February 6 2000 EhBC Online Discussion

<BernieRoehl> Here's the message I've set for the channel...
<BernieRoehl> Welcome to our regular Sunday night discussion. Please refrain from sending "hi" and "bye" messages until after 10 pm. Also note that the discussion is being logged. If you wish to say something, but remain anonymous, you should change your nick. We recommend using raptor.ab.ca.dal.net as your server, to minimize lag. Tonight's discussion topic is "Mind Fucks". The moderator tonight is abi. Enjoy the discussion!
<willplz> greetings A/all
<BernieRoehl> So... over to you, abi!
<`abi> thanks Bernie...and welcome everyone
* slut^dancer puts feet up on da desk
<|Karen> willplz, I am not a Ms, or any other title
<willplz> sorry :(
<`abi> since the topic tonight is "The Mind Fuck" or in more genteel terms "playing with the mind" .... let's start by defining it
* lil^bear^ curls up..wiggles her toes
<`abi> what's A Mind Fuck?
<willplz> i apologize for my mistake
<ladywo1f> mind fuck...screwing with ones perseption of what is going on or the risks involved
<|Karen> no prob, will.
<slut^dancer> it's when someone says he's gonna arrive Sat and not knowing if it's true til he walks in the door
<LrdTZ> The ability to make some believe that your going to do something that your not.
<lil^bear^> aww like caressing a neck...
<`zee{LQ}> the creating something that is perceived but not actually happening
<LrdTZ> or telling them your going to cut them and then not.
<Ruffles^> hiya DukeDom
<LrdThomas> wispering in the little treasures ear as she is bound, that you don't "think" she'll get too hurt tonight.... is pretty much a mind fuck imho. <weg>
<`abi> so ... would you say it's creating a "misperception" ladywolf?
<Jaz^> erotically teasing and tormenting the mind
<willplz> hello DukeDom Life_Quester
<`abi> so, is it a good thing, or a bad thing...or can it be either?
<`slutkat`> using the mind for the *fucking* as it were... as opposed to the body... more of a spirit-to-spirit connection...
<slut^dancer> good thing :)
<ladywo1f> yes definitely.... and that can be a great thing
<|Karen> good or bad...I think, depends on the intentions of the people involved
<|Karen> if it's for mutual pleasure, it's good
<`zee{LQ}> it can be used or abused `abi
<Jaz^> It can go both ways...It can start out being fun and it can turn into a disaster
* Ruffles^ thinks it is more than telling someone somthing and then not doing it LrdTZ..to me it is more like having them in the frame of mind that they "believe" it is actually happening to them...
<slut^dancer> a bad mind-fuck in my opinion would be harmful to the individual
<`abi> what makes it a disaster Jaz?
<Jaz^> I agree slut^dancer
<LrdTZ> Right Ruffles that is what I said in my first post.
<|Karen> if it's to be cruel, or passive-aggressive ....on the part of one party...it's a bad thing
* LrdThomas only mind fucks for the positive results... tho, at the time, she better not know that. <g>
<slut^dancer> exactly LrdThomas
* Ruffles^ chuckles and agrees with LrdThomas
<`abi> so.....how is it possible LrdThomas...if she knows that you'd never do anything to really harm her?
<`slutkat`> trust
<`abi> how do you get past "what she really knows?"
<slut^dancer> because harm and hurt are 2 different things
<lil^bear^> be well..
<ladywo1f> one example that i have...is getting into mindplay and they start playing with the blade down below and all of a sudden you feel the touch of metal on the inner lips....and you freeze...not knowing about the rounded metal blank that has been swapped for the blade
<`abi> is there such thing as a "vanilla mind fuck?"
<LrdThomas> abi, sometimes Masters make booboos..... so, she just needs to know... is this that time?? <weg> lol
<slut^dancer> Masters make mistakes???
<`zee{LQ}> yes `abi there is a vanilla mind fuck.. good and bad ones
<`abi> so, it's working with the margin for error or doubt?
<Life_Quester> "vanilla mind fuck?">>> the expectations of what a marriage will bring...and then after the honeymoon is over....."quiet desperation"
<ladywo1f> evil laugh....never...Masters/Doms are perfect.....ROTFL
<`zee{LQ}> i think it works because she never knows when her Master may decide to stretch her a bit
<slut^dancer> good point zee
<shimmer``> lol, Life_Quester
<Ruffles^> One part of it could be the thought "She would never do that....would she ?"
<Life_Quester> lierally or figuratively `zee
<LrdThomas> bingo zee. <g>
<`zee{LQ}> even knowing deep down that you are safe...that allows your mind to let go and feel the fears
<`zee{LQ}> both Master Life_Quester...lol
* Jaz^ nods in agreement
<MysticMz> :)
<`abi> what factors need to be present for a mindfuck to work?
<shimmer``> just because you know your Master would never cross "the line" doesn't mean that He wouldn't take you beyond your expectations ...
<ladywo1f> nods...that is the whole fun behind it....it's like a big roller coaster ride.....
<shimmer``> good halloween music *grin*
<`slutkat`> trust... caring.. relationship... imagination... creativity....
