Bernie....I'm sure they wouldn't ask toooo many questions
<fr0ggy> heh
* BernieRoehl smiles knowingly at `vixie`n`sarah
* `vixie`n`sarah looks back puzzled and innocent
<DrEva> those landing pads from the high jump could come in handy
* BernieRoehl wonders if it's possible to *book* the K-W Gymnastics Club :-)
<`vixie`n`sarah> lol BernieRoehl
* `vixie`n`sarah watches sarah convulse in hysterics
<`vixie`n`sarah> on the floor!
<DrEva> I think respect for the other players makes a good party
<pandora``> gyms have wonderful equipment - more than just mats!!!
<BernieRoehl> Hope there's a mat under her, vix! :-)
<`vixie`n`sarah> that is very important DrEva
<`vixie`n`sarah> nope ;) just carpet
<BernieRoehl> Yes, pandora`` -- all kinds of things :-)
<Mltdwn> agreed DrEva
<Mltdwn> a big one
<DrEva> some people try to enter into scenes uninvited
<fr0ggy> doh! carpet burn sucks
<DrEva> but only once with me LOL
<Mltdwn> and acting like adults :)
<`vixie`n`sarah> better than turf-burn fr0gster
* fr0ggy shrugs : same thing
<DrEva> and some people are comfortable enough with each other to walk right into a scene in progress and join
<DrEva> the trick is knowing which is which
<`vixie`n`sarah> Has anyone ever seen someone enter a scene univited? (curious)
<DrEva> oh yeah
<littleminx> definitely... experienced it.
* Kilted_One thinks that he would add "knowing the right one "before" you got a right hook"
<`vixie`n`sarah> good point KO
* fire^runner^ slips off quietly
* `vixie`n`sarah smiles ;)
<Mltdwn> hooks?
<Mltdwn> *P*
<DrEva> that's one reason I like having a singletail that cuts deeply
<BernieRoehl> I haven't seen that at private parties, `vixie`n`sarah, and rarely at play parties. That sort of thing seems to happen more often at public fet nights.
<DrEva> I've seen it at a private party, people were shocked
<fr0ggy> I cant comprehend...
<fr0ggy> okay
<DrEva> a guy walked up and started tweaking the clit of a restrained sub
<DrEva> w/o asking
<fr0ggy> here's a question in terms of hosting a private party...
<fr0ggy> how does one as a host
<fr0ggy> deal with a situation
<fr0ggy> where someone is playing heavier than they are comfortable with
<Mltdwn> go w/ yer gut
<DrEva> it's your house, it's your responsibility
<`TimberWolf-|> tell them to stop...your house your rules
<Omy`n`melody> O: the host sets the rules for a private party
<BernieRoehl> Ideally, you would prevent that situation from arising. I wouldn't invite someone unless I knew their style of play, and felt reasonably comfortable with it.
* fr0ggy grins
<DrEva> you should be able to say to them that you don't like where it's going
<DrEva> and they should respect you
* BernieRoehl agrees with DrEva
<fr0ggy> danke for answering my question
<DrEva> if they don't, then throw them out
<CuriouserAndcuriouser> Sounds pretty elitist to me. I don't like your kink, so don't do it here?
<fr0ggy> yeah
<fr0ggy> prettymuch
<fr0ggy> but
<Omy`n`melody> O: Respect is one of the keys to the lifestyle
<fr0ggy> its my house my rules..
<`TimberWolf-|> exactlyu froggy
<Omy`n`melody> agreed froggy
<DrEva> if it's your house, and you are really freaked about it then you damn well can be elitist
<DrEva> elitist what does that really mean in this context
* fr0ggy doesnt want anyone doing any fireplay in his place...
<fr0ggy> nor any electricity play...
<DrEva> I think discriminatory is a better word
<fr0ggy> and if my guests have a problem with that
<fr0ggy> thne they wont attend
<`TimberWolf-|> worried your insurance won't cover it froggy?
* Kilted_One can honestly say that he has "Never" had to deal with a situation at any of my Private parties.....most of us are very aware of what can and cant be considered 'acceptable" to each other and we are all outspoken enough to let ppl know when that line is drawing near
<BernieRoehl> If I have a regular (vanilla) party, and one of my guests does something that I strongly object to (setting the couch on fire, attempting to have sex with the cat, whatever) then I have the right to ask them to leave
* `vixie`n`sarah wonders if that has ever happened Bernie...?
<BernieRoehl> Not so far. I don't have a cat. :-)
<Omy`n`melody> Sex with a cat???????
