March 13, 2005 EhBC Online Discussion

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<jewel`{F}> paperclip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
<paperclip> hey jewel`{F}!!
<shadoe> yikes .. small crowd
<jewel`{F}> so, what is in the broom closet we can pervert?
<Titan> could make a spreader bar out of the broom
<shadoe> with a bit of rubber.. heh..could have the broom handle as an insertable
<shadoe> delicately
<shadoe> but let's move on to the "home office"
<shadoe> which as of course
<shadoe> a video cam
<shadoe> *smile*
<jewel`{F}> lol
<jewel`{F}> letter opener
<jewel`{F}> clips
<shadoe> you have said submissive tied to her computer chair
<shadoe> vid cam directed
<shadoe> what do you do next?
<jewel`{F}> turn on the live webfeed and make some money?
<shadoe> how are you making that money?
<shadoe> you need to give value for coin
<jewel`{F}> have a pay per view site shadoe
<shadoe> has it ever occured to anyone that the person tied to the keyboard may have rings on..and that you can attach constraints to those rings?
<shadoe> KO has a home office
<Mozenwrathe> no, but thanks to you I am now terrified of old women and knitting needles
<shadoe> how do you pervert it KO?
<Kilted_One> I am the home office...and dungeon and a workshop and a garage
<Kilted_One> mmmm I put woodworking equipment in it sometimes!!!!
<motoki> howdy KO, Sir
<shadoe> KO.. have you ever looked over at the other person on the keyboard.. and noticed they are wearing rings
<shadoe> that could in fact be tied up?
<shadoe> or hooked?
<Mozenwrathe> or electrocuted
<shadoe> indeed~
* lucy looks around her home office and decides that the metal springs on her long neck desk lamp would make neato whacking instruments...and leave purdy coiled marks to boot
<shadoe> ack..lucy is getting the idea
<shadoe> even your basic "sharpy marker". is good for drawing a bull's eye
<Mozenwrathe> *thinks shadoe needs to learn about why I fear knitting needles*
* lucy wonders if it's kosher to bind ones self to the leg of the desk
<jewel`{F}> knitting needles could be used for short cane like thwackers
<lucy> all sorts of opportunities for service under the desk
<bayit_wolf> hello all..
<shadoe> LOL lucy
<Kilted_One> I once know a couple who converted their bed into a bondage device....
<shadoe> *snort*
<shadoe> KO.. you built MY bed as a bondage device
<Kilted_One> neyyyheey nehheyy
<motoki> lol
<Kilted_One> ohh wait that is right it was meant to be converted
<jewel`{F}> four poster cannon ball bed is a bondage device
<lucy> there's a reason we got a wrought iron's not just pretty, it's functional too...tether points like there's no tomorrow
<shadoe> jewel.. my bed makes into a set of stocks
<lucy> very cool shadoe
<jewel`{F}> hmmmmmmmmmmmmm
<jewel`{F}> KO, any chance of modifying said four poster?
<lucy> you know, my labelmaker might make for some fun 'humiliation
<shadoe> gah .. lucy!
<lucy> plus it would fill my anal retentive need to label everything, including my pervy self ;)
<shadoe> you are getting the idea!
<Kilted_One> what bed would that be jewel`{F}
<shadoe> the home office is full of a ton of ideas
<shadoe> the most basic one being the chair
<jewel`{F}> my bed Sir, i like the stocks idea, just don't want to have to get a whole new bed
<shadoe> especially office chairs 'cause they adjust a gazillion ways
<lucy> and all those computer cables come in handy
<lucy> some are as long as 20ft
<Kilted_One> mmmm how about using the old fashioned type writer and placing fingers under the wee print things
<shadoe> and then there's all those new toys
<shadoe> that work through the computer
<shadoe> and sound
* lucy giggles at Sir KO's suggestion
<motoki> owie
<lucy> i think that typewrite idea would make great DBT
<lucy> CBT
<motoki> then there are old bottles and containers
<lucy> durnit
<bayit_wolf> there is always turning one's sub into an office chair, and sitting on her all day long...
