April 14, 2002 EhBC Online Discussion

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<Kilted_One> Discussion in progress Please avoid Walton hellos and byes. Topic is Gorean approach to D/S Moderator is Kilted One
<Omy_oasis{Omy}> my slave is rolling her eyes jen lol
<rhiannon{KO}> was worried about when the latex came out. but i behaved..
<fiestyone> hello mist{LW}
<xxendlessdesirexx> enjoyed KO's and rhiannin's scene.. :)
<jen{SE}> *lol*
* mist{LW} chuckles at rhiannon{KO}
<xxendlessdesirexx> (and still can't spell... my appoligies*
<rhiannon{KO}> thank you xxendlessdesirexx..;)
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<xxendlessdesirexx> :)
<jen{SE}> you were a model of decorum last night rhiannon{KO} *grins*, but we know better :-)))
* rhiannon{KO} smiles at jen{SE}..lol
<Kilted_One> the topic is Gorean approach to D/s lifstyle first I would like to ask if there is any that doesnt know what Gor is or what it is about???
<Omy_oasis{Omy}> decorm? A fashion statement on her dress? Which was stunning btw
<rhiannon{KO}> lol...thank You Omy_oasis{Omy}..
<rhiannon{KO}> i made sure i didn't use any.......bad.....words cuz Omy_oasis{Omy} was there.
<Omy_oasis{Omy}> bad words???
<janizz> waits for discussion .....
<janizz> i understand the basics of Gor KO
* {OT}cariye knows Gor
* mist{LW} knows Gor also
<Kilted_One> anyone here had any good things/experiences regarding Gor that they want to share to start the discussion off
<janizz> no experience for me
<MistressAnne> I have not used it either
<Omy_oasis{Omy}> I like the fact that online Gor taught new people how to vividly express themselves
* mist{LW} likes the formality of kneeling at ones Masters feet, and offering submission at the start of a scene
<concubinary> I've had no experience but I wonder what it is like to live Gor 24/7 - is it similar to my experiences?
<Kilted_One> what would they be concubinary??
<dalian> the experience of the positions and ritualistic serves were difficult at first
<{OT}cariye> I like its structure ..you know what is expected
<rhiannon{KO}> i love the rituals..
<concubinary> Well, I lived 24/7 with formal service but it wasn't clasified as Gor. I was completely submissive ALL the time in all matters
<kashina{MG}> i agree {OT}cariye...knowing what is expected at all times can be very reassuring
<Omy_oasis{Omy}> slave: spent 2 years on Gor.. was a wonderful experience tht helped me through my D/s desires and improved myself estime
<dalian> and being very conscious of your movements at all times brings in a different element
* mist{LW} wonders at being totally submissive at all times, as in the books from Gor the slaves were prized for their fiestiness as well as their ability to submit
* Kilted_One nods to concubinary, well that would be similar in a lot of respects however without knowing all of the details it would be difficult to say just how similar
<janizz> but what makes it different then a D/s relationship?
<kashina{MG}> choice janizz...i think that's the promary difference
<Kilted_One> Is it different from a D/s relationship or is it a D/s relationship
<LORD`WOLF> this dom needs a fresher course
<concubinary> Maybe alot of the formal elements of Gor are in use in relationships but not classified as Gor
<janizz> choice of what kashina?
<{OT}cariye> knowing you have none
<rhiannon{KO}> my personal experience between D/s and Gorean relationships, is that the D/s was more relaxed. the Gorean was more ritualistic..
<LORD`WOLF> refresher gee bad typer
<janizz> thank you
<Omy_oasis{Omy}> I would say its not different..its enhanced...more structured
<kashina{MG}> anything, janizz
<LORD`WOLF> slave where the bevage for yo\ur master
<janizz> *laughing*..i can role play anuthing for a weekend
<concubinary> so slaves are allowed to be feisty in Gor? Always or just sometimes? (I know little about this)
<{OT}cariye> more formal ? perhaps
<mist{LW}> what challange is there if a slave is always submissive to her Master :}
<Kilted_One> like BDSM in general I think there are several different layers to Gor much like and onion, the closer you get the to center the stronger it get and makes your eyes water
<dalian> good analogy KO
<janizz> good analogy KO
<concubinary> mist - some Masters like no challenge that way, some do
<LORD`WOLF> from basic to hardcore like?
