March 20, 2005 EhBC Online Discussion

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<Corporal_Punishment{pb_ss}> yes I saw that
* arhiannah wiggles for effect
<Titan> nice topic grins
<dana^^> so.. uh... any suggestions... lol
* jewel`{F} didn't know her inner slut was lost
<Titan> lol
<dana^^> lol
* Scotian suggests a comprehensive study group aimed at retargetting initiatives in pro-active directions
<dana^^> <== just thought it was natural thing to do
<orial[T]> this one never even knew that this one had an inner slut
<arhiannah> mine's always been kind of an exhibitionist..
<shayna{T}> Greetings A/all
<dana^^> lol
<shayna{T}> hugssssssss catsbrat{CM}
<shayna{T}> hugssss Master Titan
<Titan> cant say hi during discussion......but huggs my girl
<`TimberWolf> Justice....where did you find your Inner slut?
<Justice> inside TW
<krista-F> my inner slut has been out for a very long time......
<aurelle> aren't we all here because we have found our inner slut... i just need to get to know mine a little better lol
<krista-F> kind of like the genie in a bottle it gets out..well...ya know the rest
<`TimberWolf> it is inside me?
<`TimberWolf> ewww
<`TimberWolf> poor thing
<shayna{T}> so has mine too i released my inner slut over 5yrs ago
<arhiannah> nasty
<Titan> thought you an angel shayna
* shayna{T} giggles
<orial[T]> <smiles @ sis>
<motoki> who finds your inner slut? you? someone else? both?
<shayna{T}> both can i say
<Titan> then again do angels leave teeth marks I think not chuckle
<shayna{T}> mine wouldnt have never been released if it were nt for the ppl i knew
<krista-F> i always knew it...and i was so afraid of it....i went the total opposite for years
<krista-F> i mean it scared me shitless
<arhiannah> mine stormed out...kicked doors down..take no
<catsbrat{CM}> lol
<shayna{T}> i can still hide that part of me very well at times
<shayna{T}> but when it comes out look outtttt
<Titan> your more like "take me baby"
<shayna{T}> pssssst catsbrat{CM} whipp creme mmmmmmm
<catsbrat{CM}> purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
<shayna{T}> grrrrrr you are bad
<orial[T]> I have yet to discover if and when my inner slut comes out if it is to take no prisioners or if it is like a tiger hidden in the heavily wooded areas lurking at its prey
<Titan> lol at you two
<catsbrat{CM}> my inner slut seems to only come out when i am either talking to or with CM my Dom
* orial[T] looks @ Master Titan with innocient eyez
<shayna{T}> nothing innocent bout you orial[T]
<Titan> holds the leash
<arhiannah> eyez are never
<Titan> perhaps but behaves
<Titan> when sleeps lol
* orial[T] asks Master Titan, how would you describe my inner slut to be like, ditto with you shayna{T
* nightmans is no slut only been with 2 woman
<shayna{T}> but niteman you must have done something kinky in your time
<Titan> yours is growing orial
<fionne{JB}> doesn't mean you can't 'act' a slut though nightmans
<krista-F> i don't think slut has anything to do with numbers is about attitudes
<shadoe> does having a multitude of partners make you a slut nightmans?
<nightmans> that's how i have seen it in the past
<orial[T]> when in public though is it growling or just lurking in the darkness behind a mask? <smilez>
<shadoe> in my version of reality.. having a multitude of partners merely signifies sexually active
<shayna{T}> wooooo hoooo threesomes foursome moresomes
<nightmans> he he he
<Titan> LoL
<orial[T]> *votes for moresome*
<shayna{T}> omgggg
<Titan> Im in trouble now
<shadoe> so what's a slut.. really?
<Titan> where everybody gonna sleep need a bigger place me thinks lol
<nightmans> lol
<orial[T]> I call dibs on the makeshift bed
<catsbrat{CM}> ya need a bigger bed Titan
<shayna{T}> i dont think its a bad thing being a slut it can depict a person having lots of fun
<orial[T]> I don't know about the rest of them but I call the 2 sofas
<Titan> whats it matter about bed....any room can be used grins
<nightmans> just pad the liveing room floor
<Titan> guess my house idea was a good idea hmmm hmmm
<nightmans> yep
<orial[T]> we might be taking over the entire property if there is a *moresome* in the appt Master Titan
<Titan> join two apt units together
<shayna{T}> lol
<orial[T]> <smilz>
<Titan> oh wait penthouse
<shayna{T}> yah pools up there
* nightmans wounder how many can fit in there???
<Titan> heard they swimming up their allready....freaks
<shayna{T}> brrrrrrrr
<Titan> nods
<orial[T]> now where did this one put the bikini?
