April 20, 2003 EhBC Online Discussion

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<MstrsRobin{lm}> What was everyone's first experience? as a sub or Dom/me?
<GamesMaster_63> Dom here
<MstrsRobin{lm}> don't everyone talk at once?
<MstrsRobin{lm}> Domme here:D
<earl{MS}> first, may this one ask how far back You wish to go??
<shareena__> my first experience taught me a little about myself but was not a good experiencde
<MstrsRobin{lm}> lol as far back as you wish to share earl
<jewel`{F}> which first experience
<MstrsRobin{lm}> whynot5 shareena__
<MstrsRobin{lm}> which ever you wish to share jewel`{F}
<earl{MS}> can remember kids games over 45 years ago, hows that?
<MstrsRobin{lm}> lol earl{MS}
<shareena__> i think mainly because I didnt know much about the lifestyle and didnt know what I wanted.
<MstrsRobin{lm}> could be shareena__
<MstrsRobin{lm}> it does help if one knows what they want
<shareena__> I was not as selective as I could have been and as a result ended up with a sadist. I found out very quickly I was not a masochist
<MstrsRobin{lm}> that would do it, i am not sadist or masochist, i do know that much
<GamesMaster_63> My wife(now sub) began almost 20 yrs ago as play.
<MstrsRobin{lm}> long time ago
<`abi> do you think anyone really has a clear idea of what they want in the beginning?
<GamesMaster_63> Yeah, but it was only about 4 yrs ago that we decided that we needed it as a lifestyle so that we could stay together and be happy.
<Sweet1`> yes
<MstrsRobin{lm}> i don't think so `abi
<Sweet1`> there are many who know who they are at an early age, understand themselves
<MstrsRobin{lm}> they are the lucky ones
<earl{MS}> abi, as a kid over 45 years ago got into a game where we tied each other up, have been a bondage adict ever since
<`abi> I agree that they may know themselves Sweet1` ... but I'm not sure that I've met very many people who have a very complete picture of what they ultimately want from BDSM
<MstrsRobin{lm}> fun way to learn earl
<Sweet1`> many do...but many get confused when they find the online scene
<`abi> or the r/l scene Sweet1` .. it often isn't what people expect
<MstrsRobin{lm}> yes, online can confuse those who are new and do not know how to tell the def
<GamesMaster_63> In many ways I consider myself very lucky. I found my lifepartner before I realized what lifestyle I needed, and she needs it also.
<MstrsRobin{lm}> very lucky indeed GamesMaster_63
<`abi> I think that it takes most people a little time in the 'candy store' before they refine their ideas about what they want this to look like in their lives
<Sweet1`> they get an altered sense of what it's about...when they go back to listening to themselves and their needs, they can find it
<MstrsRobin{lm}> they need to learn to listen to their innerselves
<MstrsRobin{lm}> which can be a hard lesson to learn
<earl{MS}> my desires have developed and changed over more than four decades and are still developing, it is a great experience which keeps evolving, changing
<GamesMaster_63> A very hard lesson, especially when you were raised that these type of things were forbidden.
* `abi nods to earl .... I have often likened it to going on a grand adventure... without a map
<MstrsRobin{lm}> yes, GamesMaster_63, it is hard to overcome something when it has been forbidden for so long
<`abi> I'm sure that in the beginning I could not possibly have known what I wanted, because I didn't even know what was possible
<GamesMaster_63> Very good point 'abi
* `abi tries to move the cat's tail from in front of the screen ... a whole house, he has to sleep on the monitor
<MstrsRobin{lm}> lol
<Sweet1`> did you know how you wanted to feel abi?
<earl{MS}> still do not believe that this one knows all that is possible and still wants to learn and experience new things
<GamesMaster_63> And that is the grand part of the adventure.
<MstrsRobin{lm}> life is always evolving, new products are always being invented, so many different things to experience
<`abi> a good question Sweet1` ... I don't think I had the language to describe it, but I think I had a sense of some of what I wanted to feel ... but no real perception of what the horizon looked like
<`abi> so, to have been able to say ... I want/need a relationship that looks like x would not have been possible
<MstrsRobin{lm}> do you have an ideal of what it looks like now abi? or is it changing too?