<Kilted_One> concubinary I would answer that by saying that if you want Gor to last then you cannot try and make the slave act "exactly" like the books (scrolls) My approach is to bring the natural slave out of the individual, and as long as that is done with respect then they can be "fiesty"
* lil_kitten has a slight issue with those I have met in the past deep in the pit in the onion
<LORD`WOLF> would like slave to be less 0of a brat but not to point that she would not be challening
<concubinary> Thank-you KO
<concubinary> i get it Lord Wolf
<{OT}cariye> the slaves in the books were smart ..they had many things to learn
<lil_kitten> I think at the very least a person should be able to admit that they are incorporating elements of a fictional fantasy lifestyle into their life, not actaully undertaking interstellar travel...
<Kilted_One> many of you here know me in person and how many would say that I act like "the typical Gorean"??
<xxendlessdesirexx> lol...
<dalian> despite the common belief in the books...slaves were not doormats...but extensions of their Masters philosophy and training
* Omy_oasis{Omy} looks at his slave biting her lip
<xxendlessdesirexx> ...no comment
<lil_kitten> knowing you only very little KO, you didn't strike me as the typical Gorean at all, however my view of typical comes from people I met in chat rooms who lived and breathed it online
<LORD`WOLF> depends on who book you read or what level of gor you mean
<Omy_oasis{Omy}> Well KO, after hearing your slave swear at you, my opinion changed somewhat ;)
<dalian> what is a "typical Gorean"?
* Kilted_One laughs at Omy.....
* rhiannon{KO} giggles and blushes.
<shadoe{S}> lil kitten.. i think the operative here might be the 'on line'.. KO is anything but online
<Omy_oasis{Omy}> Actually..its not the swearing,,but getting away with it
<rhiannon{KO}> must You always bring that up Omy? lol
<shadoe{S}> he's very real..
<lil_kitten> of course shadoe{S} - I know lol
<Kilted_One> good ?? dalian would you give us and answer to that
<lil_kitten> I'm just pointing out where *my* exposure to people who enjoy/partake in some element of it comes from
<dalian> sorry KO...answer to?
<Kilted_One> thanks shadoe{S} would it be fair to say that there is a lot of Gor on line that doesnt sound like it would last r/l?
<shadoe{S}> true true kitten
* Omy_oasis{Omy} winks at rhiannon{KO}
* dalian scrolls
<Kilted_One> dalian your own question
<lil_kitten> in two words KO, hell yes...
<Kilted_One> <dalian> what is a "typical Gorean"?
<Kilted_One> how many here have had some kind of exposure to the Gorean ways??
<dalian> what is a typical Gorean?...hmmm...I have met very few that live the lifestyle r/l...can't really say what I would expect to be typical
<LORD`WOLF> yes please define typical
<Omy_oasis{Omy}> I think there are probably 100 reasons why Gor wouldn't work in r/l...but some of the concepts and rtuals can be incorporated.
<{OT}cariye> well being able to kill your slaves is illegal here
<LORD`WOLF> lol rats
<mist{LW}> i know Master isnt typical lol
<Omy_oasis{Omy}> How do you incorporate Gor into your life KO?
<xxendlessdesirexx> lol
* mist{LW} smiles
<yummy> {OT}cariye, that and i'd guess once dead they don't serve very well
<Kilted_One> last time I checked that was exactly true cariye
<concubinary> I actually met a dom who believed he had the right to kill his slave. We are not together.
<{OT}cariye> and there is no market to buy a new one at
<kashina{MG}> yummy, you are too cute lol
<Kilted_One> is he dead concubinary?? ,smiles
<LORD`WOLF> gee would have to make my own coffee
<lil_kitten> no - yummy, once they're dead they change their nick and maybe try another channel :)
<concubinary> I don't know KO :)
<Kilted_One> I have tried to take the philosophical approach and not the literal
<shadoe{S}> there's a ton of gor online that's just not realistic at all
<rhiannon{KO}> lol@lil_kitten.
<concubinary> No, I think he has a new slave
<Kilted_One> We follow a lot of the rituals and we have made a lot of rituals up of our own
<lil_kitten> I think the literal approach is only really sane online...
* rhiannon{KO} smiles at Master.
