March 23, 2003 EhBC Online Discussion

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* BernieRoehl settles in for the discussion
<maidenEarth> friut and vegetables?
<jimet> wooden spoons
<Kirspin> Yea Wooden spoons!!
<maidenEarth> licorice stings
<BernieRoehl> electric toothbrushes
<BernieRoehl> ... and the rooms goes quiet
<blue^^> textured gloves used in fishing
<blue^^> i have no idea what they're called
<rose{MD}> just imagining some of these Sir loll
<dana_foreveralways> lol... pizza cutter
<maidenEarth> ping pong paddles
<Symmetre{t}> are we compiling a list of household pervertables?
<blue^^> me to rose
<jewel`{F}> dental floss
<blue^^> lol
* blue^^ likes wooden spoons
<earl{MS}> cling wrap
<Kirspin> Fly swatters
* Symmetre{t} thinks oh boy am I in the right conversation!
<maidenEarth> Symmetre{t}, seems like it and if any raise a question mark over our heads, then I suspect we can ask...
<earl{MS}> electric fly swatter
<BernieRoehl> We seem to be, Symmetre{t}
<jimet> plastic version of wooden spoons
<blue^^> oh those are evel earl
<Symmetre{t}> white plastic planters shaped like swans
<blue^^> evil even
* BernieRoehl smiles at rose{MD}
<jewel`{F}> bath scrub brush
<rose{MD}> :)
<earl{MS}> blue^^, yes they are
<BernieRoehl> clothes pins
<Kirspin> Potatoe peeler
<rose{MD}> oh pins *sigh*
<Symmetre{t}> those long cylindrical brushes used in cleaning aquarium filters
<Symmetre{t}> heh heh
<jewel`{F}> skirt clothes hangers
<maidenEarth> hairbrush, hair clips with the jaws, and hair elastics
<jewel`{F}> chopsticks
<BernieRoehl> sandpaper
<Symmetre{t}> the prick things used to hold hot cobs of corn
<Kirspin> steel wool
<jewel`{F}> make up and powder brushes
<maidenEarth> bungees cords
<Symmetre{t}> sturdy elastic bands
<Kirspin> Clamps
<rose{MD}> ben gay
<Symmetre{t}> peppermint extract
<maidenEarth> vicks ointment
<BernieRoehl> Fishing eights (to be attached to clothes pins, clamps, etc)
<dana_foreveralways> sable paint brushes
<Kirspin> Ginger root
<blue^^> toothpaste
<jewel`{F}> pepermint and cinnamon extracts
<maidenEarth> clove oil
<Symmetre{t}> Icy Hot
<dana_foreveralways> lol
<jewel`{F}> candles
<rose{MD}> *gonna need cold shower*
<blue^^> lol
<Symmetre{t}> high intensity flashlight
<jewel`{F}> hand held shower massager
<Kirspin> Baby Oil
<maidenEarth> aloe vera to treat minor wounds
<BernieRoehl> bathrobe belt
<Symmetre{t}> biology studen't field kit
<jimet> garlic pills
<jewel`{F}> regular leather belt
<Kirspin> Vet wrap
<maidenEarth> ping pong balls
<sprin2Life> man;s tie
<jewel`{F}> dishmops
<rose{MD}> turkey baster
<sprin2Life> ping pong balls?
<rose{MD}> golf balls
<jewel`{F}> rolling pin
<rose{MD}> tablespoons
<dana_foreveralways> frozen grapes
<earl{MS}> vacuum cleaner
<BernieRoehl> onion prong slicer
<Kirspin> Ice
<_dove> ice
<earl{MS}> ice
<BernieRoehl> frog gigs
<maidenEarth> the plastic kinder egg thingies filled with water and frozen, some filled with hot water...
<blue^^> oh maidenEarth! love that one
<jewel`{F}> condoms filled with water then placed in a paper towel roll then frozen
<aymelek> frog gigs?
<Symmetre{t}> heh heh heh
<maidenEarth> sprin2Life, put a hole in each side and run a cord thru, good ball gag.
<BernieRoehl> small metal clips for holding papers together
<sprin2Life> ohhhhh, ty maidenEarth
<BernieRoehl> freezable stir sticks
<rose{MD}> q tips
<maidenEarth> or use the lightweight practise golf balls with the holes already in.