<`abi> it's like seeing a tree that you really want to climb and not being aware that it's part of a whole forest
<Sweet1`> perhaps in a round about way that is my point...if you know how you want to feel, it is not so important to say a label or a box is going to do it for you
<MstrsRobin{lm}> in other words, you want to feel this way, but there are many things which will take you there
<`abi> I would agree Sweet1` ... but I also think that it is a process and it's difficult to know at the start where that process will lead
<GamesMaster_63> Part of this lifestyle is getting out of the box that we have spent our prior lives in (imo)
<Sweet1`> you learn as you go, try this and that, and discover the relationship that works...but you still knew from the beginning where you wanted to go inside
<`abi> I think MstrsRobin{lm} that it has become the old story of the more I know, the less I realize that I know
<MstrsRobin{lm}> :D
<MstrsRobin{lm}> if we realize how little we really know, we are a long way along the road to the realization that we are mere humans
<`abi> I keep getting glimpses of horizons that I didn't know existed
<earl{MS}> can anyone see common threads in their journey that has stayed with them througout, like this one has three, 1) bondage, 2)feeling under the control of another, 3)always sub
<MstrsRobin{lm}> do you know the way to those horizons?
<Sweet1`> does it change how you want to feel tho abi?
<`abi> yes, Sweet1` .. it does
<Sweet1`> why?
<Sweet1`> and how?
<`abi> because as I glimpse those horizons, I realize that it is possible to feel differently
<`abi> and it changes what I want
<`abi> and not completely MstrsRobin{lm} ... it's that without a map thing
<MstrsRobin{lm}> lol
<GamesMaster_63> I just wish I could get past my own fears.
<`abi> what are you afraid of GamesMaster_63?
<MstrsRobin{lm}> it can be a fun trip when mapless though
<MstrsRobin{lm}> all the twists and turns and bumps in the road
<`abi> it's the unmarked landmines that cause the problems ;)
<GamesMaster_63> I fear the dependancy, and whether I have the ability to keep control of my self at times.
<`abi> you fear her dependancy or your own?
<GamesMaster_63> Both
<MstrsRobin{lm}> if you recognize these fears, then you know when you are about to lose control, so you can call a time out to just be human for a bit
<GamesMaster_63> That is what I do, and I also realize that the fears I have may not actually have a basis in reality, but in my view, that is one of the definitions of fear.
<MstrsRobin{lm}> as long as you recognize the fear, then it has a basis in reality
<MstrsRobin{lm}> dependency is about as real as you can get
<GamesMaster_63> My view again, as long as you let the fear rule you it is real.
<earl{MS}> did not know that a fear when recognized had to have a basis in reality
<MstrsRobin{lm}> it usually has something to do with who you are or what is happening in your life at the moment, in my view
<`abi> but it doesn't have to be rational fear earl
<MstrsRobin{lm}> true abi
<`abi> was anyone terrified of their first BDSM experience?
<earl{MS}> abi, better was of saying it, thank you
<MstrsRobin{lm}> look at those in withdrawal, they have many fears
<GamesMaster_63> Mine tend to be very irrational, because they are things I often cannot physically confront.
<GamesMaster_63> No, 'abi, was very excited, but not terrified.
<earl{MS}> abi, before or after?
* Sweet1` would hope people are not terrified doing something that they are to get pleasure from
<`abi> either earl
<`abi> well, I don't know Sweet1` ... there is that rollercoaster type of fear, that I still feel quite often
<Sweet1`> i don't believe it's fear abi....a nervous anticipation yes, fear no
<earl{MS}> abi, was close before meeting Mistress for the first time, but that all changed after the first few hours
<MstrsRobin{lm}> Sweet1`, when they don't realize it could bring them pleasure, the have a right to be scared or terrified of it
<GamesMaster_63> 'abi, I always thought rollercoasters were fun.
<MstrsRobin{lm}> they are GamesMaster_63
<GamesMaster_63> Many people fear the unknown, it is almost universal.
<MstrsRobin{lm}> true
* `abi nods to GamesMaster_63 ... that's the fear GamesMaster_63 ... know it's going to be fun, still scary as hell
<Sweet1`> if you are looking forward to it, but nervous, that is not fear
<GamesMaster_63> It is apprehension
<Sweet1`> it's a nervous anticipation
<MstrsRobin{lm}> nereves and fear are different, but nerves can add to the fear
<GamesMaster_63> Yes
<`abi> I have exactly the same physical reaction as I do to fear
<GamesMaster_63> That is also very normal.