<`abi> how is the relationship a factor kat?
<willplz> the unexpected???
<Jaz^> good analogy ladywo1f
<ladywo1f> thanks Jaz
<`slutkat`> without it, how can you trust..
<`slutkat`> depth of the relationship
<`abi> and without trust it doesn't work?
* `slutkat` nods
<LrdThomas> well, lets say, the couple are in a tpe relationship.... then certainly the poor little urchin has no idea what's coming. <g>
<slut^dancer> does bdsm work at all without trust?
* sweetslave{AF} agrees with slutkat
<ladywo1f> relationship factors in because you trust the person implicitely otherwise it wouldn't really be a relationship would it?
<`slutkat`> can do slut^groom
<`slutkat`> just doesnt do as well
<slut^dancer> not in my book kat
<`abi> it does seem to be a recurring factor slut^dancer ..... but why is it so important in a mindfuck?
* `slutkat` looks at slut^groom's book..
<Life_Quester> slut^dancer, sans trust...it is simply a mechanical exercise
<willplz> phone bb asp
<shimmer``> trust is all important, because without it, you wouldn't allow yourself to be that vulnerable ....
* `slutkat` is always willing to learn... *s*
<slut^dancer> one has to trust the person doing the mind-fuck not to kill them
<`abi> so....vulnerablility is another factor shimmer?
<ladywo1f> why is trust to important???? so the person betting mind fucked doesn't go into fight or flight and wind up hurting themselves or their playmate
<`zee{LQ}> trust means that you know your soul and psyche won't be damaged
<shimmer``> imho, abi ... absolutely
<`slutkat`> you cannotgive yourself over to a mindfuck, imho, without trusting completely...
<MysticMz> well said slut
<`abi> vulnerable to what...for example shimmer? -Ruffles^- grrrr thought I would actually be able to make this chat..but have to go...hope to be back later
* slut^dancer has a problem with someone holding a knife to her throat that she doesn't trust
<Life_Quester> it goes beyond "won't be damaged" `zee...there has to be an enhancement as well...a development of some kind.
<`abi> can you be mindfucked without your consent kat?
<`slutkat`> yes abi
<shimmer``> a mind fuck takes vulnerability and shifts it ... an example ...hmmmm well, in a committed relationship, the Master would know what buttons to push and perhaps use that vulnerability to get deeper inside ... hence the mind fuck
<Jaz^> hmmm thats hard to say slut dancer....if you were in scene with someone you knew well in the community I think there could be enough trust for a mind fuck to happen...agree or disagree
<ladywo1f> ya it is called psychological abuse
<`zee{LQ}> yes abi.of course you can be mind fucked without consent.. that is abuse though
<slut^dancer> there still has to be a level of trust Jaz
<Jaz^> Indeed I agree slut^dancer...that must be there
<`abi> so, the difference between good and bad mindfuck is trust and consent?
<cybersweet> isn't it all just the state of mind? on if that "mind fuck" will work?
<`abi> is there a difference between mindfuck and mindcontrol?
<ladywo1f> nods....gotta know the buttons...
<`zee{LQ}> so Master Life_Quester.. a mind fuck is done with an objective..of a development in mind?
<`slutkat`> er... not necessarily
<ladywo1f> oh ya big difference between the 2
<`abi> how so ladywolf?
<`zee{LQ}> cybersweet..you mean you wish the 'mind fuck' to work..so you beleive in it
<shimmer``> i see mind fucks as being more temporary than mind control ...
<ladywo1f> mind control is where the sub has no real choice in the matter it is conditioning by abuse....
<Life_Quester> yes....for any action is not without consequence...and all have to be measured.
<`zee{LQ}> as a scene shimmer``?
<`slutkat`> its a fine line, abi
<`abi> so, how does one ensure that it doesn't get crossed kat?
<Jaz^> I agree shimmer
<cybersweet> vulnerability zee. in order for a mind fuck to work wouldn't you have to be in some state of vulnerability?
<shimmer``> mind control isn't a D/s thing imho, zee ... i'm not sure what you're asking
<ladywo1f> mind fuck is just playing around and there is always the known out and mental check ins...
* `slutkat` thinks...
<`slutkat`> i guess you each have to know where that line is
<`abi> how does a good mindfuck help a relationship to grow .... or does it?
<`slutkat`> i've felt at times that i was being mind controlled...but.. upon reflection.. i realized i wasnt...
<`slutkat`> it is giving up the power of controlling YOUR mind to the Dominant.. for that time... you let Him take it over.. and do with as he wishes..
<`zee{LQ}> vulnerability yes..but willing and wanting it..i don't know.. it can work without your knowing it is
<LrdThomas> mind fucks are just fun... sometimes with a puprose to enlighten the treasure about something.... but the whole relationship should have a predominant "fun" feel to it. D/s doesn't have to be, and shouldn't be all serious heavy hands, imho.