<Titan> shayna stole it
<shayna{T}> how can they be swimming there its coldd
<Titan> lolol
<nightmans> just skinny dip
<shayna{T}> no cant steal his bikini hes got a skinny ass
<Titan> haha
<orial[T]> is there something wrong with having a skinny ass? for the *moresome*
<Titan> she just jealous lol
<nightmans> never know
<shayna{T}> who is jealous
<nightmans> is not jealous
<Titan> anymore comments on inner slut?
<orial[T]> I know I am not jealous
<orial[T]> i.m.h.o. I would say that there are plenty of views on what an inner slut can be defined as
<kw_brit> such as?
<arhiannah> delicious!
<Titan> some percieve it just by how one dress's
<orial[T]> ty my Master
<Titan> or lack of dress laughs
<orial[T]> or how they act in certain circumstances that are placed upon them
<kw_brit> hmm well I think I am definetely in touch with mine
<nightmans> why you say that kw?
<motoki> it's attitude - attitude and a bit of hootzpah
* motoki adds a swish of her hips to accent her point
<kw_brit> cos I am a tart through and through whenever I can get away with it
<nightmans> can't say i know what you mean
<Titan> then their is a slut to One or many
<chimera{D}> i think it is a necessity to find your inner slut.... however the way one is brought up and perceives the negative connotation that is directly associated with the term "slut"
<chimera{D}> it is sometimes hard to allow yourself to let go and let that part of you come out
<Titan> yes
<chimera{D}> i believe that a sub needs to be a lady/gentleman however needs to have that inner slut come out for their Dominant because in essence they are the Dominants fuck toy or possession to be used to please them... in that aspect
<Titan> seconds that
<nightmans> so to you being a slut is leting you Master due what ever he wish sexly?
<chimera{D}> that is not what i said
<Titan> makes note I need a bigger shower too
<chimera{D}> what i meant was one must allow that to come out to be the best possible fuck toy one can be
<chimera{D}> imsho that is
<chimera{D}> wow its quiet this evening for a discussion
<nightmans> i see chimera{D}
<arhiannah> heh...i was off playing with my inner slut
<Titan> its the certain topic is why
<chimera{D}> lol arhiannah
* orial[T] takes notes on the opinions that have been spoken of
<Titan> smile
<chimera{D}> and of course the inner slut or being a fuck toy is only a very very small part
<chimera{D}> however it is just as important
<Titan> mind body and soul
<chimera{D}> indeed
<shayna{T}> ppl can say alot blow hot steam but can they live it too
<Titan> I can set shayna off across the room
<catsbrat{CM}> just go purrrrrrrrrrr
<shayna{T}> damnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
<shayna{T}> stop that catsbrat{CM}
<chimera{D}> well i think that is the whole thing.. where does one live it? is it only when you are at home? or does one reveal it to the world... and if one does do you worry about how you are perceived?
<orial[T]> I don't think that I am blowing hot steam because of the fact that 2 weeks ago this one had the 1st real time experience with Master Titan
<Titan> haha
<shayna{T}> you just wait till i get you the next time whipp cream mmm
<orial[T]> don't forget the merichino cherries or the chocolate syrup
<Titan> we behave out in public
<shayna{T}> hey we never got to that part
<Titan> well try lol
<orial[T]> btw, why did we ever buy them when we only used a little bit of the "real" whipped cream?
<Titan> has syrup still too
<Titan> guess for desert?
<orial[T]> yes I think so
<Titan> cherrys too
<orial[T]> we did get to the whipped cream once in the 4 days
<Titan> whos ides was that
<Titan> idea
<orial[T]> my idea was the merichino cherries
<Titan> oh yes
<orial[T]> and come to think about it the "real" whipped cream 2 weeks ago
<Titan> laughs at that......the other replica?
<orial[T]> lets try the replica
<orial[T]> oops, this one forgot, we still have the "real stuff"
<Titan> perhaps whip cream shaynas dept
<shayna{T}> nope
<Titan> she gets the pies
<orial[T]> Master Titan, if you recall two weeks ago, do you remember who went to the fridge to get the "Real" whipped cream?
<Titan> not sure was kinda preoccupied
<nightmans> whip cream can cause med problem with woman if not cleaned right
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<orial[T]> it only hit on the chest area
<QTIP> dowsing rod?
<`abi{A}> so, do inner sluts require feeding?
<motoki> yes, and clean the litter box from time to time
<orial[T]> everyone if they are a slut or not require to be fed if it be whipped cream with merichino cherries or "other"
<`TimberWolf> everytime I feed just wants more
<Titan> Ive been known to feed them at times
<motoki> sluts are insatiable
<`abi{A}> how many do you have motoki?
<Titan> allways liked that word
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