March 6, 2005 EhBC Online Discussion

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<Kilted_One> hi Topsm and Switcharoo4u
<Titan> same nick just a different day
<Switcharoo4u> Greetings all!
<Kilted_One> I guess that is my cue to start this discussion on was requested but I dont know why or if there was any particular reason for requesting it so it is a general discussions as yet
<krista-F> i must say i am surprised to hear there was such a request.
<nightmans> what would make groean better then dom
<krista-F> all i ever hear are negatives when the topic of Gor is brought up
<Kilted_One> please folks if you think you own a tarn or came here on a tarn...I think you are in the wrong room...
<vonnie> lol
<dana^^> well drat and double drat Sir... lol
<Titan> chuckle
<Kilted_One> why do you think that its krista-F
<cenobite{A}> But.. I had a pretty saddly all custom made and everything..
<cenobite{A}> saddle*
<krista-F> people do not understand they make fun....
<Achilles{a}> Please note.. nightmans had a question.
<nightmans> sady your right krista-F
<Kilted_One> sounds like you have a large waste of money then cenobite{A} <winks>
<krista-F> and there are so many online fantasy rooms
* nightmans what would make groean better then dom
<dana^^> im curious as to what is the difference between a Gorean Master/slave relationship and a bdsm Master/slave one
<cenobite{A}> *laughs* Don't I wish!
<jewel`{F}> how hard or how practical is it to try to bring what is from a series of science fiction erotica into everyday life?
<nightmans> great question dana^^
<vonnie> Goean is not better...perhaps just different
<Kilted_One> I dont know if I understand your question nightmans??
<krista-F> i was trained by a Gorean male..and i believe in general.....the Gorean ways are more focused on rituals and the like than D/s
<nightmans> trying to get ppl to compare bdsm to gorean
<bondagebabe> maybe we should start with a short explanation of what gorean is?
<cenobite{A}> jewel`{F}: I think it involves a lot of compromises. Obviously not everything will transfer fro, the books into real life. it's like trying to recreate Star Trek 100%
<dana^^> excellent idea bondagebabe
<painslt_VBM> jewel, some of the Gorean can be brought into r/t, with the serves, protocol, etc.
<Achilles{a}> My view of Gorean has been that it is a fictionalized series of books from which some derive a series of traditions, rituls, positions and names for things rather than devising those for themselves. It isn't necessarily different from 'regular' BDSM in the types of relatioonships... more in the source of the rituals.
<Kilted_One> is there any one here that doesnt know what the premise and history of the "Gorean" lifestyle is about
<krista-F> and philosophy Achilles{a}
<nightmans> there is much more struchter
<bondagebabe> 4*bondagebabe raises her hand
<vonnie> a gorean Master is focused on owning a slave rather than a submissive, that is if He/She follows true to Gorean custom
<dana^^> but the same can be said of any Master/slave relationship...
<painslt_VBM> <<knows enough to be polite in their rooms & to leave if they drop tags or can't let me go by my Master's restrictions
<nightmans> so me a gorean slave has not right your jsut a slave in bdsm you have the right to say thing's like "non"
<Titan> The word Gor means Homestone
<krista-F> a question pls
<dana^^> listens
<spirited_sassy{CP}> i'm a bdsm slave and i can't say non
<krista-F> just you have a Homestone KO?
<Titan> their are no contracts in Gor
<Kilted_One> as a matter of fact I do have and actual stone
<dana^^> so the difference is simply the rituals ?
<krista-F> and how would you react ...if someone came in and picked it up and looked at it?
<vonnie> i role played Gor on line for a couple of years as a Panther a lot of Normans books
<vonnie> it is more than rituals, i believe
<painslt_VBM> there is more to the differences than just the rituals
<nightmans> alot more then rituals
<vonnie> yes
<painslt_VBM> ie. ALL Dominant men are addressed as Master
<nightmans> it's a middle earth way of life
<painslt_VBM> whether He is Your Master or not
<Titan> aye
<Kilted_One> mmm as long as they are treating it with respect I have not had any issues with someone actually touching it so far
<Achilles{a}> That's not a ritual?
<vonnie> all Free people are addresses as Master or Mistress
<painslt_VBM> Achilles{a}, to me it isn't
<dana^^> im sorry if i phrased this wrong.. but i really am interested in how folks celebrate their life path...
