February 20, 2005 EhBC Online Discussion

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<motoki> one way to survive is to keep breathing
<lucy> put one foot in front of the other
<krista-F> sleep.....lots of sleep
<lucy> and chocolate
<krista-F> booze??
<opalslv> spend time with friends
<motoki> always chocolate
<nightmans> drink to rember you should not drink to forget
* motoki notices that chocolate seems to come up in most discussions
<krista-F> i don't drink at all nightmans.....hence the question mark
* lucy notices the discussions are usually populated heavily by women
<bondagebabe> 4*bondagebabe notices it is always lucy that mentions chocolate
<lucy> :P
<krista-F> lol
<Titan> outnumbered
<Titan> cailin do inventory please chuckles
<krista-F> therapy?
<motoki> yes, for the other
<cailinTitan> hehe
<motoki> they'd need it after me
<lucy> massage therapy
<jewel`{F}> lol motoki
* Namons would like to point out that he's male ;)
* lucy giggles
<QTIP> sort of depends on how the relationship ended, doesn't it?
<nightmans> it can
<nightmans> to be dumped to dump or death
<Titan> 3 males?
<cailinTitan> think so my Master
* QTIP =m
* jewel`{F} sees 4
<jewel`{F}> oops 5
<bondagebabe> all the men are afraid to talk about their feelings....lol
<Titan> nay
<cailinTitan> lol sorry
<nightmans> wow i never know it was over run with woman not that's a bad thing
<QTIP> i'm thawing out. lake effect snow removal
<Titan> haha
<Titan> snow here
<Titan> passs cailin shovel
<cailinTitan> here to nut i am sure not as much as You guys
* Namons passes around some chocolate...
<nightmans> thank you Namons
<cailinTitan> takes shovel and tosses to the side good thing to be snowed in
<QTIP> how about some single malt?
* `abi{A} raises her hand
<sexyy2004> wouldn't the part that each person, both D/s , would want to learn is the lessons learned ?
<QTIP> good point
<QTIP> my worse f**k ups are my best lessons. those are the ones that stick
<jewel`{F}> i think how one would survive the loss of the relationship would not only depend on how the relationship ended, but on the level of the bdsm
<motoki> it does help if the parting is amicable
<sexyy2004> and how to make it better next time ?
<jewel`{F}> the sudden loss of a total power exchange could be harder to deal with than if say it was just bedroom bdsm
<pandora``> i don't thing there is much of a differance between the end of a bdsm relationship or a vanilla one really, the end of a relationship is hard, whichever it might be
<sexyy2004> i notice that most in this community seem to be such good friends to each other.... a support network of friends
<jewel`{F}> agreed pandora``
<motoki> i see your point jewel
<Titan> true pandora
<QTIP> what's amazed me in local bdsm politics, is how the Dom males got dissed after a few break ups
<QTIP> some times things just don't work out
<spirited_sassy{CP}> agreed QTIP
<lucy> true, and there's usually plenty of 'blame' on both sides to go around
<Titan> yes
<cailinTitan> true
<bondagebabe> why does there have to be 'blame' at all? can't it just end because one or the other wants it to?
<pandora``> there are many relationships that end that way bondagebabe, it's just that you don't hear about them
<bondagebabe> it always amazes me how there has to be "sides"
<motoki> i agree - blame gets in the way of closure and moving on
<cailinTitan> it can but i am sure that is far between
<lucy> sure it can...that doesn't mean there isn't hurt
<QTIP> most probably because fem subs tend to empathize with other sub fems after a break up
<lucy> and often time people do irrational things when they're feeling hurt...