<Kilted_One> ahhh jewel`{F} the bed in question has knobs that hold the upper portion of the stock in place, the full post would mean that some other way would have to be devised to hold it together
<Beswitched> From the kitchen, I always found a nice wooden handled-flexible rubber spatula to make a wonderful impact device...a chilled spoon to work wonders for getting nipples erect, and a fork to replace that wonderful "nail dragging" effect (don not have long nails)
<nightmans> cable or power cord work as a whip
* lucy has contact cement in her desk drawer but decides not to go there
<motoki> how about a bowl full of chocolate ... a submissive sitting close by (within reach of said chocolate ... and a Dominant who tells her "you can look but you cannot touch"
<motoki> diabolical
<Kilted_One> try it on yourself first nightmans....make sure you start with the pronged end
<jewel`{F}> the rulers make a nice sting, leave a nice mark and make a nice noice too
<lucy> hehehe
* _dove chuckles
<lucy> steel rulers rock
<lucy> or at least that's what i'm told ;)
<shadoe> lets go into the rec room
<lucy> i like those black metal clips...make great nipple clamps
<jewel`{F}> that they do lucy, so do wooden and plastic ones
<shadoe> that has a ping pong table
<shadoe> and a nice fireplace
* lucy was getting comfy in the office LOL
<shadoe> with a wee futon
* motoki sits by the fireplace
<lucy> pillows for breath play
<nightmans> brom hand work as a cane
<lucy> hot poker from said fireplace
<lucy> ahhh
<shadoe> what are we doing with the ping pong table
<motoki> hiding under it
<lucy> lay out your submissive and serve buffet on him/her
<Kilted_One> how far can you shoot the ball shadoe???
<`abi{A}> jumping back and forth over the little net?
<nightmans> bb gun's hurt like hell i been shoot with one b4
<Kilted_One> without using your hands mouth or feet
<lucy> sushi...fruit...chocolate...all ona bed of submissive
<shadoe> well lucy has a thought
<endlessdesire> plastic clothes hangers filling in for a cane, cheeper ..only 2 bucks a dozen... *smirk*....
<shadoe> but a ping pong table folds
<motoki> yes, using only your ... armpit
<lucy> shadoe, are you hinting a a REALLY big nipple clamp? ;)
<Kilted_One> laughs at the armpit
<shadoe> bent over the joint would work lol
<jewel`{F}> or a cock and ball press
<shadoe> *snort*
<lucy> could use that sharpie to draw a target on your submissives testicles and use him for ping pong practice
<motoki> how about the pool table
<jewel`{F}> the paddles are more fun though
<shadoe> LOLOLOL
<lucy> good thing I don't have a sadistic bone in my body
<shadoe> lucy is so getting it
<motoki> cues, billiard balls, triangle rack-em-up thingy
<lucy> balls, paddles, art, humiliation...sounds like a fun night
<shadoe> and big screen tv.. with "the video"
* jewel`{F} makes note to self, don't let lucy in my basement
* lucy scootches closer to jewel`{F} ;)
<nightmans> hocky stick
<bayit_wolf> sounds like a wicked party!
<shadoe> let's move to the garden
<shadoe> with high and private fences
<lucy> rose branches as canes....avec thorns, of course
<`abi{A}> I have 3 dogs....just walking in the garden is edgeplay
<jewel`{F}> strung up naked where the hamock should be
<Titan> grins I have access too a pool table
<lucy> hehehehe
<nightmans> dog wood as a crop
<jewel`{F}> lmao `abi{A}
<Johncin> thistles make a great play toy
<jewel`{F}> weeping willow switches
<lucy> making mud pies
<jewel`{F}> mud wrestling au'natural
<lucy> mindfucks with bugs....cover the submissive in honey and tie her to the crabapple tree...pull up a lawn chair and grab a beer and watch the ants do their thing
* lucy thinks she's just squicked herself out....ick
<jewel`{F}> lol
<Johncin> lol
<endlessdesire> breath play in the pool..
<nightmans> endlessdesire or tub
<endlessdesire> in the backyard?
<endlessdesire> lol... hot tub would add a little sensation play to it, with it's temperatures
<jewel`{F}> having the submissive hooked up to the dog chain or in locked in the kennel
<opalslv> speaking of tubs....when are we going to the bathroom?
<Kilted_One> you mean we could have you medium rare and dead at the same time if we use the hot tub???
<jewel`{F}> need to piddle opalslv?
<nightmans> jumper cable and a car i'am told that can hurt alot
<endlessdesire> medium rare... never dead... i'll always keep twitchin... *grin*...somewhere
<opalslv> got a great toy idea from the bathroom
<opalslv> saw someone use it at a fet night recently
<endlessdesire> would someone take opalslv to the bathroom?..
<opalslv> LOL
* jewel`{F} opens the back door,
<`abi{A}> I don't think that falls into the category of safe nightmans
<jewel`{F}> bathroom is the second door on the left
<lucy> doesn't sound sane either
<Kilted_One> is that your left our ours??
<nightmans> a guy iw hen to school was pined down and that done to his ball's he is fine
<lucy> probably best he doesn't reproduce anyway
<endlessdesire> i second that.. lmao.. not unless You get someone to start the car while Your on the jumper cable ends nightmans... go nuts, tell us how it goes
<nightmans> no thnak
<Titan> lol
<Kilted_One> you hardly notice his limp and the fact that he has no kids yet... huh nightmans
<nightmans> lol
<lucy> definitely a runner up in the Darwin awards
<endlessdesire> how about sex up against a tree in the backyard... against the bark, in the nude.. secratary style.... *dribble*
<Kilted_One> actually the worst thing would be taking off in the car with him still attached to the cables....and the second would be the actual clamping mechanism as the voltage is too low at 12V to induce a current
<endlessdesire> ...has everyone gone to go grab a tree?, or have we all gone to the bathroom?