<kashina{MG}> i think that's the key KO...incorporating into the relationship those aspects of the Gorean ways that are suitable to Your own desires
<lil_kitten> which is probably why I've met a lot of really "questionable" self-proclaimed Goreans online and only the "philosophy" types r/l
<Kilted_One> I have a way of expressing the difference between on line and r/l online is "DisneyGor" and R/L is exactly that ....r/l.....different for every couple that try and or live it
* lil_kitten agrees with kashina{MG}
<concubinary> I'll say that I've lived the literal slave thing and it isn't the fantasy life. You have to be realistic
* yummy is still annoyed at her one foray into gor......got kicked from a gor room cause the nick yummy isn't "gor" enough......my gor experience ....about 2 minutes
<rhiannon{KO}> so true concubinary..
<Omy_oasis{Omy}> Well Gor, D/s, BDSM, whatever your flavour, long as the two people agree to what the relationship will be and how it will be structured, its all good
<lil_kitten> exactly KO - but think about where a lot of people get their start in BDSM or Gor or both - there is a lot of online influence and I would say it gives those like you a really bad name, just by association
* mist{LW} was dragged by the hair across a room and dropped for not knowing the rules of the room before being told them :p
<rhiannon{KO}> yes Omy_oasis{Omy}. and what is Gor to one is not to another.
<LORD`WOLF> ilike the idea of being serve gor stle but sometimes i do for get to alow or command sub to do that thus it not be practial for this one to set his life stle to a goren effect but i think one should and i hope possibly drift that way
<concubinary> I agree Omy_oasis but sometimes the thought of really being a slave is alluring, in reality it was tough and I was in Europe so far away from anything but my Master
<Kilted_One> join the many yummy I too have been kicked and banned from Silk and Steel for no more that my nick
<mist{LW}> You KO??
<mist{LW}> whats wrong with Your nick there
* Omy_oasis{Omy} nods at rhiannon{KO}
<LORD`WOLF> to rush in the the goren lifestle i think would scare the hell out of me
<kashina{MG}> SkyDom?? lol
* mist{LW} runs to call SkyDom
<rhiannon{KO}> it is tough. and also rewarding.
<mist{LW}> lol
<SkyDom> Laff
<Kilted_One> who knows I got no chance to ask or question
* {OT}cariye always serves Master Gor style and the positions are used rl as well
<rhiannon{KO}> someone once said to me. becareful of what you wish for, because you may just get it..;)
<rhiannon{KO}> do you live 24/7 {OT}cariye?
<{OT}cariye> no :(
* Omy_oasis{Omy} slave looks at rhiannon{KO} then at me...no dear I didn't tell her that
<shadoe{S}> and how long do you have to sit in those positions?
<rhiannon{KO}> as long as the Master tells us to..;)
<Kilted_One> Let me state for the record that I do not consider my way as the only way, it is simply mine. A lot of hardliners would disagree that it is even tru Gorean
<{OT}cariye> depends on the position
<Omy_oasis{Omy}> or they swaer at him shadoe{S}, lol
* dalian laughs as rhiannon takes the words out of her mouth
* mist{LW} is a tad too inflexible to kneel for as long as Master might ask, but He makes allowances and i am able to ask to change position (Quit: )
<Kilted_One> we had a good show of positions here at chez KO at the last workshop
<kashina{MG}> there should be no denotation as truely Gorean....i see no tarn birds around these days after all KO Sir **warm smile**
<mist{LW}> nor tarn riders lol
<mist{LW}> but i bet KO would look good on the back of one
* Kilted_One often refers to his way as Gorlite.......all the fun and only half of the bullshit
<Trainer11> I have a question for caryie and rhiannon >My slave thinks that it would become a chore to serve always in gorean positiions...serving meals that is. Does this cause you gals any problem...has serving meals bercome a chore ?
<xxendlessdesirexx> lol
<{OT}cariye> how do You mean a chore?
<kashina{MG}> there is little difference between Gorean servitude and Old Guard servitude though Trainer11
* Kilted_One laughs knowing that he prefers the "steel birds" they are faster and safer
<mist{LW}> lol KO
<mist{LW}> besides, the steel ones wont eat you if you blink
<mist{LW}> :}
<concubinary> Do you kneel beside on the floor while the Master is eating in Gorean style?
<shadoe{S}> a lot of the positions remind me of sitting seiza - and from what i've learned.. sitting seiza takes years of experience.. and can be only done before old age sets in.. is there allowance for all of that?
