February 13, 2005 EhBC Online Discussion

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<dana^^> wonderfully thank you... now if it was only summer
<Titan> good to hear
<nightmans> hi Justice
<littleminx> What does what mean?
<Titan> cai "display" a good postion grins
<spirited_fem> what is "it"
<nightmans> it i think is bdsm as it is a bdsm channel
<cailinTitan> big smiles
<littleminx> What does BDSM mean? A definition, or what does it mean to you?
<spirited_fem> "it" could mean anything
<nightmans> true
<dana^^> and here i thought we would solve the meaning of life.. grins
<spirited_fem> ok so it is life?
<nightmans> it simplyfly's life
<Titan> "im alive"
<spirited_fem> soem discribe sex as "it"
<cailinTitan> its not just sex that is for sure
<dana^^> it = "lifestyle"?
<spirited_fem> yes but furst we haveto find outwhat it is
<nightmans> it sure it not
<nightmans> i think so dana^^
<spirited_fem> who chose this topic
<Titan> mind,body,soul
<nightmans> it give you a purpe's in life
<spirited_fem> last weeks topic was good i liked it
<Titan> kneel to the whip cai another good one
<cailinTitan> between two ppl it is everything trust and honor
<sexyy2004> respect
<paperclip> hey spirited_fem, if you liked 'it' then perhaps you can share what 'it' is LOL
<nightmans> it can give you meaning and a road to pass
<spirited_fem> well it was alot more clear to talk about thenthis topic is
<paperclip> lol
<spirited_fem> it was onthe rights of ownership
<dana^^> though i kinda question the word "lifestyle"... for myself i would say that being a submissive person its simply how i react to the world... bdsm is how i express my sexuality and sensuality...
<sexyy2004> ahhh spirited , that is what makes it so interesting, though !
<spirited_fem> makes waht interesting
<paperclip> i think topics that are too vague reap less than intriguing debates
<spirited_fem> what is it?
<cailinTitan> means diffrent things to diffrent ppl also
<spirited_fem> i agree paperclip
<abitbent> well lets look at the official meaning... b/d - bondage and discipline d/s - dominance and submission s/m - sadomasochism
<spirited_fem> ths that what it is abitbent
* nightmans think ppl should stop fighting over little thing and join in the discussion
<spirited_fem> no one has confermed the tiopic yet
* paperclip looks for said discussion:P
* spirited_fem looks to an op
<sexyy2004> well since i am reading last weeks topic of " right of ownership " iperhaps the topic is " what is ownership "
<paperclip> ok, so since we're all kinky, we should agree that 'it' has something to do with that.
<jewel`{F}> has anyone looked up "it" in the dictionary to find out What It means?
<abitbent> for me i define BD and SM as kinks... but D/s as more of a lifestyle
<nightmans> paperclip i made that point 30 min's ago
<paperclip> lmao
<paperclip> i wasn't here 30 mins ago
<spirited_fem> yah but it could be anything inthe mind of the person who chose the topic
<nightmans> can we get a op in here
<paperclip> therefore i think i missed 'it' lol
<spirited_fem> ther was not much to mis
<sexyy2004> < chuckling thinking this could be a Freud night * giggle *
<paperclip> lol
<spirited_fem> we dont know what "it" is
<paperclip> but nightmans just told me 'it' was established
* nightmans ....
<spirited_fem> areyou an op nightmans
<spirited_fem> or did you choose the topic
<nightmans> nope
* paperclip is reminded of an abbott and costello moment
<paperclip> nightmans, you're coming across as very upset over something
<jewel`{F}> *** Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913) ***
<jewel`{F}> It \It\, pron. [OE. it, hit, AS. hit; cf. D. het. [root]181. See
<jewel`{F}> {He}.]
<jewel`{F}> The neuter pronoun of the third person, corresponding to the
<jewel`{F}> masculine pronoun he and the feminine she, and having the
<jewel`{F}> same plural (they, their or theirs, them).
<spirited_fem> ok so you dont knwo what it is either
<nightmans> i'am paperclip
<spirited_fem> the topic
<littleminx> Why don't we come up wih a new topic.... "What is Ownership" was suggested, i believe.
<Titan> snaps fingers
<GentlemanRogue> !weather KCID
<paperclip> lol
<GentlemanRogue> OOPS
<paperclip> well i've never been owned...i can't speak from experience
<paperclip> nightmans, share what you're upset about...perhaps that could spark us all talking.