<MstrsRobin{lm}> but is the end result not different?
<Sweet1`> actually, not really...tho you might think you do...there are many of the same things
<Sweet1`> when you look forward to something, you body does react differently than if you truly fear it
<GamesMaster_63> Your pulse and respiration increase, your pupils dilate, your skin temperature initially drops, and your muscles tense.
<MstrsRobin{lm}> like an adrenalin rush
<Sweet1`> because it still involves the nervous system, you might think you are reacting the same
<GamesMaster_63> The physiological reactions are almost identical. Part of it is an adrenalin rush.
<GamesMaster_63> It is why daredevils keep doing what they do.
<MstrsRobin{lm}> adrenaline can be fun
<MstrsRobin{lm}> just got to be careful
<GamesMaster_63> Very
<MstrsRobin{lm}> adrenaline can be a good thing, but it can also get u into big time trouble
<GamesMaster_63> When the body reacts to adrenlin, that is the time control must be the greatest, it is also the time when control can be the hardest.
<MstrsRobin{lm}> double edged sward
<GamesMaster_63> Yep, but that keen edge is the funnest.
<MstrsRobin{lm}> yes, it is, just watch out or it will cut you deep
<GamesMaster_63> And that is the fear I was talking about.
<MstrsRobin{lm}> fear of not beint the best you that you can be, can be very crippling
<GamesMaster_63> Got kicked (growl)
<Sweet1`> if you cut too deep, get out the needle play and fix it <g>
<MstrsRobin{lm}> GamesMaster_63, i was saying that fear of not being the best you that you can be, can be very crippling indeed
<GamesMaster_63> Should be able to sew up sub, have done it for myself many a time.
<MstrsRobin{lm}> :) Sweet1`
<GamesMaster_63> I don't let the fear control me, but I am aware of it being there.
<MstrsRobin{lm}> so that you can control it?
<GamesMaster_63> So that I can let it serve it's purpose and keep me on my toes and constantly aware of what is happening around and with me.
<MstrsRobin{lm}> so in a way, you control each other
<MstrsRobin{lm}> to a c ertain degree
<GamesMaster_63> I am one of those adrenalin junkies we were discussing earlier.
<MstrsRobin{lm}> adrenalin has its place
<GamesMaster_63> I don't look at it that way, but I can see that view.
<`abi> so, is everyone lost in reminiscenes of their first experiences?
<MstrsRobin{lm}> don't everyone talk at once
<MstrsRobin{lm}> lol
<GamesMaster_63> Just trying to give others a chance now.
<MstrsRobin{lm}> no `abi, my experience ass blend in together as one big experience, so there is really no beginning
* `abi smiles...every experience is a first time?
<MstrsRobin{lm}> exactly abi
<MstrsRobin{lm}> still new so still lots to experience
<GamesMaster_63> I hope that it stays that way.
<MstrsRobin{lm}> so do i
<MstrsRobin{lm}> as long as we are having fun, i think it will
<MstrsRobin{lm}> and we are def having fun
<GamesMaster_63> Kewl, and the only way to live
<MstrsRobin{lm}> very true
<MstrsRobin{lm}> every new feeling is a new experience
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<MstrsRobin{lm}> every new toy is a new experience
<MstrsRobin{lm}> a new partner is a new experience
<MstrsRobin{lm}> an old partner come back is a new experience
<GamesMaster_63> Still working on that one, one work schedule or the other, and kids, keeps seeming to interfere.
<MstrsRobin{lm}> so many new things to experience and lots of time to do it
<MstrsRobin{lm}> know the feeling GamesMaster_63
<MstrsRobin{lm}> although kids are great for edge control
<GamesMaster_63> Very true.
<MstrsRobin{lm}> lol
<MstrsRobin{lm}> learned that first hand
<GamesMaster_63> Over and over again
<MstrsRobin{lm}> lol, yes
<MstrsRobin{lm}> and they will be till they move out
<MstrsRobin{lm}> mine are 7, so that is a long way away
<GamesMaster_63> Mine is 17 now, just a few more years
<MstrsRobin{lm}> lucky u
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