February 23, 2003 EhBC Online Discussion

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<arhiannah> yes, i know firestar & John...or rather, i met John that evening
<rose{MD}> Well i was with them that night
<arhiannah> hi Justice
<Justice> hi arhi
<rose{MD}> greetings Justice
<Justice> evening rose
<arhiannah> hiya Jerome_KW
<Jerome_KW> hi arhiannah
<Jerome_KW> everyone still shoveling snow?
<rose{MD}> i have been Sir off and on lol
<Jerome_KW> lol
<arhiannah> no! i finished then stood at the window and watched the snowplow come along and fill in the end again
<arhiannah> hi Biker
<rose{MD}> greetings Biker
<Biker> hi All
<Jerome_KW> lmao arhiannah... we just didn't bother doing the end of drive for that reason
<Guest10307> Bbb'sBiker
<arhiannah> hi Symmetre[t]
<Symmetre[t]> :)
<Guest10307> how do u change nick names?
<Fyre{j}> tried your keyboard?
<Symmetre[t]> guest .... type /nick .... then whatever name you like
<arhiannah> hiya Fyre{j}
<SirBear> Guest10307 ---> send $19.95 USD to SirBear @
* arhiannah mutters....brb...time to duct tape the child into bed
<MasterBiker> ty Symmetre
<Symmetre[t]> :)
* Fyre waves to Himself
<Masterspet-bb> *s
<MasterBiker> easy enough
<MasterBiker> g*
<Fyre{j}> howdy bratling
<Symmetre[t]> my poor Leafs are getting shellacked
<arhiannah> hi jewel`{F}
<jewel`{F}> hello Master *hug*
<jewel`{F}> hey arhiannah
<Fyre{j}> wouldn't they look better with a hand rubbed tung oil Symmetre?
* jewel`{F} grins
<arhiannah> lol
<Symmetre[t]> it wouldn't take a lot to make them look better
<jewel`{F}> rather like Your spreader bars and flogger handles?
* Fyre{j} wants to know who's guilty of mainstreaming BDSM
<Masterspet-bb> not sure what mainstreamming means.....
<jewel`{F}> does being able to "pervert" most of Walmart count as mainstreaming?
<Justice> the Leafs - look at the flogging they take on a regular basis
<Symmetre[t]> I can do that
<Fyre{j}> the Leaf's thrive on humilitation play .... that's old news since '67
<Symmetre[t]> Justice .... the Loafs are playing well ..... giving more spankings than they're taking (tonight excepted)
<rose{MD}> great game last night
<Symmetre[t]> yp yup
<jewel`{F}> so would wearing cuffs over one's boots be considered mainstreaming?
<rose{MD}> sounds like a good idea jewel{F} lol
<Symmetre[t]> what exactly do we mean by "mainstreaming"
<jewel`{F}> well Master bought me these real nice black boots for Christmas and the cuffs fit over them and blend right in
* jewel`{F} thinks maybe Master planned that one
<MasterBiker> lol
<rose{MD}> lol
<Masterspet-bb> *s....
<rose{MD}> if the cuff fits wear it lol
<Masterspet-bb> will awareness bring acceptance....?
<jewel`{F}> i do rose{MD},,,,lol
<Fyre{j}> mainstreaming is kinda like bringing an activity or group into the day to day instead of keeping it segregated
<rose{MD}> i can well imagine jewel{F}
<rose{MD}> *grin*
<Masterspet-bb> *s if it works like extreme sports..... look out ladies
<rose{MD}> *eg* we will be looking Sir
* jen{SE} does not think mainstreaming will do us any good
<Masterspet-bb> I am bb~ Masters Bikers pet
<rose{MD}> oh sorry about that pet lol
<Masterspet-bb> bb is fine..
<rose{MD}> bb it is then *s*
<Masterspet-bb> why not jen..?
