April 25, 2004 EhBC Online Discussion

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<`TimberWolf> yes
<laralynn> I didn't know that
<BernieRoehl> In fact, I can probably chat with you while the discussion is in progress. Feel free to pm me.
<becky> laralynn.. He used to be my neibour...lol
<Prathen> Thank you
<BernieRoehl> With any luck, ModBot should work this week
<BernieRoehl> So, has anyone here used a journal
<BernieRoehl> ?
<laralynn> yep
<delyssa> yessums
<delyssa> and still do
<dana{TJ}> is starting to use one again
* Prathen wonders if by that you mean something like Live Journa?
<Prathen> er, Journal
<laralynn> I have a question first though...who had the cold at last weeks brunch I wanna kick them in the shins
<dana{TJ}> lol
* BernieRoehl smiles
<BernieRoehl> I'm healthy so far *touch wood*
<BernieRoehl> No cold yet
* `TimberWolf touches his woodie too
* delyssa coughs
<`TimberWolf> no cold here either
* Prathen keeps his shins safe, he did not make the brunch, only found out about everything here Wednesday
<BernieRoehl> For those of you who do use journals, can you give us some insight into what sort of things you put in them?
<delyssa> BernieRoehl, may I PM for a min?
<BernieRoehl> Welcome, Prathen
<laralynn> now it's more though it turned into pnuemonia and I was at emerg friday night to get anti biotics for it damn thing
<BernieRoehl> Of course, delyssa
<delyssa> Well, as everyone else is being so quiet re. journals, I've used them for different reasons in the context of exploring bdsm.
<aymelek> i started one just about a month ago, wish i had done it 2 1/2 years ago
<aymelek> He's never read it, but told me He may at some point
<BernieRoehl> Can you expand on that, delyssa? Perhaps give examples of how you've journals in the past.
<dana{TJ}> is looking for some insight as to the use of journals... lately ive been going through some rather rough times so now i try to write only the positive
<delyssa> Well, on its most basic level, it's an enduring record of my thoughts, feelings, concerns, successes, etc., that I can go back to over time.
<delyssa> It's also a way that I can capture immediate thoughts and go back and review them after a day or two.
<aymelek> i often make note of thoughts that come to me through the day, and find as i am writing in my journal, the thought expands and i understand things more clearly
<delyssa> It's also a "safe" way to communicate some things, if I don't have the courage to do so directly, but I do try to ensure it doesn't become an ongoing 'letter' to my Dominant.
<delyssa> exactly aymelek
<aymelek> it's very useful to go back and reflect on how happy i was to come to a clearer understanding of things, and often it will be a similar situation that is causing me conflicting emotions
<`TimberWolf> I have found it to be a useful tool in our relationship Bernie
* delyssa wonders about TW's relationship with Bernie.
<BernieRoehl> In terms of gaining insight, TimberWolf?
* BernieRoehl smiles
<laralynn> I sort of messed up when I started mine and for a whole week it was public reading material and I never knew it...I have had a website up on angelfire for two years now and it gets ALOT of traffic...well when I saw they had the blog option I decided to start using it...when I did that it overwrote my main page of my website
<dana{TJ}> thats a good point delyssa about it not becoming a letter
<aymelek> it also helps when things get a little rough, to be able to go back and see just how much He means to me
<`TimberWolf> exactly....and as a follow up tool to ensure lessions were understood...etc
<BernieRoehl> I'm fairly confident that "our" referred to TW's relationship with *you*, delyssa
<delyssa> yes, dana{TJ}, and I've also learned to try not to let it be a record of mundane things... "got up, had breakfast, worked a lot", etc.
* delyssa grins at Bernie.
* starla{TDM} listens..wiggles her toes
<`TimberWolf> although Bernie is kinda cute:)
<laralynn> lol
<Shoshin> 2I use LiveJournal, journalling can be useful for the unattaced person too
<dana{TJ}> lol... just stopped doing that also..
<aymelek> no it's not a diary, it's a journal *smiles* i had a bit of a hard time with that
* BernieRoehl chuckles @ TW
<aymelek> glad to see i wasn't alone
<starla{TDM}> is there a difference between a diary and a journal?
<laralynn> don't think so starla
<laralynn> I read yours btw
<aymelek> i think so, a diary captures the day's events
<tender_heart> 126 think so too
<aymelek> a journal is more about feelings and thoughts
<starla{TDM}> ohh thank you laralynn and its back open
<starla{TDM}> ohh see i never thought of it i just figure i write what i feel thoughts days events..Masters
<tender_heart> 6 and too I think a journal is meant to be for someone else to read and add something too
* delyssa can't imagine anyone but TW reading the journal... and sometimes can't even imagine him reading it.
