March 9, 2003 EhBC Online Discussion

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<Kilted_One> ohhh Ok thanks abigaille, glad I asked first
<workinhardd> 12oh yes please do
<jewel`{F}> hi ModBot
<Kilted_One> so anyone care to open
<kw_brit> So to kick off. Anyone tried swinging from the ceiling?
<earl{MS}> no but would like to
<Kilted_One> only the one time when the ladder fell away
<jewel`{F}> so would i
<jewel`{F}> lol KO
<jewel`{F}> were You putting up the star on the Christmas tree?
<kw_brit> Hanging by the ankles is very good for the back so I'm told
<Kilted_One> I have suspended my corset cage and had it swinging
<`abi> hi abitbent
<abitbent> hiya abi
<Kilted_One> do you think there is crossover between the two and if so do you think it has gotten more prevalent or less revalent today??
<kw_brit> There is a bdsm in the West Country of the UK which has a room where you can truss up someone in clingfilm and turn them on a rack.
<kw_brit> Doh I meant a bdsm hotel
<earl{MS}> now that sounds like fun, kw_brit
<kw_brit> I think that general attitudes in the world we live in have played a factor in that KO
<jewel`{F}> well KO it seems any play party i have been to that Your Pillory is at there has been someone swinging from it
<Kilted_One> can you explain that a little more kw_brit
* Kilted_One laughs, yup that was what it was made for
<kw_brit> Well so many taboos are considered mainstream now. Think about it - anyone wearing pvc or latex 10 years ago must have been a fet fan, but now they can just be fashionb followers.
<kw_brit> The sanctity of marriage is lessening each year
<kw_brit> Barriers are breaking down across the board that no-one would have touched a few year s ago
<breezie{JFC}> i have mixed feelings about BDSM/swinging. i ask myself could i be a swinger? No but could i combine BDSM and some swinging? yes
<Kilted_One> so are you saying that there is more crossover between BDSM and swinging, kw_brit??
<kw_brit> Yes, but not exclusively to bdsm. Attitudes are changing in the society as a whole that make the 'swing' thing less of a taboo
<abitbent> is that a bad thing?
<kw_brit> And indeed the whole bdsm culture
<breezie{JFC}> no abitbent each to their own kink
<jewel`{F}> KO are we talking swinging as in the "swapping partners for a quick romp of sex" or are are we also meaning just playing with more than one partner?
<Kilted_One> does anyone see any problems/advantages in the mixing of the two <swinging/BDSM>
<kw_brit> Everyone has a kink, breezie, it's just a matter of being tru to yourself & finding it
<Kilted_One> whatever your definition happens to be jewel, pick one
<breezie{JFC}> advantages if you are bi to combine the 2
<concubinary> well i have been given to other Dominants when i was owned. That is swinging but also a base example of the fact i was a slave
<kw_brit> Best of both worlds eh?
<breezie{JFC}> very true kw_brit
<jewel`{F}> i have only been attending events for a year, i have noticed quite a few that will play with different partners because of liking to try different things
<Kilted_One> sure it is really swinging or merely a facet of BDSM?? concubinary??
<kw_brit> One does not need to swing to enjoy bdsm KO
<concubinary> playing sexually with others was swinging but the fact that i was involved on order is bdsm - i was a slave, i did as told. Bottom line then for me was D/s and not swinging.
<Kilted_One> one doesnt need swinging at all to enjoy BDSM, kw_brit
* Kilted_One nods in agreement with concubinary, that is how I think I would see it too
<kw_brit> True enough. And it is fair to say that one can swing merrily without a b, d s or m coming into the game.
<concubinary> i saw sexual play with others (if desired by my Master/Mistress) as part of my submission. The same is true of a myriad of other tasks
<Kilted_One> would the definition of "swinging" not involve (2) couples exchanging partners??
<abitbent> Mixing the two however offers a chance for swingers to dominate local bdsm events... claiming to be kinky, but only seeking with the intent to have multiple partners.
<lilmunchkin> that is what i always thought of it as KO
<kw_brit> I always thought that it meant looking outside of the immediate relationship for some kind of gratification KO.
<concubinary> it seems that way Kilted One but those couples may be D/s couples too and so are they really swinging or engaging in the fullness of the power exchange?
<kw_brit> As long as it is not sordid or hidden.
<breezie{JFC}> i thought swinging was multiple ppl 3 or more
<kw_brit> Sounds more like a party breezie
<concubinary> i mean, if i am a true slave than yes i will sleep with who i am told to. i will accept Master/Mistress doing as he/she pleases
<lilmunchkin> i know of a couple who swing but only for sex and not bdsm
<breezie{JFC}> lol could be depending what the play was
<earl{MS}> concubinary, this one is in the same situation, just a matter of obediance
<Kilted_One> that sounds closer to a poly thing that swinging though, concubinary??