<Titan> however Sir in mentioned in the gor books as well
<Titan> is
<krista-F> i spent the weekend with a Gorean group here a few times.and they are very against anyone touching their homestone
<painslt_VBM> because, a lot of them can not understand why i may call only my Master Master, & will not allow me to stay in their rooms
<Kilted_One> would a buy sell agreement not constitute a contract??
<krista-F> i was taught to call the men by Master....and their Master Titan
<vonnie> the Homestone is the heart of Gor
<nightmans> i would never due anything unless i was 900% sure and evern then ask
<Achilles{a}> As we can see... even in the World of Gor, there are variations, interpretations and degrees.
<Kilted_One> each to their own krista-F
<Achilles{a}> Though I am sure there are some who would declare certain things to be 'necessary' else one is not a True Gorean.
<dana^^> as with all things.. we tend to embrace what "fits" us...
<painslt_VBM> exactly Achilles{a}
<Titan> from my experience its obvious not everything can be lived out by whats in the gorean novels however some things can be
<shareena_> unfortunately people say that about all lifestyles Achilles{a}
<krista-F> i have only had contact with the Goreans in michigan....and i am by no means an expert on Gor....
<dana^^> a buy/sell agreement?
<vonnie> like anything in D/s or BDSM for that matter, is it not a matter of choice to what degree you will take anything, including Gor?
<Kilted_One> that would be the most common honourific method krista-F....and your own master (the one that owned you) would simply be "Master"...
<krista-F> yes....that was what i was taught Kilted One
<Achilles{a}> Actually shareena_... I would call that fortunate. There really is no one set of rules, rituals or philosophies that will suit everybody. An acceptance of diversity and belief in free choice is a very important element of BDSM and society in general.
<Titan> and also their is Free Companionship
<nightmans> it's "My Master" in gorean
<Kilted_One> yes dana^^ slaves are bought and sold on gor
<shareena_> i agree Achilles{a}
<Achilles{a}> As we see, once again, Gor really isn't all that different from any other form of BDSM. Depends what elements of it you choose to follow or include in your choices.
<nightmans> gorean slave are sold online as well
<krista-F> here is something i have always wanted to ask KO
<vonnie> slaves on Gor are simply property and property that is not an asset is disposed of..Gor is harsh
<krista-F> can a gay man be accepted into the Gorean community?
<dana^^> is that a common practice here Sir?
<nightmans> good question krista-F
<Achilles{a}> It is mostly differentiated by such things as using words like paga or nadu and the specific ceremonies and traditions encompassed in the books.
<Kilted_One> not in BDSM-KW it is not dana^^
<krista-F> everything is so male/female oriented in the Gorean world
<nightmans> i din't think it matter if your gay in gorean
<dana^^> but some believe that also vonnie... and are not Gorean..
<Titan> dang know I want a paga
<vonnie> Norman never wrote about gays that i recal..again, it depends on the tolerance of the particular community
<nightmans> there are male gorean slave's
<Achilles{a}> Go get an iced paga at Starbucks.
<krista-F> yes......but all very hetro oriented nightmans
<Titan> kajirus
<dana^^> so it would be treated more as a normal contract then Sir?
<Kilted_One> I have been thinking and I cant recall any mention of gays in the books
<painslt_VBM> nightmans, yes, there are, but they are considered even lower than a new kajira
<nightmans> yah it is after all it is based in middle earth
<Titan> ok I will send the slave
<krista-F> so.....where does a gay man fit .....into the real time Gorean community.....or does he have a place ?
<vonnie> no nightmans...Gor is a planet that orbits the sun exactly opposite to Earths orbit
<nightmans> i'am tlak time not palce vonnie
<Achilles{a}> Keep in mind Gor is the creation pretty much of one man and he may not have had time for gay men or women. May not have figured in his fantasies.
<krista-F> true Achilles...but many people live it ....real time
<vonnie> ahhhh..i understand thanks nightmans
<dana^^> is a wee bit more interested in the idea and ways people here on dis planet explore gor... grins...