<cailinTitan> stand up quickly after hearing the snapping of my Masters fingers
<Titan> looking lovely girl....kneel
<nightmans> i'am up that we have wasted 15 min's fighting over 1 2 letter work even thow we all ready can tell it's a talka bout bdsm
<paperclip> ok
<cailinTitan> drops back to my knees
<paperclip> good point nightmans
<paperclip> now perhaps you could narrow down the topic for us again....and the ownership one doesn't seem to be one that's gained popularity judging by the number of responses it got.
<littleminx> LOL
<paperclip> a very detailed topic will bring about very spirited discussion
<spirited_fem> we need te one her who chose the topic
<MsSha`mar> who chose it
<sexyy2004> 10<< thinks too many chiefs, not enough Indians *
<nightmans> Titan mind if we talk in msg agen ?
<paperclip> for example: are newbies preyed upon ppl in the community and do we think it's the experienced one's duty/responsiblity to help them or perhaps let them faulter with the wrong ppl so they can learn they own way?
<paperclip> preyed upon BY ppl in the community i meant
<Titan> yes is fine
<littleminx> Good topic
<spirited_fem> lol
* paperclip is good at topics
<paperclip> hiya Sir!
<paperclip> oops!
<paperclip> crap i take back my hello
<paperclip> ;)
<littleminx> un-hello?
<paperclip> yeah lmao
* jewel`{F} slaps paperclip
<paperclip> another sample topic: un-hellos...do they really work?
<paperclip> hehe
<jewel`{F}> bad girl not listening to cyberBernie
<Masterguny> ok who is it?
<littleminx> Kinda like an.... Un-Fuck you?
<paperclip> ok, so i've now come up with 2 topics and nobodies talking still.
<paperclip> lol littleminx
<woe> what does what mean?
<Masterguny> what is it?
<Masterguny> how is it?
<paperclip> are newbies preyed upon by ppl in the community and do we think it's the experienced one's duty/responsiblity to help them or perhaps let them falter with the wrong ppl so they can learn they own way?
<jewel`{F}> ahhhhhhhhhh good point Guny, It could be a person, not a thing and we are to figure out what they mean
<spirited_fem> thats what i asked
* paperclip prefers her topic lol
<woe> I got it...
<woe> Used to refer to that one previously mentioned. Used of a nonhuman entity; an animate being whose sex is unspecified, unknown, or irrelevant; a group of objects or individuals; an action; or an abstraction: polished the table until it shone; couldn't find out who it was; opened the meeting by calling it to order.
<Masterguny> then send it to bernie for next week paperclip LOL
<paperclip> lol ok
<spirited_fem> im gona go
<Titan> used cai as a object{table}
<spirited_fem> be well perhaps next weeks topic will be beter
<Titan> wish you well
<woe> object.table
<woe> object = table?
<cailinTitan> drops down on all fours infront of my Master
<paperclip> where is nightmans?
<Titan> hehe
<woe> object(table)
<woe> it.object.table
<nightmans> i'am never far
<Titan> greetings catsbrat smile
<woe> now that was easy... as easy for anyone as everyone (afaik) has equal access to dictionary.com
<Masterguny> so who wants to be it?
* woe touches paperclip ... YOU'RE IT!
* woe runs away fast
<paperclip> well it seems you're upset with us/me...yet you have brought up a topic, littleminx has brought up a topic and i've brought up a topic and instead of commenting on them ...one of them...you say nothing except to exert your frustration. say something so we can respond.
* jewel`{F} runs from paperclip
* woe darts from one corner to the other
<littleminx> Oy.
* paperclip wants a good freakin debate and will get ppl pissed at her if that's what it will take
<shadoe> i missed the topics
* woe mutters nananana you can't catch me!!
<littleminx> Hey shadoe,
<nightmans> what does bdsm mean to you as a paerson
* paperclip catches woe in her 'it-mobile' tags her and speeds away
<littleminx> How about... i agree with nightmans...
<paperclip> ok, that's good
<woe> shit...
<littleminx> i think that that is the best interpretation of tonights' topic
* woe runs over to jewel`{F} and touches her... and screams NO TOUCH BACKS!!!
<littleminx> All agreed? "What does BDSM mean to you as a person?"
<shadoe> what does bdsm mean to me personally?