<jen{SE}> There are those that will accept and those that won't, by trying to mainstream it and make it acceptable to the masses we tone down
<jen{SE}> less and less becomes acceptable
<jen{SE}> within our own community as we try and make it palatable to the masses
<Symmetre[t]> screw the masses
<Symmetre[t]> why should I alter my behavior for the sake of people who will only judge me
<rose{MD}> You have to be yourself. True to yourself or you can never find real happiness.
<Fyre{j}> for the $$$millions you make in product endorsements you get after the judges award you the Gold Medal Symmetre
<arhiannah> lol
<Masterspet-bb> *s
<Symmetre[t]> lol .. ya right
<Symmetre[t]> I'll get a leather company to sponsor me
<Fyre{j}> maybe we can Roots to try a latex line in time for SMer Camp
<Symmetre[t]> No question that BDSM has become mainstreamed in music videos and fashion magazines .... but really, that's a matter of selling the image ... not the substance
<Symmetre[t]> it isn't acceptance of BDSM, it's an acceptance of its influences in fashion
<Symmetre[t]> next week, they'l all be falling all over themselves to be like something else
<jen{SE}> fetish has become popular, not BDSM, big difference
<Symmetre[t]> not even that, jen{SE} .... the appearance of fetish
<jewel`{F}> the dress, the accessories, even the hint of sexual undertone is and has been mainstreamed, but i think most still consider it a bit of "fun" to add to ones lovelife
<jen{SE}> nods and agrees
<sprin2Life> evenin A/all
<Symmetre[t]> it is the appearance of being seen as sexually rebellious that's become popular
* jen{SE} has to scoot
<Fyre{j}> TATU certainly has mainstreamed schoolgirl kink in their latest video .. even got in a good lesbian kiss just to make sure they pushed all the buttons
<rose{MD}> <<<< also has to go . Have a good week all
<Symmetre[t]> so did Britney Spears in her first music video
<arhiannah> there's a "bad" lesbian kiss? ;)
<sprin2Life> lol arhiannah
<Fyre{j}> yes arhiannah .... the ones without lots of tongue for the camera *winx*
<jewel`{F}> even the titles of songs now, Slave for You, Dirty, Your the Master
<arhiannah> ahhh
<Fyre{j}> don't forget you have to pander to the testosterone crowd ... the mindless ones yanno?
<arhiannah> maybe she's kinky and is trying to make herself & her lifestyle acceptable through her music
* jewel`{F} is glad that Master said that and not her
<sprin2Life> I would like to bepandered to once in a while too, *w*]
<arhiannah> lol...amen sprin2Life ;)
<Symmetre[t]> all fine and dandy .... but it will all be replaced by something else before long. Maybe the whole Avril Lavigne skater thing ... who knows
<arhiannah> hell...i'd switch to spank Britney ;)
<jewel`{F}> lol arhiannah
<Symmetre[t]> I'd do things to Britney that shouldn't even be done to a barn animal
<Fyre{j}> the whole Avril *thang* is "she writes the music, she plays the music, she ain't part of the machine'
<arhiannah> rofl
<Symmetre[t]> she IS the machine, at least this week
<arhiannah> are you saying you've done things to barn animals Symm?
<Symmetre[t]> nope
<Symmetre[t]> heh heh
<arhiannah> phew ;)
<Symmetre[t]> ;)
<sprin2Life> I seen to have missed it, what, exactly, is tonights topic
<arhiannah> the mainstreaming of bdsm
<sprin2Life> ah, ty arihannah
<arhiannah> yw
<Fyre{j}> Bad Jokes and the People who Tell them
<arhiannah> lol
<sprin2Life> lol, that one I believe Fyre
* Fyre{j} looks at the topic
<Fyre{j}> whoops, wrong room
<arhiannah> suuuuuure Fyre ;)
<Symmetre[t]> 'nillas do seem to like applying various facades to themselves ..... this week, it's bdsm
<sally__> kw stands for what?