<`abi> just don't stick 'em in your ears rose ;)
<Symmetre{t}> those retractible claw thingies for retrieving screws and small items dropped in hard-to-reach places
<rose{MD}> nope lol
<BernieRoehl> sleeping mask from drugstore
<BernieRoehl> snake bite kits
<maidenEarth> paperclips.
<jimet> paper clips can be cruel bern
<sprin2Life> safety pins
<BernieRoehl> bamboo skewers
<BernieRoehl> plastic fly swatters
<BernieRoehl> electric fly swatters
<dana_foreveralways> bobbie pins
<BernieRoehl> just about anything from a tack shop (riding shop)
<Kirspin> Leather fly swaters from Mennonite country
<maidenEarth> who wants to go to the dollar store now?
<jewel`{F}> wahser and dryer
<BernieRoehl> dog leashes
<earl{MS}> shoe laces
<BernieRoehl> dog cages
<BernieRoehl> cat toys
<dana_foreveralways> cat toys?
<rose{MD}> dog dishes
<sprin2Life> belts
<maidenEarth> butterfly closures from first aid kit.
<`abi> dog biscuits ... liversnaps if you're truly evil
<BernieRoehl> wooden paint stir-sticks
<BernieRoehl> sheepskin rugs from Ikea
<maidenEarth> shoe horn
<BernieRoehl> rabbit pelts
<Kirspin> Old Yard stick
<sprin2Life> ruler
<BernieRoehl> yardstick
<Symmetre{t}> regular panties lined with sandpaper
<_dove> basters
<BernieRoehl> (sorry, meter stick)
<jewel`{F}> those flppy slippers
<BernieRoehl> <== showing His age!
<maidenEarth> knife fork and spoon. Bowl of hot and cold water, ice cubes
<sprin2Life> Symmetre{t}, that would def hurt!
<BernieRoehl> beach flip flops, jewel`{F}?
<Symmetre{t}> even worse the morning after, sprin2Life
<sprin2Life> i bet
<jewel`{F}> not really Bernie i got brand new yard sticks in '96
<BernieRoehl> ice scrapers, paint scrapers
<`abi> naw Bernie, we just thought you meant a stick from the tree in your backyard
<BernieRoehl> bear claws
* BernieRoehl smiles at abi
<maidenEarth> keys
<sprin2Life> paintbrushes
<Symmetre{t}> 9 volt battery
<sprin2Life> gator clips
<jewel`{F}> the flip flops would work but i am thinking of the ones with the plastic soles that are fussy
<Symmetre{t}> booster cables! lol
<BernieRoehl> oh right -- yes, those would be very effective
<BernieRoehl> car washing mitts
<`abi> really bad music
<Symmetre{t}> lol
<BernieRoehl> fish scaling gloves
<maidenEarth> oh to be diabetic and have a supply of insulin needles...
* BernieRoehl laughs @abi!
<earl{MS}> maidenEarth, have a couple of hundred, need some?
<sprin2Life> saran wrap
<maidenEarth> earl{MS}, I have some actually
<BernieRoehl> Black and Decker work bench
<jewel`{F}> masking tape
<Symmetre{t}> a collection of children's music .... for her to sing along with
<jewel`{F}> duct tape
<BernieRoehl> chain from Canadian tire
<BernieRoehl> anything from Canadian Tire
<Symmetre{t}> lol
<sprin2Life> rope from the same place
<jewel`{F}> butchers twine
<sprin2Life> lol
<sprin2Life> hand cuffs
<sprin2Life> from kids play kit
<BernieRoehl> back scratchers
<earl{MS}> hand cuffs, a house hold item?
<sprin2Life> lol, if you have kidsd, yes
<jewel`{F}> lol sprin2Life
<maidenEarth> any facial cream mask that dries and gets tight and peels off, or that latex body paint. Leg wazing kit
<BernieRoehl> bamboo gardening stakes
<maidenEarth> waxing even
<sprin2Life> lol
<BernieRoehl> popsicles
<Kirspin> Cream sickles
<Symmetre{t}> pins
<maidenEarth> tweezers, razor and shaving cream.