<nightmans> np vonnie just ask
<Kilted_One> strict Gorean communities would not have such a definition to follow if it is not in the books so anything would be possible they may be totally shunned or they may be invited it...but to be honest R/T Gor is few and far between never mind a gay wanting to join one
<bondagebabe> so besides the rituals and the way people are addressed, what else is different?
<krista-F> and why does no one every say that regardless of the merit or lack there of ....the books are among the most poorly written ever
<painslt_VBM> i know a couple of r/t Goreans, from online
<Achilles{a}> Exactly so krista-F. That is why there would be no place for gays in the formulas and structures of Gor. It is an artificial construct of a man who didn't choose to include them init. A gay man or woman is going to have to insert themselves into the structure artificially. Adding a structure for themselves beyond that defined by Norman.
<cenobite{A}> krista-F: they are *horrible*! The grammar, the spelling errors... it pained me to read them.
<krista-F> me too.......i was only required to read Slave Girl of Gor.....and it was a chore..
<dana^^> good question bondagebabe
<vonnie> i agree krista, the books ARE poorly written, i beleive is is Normans concepts that catch people
<bondagebabe> thank you dana...:)
<krista-F> agreed vonnie.....
<dana^^> smiles...
<nightmans> punshment is much more bruttle
<Kilted_One> I dont think they sold because of the English content in them or the grammer
<dana^^> hmmm...
<Achilles{a}> Many romance novels are poorly writeen too and Gor is in a similar vein really. It strikes a fantasy and the reader looks past the mediocre writing to the format... the structure.
<nightmans> there is not paddle or flogger's just bull whip's
<vonnie> they are highly collectable now
<Kilted_One> however they have been re-printed at least three times...and all have sold well
<cenobite{A}> I find it interesting that a whole.. sub-culture.. is based on the fantasies of one man. When did this all jump from fiction to 'hey, I want to live my life like *that*'?
<krista-F> agreed KO...but its like the emperors new clothes.....everybody knows they stink....but no one ever says so
<dana^^> nor do i Sir... it could be that the concepts captured something within for alot of people
<painslt_VBM> yes, the punishments are much more brutal, they go so far as to behead someone
<nightmans> look at star track cenobite{A}
<yummy> great fantasy stuff but rather messy, not to mention illegal, in the implementation
<Kilted_One> mmmm I have heard quite abit said about the way they were written and most not good
<bondagebabe> look at Jim Jones, or Charles Manson....;-}
<yummy> bondagebabe, you use them as role models for your lifestyle?
<vonnie> i have read Gorean role plays that are far more artistically expressed than Norman could achieve in his writing...cudos to the imagination of people !
<bondagebabe> not at all..but one man's fantasy became a way of life for a lot of people
<krista-F> you require third person speech of your slave?
<painslt_VBM> ack, that 3rd person speech is enough to drive one NUTS!
<nightmans> i due when speaking in a gor room
<Achilles{a}> Gor is like many 'structures' in BDSM. Peopel use it as a menu and choose what they feel fits their lives.
<cenobite{A}> What is the purpose of third person speech?
<Achilles{a}> Heck, I've had some even mistake My flavour of BDSM for Gorean.
<Kilted_One> no not really both are quite acceptable im my opinion and I really do find it annoying
<dana^^> so true Achilles{a}
<krista-F> i used it all the time in real life painslt_VBM.....with my former matter where we he finds it pleasing to his ears
<painslt_VBM> the purpose of 3rd person is to strip the slave of owning things, even themselves
<krista-F> it is the only time i speak in such a manner....and i enjoy i enjoy the relationship
<painslt_VBM> & that is Y/your choice krista-F
<Achilles{a}> Hmmmm, a slave has choices?
<krista-F> is His choice
<dana^^> lol
<krista-F> not in this case....
<painslt_VBM> before they became M/s, it was her choice Achilles{a}
<krista-F> even though i am not his slave....i respect his preferences.
<Kilted_One> in r/l I think slaves have to have choices every day
* Achilles{a} laughs
<jewel`{F}> always a choice, His way or His way
<Achilles{a}> So much for that idea painslt_VBM
<painslt_VBM> lol
<painslt_VBM> i've been known to be wrong before, am sure it will happen again, lol
<Titan> to be to him whatever he might wish, and to give to him all that he might command
<Kilted_One> not quite jewel`{F} but it would be my way or leave
<krista-F> as it is with Goreans
* jewel`{F} smiles at KO
<jewel`{F}> exactly Sir
<shareena_> no room for negotiations Kilted_One?