<paperclip> i like it!
<paperclip> lmao woe.
<paperclip> to me it equals freedom
<paperclip> i've never felt more free than i have in the past year.
<woe> to me - it is sport
<paperclip> lol
<jewel`{F}> b is the second letter of the alphabet, d is the 4th, s the 19th and m the 13th
<woe> it's a game, it's fun, it's like hockey... I play it because I love the sport
<nightmans> for me it left a great deal off my sholder's and get me a goal to work for in my life
<paperclip> ok, jewel`{F} and woe have to be quiet now cuz they've just confused the crap outta me
<woe> it makes me feel good... gives my ego a boost, and gives me distraction from all the things about life that are either less than pleasant or mundane (like work and chores)
<paperclip> a goal to work for nightmans? how so?
* woe nods at nightmans
<nightmans> meaning to my life
<jewel`{F}> like you are hard to confuse at all paperclip?
<paperclip> ah
<paperclip> pfft
<shadoe> for me.. and aside from the single most life altering thing i've ever done (having kids) - it's been the second most life altering thing i've learned about myself
<shadoe> if that makes any sense
<jewel`{F}> makes perfect sense shadoe
<littleminx> For me, since i found BDSM when i was very young, it's all i can ever remember about my sexuality
<paperclip> i'm not going to go so far as to say that bdsm gave my life meaning...that's giving something that means relatively little in my life more credit than it's due. i will say it changed my life...and shed some light on things in my life, behaviours in my life etc.
<jewel`{F}> but what about for those that maybe it isn't about their sexuality?
<shadoe> it has little to do with my sexuality
<Masterguny> for me it was a very gradual process I was always dominant but a slippery slope from there
<littleminx> Well, not only my sexuality, but a great deal of my personality as well.
<littleminx> Not to mention, that being raised in a traditional indian household, i was raised "submissive"
<sexyy2004> 1nodding agreeing with little minx
<paperclip> i cannot deny the role bdsm also plays in my social life....it makes me in demand with my friends who now LOVE hearing my stories LOL
<shadoe> but being raised submissive is not the same as being submissive.. do you feel that you are submissive because of your upbringing? that this shaped your personality?
<shadoe> or do you think that even if you'd been raised to be dominant, your submissive personality would have been there anyway
<littleminx> i don't think that i'm submissive because of my upbringing...
<jewel`{F}> and you water the stories down so not to scare the crap out of them right paperclip?
<paperclip> absolutely not!! they'd be pissed LOL
<woe> I'm going to interject... I wasn't raised to be either, if not slightly dominant - but where I am quite dominant in many/most areas of my life, I can be quite submissive sexually - and am without any doubt at all a die hard (pun.. lol) masochist
<woe> so, it's not so cut and dried as that - often enough
<littleminx> most of the women in my family have not a submissive bone in my body. i do think, however, that because i was raised "sweet and compliant-like" when i realized that it was more to me than just a traditional thing, i was already used to it.
<shadoe> that's true woe... for some it is very clear, for others, not so
<jewel`{F}> i know i do, then they start talking like they know this great secret, and i think to myself, if you only knew you'd run for the hills
<littleminx> woe- i don't identify as a masochist, though... that's just an interesting sidebar for me.
<woe> helps in the area of self-acceptance littleminx
<shadoe> are you submissive outside of the sexual arena, woe?
<woe> not one bit
<littleminx> whereas i am, very much so.... so BDSM means that other people accept that of me,
<shadoe> then do you think that you are sexually kink-friendly as opposed to submissive?
<woe> I don't really use labels such as that...
<woe> as I said earlier - it's sport to me
<woe> it's like hockey
<woe> there is a time and a place for it - I enjoy it and I play it
<shadoe> i wouldn't define them as labels per se... but rather words that help us to discuss
<paperclip> exactly
<woe> I wouldn't say I'm a right winger either - I can just as easily play another position - but I am a hockey player (as I am a kinkster)
<nightmans> i'am sub in 95% of my real life
<shadoe> so then woe, i'm thinking you embrace "switch" to a certain extent?
<Titan> bedroom sub comes to mind
<shadoe> and bdsm is more about the kink.. rather than the deep rooted personality?
<woe> I'm just trying to reduce the labels to something I can work with... I'm a kinkster, neither submissive, dominant, switch.. I just play, and I play what position is convenient
<Masterguny> bottom comes to my mind
<shadoe> actually, i think kinkster is pretty accurate.. and that's cool
<littleminx> Like, word to my kinksters, yo?