* EchoesII *chuckles*,,, *indeed*,,, KO,,,
* rhiannon{KO} never feels it is a "chore" to serve Master. i enjoy the fact that i can serve Him.
<Trainer11> cariye > I mean 3 m3als a day...day 7 days a week...does it bother you to sedrrve your master meals this way ?
<{OT}cariye> sometimes I do , sometimes I eat at the same time and sometimes Master feeds me ...depends on His mood
<Kilted_One> seriously though these are a series of books that are fantasy, so there are a whole list of things that are not possible here on "Urth" even if you wanted to so you have to be a bit of a realist
<rhiannon{KO}> He is at work during the day Trainer11..
<{OT}cariye> unfortunatly I am not 24/7
<concubinary> Okay, thanks cariye
<mist{LW}> same here, it depends on if i am at work, or not too, if i work 12 hours, Master doesnt expect me to make meal all the time, He may cook, or we may go out
<mist{LW}> but i enjoy making and serving Master the meals that i do
<concubinary> It seems that if the slave isn't working outside of the house it's easier to serve that way
* kashina{MG} smiles and winks at Masterguny ;)
<Kilted_One> Trainer11 in our house we have two minors on and off what we do is toned down due to this. My slave "always' serves me my food. I do not put it on my plate, she also eats or tastes her food first
<rhiannon{KO}> true concubinary..
<concubinary> rhiannon, that is why my questions about Gor because when I was 24/7 I didn't work so it seemed to fit alot of Gorean style but not with the names etc
<Trainer11> KO > and has your slave ever voiced objection to serving your meals this way ??
<Kilted_One> concubinary one of the conditions that is set here is that my slave is full time here in my homestone (home) she was asked to and complied with giving up her General Managers position
* Kilted_One looks at his slave and allows her to answer that ?? herself
<rhiannon{KO}> no Trainer11, i never object to serving Master..
<{OT}cariye> why would you object to serving your Master food ?
<rhiannon{KO}> i love doing it.
<rhiannon{KO}> true {OT}cariye.
<LORD`WOLF> i hear a little grumbling the odd time
<kashina{MG}> i should thing that serving one's Master would be a source of pride
<Kilted_One> again r/l has this way of getting in the way. Things have to we worked around minors
* Omy_oasis{Omy} smiles at kashina{MG}
* {OT}cariye grmbles that she does not get to feed Him often enough
<rhiannon{KO}> i am here in this house as Master's slave. i knew going into this relationship what it would consist of. to me being a slave is not a fantasy, for i live it everyday
<mist{LW}> knowing Trainer11 and His slave, i think the objection is more to the kneeling to serve perhaps Trainer11 Sir? than to the actual serving You meals
<mist{LW}> the position required to serve, rather than serving?
<shadoe{S}> so.. what is the difference then? i serve Himself without question.. yet we are not Gorean
<{OT}cariye> does she have knee troubles?
<Kilted_One> do you nadu for him shadoe{S}??
<shadoe{S}> if He asks.. yes
<shadoe{S}> although in our house it is called seiza
<Kilted_One> do you wear a kamisk at this is all that you have to wear?
<Trainer11> cariye > She is having knee troubles at the moment, but usually she does not have knee problems
<shadoe{S}> i wear nothing if that is what he requires
<Kilted_One> but that was not the ?? shadoe{S}
<{OT}cariye> maybe a small stool so she would not have to go all the way to the floor ?
<shadoe{S}> it is the question.. a kamisk is the same idea as a kimono
<Kilted_One> if did ask you to nadu and you did wear a kamisk these would be two rituals that Goreans follow
<{OT}cariye> I do not think any Master would ask a slave to hold a position if it was seriously hurting her
<LORD`WOLF> ther and idea for you mist{LW} tha t i have not thought of use a stool to serve rather then kneel
<Omy_oasis{Omy}> agreed {OT}cariye
<shadoe{S}> so you are suggesting that Gorean is different because the ritual is different?
<Kilted_One> similar but if you wore a Kimono then you would be adopting an oriental dress
<Trainer11> cariye > The small stool idea is great...I like that one, She can rest her butt on it and take the pressure off her knees. I allow her to eat seated or kneeling on the floor,
<mist{LW}> that might help Master, or perhaps a cushion instead
<shadoe{S}> but wouldn't the concept be the same if there are rituals to expand and perpetuate a relationship?