<painslt_VBM> but, in Gore, does the slave have the choice to leave?
<nightmans> nope painslt_VBM
<painslt_VBM> ty nightmans, i didn't think so
<Kilted_One> that was all done before you agreed to wear my collar (or ko'lar)
<vonnie> with Goreans it is His way or suffer the consequences
<krista-F> i was never allowed any type of negotiations
<Titan> runaway and be a panther girl in the forest
<vonnie> exactly !
<vonnie> then live by witt and skill
<bondagebabe> is there only male Masters in Gor? or are there Mistresses as well?
<Titan> and long nails
<Kilted_One> this is r/l you cant force anyone to do anything against their will it is against the law...were really are on EARTH and not a ficticious planet
<painslt_VBM> there are Mistresses
<painslt_VBM> at least until they are caught
<vonnie> yes long nails and weapons
<Titan> Mistress wear veils
<nightmans> woman A/are relly easyly inslaved in gor
<Kilted_One> there are female Mistresses on Gor they are call Free Women
<Titan> allways thought them veils be a good gag
<Titan> chuckle
<krista-F> Kilted_One.....might i ask......
<nightmans> lol
<krista-F> who decides....who is free and who is slave?
<vonnie> women are never truly Free on Gor...even the veiled Free Woman is held 'captive' by family codes
<Achilles{a}> Norman.
<nightmans> how you act can due it
<dana^^> your nature
<krista-F> if i wanted to be known as a Free i just say i am?
<Kilted_One> in the books if you are born free you remain free until captured and enslaved
<bondagebabe> how are you captured?
<painslt_VBM> which can happen very easily, if i understand correctly
<bondagebabe> is it really like trapping an animal?
<dana^^> politely adds ... on earth
<krista-F> taken from earth by ship
<vonnie> you can enter Gorean role play as a Free Woman but then you need to use your witts to remain a Free Woman
<Kilted_One> each year females have to go on a jouney to the Sardar mountains during that time females are at risk to being captured..
<shareena_> however in real life no one can be captured and enslaved without their consent
<Titan> true
<krista-F> consensual slavery....
<cenobite{A}> Damn... and I was hoping to capture someone to take over my bathroom cleaning duties.
<painslt_VBM> lol
<Titan> lol
<nightmans> lol
<cenobite{A}> Any takers? ;)
<bondagebabe> so are there websites where one can find out more about the Gorean lifestyle?
<shareena_> if you find someone cenobite{A}...send them my way please
<painslt_VBM> many bondagebabe
<nightmans> yes many
<krista-F> the Gorean Posting Boards have much information
<Achilles{a}> I already have that covered thanks.
<vonnie> ahhh...a kettle slave is what you need cenobite
<Kilted_One> I think it can get easily confused in here tonight...I would ask that ppl make it clear if they are asking a question in regards to what happens R/L or from the books (fiction)
<cenobite{A}> Thanks vonnie!
<bondagebabe> okay, but any *good* sites, that don't have lots of misinformation?
<Titan> ohhhh slave types
<painslt_VBM> bondagebabe, contact me via the group we belong to & i will give you some websights to check out
* Kalrak sits, listening
<Kilted_One> call molly maid cenobite{A}
<Achilles{a}> Hmmmm, misinformation about Gor? I'm not even sure where the line would be drawn on that.
<bondagebabe> great thank you!
<painslt_VBM> yw bondagebabe
<cenobite{A}> Kilted_One: but do they clean naked except for a collar?
<cenobite{A}> I'll tip extra.
<vonnie> lol
<Kilted_One> Im sure you can ask them
* nightmans will clena naked
<Titan> can be collared branded pierced
<bondagebabe> thank you nightmans
<nightmans> np
<nightmans> that's the site i use
<Titan> in rt some just get a tattoo or brand
<nightmans> i think a small tattoo is not a big deal but i would ask to be talked with b4 hand
<dazz_lin> some do that in rt non-Gor relationships too though Titan... thats nothing unusual
<cenobite{A}> So what draws people to Gor? Is it the intensity of ritual and protocol? Or something else?