<BernieRoehl> plastic cable ties
<sprin2Life> cold hand <aimed at earl>
<maidenEarth> rubbing alcohol
<BernieRoehl> bungee cords
<Symmetre{t}> bra and panties left in the freezer overnight
<BernieRoehl> mail bags
<pretti_n_kink> water frozen into a condom that has been placed in a paper towel tube
<earl{MS}> beer bottle
<maidenEarth> water frozen in latex glove
<sprin2Life> extension cords
<maidenEarth> zucchini
<pretti_n_kink> the twist rod from venetian blinds
<Symmetre{t}> CDs .... see how many you can stack on each nipple
<sprin2Life> cucumber
<maidenEarth> syrup
<jewel`{F}> freezies
<Kirspin> Bananas
<maidenEarth> small pets
<sprin2Life> carrot
<earl{MS}> fishing rod
<Symmetre{t}> spatulas
<maidenEarth> insects
<BernieRoehl> gardening kneeling mats
<jewel`{F}> the handle from the veritcal blinds
<Symmetre{t}> hot water bottle and some tubing *eg*
<BernieRoehl> potatoes carved into interesting shapes
<BernieRoehl> ginger
<BernieRoehl> mary ann
<BernieRoehl> (and the rest...)
<maidenEarth> douche
<sprin2Life> oh yes, gingwer!, want to try that
* pretti_n_kink goes off to hide in the corner
<sprin2Life> enema kit
<BernieRoehl> massage oil
<maidenEarth> cayenne pepper
<BernieRoehl> hot sauce
* jewel`{F} doesn't think she would like Mr Howell
<Kirspin> Make sure you peel the brown coating off the Ginger root first
<BernieRoehl> chocolate
<sprin2Life> body candy
<jewel`{F}> hot fudge
<QTIP> figging! spicy!
<jewel`{F}> ice cream
<BernieRoehl> jello
<BernieRoehl> pudding
<earl{MS}> whipped cream
<maidenEarth> peanut butter
<jewel`{F}> crushed nuts
<Symmetre{t}> I saw a Gilligan's Island porn once ... they had Gilligan suspended face-down between four trees ... the skipper was going wild on him ... take that little buddy ... lmao
<sprin2Life> lmao
<BernieRoehl> saw horses
<BernieRoehl> ladders
<jewel`{F}> lmao
<BernieRoehl> foot stools
<BernieRoehl> ottomans
<BernieRoehl> banisters
<Symmetre{t}> it was pirceless
<sprin2Life> lol, i bet
<Symmetre{t}> priceless too
<BernieRoehl> futon frames
<jewel`{F}> coffee tables
<Kirspin> Hassocks
<maidenEarth> back yard shed
<dana_foreveralways> high backed chairs
<maidenEarth> garden hose
<dana_foreveralways> french doors
<sprin2Life> dog leash attached to clothes line, so they can have a 'run'
<Symmetre{t}> magnifying glass
<QTIP> laundry wringers?
<Symmetre{t}> rectal thermometer
<earl{MS}> small closet
<sprin2Life> hangers with pant clips on them
<maidenEarth> magic markers
<earl{MS}> rolling pin
<earl{MS}> frying pan
<Symmetre{t}> razor and shaving cream
<maidenEarth> dinky cars
<jewel`{F}> engraver
<Symmetre{t}> fisher price telephone
<jewel`{F}> long shoe horn
<maidenEarth> extension cord
<sprin2Life> telephone?
<jewel`{F}> fisher price telephone?
<maidenEarth> insertion toy?
<QTIP> plastic bowling pins
<Symmetre{t}> you know the fisher price telephones that have the string on them? the ones little kids tow around? You attach the string to some anal beads ... and have the sub set a new land speed record
<rose{MD}> lol
<sprin2Life> lol
<Symmetre{t}> it's great
<sprin2Life> sounds like it
<Symmetre{t}> especially if the phone makes cute googly noises when towed
<pretti_n_kink> very far away
<Symmetre{t}> lmao
<sprin2Life> lol, *huge grin*
* Symmetre{t} winks at pretti_n_kink .... wanna try?
<maidenEarth> oh, those jingly relaxation balls, somebody gave me a set years ago, and I relaxed with them alright, but the jingling when you move can be audible to others.
<pretti_n_kink> *gulp*
<BernieRoehl> bandanas
<BernieRoehl> scarves
<rose{MD}> tweezers
<sprin2Life> sleeping blindfold
<sprin2Life> oooooo, tweezers, ouch
<rose{MD}> *egZ*
<Symmetre{t}> how about a telephone extension cord? Run it between the phone and the wall outlet .... then stick quite a bit of it up the subbie's ass and have them phone people ... explaining how the call is being placed
<sprin2Life> lmao
<maidenEarth> has anyone else caught on that Symmetre{t} is an ass man?