<lucy> and alot depends on the circumstances
<cailinTitan> yes that is for sure
<Titan> being civil is the best policy however doesnt allways go that way
<bondagebabe> true...and sometimes it doesn't matter how civil you are/aren't
<cailinTitan> yes some ppl keep wanting more and you trying to be friends
<jewel`{F}> often times the couple themselves have put closure to things and ar friends before their friends have come to terms with it
<Titan> dramtic comes to mind
<nightmans> wi became frend's with most of my ex's
<QTIP> i'm always polite. in my opinion good manners reflect self-respect. i'm probably more cooly polite to those for whom i've got little regard
* lucy agrees
<QTIP> that's just me
<cailinTitan> that is good but some You just can't be friends with
<Titan> nods
<bondagebabe> 4*bondagebabe agrees
<QTIP> i've attempted to be friends, or at least on friendly terms with most of my ex's
<cailinTitan> like someone said ppl to things they not normally do when they are hurting
<QTIP> some times it works. sometimes it doesn't
<Titan> yes
<bondagebabe> yes..but if it isn't there in some form, it wouldn't happen when they are hurting...that speaks more to their moral fibre than anything else, i would think
<sexyy2004> i think the maturity in the relationship comes to mind, when it breaks up... if there was good communication
<cailinTitan> yes if there wasn't trust and respest from the start then most likly end bad
<painslt_VBM> would it not depend on the maturity of the people invoved as well though? not just the relationship itself?
<painslt_VBM> ^involved
<sexyy2004> yes, painslt.. it would .. i agree
<painslt_VBM> :)
<QTIP> as far as it goes for me...my personal philosoply...i've almost always gone through a period of self-assessment...looking for some self-awareness or the mistakes i made...or the mistaken assumptions i made
<bondagebabe> or maybe the trust and respect deteriorates, and then there is bad feelings when it ends
* lucy is reminded of the saying "The common denominator in all your failed relationships is you"...that being the 'royal' you
<motoki> me too, QTIP
<QTIP> i believe that the 3 legs on which this type of role playing game is supported on are: truth/trust/love
<painslt_VBM> trust, respect, both MUST be there for a relationship, lifestyle, vanilla or other alternative
<sexyy2004> nodding head to lucy.... agreeing , Big time
<cailinTitan> takes two to mess things up
<bondagebabe> i agree wtih cailinTitan
<motoki> it make take two (which i don't necessarily agree with), but i can only control me
<`abi{A}> yes, but who gets the toys?
<bondagebabe> takes two to tango
<painslt_VBM> it sometimes takes more than 2 to straighten things out again though
<shadoe> not always cailin.. sometimes it really is one-sided...
<cailinTitan> i guess You are right depending on who the couple is
<bondagebabe> a wise woman once told me you can only control yourself...don't let anyone else have power over you unless you want them to
<Titan> I know the toys I have going into the relationship stay Mine laughs
<`abi{A}> what if they are fluid bonded Titan?
<sexyy2004> thinking
<Titan> well then dispose off
<painslt_VBM> sexyy2004, there are similarities
<QTIP> i've known a few relationships to end because one person decided to trade up. this type of ending is always painful for the one dumped, Dom or sub
<painslt_VBM> a breakup is hard, no matter what
<`abi{A}> so you're going to throw out a $300 whip because you don't want to give it to the person who it's bonded to?
<cailinTitan> and if one person keeps looking for someone new makes it hard on the other
<Titan> and whats really harder too is how long in time the relationship was
<QTIP> there goes truth and trust...out the window
<sexyy2004> abi ... what is fluid bonded ?? i don't know that term , please
* Kilted_One thinks that abigaille would be better off with a $5 tin of bondo remover <smiles>
<cailinTitan> yes very true Master
<bondagebabe> i don
<pandora``> i would think that if you are in a relationship with the thoughts of "trading up" it's not much of a relationship to start with
<bondagebabe> sorry, i don't agree Titan
<motoki> so how can one survive the loss of a bdsm relationship?
<`abi{A}> fluid bonded means that a toy has been in contact with someone's blood or other bodily fluid sexyy2004 ... and hence shouldn't be used on someone else
<bondagebabe> some relationships are intensely severe in a very short time
<sexyy2004> thank you, abi... for explaining that.....i didn't know that *smile *
<lucy> the same way one survives the loss of any important relationship, IMO
<painslt_VBM> one can survive with a lot of support from friends & family
<motoki> which is?
<painslt_VBM> a lot of introspection
<painslt_VBM> time for self
<Kilted_One> motoki how many of us have went through a serious break up and we are all still here?? I think that answers the question in itself...we all survive in our own ways
* `abi{A} smiles at KO
<bondagebabe> i agree lucy...get up, dust yourself off, learn from it, and move on
<lucy> for me it involves introspection, time and understanding
<motoki> but how ?