<Titan> I know
<Achilles{a}> Collars and pierces are pretty easy to remove Titan so a brand or tattoo would seem the more permanent marking.
<Kilted_One> the significant difference between the books and r/l is that we have to be consentual...where as the books are works of ficition he can write about whatever he wants
<Achilles{a}> ...and yes, those are not unique to Gor.
<Titan> aye and more costly and painful to remove a tattoo
<vonnie> i was drawn to Gor because of the beauty of the world, it was primitive, without shame
<nightmans> me too vonnie
<dazz_lin> i wonder why this particular group of books has gathered this following... do the Marketplace Series books have similar followings???
<krista-F> i was drawn to the his ways....later
<koshea> evening everyone
<Achilles{a}> I was drawn to it because I was a 14 year old boy and they were hot.
<Kilted_One> koshea please read your pop up window message
<vonnie> lol
<shadoe> but they are make-believe
<Titan> the hot kajira
<shadoe> based on very wonderful ideas.. but still make believe
<koshea> just did lol
<Kilted_One> ohhh shadoe you just broke the spell
<Achilles{a}> So is Penthouse Letters shadoe and WWF but people still love 'em.
<vonnie> make believe , yes.. but remember the mind is the most sensual organ
<nightmans> it's a new way of life ytou can brake out of you dusty life and jump in toi like D&D
<Titan> hey I met a few of them laughs
<shadoe> they don't practise the penthouse letters much past a hot date Achilles
<krista-F> many places...the bible is make believe...just depends where your views are
<vonnie> i believe on Gor, the letters are sent via Tarn to the Preist Kings rather than Penthouse
<krista-F> lol.....
<shadoe> true krista.. but everyone acknowledges that the gor books are fictictious.. many don't claim the same about the bible
<Achilles{a}> Awwwwww c'mon shadoe. I know these folks online who tell Me they live a life based entirely on Penthouse Leters.
<shadoe> LOL Achilles
<Kilted_One> I have question how many in channel have lived some form of Gor r/l?? and for how long??
* nightmans not me
<Achilles{a}> Those dirty minded Priest Kings.
<vonnie> lol
<jewel`{F}> i'm not sure to be honest KO
<Titan> on and off I have
<krista-F> as stated.....i have spent time within the Gorean community
<krista-F> real time
<shadoe> my personal experience has been that KO lives as close to the Gor ideal as possible.. but with a sensibility that understands the books are just a concept
<Kilted_One> KO is always honest <winks>
<krista-F> but i am not Gorean....not slave
<Achilles{a}> I did some of the online stuff but couldn't take it seriously. It was appropriate for My 14 year old fantasies. Now it's not really what I'm looking for.
<krista-F> just a girl who keeps an open mind and tries not to judge others..i have never been to a Gorean room the one you had going for a while KO
<Kalrak> anyone that has made any attempt at accepting responsibility for their own actions has lived some form of Gor, r/l
<vonnie> i cannot do Gor in real life...i am submissive , not slave...even in role play i had to be Panther Gor . i can not find it in me to be slave
<jewel`{F}> Master has many expectations of me, some are ritualistic, some are similar to those in the books, but Master is not Gor
<Kilted_One> ty shadoe....I think you are saying "without BS"
<shadoe> yes.. probably *smile*
<alucard129> hello everyone
<alucard129> is it raining in kitchener yet?
<Kilted_One> my favourite term is disneygoreans.....that think they can live the books r/l
<nightmans> alucard129 wherer haveing a discussion
<krista-F> i actually met an Ubar.......who was totally like scared me to death...
<alucard129> oh, excuse me, im sorry
<Kilted_One> alucard129 read your pop up window
<nightmans> never heared that Kilted_One please explaon
<vonnie> good one arroganbt, as a true Gorean would speak
<cenobite{A}> Why am I picturing a big, scary Gorean Master with Mickey Mouse ears on?
<Achilles{a}> I recall a brief experiment where a Gorean Master and I compared notes on how our girls were to approach us when called. Surprisingly I found My girl was more easily made to crawl than His. Even when approached in a non-BS manner, Gor just doesn't fit My framework.