<arhiannah> kitchener waterloo
<sprin2Life> kitchener, waterloo
<Fyre{j}> kinky witches
<SirBear> Kitchener/Waterloo area
<sprin2Life> Fyre, I like that one better
<SirBear> or what Fyre{j} said
<sally__> ok
<sprin2Life> We all like to apply facades Symmetre
<Fyre{j}> Avril's playing on the Grammy's
<sprin2Life> some of us just like to hide behind them instead of play with them
<Symmetre[t]> sprin2Life ..... I think some more than others
<arhiannah> yeah...deep down inside i'm a size 4....hiding behind this facade
<sprin2Life> lol, aren't we all arihannah
<Masterspet-bb> I cant even imagine a 4
<arhiannah> i can....but it ain't ever gonna be reality
<arhiannah> lol
<sprin2Life> when was the last time I saw a 4, other than when doing math
* Fyre{j} would break a size 4 in half
<arhiannah> bragger ;)
<sprin2Life> lol, me to fyre
<sprin2Life> Fyre, oops
* jewel`{F} nods in agreement
<MasterBiker> *wonders whats a size 4
<jewel`{F}> little bitty thing
<Fyre{j}> teeny tiny
<sprin2Life> ah Master, I don't know either really, haven't seen it since I was 4
<arhiannah> heck....even my feet haven't been a size 4 since i was a child...lol
<sprin2Life> lol
<Masterspet-bb> Master a 4......would mark easily I bet
<sprin2Life> but would T/they be able to stand the pain?
<MasterBiker> oh a size 4, thats what most women call a slut?
<arhiannah> yep
<MasterBiker> g*
<arhiannah> lol
<Masterspet-bb> giggles
<jewel`{F}> i think my 13 yr old is about a size 4
<sprin2Life> my 7 y/o's are bigger than that
<arhiannah> they're bitches with thick ankles
<jewel`{F}> lol
<MasterBiker> ahh
<arhiannah> back to the topic at hand.....anyone have any other thoughts on it?
* Fyre{j} read in Cosmopolitan that alot of mainstream kinky bitches are size four with perfect hair and nails and designer fetishwear
<sprin2Life> mainstreaming BDSM, hmmmmm
<sprin2Life> lol Fyre
<Masterspet-bb> find me one Fyre
<MasterBiker> s*
<arhiannah> they're airbrushed in those mags Fyre
<sprin2Life> me 2, male who likes to cross dress
* Fyre{j} wonders if BDSM was truly mainstream would there be ponyplay on Rodeo Drive
<sprin2Life> lmao
<sprin2Life> i doubt it
<sprin2Life> might be more leashes though
<Masterspet-bb> might be an olympic event
* jewel`{F} does the hair and nails according to Master, has even designed some of her own fet wear but about 4 times the size 4
<sprin2Life> wives leading their hubby's/significant others
<Masterspet-bb> I en jouy wearing a collar publicly att imes
* Fyre{j} chuckles ....looks like I own a 4X4
<jewel`{F}> lol
<Masterspet-bb> giggles
<MasterBiker> lol
<arhiannah> lol
<sprin2Life> so ur square then Fyre?
<sprin2Life> it's hip to be square, so they say
<Fyre{j}> I'm a modern square .....prefer the new terminology Imma Geek
<jewel`{F}> yup that You are Master
<MasterBiker> modem square?
<sprin2Life> don't like that word, but if You do, ok
<sprin2Life> lol
<Masterspet-bb> *s
<sprin2Life> Just how do You mainstream BDSM any way?
<MasterBiker> whats the # of fetish / bdsm clubs opening tell u?
<Fyre{j}> cook it in a spoon over a lighter and inject it into a vein ..........no wait, sorry, that's mainline
<jewel`{F}> well for me i wear my ankle cuffs over my boots,
<Masterspet-bb> good question
<sprin2Life> I'm pretty mainstream, but that is in r/l, but home or bedroom that's a different story
<MasterBiker> definately more interest, cause of internet , probley
<sprin2Life> yes, could be MasterBiker, but ppl should be able to differentiate between r/l & online life
<jewel`{F}> internet, music videos, sex sells
<Symmetre[t]> should is a big word
<sprin2Life> sex has alwasy sold, more's the pitty
<Masterspet-bb> I think it takes a very open mind to understand the concepts of this lifestyle.....