<nightmans> i ahve high intrest in bondage/server but not much ele's
<paperclip> lol littleminx
<woe> bottom doesn't work either - I spend an equal amount of time being on top
<shadoe> it gets hard to have these discussions when people take the 'labels' literally.. yet we need to have the defining words in order to understand each other's meanings
<woe> kinkster works
<paperclip> yup shadoe, they're at least needed as a starting off point.
<woe> but we're talking about what "it" means to us... and that's what it means to me
<shadoe> *smiles at woe*.. there you go.. and i have a much better understanding of what you are trying to say now
<woe> and the only label that works for me - is kinkster
<paperclip> and switch but i'm not saying that
<Titan> I just have slaves
<kierana{DRFL}> "it" to me means....waking up in the morning secure in the knowledge of my place in my relationships
<shadoe> really Titan.. you bought some slaves?
<Titan> didnt buy.....collared
<littleminx> i was sold for $2. (sigh)
<nightmans> ouch
* woe nods at shadoe
<Titan> they priceless
<Titan> smile
<shadoe> ah.. last i heard, slaves didn't come willingly.. and yes i'm playing devil's advocate..
<cailinTitan> smiles
* woe grins at shadoe
<yummy> so are you still with the owner that paid $2 for you littleminx?
<littleminx> shadoe; i never come willingly.
<shadoe> LOL
<shadoe> yes you do, you brat!
<littleminx> Welll.... i like to pretend i don't. <pout>
<littleminx> Well, he's not really my owner... more just like my boyfriend, which makes it difficult to define our BDSM relationship to others
<Titan> cai
<cailinTitan> yes my Master?
<yummy> if he isn't your owner how was he able to buy you?
<Titan> explain why your slave
<paperclip> so all this time i've been watching him address 'cai' and you're a couple?
* littleminx is very confused right now as to who's addressing whom.
<woe> what's 'cai' ?
<Titan> cai for short
<nightmans> cailinTitan
<woe> oh... duh .. ok
<Titan> laughs
* paperclip just shuts up
<Titan> she has a sis too
<paperclip> you ppl are all soooo freaky compared to me lmao
<littleminx> Well, i guess it was just more of a 'transfer of ownership', i was previously in a poly relationship
<Titan> keep each other company if I fall asleep
<paperclip> bunch of devients...especially shadoe
<woe> I'm just a hockey playin' kinkster!
<paperclip> lmao
<yummy> ah okay
<cailinTitan> i have always been a slave in my belly it is apart of who i am and Master knew it the more He got to know me. So without even realizing He trained me into what pleases Him
<Quiet^Lion> paperclipski!
<paperclip> :)
<paperclip> Quiet^Lion...you're not allowed to say hi or bye til after 10...read your ModBot man! LOL
<Quiet^Lion> oop
<paperclip> lol
<Titan> that I did my girl
<cailinTitan> smiles
<Titan> I cant do that she said.....oh yes you can I said chuckle
<paperclip> so, do you live with your slaves Titan?
<Titan> one no.....the other visits
<paperclip> ah ok
<paperclip> you guys are more interesting than the topic LOL
<littleminx> shadoe.. can i pm you?
<Titan> long story could talk till next year
<paperclip> lol
<nightmans> lol
<cailinTitan> smiles
<shadoe> sure can
<shadoe> so Titan.. you live with one slave?
<shadoe> but have another as well?
<Titan> she just visits the one slave
<shadoe> who just visits?
<Titan> trying to get cailin to visit
<shadoe> they both just visit? or one actually lives with you?
<Titan> no live in...yet
<jewel`{F}> how often does she visit?
<shadoe> ah
<silken^flame> why is that Titan?
<shadoe> here's a question then.. have you experience with a live-in slave?
<Titan> whenever she is able to.....once this year
<cailinTitan> may i leave for the night my Master my head is spinning
<Titan> you may my girl
<woe> I would like some experience.. does anyone want to be my live in slave?
* john-lennon-away raises his hand
<paperclip> lmao
<Titan> will pass
<shadoe> lol woe...