<Mltdwn> Hmmm
<Mltdwn> did the cat want to?
<fr0ggy> attempting to have sex with the cat bernie??? sounds like there is a tale of drunken debachery behind that one
<Omy`n`melody> m: puuuurrs at BernieRoehl
* Kilted_One wonders what Bernie allows at his fet parties!!!!!
* BernieRoehl smiles and pets melody
* BernieRoehl chuckles
* Kilted_One thinks that Bernie may have meant "pussy" and not cat
<CuriouserAndcuriouser> Questions of safety aside, what consentual acts would qualify for an invitation to the door?
<DrEva> I have a no scat play rule
<DrEva> I don't care if you do it, just not in my house
* BernieRoehl laughs!
<DrEva> I would not be offended by that froggy
<DrEva> we would like to do piercing at DAL, but Dark Angel says no on the invites, so we go and we don't pierce
<BernieRoehl> It depends on the party, CuriouserAndcuriouser
<kneels> as an attendee...i wouldnt want to disrespect someones household...that isnt D/s...that is common courtesy
<Omy`n`melody> O: yes kneels Common Sense should always prevail
<DrEva> I'd allow castration if it was consensual, but then I'm considered extreme in some parts.
* BernieRoehl smiles
<Mltdwn> :)
<DrEva> I would not allow amputaion of fingers or toes
* fr0ggy looks at the squick-o-meter and realizes he's above 300%
<DrEva> heh - newbie
<DrEva> LOL
<DrEva> just giving examples
<DrEva> consensual is the key couriouser
<CuriouserAndcuriouser> and do those examples go on the invitations?
<dalian> castration is cool but not fingers and toes?
<fr0ggy> DrEva : i never denied the fact that I was *Grin*
<Omy`n`melody> O: well mpst frogs are green :) <tease>
<DrEva> you *need* your fingers and toes
<BernieRoehl> For large play parties (e.g. DAL and LANO) the rules are explicit. For smaller private parties in peoples' homes, the rules are usually implicit.
<DrEva> KO's rule is usually "don't kill 'em"
<Mltdwn> exactly
<CuriouserAndcuriouser> understood. <smile>
<glory{Mlt}> no dead bodies..thats a good rule
<rhiannon{KO}> but if You do, take the boy out with ya...hehehe
<rhiannon{KO}> woops, body even.
<Omy`n`melody> O: Yes I hate it when the cops show up to pick up the bodies :)
<Mltdwn> MMM
<glory{Mlt}> lol
<Kilted_One> actually the rule is you kill em you take em away...
<`vixie`n`sarah> Getting back to furniture (equipment): What would your ideal list of equipment for a party be?
<fr0ggy> some sort of bench type device for laying down type spanking play
<glory{Mlt}> lol KO....you
<glory{Mlt}> re more liberal than the parties ive been at lately.LOL
* `EuPhoRia after last night at Bombay, double celing to floor chains
<fr0ggy> and something for vertical play ie a cross set of chains hanging form the ceiling
<fr0ggy> yeah
<fr0ggy> thats what I mean
<BernieRoehl> At a minimum, something that you can have someone standing up in, and one in which they can be bent over (the two most popular positions for play)
<`vixie`n`sarah> what about some type of floor covering for those that wish their submissive to kneel?
<kneels> i want three chains...that way you could stand up and be bent over...or have up to three subs in a circle....oh my
<Omy`n`melody> O: I dunno BernieRoehl I kinda like a map they can kneel on :)
<BernieRoehl> A cross or two, some overhead chains and/or bars, a spanking horse (or bench), perhaps a cage.
<fr0ggy> vix : padding
<Omy`n`melody> opps mat
<BernieRoehl> I *really* like KO's pillory
<fr0ggy> those blue foam pads for sleeping bags are great
<fr0ggy> you can take one
<fr0ggy> cut it up
<`vixie`n`sarah> sarah really likes KO's pillory too
<fr0ggy> and cover it with a cloth type thing
* autumn`breeze{JFC} does too like KO's pillory
* abigaille votes for KO's whipping post
<DrEva> I'd like a barrel like in "Pulp Fiction"
* Kilted_One laughs as he know that the pillory has been to one more LANO than I have been too!!!!
<CuriouserAndcuriouser> I like my victim leaning up against a wall, so I need wall-space _without_ hooks, chains or anything else.
* rhiannon{KO} agrees with abigaille..
