April 24, 2005 EhBC Online Discussion

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<nightmans> maybe cut's a toy can cause
<nightmans> or cleaning can cause helth problem's
<shadoe> i have osteoporosis.. there's health issues associated with percussive toys
<paperclip{B}> oh i've never thought of that...how so shadoe?
<shadoe> well when you've got a hip that the bone scan person kind of raises an eyebrow at
<shadoe> you start to worry that the heavy moose flogger might indeed break me
<paperclip{B}> ah right.
<shadoe> ditto the fact that i've had a deep vein thrombosis
<shadoe> suddenly you find your dominant embracing the 'sting only' toys
<motoki> i've thought about DVT's
<shadoe> which means my mind set has to alter hugely as they are the LEAST favourites of mine!
<motoki> anyone at risk has to be more cautious
<paperclip{B}> yikes
<nightmans> any helth problem with the toy use wrong i think could be a problem
<nightmans> even with me i have hurt my lower back b4
<motoki> what other health issues have people come across re: toys?
<paperclip{B}> what about insertibles? i've heard many say how they do not use an insertible on more than one person...so i wonder, does this mean that you can never truly clean or sterilize a toy completely?
<motoki> many people use condoms on their insertibles as well as cleaning them
<Kat> i always put a condom over it just to be extra safe
<paperclip{B}> if you can't....would that include other types of toys such as floggers etc?
<nightmans> i been told it matter on what there made of
<paperclip{B}> i guess i'm wondering if it's truly possible to clean a toy completely
<Guest2536280> if it's rubber you can always boil it too
<paperclip{B}> ok
<paperclip{B}> someone told me the other night that even boiling an item doesn't completely do the job.
<Guest2536280> add some bleach to the water too?
<paperclip{B}> agree? disagree?
<Guest2536280> :/nick Kat
<paperclip{B}> i've heard that too...bleach
<Guest2536280> :/nickKat
<paperclip{B}> what about store bought cleaners? do you think they are less than adequate?
<motoki> depends on the cleaner
<nightmans> all i have use was soap and water
<motoki> no single disinfectant does the entire job
<paperclip{B}> ah
<BeSwitched> especially when it comes to hep-c
<nightmans> i wounder if there is a all purpos cleaner you cna find fir that
<BeSwitched> hep-c may be the most stubborn item you will encounter
<motoki> good disinfectants will take care of the major things, but as i said, no single disinfectant covers every single base in terms of infectious diseases
<motoki> there's also the issue of the material a toy is made from in terms of causing local irritation to sensitive spots
<paperclip{B}> i've heard that hep-c requires a cleanser with a chlorine base.
<BeSwitched> Best thing I know of ....is one toy per hole.....period....own your own toys
<motoki> only one?
<BeSwitched> lol.....well...no motoki
* Achilles{a} chuckles
* motoki phews
<motoki> some would also say "own your own holes", but that's another discussion
<paperclip{B}> lol
<nightmans> i have use up to 3 toy's at a time
<BeSwitched> just have known an individual who had hep-c....warned me of the longevity
<BeSwitched> hiv is extremely fragile in comparison
<paperclip{B}> ah
<paperclip{B}> i have to admit, i'm totally ignorant on disease longevity
<BeSwitched> it helps to be aware
<BeSwitched> and be honest
<paperclip{B}> i agree
<paperclip{B}> would you guys include ball gags in the category of one toy to one person only?
<nightmans> i have told many due that
* Achilles{a} does
<cate> its a toy you can gladly have paperclip{B}
<paperclip{B}> lol you know i'll glady have it ;)
<paperclip{B}> and there are some who would gladly suggest it LOL
<nightmans> the only toy's i have shared i hade the outher person tested first
* motoki has had her rabies shots so is safe
<BeSwitched> but....if I am tested today....it can only show antibodies I have developed thus far...as in a couple months or so....does it really divulge what I did 9 days ago?
<BeSwitched> eh?
<nightmans> i get tested with every partner
<Achilles{a}> Multiple choice or essay?
<paperclip{B}> lol
<nightmans> don't hurt to get extra tested
<Achilles{a}> It's kind of like the ultimate method of not getting pregantn is generall yheld to be abstinence... the ultimate way to never have health issues with toys is to not ever scene. Beyond that it comes down to what is an appropriate risk to the individual(s)
<Achilles{a}> Learn about it and decide what degree of risk you are willing to accept to scene then do what it takes to make you feel comfortable. Step 1 though is education.
<paperclip{B}> good point Achilles{a}
<Achilles{a}> Scening only with your own toys is great. No cross contamination. 'Course this can limit some scening opportunities but hey... if that's what it takes to make you feel secure then that's a choice.
<Achilles{a}> Might also consider only ever scening with one partner which is kinda similar but again.. if that's what it takes to make you feel safe... stcik by your guns!
<nightmans> staying away from 1 night stand's and only beign with ppl you know will lower the risk
* motoki nods
<Achilles{a}> Learn about diseases that can be spread. Learn about disinfection techniques. Learn about the qualities of different toys in making disinfection difficult or even impossible.
<Achilles{a}> Realize that, in some cases, there are no absolute and definite answers and you have to decide for yourself.
<BeSwitched> as in dildo soup Achilles{a}????
<Achilles{a}> Not sure what that term means.
* motoki isn't sure if she's perked or not
<BeSwitched> bleach based basting of toys
<BeSwitched> lite bleach that is
<Achilles{a}> Ahhh.
<BeSwitched> think of large pot on stove front....with various toys floatin about....
<BeSwitched> thus....dildo soup
<Achilles{a}> Well, if you've done your research and feel that gives you enough protection then that's up to you. just make sure you have looked into it. I'd want to check about various strains of hepatitis with regards to that.
<BeSwitched> point so well taken Achilles{a}
<BeSwitched> that is why I brought it up
<BeSwitched> many do not think of that issue
<BeSwitched> from what I was told....and please anyone correct me.....Hep-c can exist for up to 3 weeks on a surface unadulterated
<nightmans> i don't know anythign aobut it
<nightmans> nobody has anythign to add?
<paperclip{B}> sorry
<nightmans> no need to be sorry
<paperclip{B}> :)
<nightmans> chat is what you make if it you gain nothign if you say nothing
<paperclip{B}> :)
<paperclip{B}> nite nite
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