<`TimberWolf> I aklways believed that a diary is used as a log of daily activities
* aymelek agrees with TW
<`TimberWolf> yest a journal explores deeper thoughts...feeling..insights
<aymelek> emotions
<aymelek> more in depth
<jewel`{F}> i keep a journal and it is a bit of both for me
<Shoshin> In my Livejournal, I can make it public, private or set what friends can read it & give feedback, I find that very helpful, so far I have kept it private & friends only
<delyssa> I try to only include incidental stuff to put the entry in context. So I might say what I was doing that day if it will help to anchor that journal in my memory.
<`TimberWolf> but I don't think there is a right way or wrong way of doing it
* starla{TDM} journal is public..and on her own website
<tender_heart> 6 dear diary... the thoughts you tell no one else... journal keeping track of events and activities... but also open to someone else to feed back
<jewel`{F}> sometimes knowing what i had to cope with through the day helps both Master and myself to understand why i may be acting or feeling the way i am
<aymelek> sometimes i don't write for a week or more, it's only when i feel something substantial needs noted
<`TimberWolf> aslong as it works for you.,,,,and you see worth in the effort
<aymelek> i think it can be whatever the person writing needs it to be for them
<tender_heart> 6 true aymelek
<Shoshin> true, when I am down, I can go back over my positive entries & recall the good feelings
<aymelek> i went through such a hard time, i couldn't even think straight, then when i came around again, i decided to start mine, so i had a place to go if it ever happened again
<Shoshin> I can also read the journals of certain friends who have approved me & give them support & feedback
<starla{TDM}> there is a website up..called..hmmm kindlings..i think..and it has stuff posted everyday to help stimulate your brian..things to write or think about when you get that bloack
<aymelek> Shoshin that is kind of what i meant earlier, when i said, if things get tough, i can go back and reinforce how much He means to me. It could be any kind of situation though.
<dana{TJ}> smiles... made the mistake of writing when i couldnt see straight.. good grief...
<aymelek> dana{TJ} i made that mistake and sent it to my Master *laughs* huge mistake!
<Shoshin> yep, gets me in practice should I ever find a Dom, or if I ever have a sub I want to journal for me
<dana{TJ}> omg
<dana{TJ}> lol
<dana{TJ}> is having a bonfire... grins
<Shoshin> *lol* thats an oops
<aymelek> not impressed! *laughs
<starla{TDM}> couldnt see straight as in your were angry?
<aymelek> i wasn't angry, i was drinking, and feeling a little neglected
<aymelek> you know "woe is me, nobody loves me" hehehehehe
<dana{TJ}> hurt angry frustrated... on top of major family issues...
<starla{TDM}> so that is wrong to do?
<aymelek> depending on what is said
<dana{TJ}> yup yup yup.. our own pity party
<starla{TDM}> but isnt that the best time to journal
<dana{TJ}> lol
<starla{TDM}> when your having issues so the Master can know
<aymelek> "issues" should be discussed sober i'd think
<delyssa> I'm nto sure, starla{TDM}... I actually don't like journaling when I know I'm in a negative mood. Not that I want to ignore some thoughts, but I do try to journal them in ways that are productive when I can.
<Shoshin> especially if you call Master a major doodoo head or some such sentiment
<dana{TJ}> perhaps starla.. afterwards you see just how blind you can be... how silly you behaved when you lost your way
<starla{TDM}> but isnt it more realistic to jouranl..when your in a bad mood just as well as in a good mood..we aint perfect right..so why journal when all is good
<dana{TJ}> ya just dont want Aanyone seeing it..lol
<laralynn> I only use it for when I'm pissed off about something lol
<aymelek> if i'm down, i will usually wait till i'm feeling better, or understand why i was down, then write about it and why i think it was resolved
<dana{TJ}> in a bad mood is a little different from totally losing it
<delyssa> yes, but if you write mostly when you're in a bad mood, can't that taint the overall feel of the journal?
<Shoshin> I find writing the bad & the good gives me a chance to look back to see how far I have come
<starla{TDM}> but if you write only one your in a good mood and all is well aint that being unrealistic
<aymelek> it's amazing to be able to realize the changes!