<Symmetre{t}> lmao
<Symmetre{t}> I've been called worse
<sprin2Life> yes Symmetre{t}
<maidenEarth> plastic bags
<earl{MS}> garage door tracks
<Symmetre{t}> take a length of sturdy string and every clothespin in the laundry room ... and connect the whole works together to make make a zipper. Then you attach all the clips to the sub's sensitive bits ... and then decide .... pull them off one at a time? Or just rip hard and yank them all of at once
<maidenEarth> emla cream
<sprin2Life> *scream* Symmetre{t}, that would hurt
<rose{MD}> put clothes pegs on sensitive areas and swat off with a crop
<Symmetre{t}> mmmmmkay
<QTIP> anybody mention a pizza peal? the one used to remove pizza from the oven
<Kirspin> Loved the clothes peg item!!
<Symmetre{t}> try it
<Kirspin> I will and soon
<earl{MS}> got to get becky some super glue, which is another good item
<maidenEarth> what the heck is happening with becky?
<becky> yeeeshies
<Kirspin> becky has a problem
<QTIP> welcome b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-back becky
<becky> i do
<becky> lol
<Symmetre{t}> with due respect to the modbot ..... hi becky!
<maidenEarth> what is excess flood?
<Guest45542> is the super glue just for the mind bend..?
<earl{MS}> mo
* BernieRoehl tosses becky a life preserver with a rope, to keep her in channel despite the flood
<earl{MS}> no
<jewel`{F}> lol
<BernieRoehl> speaking of which... life preservers and rope!
<maidenEarth> super glue can be used to attach items for a longer period of time
<becky> sankies Bernie Sir
<earl{MS}> and a good boat anchor
<BernieRoehl> aye!
<Symmetre{t}> rock salt
<maidenEarth> have ya ever been to sea becky?
<rose{MD}> lol
<Guest45542> can u safely use super glue on skin..?
<maidenEarth> in small amounts yea and not on mucous membranes
<QTIP> a form of super glue is used in surgery
<Symmetre{t}> tensor bandages
<jewel`{F}> vicks rub
<Symmetre{t}> hair brush
<earl{MS}> diapers?
<maidenEarth> yes, but it is a cyanocrylate without all of the other toxic contaminats that the stuff in the hardware store has
<furpleasure> fur?
<maidenEarth> the hardware store variety should only be used in small quantities on intact skin.
<maidenEarth> dirt
<Symmetre{t}> kitchen knife
<earl{MS}> soldering iron
<Symmetre{t}> hair dryer
<BernieRoehl> X-acto knives (or "box cutters" as the media generically calls them now)
<Guest45542> my Master makes special frozen pops.......he rolls a condom over a tpapertowel roll and fill it with water and freezes it....lasts a long time...not one of my favorites makes it one of his..
<maidenEarth> make up, tampons
<maidenEarth> car antenna
* furpleasure likes that and have used that
<Kirspin> Your hand for Fisting
<maidenEarth> saw blades
<jewel`{F}> ping pong paddles
<BernieRoehl> hand -- yes, surprised I hadn't thought of that one!
<BernieRoehl> penis
<earl{MS}> canoe paddles
<Symmetre{t}> a regular brush, attached to a gag. Let the girl clean the kitchen floor while you watch
<blue^^> fingernails
<maidenEarth> fish hooks
<maidenEarth> those metal guitar picks like claws
<Symmetre{t}> Rub A535
<BernieRoehl> feathers
<BernieRoehl> wicker rug beaters
<BernieRoehl> tensor bandages
<maidenEarth> marble eggs
<maidenEarth> fake fruit
<maidenEarth> marbles
<maidenEarth> smooth beach stones
<BernieRoehl> paint brushes
<Symmetre{t}> a hula hoop ... have her play with it right after administering the enema
<maidenEarth> vaccuum cleaner handle
<BernieRoehl> pumpkins
<BernieRoehl> vaccuum cleaner
<maidenEarth> pumpkins?
<jewel`{F}> pumpkins?
<BernieRoehl> plastic tubing
<yummy> yup pumpkins
<Symmetre{t}> a banana
<BernieRoehl> (long story, jewel`{F}... ask Aaron, perhaps)
<BernieRoehl> ball chains (like you use for a sink stopper)
<BernieRoehl> leather shoelaces
<Symmetre{t}> those bead chains are great for leashes or nipple clamps ... you can't twist 'em
<Guest45542> yard stick
<QTIP> 9v batteries
* BernieRoehl nods
<Symmetre{t}> frozen spoons
<jewel`{F}> pointer like teachers used to use
<Guest45542> tens machine
<subcdn> feather duster
<BernieRoehl> duct tape
<jewel`{F}> car wash mit
<Guest45542> mink mittens...but settles for rabbit....