<cailinTitan> but the big thing is to learn from Your mistakes
<motoki> what are "our own ways"?
* motoki is pushing for the topic LOL
<lucy> ok...and lots of chocolate...there, i said it...i keep Godiva in business
<Kilted_One> whatever ways you use at the time they are all different
<kierana{DRFL}> lol
<bondagebabe> 4*bondagebabe points out the chocolate & lucy thing once again....lol
* Kilted_One pushes the topic towards motoki
<painslt_VBM> for me, is learning from what went wrong, talking about it with those who would have known U/us, talking with Him, if possible
* motoki looks for chocolate in the topic
<`abi{A}> okay...what kinds of things do people put in place in anticipation of the likelihood that a relationship will end?
<lucy> offshore bank accounts
<`abi{A}> aside from stockpiling chocolate
<Kilted_One> new locks on the doors??
<`abi{A}> bondo?
<QTIP> i think the most important thing i did, after a break-up, was to take one of those personal-growth workshops. worked for me
<motoki> i distance myself emotionally
<`abi{A}> during the relationship motoki?
<painslt_VBM> keeping friends and family in the know, talking to them, having them near & dear
<cailinTitan> protecting Your heart can be good and bad thing
<lucy> seriously....i tend to cocoon...beat myself up a bit (since there's no one else to do it for me anymore)
<motoki> if it's obvious it's ending, yes
<motoki> if it's not obvious, no
<bondagebabe> i agree with painsit_VBM...friend are VERY important, especially those that can remain neutral
<painslt_VBM> *smiles at bondagebabe*
* lucy knows how hard it can be to be a neutral friend...but that's what friends do
<cailinTitan> i am like lucy
<cailinTitan> go within myself and hide
<MsMaple> Has anyone spoken about the time one needs before jumping back in? I know lucy mentioned it.
<bondagebabe> 4*bondagebabe also knows...but thanks lucy for doing it!
<QTIP> it's important for a friend who's periferal is just to listen...then to ask questions to get clear with what's being said
<Titan> hide under my desk cailin?
<motoki> i've actually found it very very hard to talk to anyone about a troubled relationship because i don't like airing dirtly laundry like that
<`abi{A}> okay...but what about before the slide starts ... I'm thinking of the equivalent of pre-nuptual agreements ... if you're entering an intensely dependent relationship
<cailinTitan> hehe yes my Master
<motoki> dirty not dirtly
<Titan> chuckle
* lucy is alot like motoki in that way
<motoki> well, i think it's a good thing to discuss waby before hand how that will be handled should it come up
<painslt_VBM> abi, would that not depend on what would have been stated in teh contract, if one was made?
<bondagebabe> what if you don't recognize the slide, abi{A}? Sometimes it hits you suddenly what is wrong
<jewel`{F}> what if the loss isn't a break up?
<motoki> way not waby (geez)
<cailinTitan> going into things thinking it will end who does that?
<motoki> i did
<`abi{A}> most people over the age of 25 cailin
<motoki> my first collared relationship included a clause for "should things not turn out"
<cailinTitan> i am 33 and still don't think that way
<painslt_VBM> i have heard of contracts stating what would happen if the relationship were to end, or what was to be done by the sub if she wished release
<motoki> i think that's a smart thing to include
<jewel`{F}> for example in shadoe's case, if she were to get a call or knock on the door, to say that Himself has been killed
<QTIP> jewel`{F} if it's not from a break up, i suppose one's dealing with mourning more than just a relationship
<sexyy2004> question.... is a clause/ contract for only Master/slave... or also for D/s ?