<LORD`WOLF> get one tomorrow
<shadoe{S}> <--- personally finds Gorean intriguing
<mist{LW}> yes Master, the stool or the cushion?
<Kilted_One> shadoe what makes any of our ways of life different but the detail in how we follow them and life then
<mist{LW}> or both lol
<shadoe{S}> Trainer11.. the stool is identical to that of a seiza bench
<Kilted_One> shadoe what makes any of our ways of life different but the detail in how we follow them and live then
<Kilted_One> them daaam fingers
<shadoe{S}> *laughing*
<Trainer11> Mist> Also a good idea...at least until the knee clears up. I simply would like het to bring me my food ( I do most of the cooking here) and to kneel and offer it with her head bowed. When I command 'serve' she serves it, then assumes nada for a few seconds until I tell her she may eat.
<shadoe{S}> i'm thinking the fact that Gorean exists in the real world (not just online).. is what makes all the differences just plain interesing and fun
<{OT}cariye> when I started online the rooms were full of subs and slaves who would throw jelly beans at the Doms etc ...that was not how I acted real life and I would not act that way to a Dom so I was happy when I found Gor
<Kilted_One> I think that the fact that we have been discussing this for 40 mins and there has been no heated arguments is fun too
<LORD`WOLF> yes it does
<dalian> nice for a change KO
<shadoe{S}> cariye.. most online is just not real.. what makes this room unique is that for the most part we know each other rt
<dalian> usually there is alot of diatribe when it comes to the discussion of Gor
<Kilted_One> that is a good and important observation shadoe{S}...
<{OT}cariye> yes but when I started I did not know there were rooms like this
<{OT}cariye> and I was not even in Ontario
<shadoe{S}> are you now?
<{OT}cariye> yes
<kashina{MG}> that is always the problem {OT}cariye...knowing what "it" is and what others call it
<mist{LW}> how about the serving of liquid beverages, or the dances, do many know them or do/have the slave do them?
<Trainer11> Thongar draws his sword 'Deathbringer' and hacks all around him.....his mighty thews straining in the firelight
<SkyDom1> Nope.....you got it right.....I think
<Trainer11> Hey....my slave won't even let me have a sword LOL
<mist{LW}> i love to serve a drink to Master in the manner shown in the novels
<Kilted_One> almost a year ago rhiannon and I performed several "rituals" in what we called our ceremony. This was indicative of our like of rituals and displayed some of the similarities and differences between BDSM, Gor and Celtic
<LORD`WOLF> to my thinking i have visted some goren rooms some to which i found were very sicking to a point of rules of order and others i have visted have to a degrre made interestined in gor but to say one can follow in real life the way it is done in some of the gor rooms personally i think not
<{OT}cariye> dont blame her if You are hacking all around You
<kashina{MG}> she won't "let" You Trainer11?? lol
<mist{LW}> lol {OT}cariye
<shadoe{S}> be nice kashina
<mist{LW}> wouldnt let Master near one either lol
<mist{LW}> its bad enough to let Him near floggers and springy twigs :p
<LORD`WOLF> who me my pet?
<mist{LW}> yes, You Master lol
<kashina{MG}> not to mention quirts huh mist{LW}?
<Trainer11> Thongar draws his penknife 'nailclipper' and threatens all around him with having their toenails clipped.
<mist{LW}> that toooo
<mist{LW}> lol
<Kilted_One> well as someone pointed out earlier Wolf, it is still againt the law to kill your slave
<{OT}cariye> lol
* mist{LW} offers her toenails up for sacrifice
<lil_kitten> they'll take you serious at the airport, Trainer11
<LORD`WOLF> rats again
<{OT}cariye> they took my clippers at christmas time :(
<Trainer11> Hi kitten...is it youkim ?
<mist{LW}> other ways that i serve Gorean is in preparing and bathing Master, and shampooing Him
<EchoesII> *but notes it's still okay to cook them slowly,,, ***,,,
<Kilted_One> how many in channel right now would be interested in meeting to discuss a possible Gorean community???
<lil_kitten> <- not kim
<mist{LW}> not to mention the obvious bedtime tasks :}
<shadoe{S}> but mist.. how is that exclusively gorean?
* dalian raises her hand
<mist{LW}> in the way it is done shadoe{S}
<LORD`WOLF> oh yea
* mist{LW} looks at her Master, smiles and raises her hand
* EchoesII *indeed*,,KO,,, *S*,,
<shadoe{S}> you are thinking it's done differently? less respectfully?