* Mltdwn wants a clock werk orange cermaic xxxxl cock
<DrEva> something that's often missing is a bed
<Mltdwn> LOL
<glory{Mlt}> lol
<autumn`breeze{JFC}> was it the pillory at Bombay last nite KO?
<Kilted_One> Bernie what about those adjustable spanking benches at BR... did you get a chance to use them??
<firestarDC> lol
<BernieRoehl> Yes, wall space is a quite useful, though some attachment points are handy
<BernieRoehl> I seem to recall using one of them, KO -- if it's the one I'm thinking of it, it worked well
<Kilted_One> no it was at Chez KO last night at a private party
<DrEva> a teacher's deaks is nice
<`vixie`n`sarah> Now, i've heard (vixie speaking here) that at some events teh play area is separate from the standing area by a cord of some means....how many feel this is a good idea?
<DrEva> desk
* rhiannon{KO} puts up her had...
<Omy`n`melody> Good idea `vixie`n`sarah
<DrEva> it's a great idea
<abigaille> that is a great idea `v
<abigaille> I think it probably makes the DM
<abigaille> s job easier too
* abigaille slaps her enter key
<`vixie`n`sarah> it reduces the chances of having people unknowingly enter a play space
<fr0ggy> keep the gumbies outa the playspace
<DrEva> oooooooooh baby
<BernieRoehl> I like the cord idea, `vixie`n`sarah -- I first saw it used at DAL, and it worked well
<DrEva> also keep you from getting hit on the backstroke
<DrEva> accidentally
<`vixie`n`sarah> does it have any bad sides? (the cord idea)
<abigaille> ya...stepping over it in stillettos
<DrEva> mostly you need people who will play and not just watch to have a good party
<`vixie`n`sarah> do the limbo abi ;)
<abigaille> that would negate the need for any further pain `vixie`n`sarah
<Omy`n`melody> `vixie`n`sarah: I have a limited supply of rope...so I might need to umm borrow cord
<`vixie`n`sarah> Seeing as how we are fastly approaching our time limit, we are curious to know if anyone has any final or closing comments they would like to make this evening.
<BernieRoehl> More than anything else, it's the people that make the party
* `vixie`n`sarah agrees with Bernie
<Omy`n`melody> Its the chemistry between the people that makes the party I would say
<Kilted_One> most definately, Bernie,.....the venue is important, the equipment, the set up, the rules and how they are administered...but it is the people that make or break a party....
* `vixie`n`sarah looks at Sarah's computer clock which reads 10 pm and thanks E/everyone for their participation this evening....and awaits Bernie's posting later this evening!!
* BernieRoehl smiles
<BernieRoehl> I'll be processing and uploading the log shortly
<`vixie`n`sarah> by all means keep on going with the topic if you desire ;)
<BernieRoehl> In the meantime, thanks to vixie and Sarah for moderating tonight's discussion!
<Kilted_One> ty `vixie`n`sarah for your efforts tonight...all I want to know is when you are hosting the party now?????
* `vixie`n`sarah chuckles
<`vixie`n`sarah> well, seeing as how vixie still lives at home that could be quite a while!
<Omy`n`melody> Yes..lets give them both a sound spanking for a job well done :)
<`vixie`n`sarah> woohoo
* `vixie`n`sarah offers *both* asses, with *both* ass cheeks for the full spanking ;)
* fr0ggy hands out paddles -Kilted_One- [notice:BernieRoehl] in case rhiannon has not asked would you be so kind to remove her personal info that was dumped into channel right at the start of the discussion??
<playful_minx> *smiling and blows a little kiss* night everyone, i'm off...sleep well! talk to you all again soon...*big round of hugs*
* BernieRoehl is first in line, and spanks all four ass cheeks soundly
* `vixie`n`sarah wants to see fr0ggy's new paddle ;)
<Omy`n`melody> Omy takes out his wooden paddle -> *Kilted_One* No problem at all
<BernieRoehl> Sleep well, playful_minx!
<fr0ggy> vix : you've not seen them?
<`vixie`n`sarah> nope
* BernieRoehl gives playful_minx a hug 'n kiss
* `vixie`n`sarah hugs the minx too!
<fr0ggy> http://members.home.net/xavierfrog/
<Omy`n`melody> Omy ponders bringing his paddle and leaving it in the van tomorrow night
<fr0ggy> pictures there
<`vixie`n`sarah> k
<fr0ggy> under toys
<`vixie`n`sarah> figured that fr0ggy
<BernieRoehl> I'm going offline to process the log... be back in a bit...