<dana{TJ}> i think so delyssa... which is why for now im working on only seeing the positive
<laralynn> not particularly for me since I mostly use it to mouth off about what's bothering me and then for me it's like water under the bridge and becomes a moot point
<aymelek> some take so long, and some happen so fast
<delyssa> oh, Shoshin... I'm not saying htat the "bad" shouldn't be written about... but it can possibly be more productive if you let things settle a bit.
<aymelek> dana{TJ} that was my point about waiting till i'm cooled off, write after the fact, but be sure to write
<Shoshin> i do that from time to time, but living alone, my journal is a place to put down my thoughts, good or bad, then i can reread them & see how the solution came about
<starla{TDM}> i write about the good the bad the ugly..i write when i am pissed at Master or at the world as well as when life is good..altho lately i been homesick so lol
<delyssa> true, Shoshin... if my journal was 100% private, I might be more free with my tone and content.
<aymelek> homesick is a VERY hard thing to deal with
<Shoshin> delyssa, i can understand that
<delyssa> but I'm sure TW would say I'm not too shy about expressing frustration, anger, pissiness, etc., in my journal at odd times.
* `TimberWolf smiles
<aymelek> so far mine has been, but it may not always be, so that's why i never write until i feel better and can rationalize, but i still always write
<Shoshin> we each have our own style & have to stay true to ourselves
<aymelek> if we don't our journals won't be truly ours
<aymelek> we still have to write for ourselves
<delyssa> Well... here's a question. Who "owns" a journal that is done at a Dominant's command? The Dominant or the submissive?
<starla{TDM}> thats so true aymelek, i write for myself..i have alot of readers and thats cool..but ultimately i write for me..and then for Master so He can see what is going on
<aymelek> i write for myself, and my journal is my own, He promised when i asked if i could have one, that it would be mine, and He may ask to read it, but i don't HAVE to give it to Him
<starla{TDM}> i have to give mine to Him
<aymelek> if He asks, of course i will give it to Him, that's why i never write angry
<aymelek> i am 100% honest in it when i do write
<aymelek> if i don't feel i can put my feelings into words, i don't write
<BernieRoehl> So is there any downside to journaling?
<starla{TDM}> it sucks at times BernieRoehl Sir..
<aymelek> i could see there being a downside if i wrote ANGRY and He demanded to read it
<delyssa> it's hard if it's required whether you're in the mood or not.
<dana{TJ}> when you cant find the words... it can be torture...lol
<aymelek> sometimes i'd have nothing to write!
<starla{TDM}> you know..when things arent just right..and Master knows..the writing is a good way to open the line of communication and He wants you to write
<delyssa> and the only other downside to journalling would be if people without scruples gained access to it... could be an invasion of privacy then.
<aymelek> starla can it cause disagreements though? what if He doesn't like what is said, or you don't like His response to what you wrote?
* `TimberWolf has no scruples
* delyssa chuckles
* aymelek has heard that hehehehehe
<delyssa> So you keep telling me, Sir.
<starla{TDM}> no disagreements..He is the Master..so i rarely disagree with Him
<`TimberWolf> can't say you weren't warned:)
* DarkAngel^{a} has 2 scruples ,, but I lent one to Bernie a while ago and he hasent returned it yet
<`abi> don't you think he has a right to see your anger aymelek?
<`TimberWolf> KO had my last one ...and he lost it
<dana{TJ}> smiles
* BernieRoehl chuckles
<Prathen> Dont'w worry TimerWolf, I am sure it will find its way home to you
<aymelek> `abi yes He does, and He has, i just don't like that side of myself, and would rather no one sees it...LOL
* aymelek is a redhead, bad temper LOL
<`TimberWolf> time will tell Prathen:)
<`abi> so, is a journal just a place to put the things you like?
* `TimberWolf is a BALD HEAD, bad temper
<`abi> or should it be a reflection of what is actually going on in your head?
<starla{TDM}> not for me abi..it has everything
<delyssa> I've found that, in general terms, what I write in my journal is taken much better than trying to communicate the same negative feelings in a direct conversation. Most of that is that I do try to phrase things respectfully, and also try to explain myself so that he can understand instead of just venting. Also, my journal has always felt "safe" in that I can express things there, and have them listened to.
<DarkAngel^{a}> I have set up a Journal for my slave to write ,,, I expect several entries a week ,, I dont stipulate daily as she doesnt always have access or time ,,, exam week for example
<starla{TDM}> rants about the business and customers..about Master..the good and bad
<aymelek> my journal is mostly for things i find important to remember, and things that come to me like "WOW the light just came on!" lol "now i understand!"