<motoki> for anyone who wants it, sexy
<Titan> thats another topic not everyone uses contracts
<painslt_VBM> D/s as well sexyy2004
<shadoe> QTIP.. in a D/s relationship you have mourning.. and the loss of a bdsm relationship
<motoki> some M/s relationships do not use contracts
<jewel`{F}> how does the submissive deal with not only the loss of the relationship, the loss of their partner, but they have that loss of control as well
<shadoe> it's different
<Titan> I dont
<QTIP> agreed
<jewel`{F}> i know in my case, i'm lucky, i have friends i could turn to, both nilla and lifestyle that would support and comfort me, would help me get control of myself back
<shadoe> we are talking about the loss of a bdsm relationship right? circumstances may vary
<Titan> how can one go into a relationship knowing its going to end??
<jewel`{F}> not everyone has that, for what ever reason their friends and family may not know the dynamics
<painslt_VBM> Titan, all relationships end, at some point, whether through death or a breakup
<motoki> it isn't a matter of "going into it knowing it will end", it's a matter of going into it with eyes open
<`abi{A}> one doesn't have to know it's is going to end Titan...only that's it's always a possibility
<motoki> because, all relationships *do* end eventually
<QTIP> i would suppose that a D/s or M/s type relationship could be a tad more intense than just one for bedroom bdsm'ers
<Titan> yes common sense
<`abi{A}> and if it's going to be a very dependent relationship, then some planning needs to be done for that
<_dove> pre-nups have been around for years - and "forever" was always the plan at the onset
* motoki agrees
<cailinTitan> that is a given but to think it will end and how to handle it before hand
<painslt_VBM> yes, they would QTIP, but the loss through grief could still be as intense
<QTIP> understood
<Beswitched> Greetings A/all
<motoki> i actually feel more "sane" within a relationship that has considered the options beforehand than in a relationship that goes in with blind abandon that "everything will be ok"
<`abi{A}> if someone is involved in a relationship where they have no financial control, where their entire social circumstances are controlled by someone else...then there needs to be an awareness of what will happen should that end
<painslt_VBM> i know, i would much prefer a relationship where most possiblities had been considered
<Kilted_One> with the relatively short cycle time of BDSM relationships (count them in dog years) I would think that most of us get plenty of first hand experience at break ups???
<sexyy2004> i would like to think that most of those would have been discussed ahead of time.. the financial, the social.... again like a vanilla relationship
<QTIP> i've always considered a D/s relationship where there's an annual re-assessment and signing of a contract to be a good point to discuss many issues and options. i wonder how many vanilla relationships might be more healthy if they had the same
<`abi{A}> well, I believe there are flow charts around somewhere KO ;)
<painslt_VBM> hense the contract or pre nup sexyy2004
<Kilted_One> we ran out of paper abigaille!!!!
<shadoe> well actually sexyy... Himself handles the finances here.. and i wouldn't know where to begin to handle it if He weren't around
<sexyy2004> agreeing with Qtip on that one..... that is part of the communication, i think
<Titan> good communication very essential
<QTIP> there's a gay top locally who has his own ritual for signing a contract for his role with his bois in his house
<shadoe> and KO.. i'm still on the first bdsm/ds relationship
<shadoe> and QTIP.. no contract here.. we just keep going
<`abi{A}> yes, but he can pretend to be different people shadoe ;)
<motoki> lol
<_dove> lol
<jewel`{F}> we don't have a contract either
<painslt_VBM> Titan, communication is top 3 on my list of things i look for in a relationship, friend, D/s, M/s, anything really
<MsMaple> QTIP I've always assessed my relationships yearly, it's a good habit
<shadoe> lol.. well there is that!
<Kilted_One> ahhh shadoe we all that know you know that you are much different that the norm ,smiles
<QTIP> it's not a bad thing to do an annual re-assessment. people change
<_dove> With the end of a relationship painslt_VBM, communication has usually broken down in one way or another.
<kierana{DRFL}> well, communication is working here...Master wants dessert and milk...*slips away*
<Kilted_One> Im still on my first one too....and the second and the third...you dont really leave them too far behind...well some of us dont anyway
<painslt_VBM> i know _dove, but i meant is one of the things i look for in a starting relationship
<QTIP> if the relationship is truly intense, folks can get burned out. i'm reminded of the book (not the movie) 9 1/2 Weeks
<MsMaple> It also bites complacency in the ass QTIP
<_dove> i understand painslt_VBM - my personal experience has been not to count on good communication at the end.