<concubinary> i have never been involved with poly - have just been owned and lent or given at parties
<Kilted_One> my picture of "swinging" is throwing your keys into the pile and then picking one at random
<SirBear> never works that easy Kilted_One
<kw_brit> Isn't that car swapping?
<breezie{JFC}> i think those rules have changed KO
<earl{MS}> the old key party game
<concubinary> i thought poly was more of an ongoing relationship
<rrrtp> my luck I would get my own
<lilmunchkin> the couple i know meet couples on the net and then met in person after talking to them for awhile on the net
<kw_brit> I have known couples to go to swing parties and screw themselves round a room full of people & end up with a baby of unknown parentage.
<breezie{JFC}> that to me is swinging also lilmunchkin
<rrrtp> I have met people only through Tab & Tryst
<lilmunchkin> the couple loves it cause it brings spice to their love life
<breezie{JFC}> can you combine the 2 BDSM and swinging?
<kw_brit> Rubbing pizza on a womans breasts can add spice to a lovelife.
<BernieRoehl> I know a number of people who do
<Kilted_One> combine or rub pizza, Bernie??
<BernieRoehl> (who combine bdsm and swinging, that is -- not rub pizza on breasts)
* BernieRoehl smiles
<SirBear> lol
<rrrtp> I'm going to start delivering pizza
<breezie{JFC}> so the BDSM play with multiple ppl and sex
<breezie{JFC}> i want extra olives please
<kw_brit> bdsm can be shared & the sex can stay sacred
<Kilted_One> so if they can be "combined" is there some basis difference to describe the two??
<SirBear> yes breezie{JFC}.... in the swinging lifestyle we just call that a theme night
<rrrtp> thanks for the company...gotta go
<breezie{JFC}> very true kw_brit
<kw_brit> I always deliver extra meat with my pizzas breezie
<workinhardd> and dipping sauce kw_brit?
<kw_brit> Always LOL
<BernieRoehl> There are a number of people who do combine swinging with BDSM, and they seem to feel that they're two great things that go great together
<breezie{JFC}> so you have swinger who dabble in BDSM and then you have BDSM'ers with swinging?
<SirBear> yep
<breezie{JFC}> ok
<SirBear> :)
<BernieRoehl> Some people like strawberries, others like ice cream. Some like strawberries *and* ice cream. To each their own....
<breezie{JFC}> ok then i am a sub with a sub sister who loves the BDSM and the sex with Sir and sis
<BernieRoehl> There you go
<breezie{JFC}> darn life is great
<kw_brit> But as soon as you let a slave be whipped by a third party, have you not in some way 'swung'. I.E. gone outside the boundaries of your own relationship to add something extra?
<SirBear> lol
<Kilted_One> that sounds more like poly to me though breezie{JFC}??
<BernieRoehl> I think it depends on what those boundaries were initially, kw_brit
<breezie{JFC}> this is where i need clarification
<breezie{JFC}> ok then me sub loves BDSM with Sir and has sex with Him and other subs?
<breezie{JFC}> not in relationship with one sub
<kw_brit> Well if it starts as a journey that two people share, which is enhanced because others share their tastes, at some point there must be a line that is crossed to become 'swing'?
<Kilted_One> my definition (rightly or wrongly) of swinging (or swapping) is for two or more couples to "swap" partners
<kw_brit> Reminds me of an old joke KO
<kw_brit> Two guys sitting in bed
<kw_brit> One says to the other " I dont think much of this wife swapping!"
<lilmunchkin> so that would mean a Dom/Master and his sub/slave would get together with another Dom/Master and his sub/slave and play together
<BernieRoehl> So who here has is in that overlap betwen the swinging and BDSM communities?
<breezie{JFC}> gee BernieRoehl if it means we play with multiple subs having sex and BDSM play then we have done it
* BernieRoehl keeps count
<BernieRoehl> One so far
<SirBear> count me
* `abi snuggles Damian
* Kilted_One smiles....he is all cold and wet abigaille
<kw_brit> What about yourself Bernie? Where would you class You?
<BernieRoehl> Good question, kw_brit
<BernieRoehl> I would say "kinky and poly, with a strong primary relationship"
<kw_brit> A finger in every pie, as we say in the old country.