<Kilted_One> OMG the tour guide has been kicked...we are all doomed!!!
<motoki> i'm thinking about trailer hitches
<Kilted_One> it only has one ball too???
<motoki> was thinking about that too
<bayit_wolf> what size of ball... 2" or 1 3/4" inch ball?
<motoki> that depends on ... oh nevermind
<bayit_wolf> there are difference sizes of trailer hitch balls..
<Kilted_One> saline anyone??
* motoki is trying to cut down
<`abi{A}> as a lubricant for the trailer hitch?
<Kilted_One> ball size adjustment I was thinking
<Beswitched> Toothpaste can produce tactile sensations - strategically placed of course!
<endlessdesire> kaegles (with trailer hitch balls, trailer attached) before there were ben wa balls. *hey hun could You move the trailer please?* lol
<bayit_wolf> well... you could always... use a modified bicycle rack... attached to the traler hitch... and bind your sub to the rack... and drive away... lol
<Kilted_One> wow now there is a woman that would literally "Keep a hold of her man"!!!!
<endlessdesire> bayit_wolf just don't forget to flip the sub ever 150 K or so... for an even tan...
<Kilted_One> or even wind burn!!!
<endlessdesire> turn them around the right way according to wind direction too, don't want a hwy accident cause people swear they herd the ocean fly by
<nightmans> what about shower haed ?
<endlessdesire> not threatining enough unless it's spouting ice cold water...let alone hot
<endlessdesire> mind You the pulsating massage ones are a nice treat *grin*
<nightmans> use it and tell them not alowed to orgasum
<endlessdesire> ...and they would tell You no problem as they orgasum unoticed... lol... good skill to have
<Beswitched> shower head can be very intense when you attach a shower shot to it
<nightmans> can't tell every time but you can tell
<jewel`{F}> why can't you tell every time?
<nightmans> not to see you how that react
<Titan> did we get to kitchen items yet?
<endlessdesire> passed them... though the utensils all except the blender made it to all other rooms inbetween
<Titan> Nods
<bayit_wolf> good suggestions regarding the tannign and wind burn... (hitch)... I have noted the advice... lol
<endlessdesire> there's always a hitch with everything *wink*
<Beswitched> there is always the versatile ice cube from the kitchen
<nightmans> irc is fun
<Beswitched> and popsickles......
<Titan> yes but what for sharp edges on a certain part of the body grin
<nightmans> ice
<endlessdesire> like we need more cold stuff, just toss there buts out in the snow and close the door
<nightmans> melt on nipple for that titan
<endlessdesire> *perk @ sharp edges*
<Titan> was thinking lower
* `abi{A} the safety monitor makes note that if you are using a popsicle as an insertable, get sugar free ones
<endlessdesire> hot chocolate fudge sauce, whipped cream and cold strawberries... food play.. sensations..
<Beswitched> thanks abi!!!
<Titan> hey matter of fact bought extra deserts the other day chuckles
<Titan> thats a discussion in itself
<bayit_wolf> that is true...
<bayit_wolf> I think there was a movie once... with a whip cream bikinni... yummy!
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<endlessdesire> that was a movie? *looks at her shoe box of photo's*
<Kilted_One> oral sex with tinned whipped cream....ohhh baby!!!
<bayit_wolf> I tried to order one at Dairy queen... well I didn't read the whole menu... who know that wasn't a standard item on the menu..
<Titan> brb kitchen laughs
<`abi{A}> not devonshire cream KO?
<bayit_wolf> I have never heard of that resteraunt...
<Kilted_One> shakes his head right taste wrong texture abigaille
<`abi{A}> lol..cuz it's all about texture ;)
<bayit_wolf> hey... what about something simple like black electrical tape... what could that be used for..
<Titan> chocolate syrup
<endlessdesire> spit or swallow
<Kilted_One> cups his both hands...absolutely abigaille
<Titan> was duct tape mentioned
<endlessdesire> only for hair removal purposes
<Kilted_One> only for a few seconds till we put it to good used
<`abi{A}> beware of duct tape and electrical tape.... they both contain adhesives which can invoke highly allergic reactions in some people
<endlessdesire> *starts to scratch herself*
<^julie^> listening to KO and abi and chuckling to myself
<Titan> yes and used to hold toys in places grins
<bayit_wolf> ouch.... duct tape... that's nasty..
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