<yummy> yardstick
<Sweet1`> rubber curry comb
<maidenEarth> one late fall evening, a rather randy young man strode past a pumpkin field and had an idea. He poked a hole in an appropriate sized ripe fruit and had his way with it. Before he consummated the act, a police cruiser pulled up and the officer said, "Sir, are you aware that you are fucking a pumpkin?" and the man, undaunted, said "Oh, is it midnight already?"
<QTIP> hook side of velcro
<BernieRoehl> plastic putty knives
<BernieRoehl> nylon rope
<maidenEarth> lighter fluid
<Symmetre{t}> lmao
<Guest45542> pumice stone
<QTIP> sand paper
<BernieRoehl> earplugs
<BernieRoehl> headphones playing something suitable (music, repeated phrases...)
<jewel`{F}> cheese grater
<Guest45542> saran wrap
<maidenEarth> ever try to give a paper cut on purpose? Damn near impossible, but a good mind fuck to try
<maidenEarth> have bottom read something, phone book, childrens book or dictionary like it is porn.
<BernieRoehl> chain mail
<QTIP> hell, why not SPAM then?
<earl{MS}> thinks maidenEarth is a real sadist
<maidenEarth> Chain catches badly on barbells in nipples! Dangerous.
<rose{MD}> ouch
<BernieRoehl> Madonna wrote a children's book, might be a good choice for that activity maidenEarth
<maidenEarth> earl{MS}, you like me better now?
<Symmetre{t}> have the girlie get up on the coffee table and sing show tunes at the top of her lungs
<subcdn> ouch
<earl{MS}> maidenEarth, who said this one never liked You?
<Guest45542> Master makesm e dance to mucis with no rythme...
<maidenEarth> tie piercings to extremities. tickle
* pretti_n_kink mumbles... meanie
<maidenEarth> earl{MS}, I said better
<sprin2Life> feather from feather duster
<Symmetre{t}> tie clip
<rose{MD}> i hope Master never sees this maiden
<BernieRoehl> enema equipment
<maidenEarth> I'm not the only perv in here...
<Symmetre{t}> digital camera *eg*
<rose{MD}> But you are comin up with some good ones LOL
<jewel`{F}> those little card holders that you get in flowers
<maidenEarth> bad to the bone, and I look so innocent...
<rose{MD}> i can bet
<BernieRoehl> itching powder
<Guest45542> pie crust cutter
<maidenEarth> where do you get that? I have wanted some for years?
<rose{MD}> houseplants --cactus
<Guest45542> breast pump
<QTIP> just rub the flesh with fibre glass
<BernieRoehl> they used to sell it in novelty stores, but I haven't seen a "novelty store" since I was a kid
<pretti_n_kink> the *IT Store*
<jewel`{F}> that long ago Bernie?
<Sweet1`> vet wrap
<BernieRoehl> Yes, jewel`{F}
<yummy> does the it store still exist?
<maidenEarth> ahh, I have seen stuff like disappearing ink, but no itching powder.
<pretti_n_kink> i thought so
<Sweet1`> stinging nettles will do the trick
<BernieRoehl> oh, that cloth tape they use for horses, the stuff that clings to itself
<Sweet1`> yes BernieRoehl
<Sweet1`> great for bondage
<BernieRoehl> I should've stocked up on itching powder back then. If only I'd know at age 10 what I'd be needing in my 40's...
<Sweet1`> specially if you don't want to set off the metal
* `abi notes that rubbing skin with fibreglass is really not such a good idea
<maidenEarth> don't use fibreglass please, it is not healthy. When the fibres get in the lungs, or other mucosa, they are encapsulated with tissue to protect the body, and these irritating capsules van become cancerous.
<Symmetre{t}> ouch
<jewel`{F}> itching powder had lead in it, that is why you can't get the same sort of thing anymore
<BernieRoehl> ah, that explains it
<maidenEarth> and don't use talc on genitals, same story, the crystals are carried up into reproductive tract and has been associated with ovarian cancer.
<BernieRoehl> shower heads
<maidenEarth> frozen peas
<Symmetre{t}> water pik
* Cassity^ cross's her legs
<BernieRoehl> ice packs
<Cassity^> frozen condoms
<maidenEarth> lead eh?