<cailinTitan> lol
* john-lennon-away raises his hand and shakes it violently
<paperclip> lol
<Titan> wet dreams my girl
<Titan> grins
<woe> ok john-lennon-away
<cailinTitan> thank You Master kissss
<shadoe> yikes.. i think j-l wants to say something
<woe> you can be... you might not want to when you see my basement (it needs cleaning)
<Titan> kissss cailin
<cailinTitan> good night to all smiles
<woe> but if you're up for it - so am I
<paperclip> no, he just wants to be slave to woe
<john-lennon-away> hehehe
<woe> he's always wanted to be my slave
<woe> he was my ashtray for awhile
<john-lennon-away> no i could never do the 24/7 slave thing
<woe> but I quit smoking
<paperclip> little does he realize woe just wants someone to wash the kitchen floor
<Titan> guess topic is slave tonight lol
<john-lennon-away> im too much of a free bird
* john-lennon-away plays the song
<woe> so I don't need him anymore - in that capacity
<john-lennon-away> ill be a hat rack
* john-lennon-away winks
<littleminx> i've been an ashtray before... i still gots the marks.
<paperclip> yikes
<woe> paperclip - and the basement... and the dishes... laundry (oh lots of laundry)
<paperclip> i see no appeal in that
<paperclip> lol woe
<john-lennon-away> lol
<john-lennon-away> want me to re wire your basement?
<john-lennon-away> mabye do some dry walling?
<paperclip> when does something stop being pleasureable and starts to just be for show? this is something i've questioned recently
<john-lennon-away> heh ive thought about that
<john-lennon-away> but in regards to..
<john-lennon-away> other things
<Titan> she best have a valid reason why she cant obey an order
<woe> well..
<woe> I would make it worth my slave's while
<shadoe> but Titan.. it's my understanding that a slave isn't allowed reasons
<john-lennon-away> slaves are still human beings
<shadoe> true j-l
<ModBot> There are only about five minutes left in the formal part of tonight's discussion. Does anyone have any last-minute thoughts on the subject?
<Titan> but sometimes even a Master cant control everything
<littleminx> Yes. Tonight's subject was vague and led to much confusion.
<Titan> offcourse they are a human a joy to own
<shadoe> tell that to all the plantation owners who ignored that fact.. and to all the women who are still sold into slavery to this day
<nightmans> bdsm in my life is best put this way " it bring peace to choas in my mind"
<john-lennon-away> men are sold into slavery too
<shadoe> indeed they are j-l
<paperclip> nicely put nightmans
<jewel`{F}> and children
* john-lennon-away sells himself to woe for 1 dollar
<shadoe> exactly jewel
<woe> well j-l - my slave would help me clean up around here...
<nightmans> thank's papr
<shadoe> very nice nightmans!
<littleminx> Hey, i was sold for more than that.
<paperclip> :)
<woe> I would feed them well, and make sure they had their share of pleasure
<john-lennon-away> oh my
<woe> and beyond that - it's their life still... as long as my dishes are done
<paperclip> lol
<john-lennon-away> dishes = evil
<john-lennon-away> cleaning=evil
<john-lennon-away> laundry=evil
<john-lennon-away> cooking=yay
<john-lennon-away> :P
<nightmans> i'am up for TPE my self
<shadoe> maybe we just need a different name for the whole slave thingy.. there's definitely a genuine committment
<john-lennon-away> home renovations=yay
<shadoe> but there's still choice..
<john-lennon-away> theres always choice
<shadoe> and therein lies the difference
<john-lennon-away> ALWAYS
<Titan> she had one choice
<woe> great john-lennon-away - the only thing I don't MIND doing is the only thing you don't think is evil?
<shadoe> really Titan.. do tell
<woe> that's not a good way to start off our Master/slave relationship
<john-lennon-away> :P
<Titan> accept the "collar" or not accept was her only choice
<john-lennon-away> master?
<john-lennon-away> Mistress? ;)
<shadoe> so she has no choice to end the relationship?
<shadoe> and you decide if she lives or dies?
<Titan> runaway or beg release or die
<john-lennon-away> wow thats great
<john-lennon-away> so woe
<john-lennon-away> lol
<Titan> trade
<ModBot> Well, that's it for the formal part of the discussion. The discussion log is now closed. It should be processed and uploaded to the www.ehbc.ca website soon. Please feel free to continue chatting informally. Have a good night, everyone!
<ModBot> Thank you to everyone who participated in the discussion.
<Titan> perhaps even tire of her