<vonnie> oooopppss...wish i could type ...meant so arrogant
<Achilles{a}> But it obviously does fit for many others.
<shadoe> so what keeps Gor alive?
<nightmans> gor is not eveny one's way of life
<koshea> fantasy
<Kilted_One> it simply means that they are make believe ppl nightmans....they are trying to make something that is ficticious real.....and it is not possible so they never get from V/r to R/L
<Achilles{a}> Nothing is everyone's way of life.
<dana^^> im still trying to figure out what gor is... geesh...
<krista-F> i guess that is what i like..Achilles...the crawling.....foot worship...and the is like being can go to any church .....anywhere and follow the does not change
<bondagebabe> me too dana!
<nightmans> thank you Kilted_One
<vonnie> perhaps Gor is an escape from the mundane, life is filled with no's, on Gor it is filled with YES!
<koshea> i think the concept of gor can be easily lived... women did a long time ago
<dana^^> i really dont see the difference
<shadoe> on Gor it's also filled with 'you dead' stuff..
<dana^^> and please im not talking about books... lol
<Achilles{a}> That's true krista-F. It is a code of behaviour which can be, to some degree, applied across the Gorean board. Me... I like things My way. I have used My imagination over years to develop a way I like things deon and I teach it as necessary. It is even different for each partner I've shared the path with. Much less simplistic. Much more challenging for all involved.
* Sweet1` remembers getting my labia rings caught in the's not that easy <g>
<nightmans> alot of due or die in gor
<vonnie> Gor is inforgiving... but beautiful
<bondagebabe> so the only difference between the books and real life is consensual? or do ppl who follow it tailor it to their own needs, as in the rest of BDSM?
<krista-F> i guess that makes me a simple girl than doesn't it Achilles{a}?
<shadoe> LOL S1
<koshea> i think the concept of gor is knowing who each person is and what their responsibilites are and most of all the respect factor, unless it's disney
<nightmans> i'am a simple man with simple need's
<Achilles{a}> I dunno about simple girl but you do prefer that the framework be consistent. That the Dominants meet the code as laid out by Norman rather than creating their own and teaching it to you. If that works for you... and others... great.
<Kilted_One> ohh I think there are wayy more differences than that bondagebabe...when was the last time you seen a tarn or a homestone
<dana^^> but isnt that the basis of any "lifestyle" relationship koshea?
<Kilted_One> or the Sardar mountains
<krista-F> i follow the ways of former Trainer....not Normans
<koshea> no dana
<koshea> if it were the divorce rate would not be so high
<bondagebabe> never, KO
<Achilles{a}> He got it from John Norman. A writer of fiction and a University Professor. A bit of a nerdy nebbish.
<cenobite{A}> I'm curious as to how far people actualy take the idea of Gor in real life, to what extent do people go to live closely to the novels?
<shadoe> do we think then that John Norman wrote the books hoping to get laid?
<dana^^> great question cenobite{A}
<dana^^> and thank you... lol
<nightmans> i have talk to many that fallow it just aobut word for word
<Marlin> why else would anyone write a book?
<krista-F> like you Achilles{a}.....ur-Fravashi has his own ways
<Achilles{a}> John Norman took his own fantasies and wrote them into books which sold quite well. He wrote them to make money. <shrugs> That's what writers do.
<Kilted_One> on line folks nightmans??
<shadoe> who the heck is ur-Fravashi??
<koshea> i love my Master and i take that love and do what pleases him... is that gor, yes, to me it is
<nightmans> both
<vonnie> the idea of Free Companionship on Gor is interesting...the two people who are to 'marry' enter a contract that must be renewed yearly...Norman may have something high divorce rate on Gor
<dana^^> was speaking of a "lifestyle" relationship though koshea.. where the structure, dynamics are discussed
<krista-F> and actually.....i am a simple girl Achilles{a}.....
<shadoe> vonnie.. there were no divorce rates 'cause the slave girl got killed!
* Kalrak grins and listens
<koshea> so was i dana, he instructs and i abide
<koshea> lol
<dana^^> exactly... grins
<Titan> or traded
<vonnie> indeed sdadoe but Free Companionship existed only for the Free
<shadoe> yep.. traded..