<`abi> which may be a valid reason to write about what makes you angry aymelek .. that can be very revealing
<aymelek> and i do `abi, but not until i'm cool and ummmmmm rational
<aymelek> i will not write "that %&*#$ did this or that and it pissed me off because......
<aymelek> chances are, an hour from now, that won't be how i feel, so why bother?
<[ravna]FW> hi
<`abi> perhaps because it's important that you feel that way now
<`abi> it's the what comes after 'because....' that can be enlightening
<aymelek> if it's not going to be a lasting thing, or an ongoing thing, it's not that important to me that it needs to be journalized
<aymelek> when i'm calm, i will write that i was angry or upset, and why
<[ravna]FW> a journal done at diff points,,, can be a reflection of the thought process. or a cronology of the learning process
<Prathen> Hi ravna
* `abi smiles...well, it's your journal, so you certainly shouldn't be writing what's important to me ;)
<[ravna]FW> ahhhhh but tis important to the sub and her DOm
<aymelek> it's still very good to understand maybe why others write and when they do though
<aymelek> my journal is so new, i have no idea what it is for anyone else to keep one
<Prathen> I have a journal, but I never actually write in it.
<aymelek> i do wish i had started when i met my Master, that was a while ago, He was the first One i met and never even knew what BDSM was, it would have been fun to read now!
<`abi> http://www.pantheus.com/guest.shtml
<`abi> a reference
* aymelek cannot remember how to copy links
<`abi> you should be able to just click on it aymelek
<aymelek> mever mind....lol
<aymelek> DUH
<BernieRoehl> Or double-click it
<aymelek> i will look at it later, i just wanted to mark it
<BernieRoehl> Has anyone here ever looked back at journals from years (and possibly relationships) gone by?
<[ravna]FW> sure thing
<starla{TDM}> i look back with Master and mine BernieRoehl..not that long but three years ago..when i was still in canada..see lots of changes..
<[ravna]FW> found that the thoughts , ponderinigs at the time. were like hints of things to come... if only I had back tracked then
<aymelek> i would love to have a journal from even 2 years ago, my own memories let me be amazed at the changes, i wish i had more to go on
<BernieRoehl> Backtracked, [ravna]FW?
<[ravna]FW> re read it then , might have changed the the order of events
<[ravna]FW> I might have dumped the jerk long before all those years passed.............. lollll
<[ravna]FW> as for the journal now............ w Master it is so gratefull in the reading the awakinging,,,, watching things come to pass that we talked about before..... watching me grow after changing my life
<aymelek> my Master's memory is so good about most things He is my journal as far as changes go, but He has no idea as to what i thought about the changes as they were happening
<[ravna]FW> thats why you do it
<aymelek> i was so timid and scared, i was so shy
<aymelek> yes, i wish i had thought about keeping one back then
<aymelek> i think a journal should be an idea offered to each newbie by all of us, it can become an important tool
<aymelek> do Dom/mes ever keep journals? (just wondering, and if not, then why?)
<aymelek> They are always growing and learning too
<[ravna]FW> I have seen a couple online
<BernieRoehl> I haven't, though it's not a bad idea. Not that I have time, of course.
<Prathen> I may keep one, since I do have one that I never use
<aymelek> i've never heard of one
<Prathen> Since I am new to all this, it may be helpful
* aymelek agrees Prathen
<aymelek> i can't see how it wouldn't be good for B/both, even if the Dom didn't share with the sub/slave, it would be good for Him/Her
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<starla{TDM}> Master has a journal part in mine..cept He rarely writes..time constraints
<aymelek> i think if mine was read regularly, i would want comments added too
<starla{TDM}> comments are always good..neither is email
<aymelek> if He ever does read, i would appreciate His opinion on what He has read
<aymelek> i even always use the same pen to write with lol
<dana{TJ}> lol... loves the comfort of pen and paper...
<aymelek> it's funny, cause i am usually very bad with words, i stumble over them verbally, and couldn't write a story or speach in school to pass a grade, but i can write in my journal when i feel the need.
<aymelek> this is the VERY most i have ever participated in a discussion
<aymelek> i am not a terribly social person, i usually hide, though i love to "get out" as long as i don't have to mingle
<dana{TJ}> so understands that aymelek
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* aymelek smiles, i'm so glad, i thought i was alone in that