<painslt_VBM> mine too dove, mine too
<painslt_VBM> communication between Master & myself is extremelly good right now, & i hope it stays that way
<lucy> does anyone do a 'debriefing' at the end of a relationship? would seem fitting if it begins with negotiation and the signing of a contract
<Kilted_One> sounds like some of the ends that I have been in dove.....where there is little communication and a lot of anger and frustrations
<painslt_VBM> good question
<QTIP> i have, lucy
<MsMaple> Kilted_One I've heard it said that if you can remember what the first times felt like then you'll never forget them
<painslt_VBM> but, how can you debrief if you aren't communicating?
<lucy> or maybe a 'decollaring' would be a better term for it?
<bondagebabe> exactly....if there isn't any communication, you end up adrift...
<QTIP> that takes time...some emotional distance
<painslt_VBM> emotional idstance can be hard to achieve
<Kilted_One> nods to MsMaple...I dont think it is as much forgetting them it is trying to emulate them over and over again
<QTIP> oh...and getting away from playing a blame/shame game
<sexyy2004> communicating... is that why the relationship ends in the first place ?
<painslt_VBM> you are just too close to it to do anything about it right then
<Beswitched> It hurts the worst if you are in love.... as in married...and the partner decides to leave
<`abi{A}> it's only one reason sexyy2004 ... you can be communicating very well and still have a relationship end
<painslt_VBM> sexyy2004, lostt of communication can certainly aid in the demise of a relationship
<QTIP> i've found it facile to use the statement, "when you did X, i felt Y." that speaks more to my reaction then blame
<lucy> because communication is only step 1...if it's not followed through with actions what's the point of communicating?
<sexyy2004> i mean, i would think the relationship evolves... and that communication was there i the start ... so what happened to it ?
<painslt_VBM> teh couple got too complacent, took each other for granted?
<sexyy2004> exactly Qtip.... You are a wise person
<painslt_VBM> assumed things would remain the same or evolve to greater heights?
<_dove> There are an infinite number of reasons that can cause a relationship to end.
<Beswitched> exactly painslut
<painslt_VBM> :)
<Beswitched> i have lived it
<painslt_VBM> assumptions can ruin a great many things
<QTIP> i had hard feelings with one live in because i made the mistake of giving her a loan to get her out from under credit card debt. had i to do it over again, i would have had her go to a credit counselling service first. my mistake. when she stopped paying off my loan, short of her debt to me. i had hard feelings. that was that.
<sexyy2004> do expectations change ?
<painslt_VBM> they do sexyy2004
<Kilted_One> do we grow and learn and want to experience new things every day??
<_dove> I would hope so KO
<painslt_VBM> so would i
* `abi{A} watches KO go into Mr. Rogers mode ...
<painslt_VBM> i want to grow & learn each & every day
<painslt_VBM> lol `abi{A}
<QTIP> perhaps learning is the meaning of life
<Kilted_One> and who was that very wise person abigaille?? dont know him
<Titan> thrives on growing and learning more
<painslt_VBM> when we stop learning, we might as well be dead, for we have lost something great
* `abi{A} chuckles...he was indeed a very wise person KO
<cailinTitan> agrees
<Kilted_One> was his first name Roy and he had a horse trigger??
<bondagebabe> sometimes it takes awhile to learn from an ended relationship...you have to distance yourself from the emotions to learn something
<cailinTitan> very true
<Titan> yes
<^julie^> listening to abi(A) and chuckling
<painslt_VBM> i have not lost a BDSM relatinship, but have lost nilla ones, & the pain can be intense, i can only imagine the pain in losing a BDSM relationship
<shadoe> especially if it ends because one of the partners die
<sexyy2004> since the trust is such a big factor in bdsm relationships.... how hard is it to give that to A/another next time ?
<painslt_VBM> yes, grief is hard enough to deal with on it's own, w/o having to deal with loss of the D/s dynamics as well
<_dove> It isn't always trust that is broken
<shadoe> and so you've reached your 60's.. and your partner dies.. and it's your Master.. then what?