<shadoe> if she was still young and beautiful
<krista-F> ya.that's why i cannot be slave...not young....not auburn curls
<Kilted_One> slaves can be set free to live as free companions
* Kalrak grins
<koshea> i thought online gor relationships lasted about as long as a snow storm... am i wrong?
<vonnie> true Kilted One
<nightmans> thay can last year's
<Titan> cringes at Free Companionship
<Kilted_One> what is that Titan
<koshea> i'm speaking of majority as compared to minority nightmans
<Marlin> some of my best relationships only lasted for a few hours
<shadoe> me either krista.. my robes are always at the cleaners
<vonnie> Titan...such a powerful name to cringe so easily ! LOL
<Kilted_One> what=why
<Titan> lasted about a month chuckles
<Titan> years ago
<koshea> you should sneak in on girls nite out... the free would be surprised
<dEviant_1> yo
<krista-F> slave prattle??
<vonnie> if i recal, Goreans can live to be a few hundred years old
<Titan> she never would shut up
<shadoe> okay.. so i have to ask this
<Titan> LoL
<Kilted_One> yo dEviant_1??? read your pop up window
<dEviant_1> ah ok
<shadoe> of all those discussing here.. how many have REALLY lived Gorean.. outside of KO whom i know has in a very sensible way
<Titan> dang dont want to live that long
<koshea> i have and do and hope to continue for a very long time
<shadoe> in the full version koshea
<Titan> they were supposedly supposed to be healthy people
<shadoe> or modified to 2005
<vonnie> you may have a point Titan but what if you remained youthful and vital all those many years?
<koshea> no... the full version is impossible
<Achilles{a}> Confesses to having masturbated to the stories between 1975 and 1977 but cannot claim to having lived the life.
<ModBot> There are only about five minutes left in the formal part of tonight's discussion. Does anyone have any last-minute thoughts on the subject?
<koshea> i dont think he'll be calling me a table for example
<Titan> true ....ponders
<bondagebabe> gee...i think Achilles {a} comment should be the last one in this discussion! lol
<vonnie> close enuff Achilles ! lol
* Achilles{a} laughs
<shadoe> so then.. would you say that while the books have their ideals.. the reality is much more watered down in 24/7?
<Kilted_One> I dont think you are the only one that could say that Achilles{a}
<koshea> just one... the part i have trouble with is if you are what you are, why does it bother the free to display it in public... i dont expect an answer... just something that always weighs on my mind
<Achilles{a}> They were library books though... I never actually paid for a copy. I want that perfectly clear.
<dEviant_1> well it would be pretty hard to have sleens and homestones in real life
<nightmans> never know some just may have it on there front lawn
<vonnie> my gawd ! what library! should i be worried !?
<Kilted_One> I have a homestone dEviant_1...but my cat only has 4 legs
<shadoe> *smile*.. well that's true for just about any aspect of our collective life choices
<Achilles{a}> School library.
<dEviant_1> heh
<krista-F> no sleen KO??
<dana^^> just smiles... confused as ever as to what real time gor is... lol
<shadoe> we just aren't a popular bunch in the mainstream
<Titan> we call them sleens when we boot chat lol
<Marlin> I believe its a state of mind that one adopts dana
<dEviant_1> some people practice the protocol, that's all
<dana^^> i think so too Marlin
<Kilted_One> close as I get to that is a "she-sleen" position when I ask my slave to adopt it
<vonnie> just hoping i never checked those books out after you 'had' them, so to speak Achilles
<krista-F> lol
<krista-F> ewwwwwwwww
<Marlin> my tarn/ robin is just useless to travel very far on
<Achilles{a}> Hmmm, good point.
<dana^^> perfers Anne McCaffey's dragons... grins
<dEviant_1> if the books were anything like the movie, I bet they suck
<Kilted_One> ohhh please dont bring up the movie.....
<dEviant_1> my god was it bad
<dana^^> there's a movie about gor?
<vonnie> the movie was a downright embrassment
<Kilted_One> no
<Achilles{a}> The books struck a chord and are a source for ready-made rituals and ceremonies. it works for some but short of extreme pet surgery... no sleens.
<dEviant_1> yes
<dana^^> is it as bad as the story of o?
<Titan> heard they made 2 gor movies
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<vonnie> i have a copy on VHS