April 27, 2003 EhBC Online Discussion

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<earl{MS}> has anyone here been branded or had one branded?
<`abi> I have a preference for redoable marks
<Raynes> I haven't as of yet..:)
<rose{MD}> hmmmmm lol
<Raynes> I do prefer piercings though
<rose{MD}> Master does too Maam
<earl{MS}> Raynes, have You had one pierced, Ma'am?
<rose{MD}> Though He does want me to sometime get a tattoo
<Raynes> oh yes I have
<Raynes> lol, only myself I am afraid...*g*
<earl{MS}> rose{MD}, this one was tattoo'd a month ago
<Raynes> Oh I have those as well
<Raynes> LOL
<rose{MD}> He wants me to get one on upper inside thight
<rose{MD}> thigh
<Raynes> oh nice spot...what about a hood?
<earl{MS}> rose{MD}, Mistress had mine done
<rose{MD}> He has spoke of that also.
<rose{MD}> What did you get earl{MS} and where if i may ask
<earl{MS}> rose{MD}, left breast and its a pair of hand cuffs with a kneeling figure and the Jap symbol for slave in one cuff and the bdsm symbol in the other with Mistress's initials wrapped in the chain
<Raynes> very nice earl
<earl{MS}> Raynes, thank You, Ma'am
<rose{MD}> sounds good earl{MS} Master wants me to get a dragon one. Lots of detail and color
<`abi> does anyone have concerns about being permanently marked with initials?
<earl{MS}> Mistress says this tattoo is me
<yummy> how long do initials last and how long does the average bdsm relationship last
<earl{MS}> abi, no
<`abi> and why not earl?
<arhiannah> i have issues with getting someone's name or initials tattoed on my body....it won't happen
* `abi nods to yummy ... even the not so average ones don't always last forever
<earl{MS}> abi, it is part of this slave as She is this one's first real time Mistress and that will never change
<rose{MD}> no abi i don't if it pleases Him.
<Raynes> I agree, it can be a painful reminder at the end of a relationship
* `abi smiles to rose ... what if he stops pleasing you?
<rose{MD}> Well abi i am ever hopeful my relationship with Master will last.
<arhiannah> aren't we all?
<arhiannah> hopeful that is...
<rose{MD}> i will get the dragon but wait a bit for initials.
<`abi> I'm sure that everyone is hopeful of that rose ... I'm just not sure it's something we can ever count on
<Raynes> I was foolish years ago and had my husbands name and a rose put on my arm, it is till there to this day and a reminder
<rose{MD}> This is true abi. But not much in life you can really count on
<`abi> exactly my point rose
<rose{MD}> Perhaps a tattoo where you really had to look for the initials.
<`abi> except for the relative permanance of a tattoo or branding ... that you can count on ... not easily erased
<Raynes> I like piercing better, easier to let a whole grow in then pay for laser removal
<rose{MD}> i agree there Maam
<rose{MD}> Just don't know about some of those places to put piercings *crosses legs*
<victoria_angel> what is recovery from those 'rose' - do you know? vs those in boobs?
<Raynes> lol, it only hurts alittle...what is alittle pain?*g*
<rose{MD}> Master had my nipples done last August and they still weep a bit.
<rose{MD}> i think it is different for everyone -the healing time.
<victoria_angel> mine were fine in 8 w
<victoria_angel> that is why i'm asking
<Raynes> they do on some, mine did as well till i changed metal
<rose{MD}> i dont' know about the hood or lips though
<victoria_angel> lol, hurt - mine were 'hurt' in a recent car accident - putting them in 2nd time was a might more noticable 2nd time around
<rose{MD}> i kinda like the clamps they use to hold them. mmmm sigh grin
<victoria_angel> i remember those - heehee
<Raynes> lol
<rose{MD}> mine were done kind of diagonally and i would not mind getting them done again to make a X
<victoria_angel> ah
<earl{MS}> any other males been pierced?