<shadoe{S}> less.. articulately?
<Trainer11> Thongar draws his matel plastic barbie cooking set knife and threatens all around him with cupcakes
<LORD`WOLF> lol i want the sword
<Omy_oasis{Omy}> would that be set up in Ottawa KO? :)
<rhiannon{KO}> not at all shadoe{S}..
<mist{LW}> it is done to please Him, in all aspects of it
<Kilted_One> I was thinking closer to home as in Chez KO
<mist{LW}> from the temperature of the water, to the scented oils and salts, to drying Him off after
<shadoe{S}> of course it is mist.. as everything i do is to please my Master.. all aspects of it
<shadoe{S}> from giving him the blow job.. to bathing his penis afterwards.. a warm bowl of water and a soft cloth
* mist{LW} smiles
<shadoe{S}> how's that different in the gor world?
<rhiannon{KO}> it is (to me) how ritulistic it is. if you do it "once in a while" i would not think of it being Gorean. if it is a way of life, doing it everyday, with some kind of ritual attached to it. then for me, it is Gorean.
<Omy_oasis{Omy}> Interesting concept KO..would make interesting discussions
<mist{LW}> yes, that would be to me, the difference rhiannon{KO}, if it is done everyday, or everytime in that fashion
* rhiannon{KO} giggles at shadoe{S}..
<Trainer11> rhiannon > Well said !!!!
<mist{LW}> not just when the urge strikes the slave :}
<LORD`WOLF> every day would be nice
<shadoe{S}> so you are essentially saying i'm behaving gorean
<Kilted_One> the only thing that makes it Gorean is that it follows the details as described in the books that Norman has witten
<mist{LW}> yes, in some things shadoe{S}, i would say you are
<kashina{MG}> but the essence of what it is is buried in consistency, the fact that what is expected is well known and an accepted aspect of 'normal' life
<rhiannon{KO}> BUT it is what her Master says it is...if He does not think of it as being Gorean, then it is not...
<Kilted_One> that is what we are here for Omy discuss away
<mist{LW}> it is Gorean in that we attempt to recreate to our best ability, the rituals of Gor :}
<shadoe{S}> there is nothing "once in a while" about the rituals here.. they are consistant..and if missed, i'm called for it
<rhiannon{KO}> does your Master think of your lifestyle as being gorean?
<shadoe{S}> no
<rhiannon{KO}> then shadoe{S}, it is not.
<kashina{MG}> is there not some sort of reassurance in the fact that you can BE called on it for non-performance though shadoe{S}?
<Omy_oasis{Omy}> So KO..how does one put 12 couples up at Chez KO?
* Omy_oasis{Omy} chuckles
<rhiannon{KO}> very comfortably Omy_oasis{Omy}, dinner, and breakfast included..;)
<Kilted_One> ohhh just hold any party here and that is what happens
* mist{LW} thinks that sleeping furs could be piled around that nice big room where the workshops are
* mist{LW} grins
<shadoe{S}> kashina.. explain please?
<LORD`WOLF> explain please?
<Omy_oasis{Omy}> What?? No morning blowjob wake up calls included? <eg>
<mist{LW}> and why not Omy_oasis{Omy}, are You shy lol
<Omy_oasis{Omy}> Different from one evening to a living comune
<rhiannon{KO}> it all depends on what You Make Your slave do first thing in the am. i am sure Master wouldn't object to her doing that..;)
* mist{LW} thinks lots can happen under a pile of furs
<mist{LW}> hehe
<MistressAnne> lol
<Trainer11> Hi oasis > do you serve your master his meals ?
<kashina{MG}> if you KNOW what is expected...and know that if you do what is expected there is pride and reward in doing so...and if you don't there will be reprocussions....is that not kind of reassuring to you? settling?
<LORD`WOLF> rember my pet watch what yopu say i am take notes
<Omy_oasis{Omy}> Yes I do Trainer11
* mist{LW} smiles softly
<mist{LW}> a girl knows how to serve Master, when the Master wishes to be
<Trainer11> oasis > On your knees...three meals a day ?