<jewel`{F}> they should also be able to tell the differences between erotic fiction and good educational reading
<Symmetre[t]> again though, I don't think people care to take on that much effort. Rather, they're attracted to the image of being some sort of sexual rebel ... makes them feel unique and young and daring
<sprin2Life> I try to keep an open mind, at all times and I think I succeed 99% of the time
<Masterspet-bb> the # of workshops ..... I was surprised to the amount of resources when I started exploring and thankful I might add
<Masterspet-bb> some will tinker and some will make itm an important part of their relationship....each couple D/s M/s will find their balance
<sprin2Life> I would love to attend some workshops
<sprin2Life> Does anyone ever attain that perfect balance though
<jewel`{F}> there is a balance?
<Masterspet-bb> I also know in trying to make some of my not so open minded girlfriends understand the dinamics of a D/s can be difficult
<Symmetre[t]> I don't know if I achieve perfect balance, but I'm happy with my life .... that's gotta count
<sprin2Life> it does with me Symmetre
<Masterspet-bb> I never said operfect balance..thats 50 -50
<Masterspet-bb> I think it 70 30
<MasterBiker> S*
<sprin2Life> there is nothing perfect in this world, ,except this perfectly awful weather
<Masterspet-bb> I think you will see attendance in workshops grow like crazy
<arhiannah> lol...indeed sprin2Life
<sprin2Life> :)
<sprin2Life> I'm sure Masterspet
<Fyre{j}> jewel` is perfectly insatiable
<sprin2Life> perfectly me
<arhiannah> lol....now *that* i can relate to Fyre{j}
<Masterspet-bb> will push the real players farther underground maybe....?
* jewel`{F} thinks about blowing Master a raspberry but thinks better of it
<Symmetre[t]> not maybe
* Fyre{j} ponders a couple of things that would make jewel`s knees weak for a month
<Masterspet-bb> *s I only know one other player
<jewel`{F}> baseball bat to each one?
<Masterspet-bb> omg
<sprin2Life> :D
<arhiannah> lolol
* Fyre{j} lubes up a baseball bat ......... since you suggested it it..
<MasterBiker> popcorn
<arhiannah> yoikes
<Masterspet-bb> giggles
<sprin2Life> ouch
* jewel`{F} blinks
<jewel`{F}> lubes?
<MasterBiker> eg
<Masterspet-bb> blushes
<jewel`{F}> You have to lube it to swing it?
<sprin2Life> lol
<arhiannah> ummmm.....i don't think he's going to be swinging it sis
* Fyre{j} ain't a swinger
<Masterspet-bb> that would make more than my knees weak
<arhiannah> lol
<jewel`{F}> lol
<ModBot> There are only about five minutes left in the formal part of tonight's discussion. Does anyone have any last-minute thoughts on the subject?
* jewel`{F} bites her tongue
<Masterspet-bb> me too ..
* Fyre{j} thinks ModBot is a nag
<sprin2Life> not too hard jewel
<MasterBiker> lol
<Masterspet-bb> bites my own tonge
* jewel`{F} makes note to self to toss out the baseball bats on trash day
<sprin2Life> lol
<Masterspet-bb> or buy more lube
<sprin2Life> better hide the lube till then
<Masterspet-bb> giggles
<MasterBiker> ring toss
<jewel`{F}> lube is locked in the toybag
<Masterspet-bb> blushes
<Fyre{j}> so much for baseball being mainstream
<sprin2Life> hope you have the key
<Masterspet-bb> and holds her tongue
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* Fyre{j} holds His ....... um nm its not mainstream enuff