<victoria_angel> i've seen males done on their penis - but man - that can't be comfortable either
<rose{MD}> you wouldn't think so anyway victoria_angel
<earl{MS}> victoria_angel, its not so bad
<victoria_angel> i don't know - it seems to me that males tend to 'shy back from 'supposid' pain' when they cum
<earl{MS}> victoria_angel, have both a pa and a frenum, very little pain when they were done but that was years ago
<victoria_angel> humm, but for a male - it is still, as with a female, an issue of 'how to keep a piercing clean' for healing between the legs.....
<rose{MD}> short of living in the bathtub *grin*
* SirBear can think of a few ways victoria_angel *eg
<victoria_angel> you can SirBear
<victoria_angel> ??
<earl{MS}> victoria_angel, cleaned them twice a day for a couple of months, never had a problem
<SirBear> hehe
<victoria_angel> well, i still think it has to be different for females thoguh
<victoria_angel> ugh
<victoria_angel> though
<victoria_angel> at least the 'size of the squished flesh' is smaller me thinks
<earl{MS}> victoria_angel and this one imagines it much easier to get a male to help a female keep them clean, right SirBear?
<SirBear> lol
<SirBear> or another female
<victoria_angel> v_a like the male maintenance man, don't think i'd like a female
<rose{MD}> hmmm
<earl{MS}> victoria_angel, if you closed your eyes and kept you hands to yourself, could you tell the difference?
<victoria_angel> yep
<victoria_angel> men have bigger hands
<victoria_angel> ;-)
<`abi> tongues are about the same size though
<rose{MD}> What if they are not using their hands lol
<victoria_angel> ok, lol
<rose{MD}> lol
<earl{MS}> i guess if he had a beard
<victoria_angel> now that is something nice to add
<victoria_angel> ;-)
<victoria_angel> irregardless, for those 'in the south end' vs the 'northern peaks' - what is the approximate difference in healing?
<earl{MS}> can anyone say why a Dom/me would want to have theur slave pierced, branded or tattoo'd??
<shareena__> for looks?
<rose{MD}> Shows their control, their ownership. And can be useful in many ways
<shareena__> perhaps they like the way it looks
<victoria_angel> i have a pending offer - a very way cool 'slave tatoo' and for Him a 'matching Master one' - that is what i would agree to
<victoria_angel> they are Japaneese i believe - and i collect several of this type of symbols for different beliefs and they go along with my beliefs for my karate
<victoria_angel> i take it from the lack of 'chat' there aren't too many here who are pierced, branded or tatood'd for their Dom/me
<Sir_StephenS> I've seen a "property of so-and-so" tatoo above the genital area; it was pretty cool, but she definitely had second thoughts about it at the time
<Sir_StephenS> I guess the technology is available now to make most such things reversible
<victoria_angel> well, names are a bit of a problem though - it seems that many players 'roll their partners' many times
<Sir_StephenS> yes, exactly victoria_angel
<earl{MS}> have no regrets, perfectly content with the tattoo
<victoria_angel> what is the 'pain' level for tatoos?
<Sir_StephenS> I found it very moving in any case, and tried to reassure her with that
<SirBear> in maine we have a saying when sailing... if you don't like the weather wait a minute and it will change... in EHBC we have a saying: If someone you like is taken... give it a month or two *eg
<`abi> I think it depends to some extent on where they are victoria_angel
<victoria_angel> true abi - i think that those in 'some areas' tend to be more 'tingly'
<`abi> well, there are places where nerves are closer to the surface ... those are the ouchier ones
<victoria_angel> lower back - above butt?
* `abi nods ... and ankles
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<`abi> I imagine a tattoo artist could give you an idea
<`abi> of where the more sensitive spots are
<victoria_angel> i think i'd be more interested in piercings than tatoos
<arhiannah> it's way more painful to get a tattoo where it's being done over "bonier" areas...or has been in my experience
<victoria_angel> bonier?
<arhiannah> as abi said...ankles & lower back...where there's less flesh
<_dove> less fatty tissue
<arhiannah> as opposed to somewhere like the breast
<arhiannah> right...ty dovie
<victoria_angel> k
<earl{MS}> close to the nipple is also more sensitive
<victoria_angel> i remember seeing a dragon curled around a breast once - it was interesting, but took a long time
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