<painslt_VBM> sometimes people's needs & wants change, people drift apart
<shadoe> you get past the grief.. and you still need the structure.. because it's your nature
<painslt_VBM> ouch, that would be difficult shadoe
<QTIP> what happened with my hard feelings toward my bad debt break-up is i became indifferent. that's truly death to a relationship. it's not that i wouldn't talk about it. i did
<shadoe> but you are in your 60's.. and not 'marketable' in today's world
* `abi{A} sees a market for electrically propelled floggers
<shadoe> it would painslt.. and it's a reality
<QTIP> robo-spanker?
<painslt_VBM> you can provide structure for yourself, it is the dynamics i would miss most
<shadoe> i understand you all are talking about shorter term relationships that go south
<Johncin> good question shadoe
<shadoe> but the reality is.. some and many do last longer
<cailinTitan> yessss
<painslt_VBM> yes, they do
<shadoe> and as we age.. the reality is also that we will lose our Master/submissive
<Beswitched> 7 years for me....
<`abi{A}> it's true shadoe.... and I think that's one of the long term functions of a 'community'
<shadoe> and the one left behind.. still has their nature that now does not have an outlet
<Beswitched> so true shadoe
<painslt_VBM> if the relationship was loss through terminal illnes, the partners could discuss what to do after the death, provide for the other one
<`abi{A}> losing a partner is an inevitability for at least 50% of the population ... and the circle of people that we surround ourselves with, ultimately provide that ongoing connection
<jewel`{F}> thinking of the sub that has lost that structure, what of the Dom that may not know how to take care of themselves, day to day,
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<shadoe> exactly jewel
<shadoe> it's not like we have an old folks home for bdsm'ers
<jewel`{F}> tasks such as groceries, cooking, laundry
<painslt_VBM> lol shadoe
<bondagebabe> How can a Dom take on responsiblity for someone else if they can't look after themselves first?
<sexyy2004> i think this community is lucky that others do care.. there are venue's such as this to join .... and there are many " older " Dom's out there ( i just don't notice alot of older subs... lol )
<_dove> well said abi
<jewel`{F}> where is the vaccuum kept
<shadoe> i'm an older sub sexyy
<painslt_VBM> how to turn on the vaccuum?
<Kilted_One> shadoe..been there done that and you dont get over it but you do learn to live with it and move on..(well she wasnt my master but you know what I mean)...and low and behold you find all kinds of wonderfull ppl out there that give you distractions and wonderful new experiences
<painslt_VBM> the washer/dryer
<sexyy2004> cool shadoe..... that pleases me.... i am older, too ( i think.... birthday this Friday )
<MsMaple> How old is 'older' sexyy2004?
<Titan> old as you feel
<shadoe> true KO
<`abi{A}> no shadoe, you are and older sexyy sub ;)
<QTIP> good question, sexyy2004. i've had to practice self-control in order to practice taking control of another
<sexyy2004> MsMaple.. i will be 49 on Friday !
<painslt_VBM> that's older???????????
* shadoe smooches abi
<Beswitched> happy birthday MsMaple
<QTIP> happy b'day, MsMaple. i'm 53 tomorrow
<sexyy2004> giggling..... well it's older to some !
<painslt_VBM> lol
<Beswitched> and happy happy to you QTIP
<sexyy2004> awww happy birthday Qtip .....
<nightmans> fell like a bab y see this age's go by
<Titan> lol
<QTIP> being pisceans, MsMaple and i should start a school ;-)
<nightmans> Titan you think i youngest in here???
<painslt_VBM> <<38
<sexyy2004> pssst. it's me who has the birthday ... lol
<shadoe> probably nightmans
<nightmans> any one here under 25?
<Titan> that would be a assumption....no comment
* MsMaple points to herself .. why's my name all over the place?
<painslt_VBM> lol, dunno MsMaple
<Justice> happy birthday sexyy2004
<sexyy2004> thank You , Justice !!!
<Beswitched> oops
<MsMaple> So all you guys who are older than lil old ME are all older?
* MsMaple gets it now
<Titan> Im 99 dam I look good
<nightmans> is guy under 25 i younger
<QTIP> i misread
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<sexyy2004> < not old... just wisened and smarter now !