<breezie{JFC}> good answer BernieRoehl
<`abi> you have no idea where his fingers have been
<BernieRoehl> One can never have too much pie
<`abi> or too many fingers?
* BernieRoehl smiles at abi
<Kilted_One> tough buying gloves for some of us though abigaille
<BernieRoehl> As long as they're latex
* Kilted_One scrolling back to lilmunchkin's comment, if you mean "playing as in BDSM style playing, then I dont see this as "swapping" or "swinging" as this is done for sexual (as in intercourse) reason
<lilmunchkin> what if sex is also involved KO?
<Kilted_One> then I think you have crossed the two together and indulged in both BDSM and swinging
<kw_brit> As long as no-one is betrayed or hurt by what you do, then do what you want to do.
* BernieRoehl tends to agree
<Kilted_One> I think we are only trying to "quantify" the two kw_brit, not justify them
<kw_brit> Then it is fair to say that they are independant of each other, but (as with most things) can tend to intertwine
<ambah> maybe the line has been blurred
<lilmunchkin> i agree kw_brit
<kw_brit> Like cables behind computers, always a bugger when you need to unplug one.
<BernieRoehl> Is it more common for BDSM people to start exploring swinging, or vice-versa?
<BernieRoehl> In other words, do kinky people begin exploring the sharing of partners sexually, or do people in the swinging community tend to be drawn to alternative sexual practices, like kink?
<_dove> i think it can go both ways, BernieRoehl
<kw_brit> Well as soon as someone asks their partner to put on bit of leather are they not exploring the edges of bdsm?
<BernieRoehl> Agreed, _dove... just wondering which of the two communities is branching out into the other more frequently
<kw_brit> Everyone has a kink - It's just a matter of exploring what bakes your cake (or floats your boat)
<drauma{MzTyger}> but, somie people discover BDSm in the context of an existing relationship, others start single
* BernieRoehl nods at drauma{MzTyger}
<drauma{MzTyger}> those who explore it single have a natural tendency to deal with multiple partners
<drauma{MzTyger}> and, some Dominants do not restrict themselves to a monogamous BDSM relatinoship
<kw_brit> When your single you can play for any team <drauma{MzTyger}>
<BernieRoehl> That's true, drauma{MzTyger}. And what about when they do enter a relationship, do they tend to thing in terms of continuing to explore with different partners?
<drauma{MzTyger}> well, you can visit the tryout camps at least
<kw_brit> If you are open about what u want from a relationship when it begins you should be able to explore all roads together.
<drauma{MzTyger}> think, maybe so...doing is another issue tho, depends on details of the partnership
<drauma{MzTyger}> there are some fairly common BDSM scenarious that require multiple persons...
<BernieRoehl> My impression is that relatively few couples in the BDSM community are completely exclusive when it comes to play
<drauma{MzTyger}> and these might not always involve sex of course
<kw_brit> "Variety is the spice of life" they say
<BernieRoehl> Quite right -- sex and BDSM are not the same
<Kilted_One> does there have to be sex to make it swinging??
<kw_brit> I would have thought so KO
<SirBear> depends on your definition of sex I think KO
<_dove> A lot of this depends on the definitions of all the terms
<BernieRoehl> Good question, KO. And of course, there are many different things that some people would consider "sex".
<drauma{MzTyger}> I would have that expectation KiltedOne
<ModBot> There are only about five minutes left in the formal part of tonight's discussion. Does anyone have any last-minute thoughts on the subject?
<drauma{MzTyger}> but, I am not a swinger, so
* Kilted_One forgot that a certain Prez greyed the definition of as in sexual intercourse is what I meant
* SirBear throws my keys into the middle of the room and hopes for the best
<drauma{MzTyger}> LOL
<BernieRoehl> So the question then becomes... is playing with multiple partners considered "swinging", even if there's no intercourse involved?
<kw_brit> You'd better hope for a snowplough
<sprin2Life> only if your swinging from the rafters bernie
* Kilted_One thinks that is not swinging as there is no swapping or sexual intercourse taking place
<drauma{MzTyger}> some seek out prostitutes for intimacys other than fornication
<kw_brit> Full swinging is a long way away from bdsm playing
<drauma{MzTyger}> hmmm, perhpas on polyamorous gourp 'swinging' wiht another...
<drauma{MzTyger}> group
<kw_brit> I still think that polyamorous sounds like something odd involving parrots, sorry.
<sprin2Life> lol
<lilmunchkin> poly want a cracker
<Kilted_One> you are getting mixed up with a German there kw_brit...Poly Von a Kracker
<drauma{MzTyger}> I have seen swingers clubs that have nighhts for 'threesomes'
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