<shadoe{S}> the repurcussions are not settling at all.. i am expected to behave in a certain way.. and if i don't i disappoint him.. there isnt any room for my not doing what he expects
<Kilted_One> I think what you are saying shadoe{S} (and I am putting words into your mouth so feel free to correct me) is that as you perform rituals and goreans perform rituals what makes you and goreans different??? Are they not the same??.......I think the answer to that is in the details of how these rituals are performed, not how they "could be performed" but how that are actually performed.....the gorean ones are done in the details described by Norman
<shadoe{S}> it's not accepted
<Omy_oasis{Omy}> I don't live with Master 24/7 yet. When he is hear I serve him..I have kids so there are some things its agreed not be done infront of them
<mist{LW}> yes, real life tends to put a damper on 24/7 gorean lifestyle for most
<shadoe{S}> so KO..what you are saying is that both ways are fully equal.. the same goal..achieved in a slightly different way
<mist{LW}> even without kids living here, ie. my son is here now, so i cant kneel or serve as i would alone with Master
<rhiannon{KO}> i agree shadoe{S}...;)
<Trainer11> mist > Do ou serve your master his meals ?
<Kilted_One> most definately shadoe{S}
<{OT}cariye> I think a lot of what Norman wrote is taken bits and pieces from many cultures around the world
<Kilted_One> I do not see Gorean ways as being any "better" or higher that any other ritualistic ways
<mist{LW}> yes, Trainer11, i prepare most at home meals, put them on His plate, and serve Him first, before serving others, and lastly myself
<LORD`WOLF> we are 24/7 but do have family visting from time to time so to be goren as desribe by john norman it not be possable
<kashina{MG}> i agree {OT}cariye
<Kilted_One> Discussion in progress. Please avoid Walton hiya's and byes. Topic is "Symbols of Submission" and the moderator is endlessdesire
<DarkAngel^{rt}> hello all
<mist{LW}> was thinking more of super who comes knocking on the door lol
<DarkAngel^{rt}> is the discusion over ?
<mist{LW}> hard to explain cuffs, collar and tunic to him
<{OT}cariye> nope :)
<DarkAngel^{rt}> ahh ok
<rhiannon[KO]> no DA W/we just got disconected.
<mist{LW}> not to mention floggers etc lol
<DarkAngel^{rt}> kewl ,, tried to hurry home
<LORD`WOLF> lol he thinks i am a nut any way
<mist{LW}> i know You are one Master, but i love You anyway :}
<Kilted_One> did you get my answer to your ?? shadoe{S}??
<Kilted_One> ty Justice^
<shadoe{S}> i think so
<DarkAngel^{rt}> yes you are LORD`WOLF ,,,LOL
* Kilted_One nods
<Trainer11> This is sunao Just to clarify....My problem comes, not with serving my Master, but with my past. My x demanded 3 to four meals a day. for him. Elaborate ones. Then there wqere three kids. I developed a very bad feeling about this as it had become a "chore" rather than a joy. One of these meals was in the middle of the night even though I worked long hours during the day. I just want to avoid the "chore" problem. We sometime
<Omy_oasis{Omy}> there is the difference sunao
<Kilted_One> any last minute thoughts before I close the official discussion???
<{OT}cariye> did you ever eat with Him? left #bdsm-kw
<Omy_oasis{Omy}> in this lifestyle the key for it to work is CONSENTING partners
<LORD`WOLF> wonders where to get this goren robe
<Kilted_One> what robe would that be Wolf??
<LORD`WOLF> the tunic for slave
<rhiannon[KO]> a kamisk?
<Trainer11> Dark Angel > How can we get tiockets for KiNaNo
<Trainer11> Dark Angel > How can we get tickets for KiNaNo ?
<rhiannon[KO]> it is easy to make LORD`WOLF.
* rhiannon[KO] has a "few" of them here..lol
<mist{LW}> do you have a pattern for it rhiannon[KO], i can make adjustment for sizing
<DarkAngel^{rt}> lol ,,,
<DarkAngel^{rt}> Trainer11 ,,, care to PM a sec ?
<rhiannon[KO]> nope, just out of my head mist{LW}
<Trainer11> DarkAngel > Sure
<rhiannon[KO]> i sell them..;)
<mist{LW}> ahhh
<rhiannon[KO]> Master and i are opening a business...(Gorstor)
<{OT}cariye> cool
<rhiannon[KO]> W/we do all things Gorean Bdsm, and corsety..
* Kilted_One closes the official logs