<pretti_n_kink> ohhhh... a water pik... hmmm
<Symmetre{t}> power tooth brush
<earl{MS}> what does One do with frozen peas?
<pretti_n_kink> the battery operated children's tooth brushes you can buy now
<Symmetre{t}> frozen peas go on your nuts agter you have a vasectomy
<maidenEarth> lay bottom in tub with legs up and water running on privates. Adjust water temperature.
<maidenEarth> a wheelbarrow and frozen peas I hear.
<BernieRoehl> jungle jims
<BernieRoehl> swing sets
<Symmetre{t}> lol ..... you find comfort in frozen veggies
<BernieRoehl> (gyms)
<BernieRoehl> weight machines
<Guest45542> move the hammock indooors converts to swing
<Symmetre{t}> tap shoes ...... for impromptu performances
<BernieRoehl> uniforms
<maidenEarth> I bought the most wonderful weights at the dollar store, little metal teddy bear necklaces, even have jointed limbs.
* furpleasure sometimes wears uniforms
<BernieRoehl> bright lights for interrogation scenes
<maidenEarth> yep, a whole clothing thing has been overlooked almost entirely
<jewel`{F}> fishing weights
<QTIP> kitty litter boxes (empty and ready to be used)
<Symmetre{t}> lol
<BernieRoehl> table cloth weights
<Guest45542> small confined spaces closets
<maidenEarth> taper for stretching piercing.
<BernieRoehl> dog houses
<earl{MS}> maidenEarth, just did not want to mention the nightie Mistress gave me
<BernieRoehl> vaulting horses from a gym
<maidenEarth> combine with an appropriate aromatic oil
<Symmetre{t}> how about footie pyjamas with a flap in the back
<ModBot> There are only about five minutes left in the formal part of tonight's discussion. Does anyone have any last-minute thoughts on the subject?
<QTIP> saw horses
<Symmetre{t}> power drill with a dildo on the end
<maidenEarth> one piece long johns, red wool itches more.
* BernieRoehl smiles at ModBot
<BernieRoehl> soothers
<maidenEarth> whip cream and sprinkles
<BernieRoehl> little baby bonnets
<BernieRoehl> school uniforms
<Symmetre{t}> orbital sander with a sift furry pad ... so it can be used on sensitive bits
<BernieRoehl> school desks
<maidenEarth> labels
<BernieRoehl> books of lined paper for writing things 100 times in
<BernieRoehl> trees
<pretti_n_kink> sensitive parts?
<Symmetre{t}> trees?
<BernieRoehl> (to tie people to)
<maidenEarth> tie to a tree
<BernieRoehl> rose stems
<Symmetre{t}> yay
<QTIP> evergreen shrubberies
<maidenEarth> trees sometimes have interesting knot holes...
<BernieRoehl> straight jackets
<maidenEarth> broomhandle
<pretti_n_kink> ouch
* QTIP wants to see Bernies closet...with the door kept open
<sprin2Life> hubby suggested tongs
<maidenEarth> straight jacket is a household item?
<BernieRoehl> practice golf ball (the kind with holes, for a ball gag)
* BernieRoehl smiles
<maidenEarth> and you don;t even have a teenager
<jewel`{F}> straight jacket as a household item Bernie?
<QTIP> lol
<Symmetre{t}> depends on the house, I guess
<BernieRoehl> Depends on your house, maidenEarth
* jewel`{F} thinks she is glad she doesn't live too close to Bernie
<Guest45542> pop corn for kneeling on
<sprin2Life> lol
<Guest45542> before its popped
<BernieRoehl> Besides, we're talking pervertibles -- not just household items
<pretti_n_kink> lego is better for the serious stuff Guest45542
<sprin2Life> rice for kneeling too
<maidenEarth> nails, staples, tacks
<sprin2Life> ouch, ouch & ouch
<pretti_n_kink> lego HURTS
<Guest45542> Master laughed evilly about leggo
<pretti_n_kink> oh i am sooooooo sorry Guest45542
<maidenEarth> and those tiny innocent looking plastic clothespins.
<jewel`{F}> leggo really hurts
<maidenEarth> spit
<sprin2Life> lmao
<maidenEarth> shoe polish, paint ink...
<ModBot> Well, that's it for the formal part of the discussion. The discussion log is now closed. It should be processed and uploaded to the website soon. Please feel free to continue chatting informallly. Have a good night, everyone!
<ModBot> Thank you to everyone who participated in the discussion.
<QTIP> laundry markers