<`slutkat`> yes
<`slutkat`> very deep connetion, imho
<`slutkat`> er.. connection
<shimmer``> it stretches one's limits ... makes one realize one's strengths ... and just be fun :)
<shimmer``> and *can* just be fun
<Jaz^> great point LordThomas
<Life_Quester> to push the sub's limits abi....and for her to be the better for it...as the mind has to be in concert with the flesh that is always being pushed.
* `slutkat` nods
<slut^dancer> if it ain't fun why do it
<shimmer``> yeah, if it's not fun, why do it?
* shimmer`` grins at slut^dancer
<`slutkat`> both become stronger from it... together and separate
<`abi> so...in the case of a mindfuck...what's the connection between mind and body Life_Quester?
<cybersweet> how can one tell when they are being "mind fucked" or "mind controlled"?
<`zee{LQ}> so even a kidnapping rape event would be fun? fun comes in differnt forms i think
<Life_Quester> me/ agrees with `slutkat` there
<slut^dancer> definitely zee
<shimmer``> i think hindsight is 20/20 cybersweet *S*
<LrdThomas> zee, depends, if your the kidnapper or the kidnappee. <smirk>
<Life_Quester> "mind controlled"...there is an established procedure for that cybersweet....
<ladywo1f> uh...well...i got kidnapped by friends once, but they didn't let me in on the joke and i just about killed one of them i lashed out so hard....gotta watch out for the fight of flight reaction
* slut^dancer prefers kidnappee
<`zee{LQ}> i think the 'mind fuck' at some time has an end and than a debriefing cybersweet..mindcontrol keeps going
<`abi> is perhaps the difference between mindcontrol and mindfuck the difference in intended result?
<shimmer``> and consensuality at times, abi
<slut^dancer> think that's a definite yes abi
* `zee{LQ} nods and agrees with `abi
<ladywo1f> and what happens after the fact......
<`abi> what happens after a good Mindfuck ladywolf?
* `zee{LQ} smiles to LrdThomas and nods to His comment
<shimmer``> hopefully sex, abi ;)
<`abi> lol
<LrdThomas> sheesh, who wants to mind control a slave anyway... that's boring stuff.
<ladywo1f> well for me it has always been quiet talking,,,cuddling reasurance and praise ...stuff like that
* shimmer`` gives her best "innocent" look
<`abi> well, I suppose that's one potential ending for alot of things shimmer...anything else?
<`slutkat`> you need to have a way to come back up out of the depths of it... a way to slowly but definitely end it...
<`zee{LQ}> ladywo1f.. hopefully a wise Dom/Master will help the sub go through her emotions again and allow her to verbalize her/his feelings as they both grow and share them
<shimmer``> of course, abi ... i was being facetious ... :) perhaps time for reflection and laughter and praise .. and cuddling
<`abi> is it important for the submissive to know that what happened was intentional?
<ladywo1f> nods..yes definitely zee....like someone said earlier...debriefing
<shimmer``> for me it is, abi
<ladywo1f> yes and that they did well....
<`abi> what about up-front...is there a way to negotiate a mindfuck, since it's a something that most submissives see as desireable?
<Jaz^> I agree with you shimmer...a mind fuck should be handled like a physical scene...
<ladywo1f> you go with what you know about the person..you don'tjust say tonight i am going to screw with your head....
<shimmer``> well, hopefully a submissive and her Master are communicating, abi ... and sharing fantasies and limits and "squicks" ... but i think it is up to Him more than it is "negotiable" ... there are ways to test the water if the two communicate well
<`abi> what role does fantasy play?
<Jaz^> thats a tough one abi...IMO a mind fuck involves a element of surprise....I think some negotiation well before the actual scenario is needed..
<`zee{LQ}> as in the fantasies that some people have `abi or the fantasy of the mind fuck?
<ladywo1f> you have to be in a total communication relationship to be able to pull off a good mind fuck...else you won'tknow what to do to the person without throwing them over the edge
<`abi> well, let's have a crack at both zee
<shimmer``> well, fantasy plays a huge role ... people fantasize about their inhibitions and things that they need to be "forced" to do ...
<Jaz^> indeed
* `slutkat` smiles
<`abi> is that ever a concern for the Dominants present .... do you worry about going "over the edge"?
* ladywo1f eyebrow perks up at the word "forced"
<Life_Quester> "over the edge"...with a deeper knowledge of the sub than she might possess...no abi....concern and attentiveness obviously...but not worry.
<Jaz^> I think that is always a concern....just how far can one go with the mindfuck...by sensing what the submissive is experiencing can be an indicator of which way to go
<`zee{LQ}> shimmer..did you mean that some need a safe encouraging venue to explore their fantasies?
* LrdThomas chuckles... and goes with the LQ school of thought. <g>
<`abi> so....is that one way that it helps the relationship to grow ..... by putting a toe over the line, watching for reactions, do you learn something new about your submissive in the course of a good Mindfuck?
* LrdThomas starts humming to sweetone.... "don't worry... be happy". <weg>
<Jaz^> Hmmm I think so.....
<shimmer``> zee - i mean that some need the mindfuck to explore fantasies that otherwise would be "edgy"
<`abi> is mindfuck edgeplay?
<slut^dancer> i don't think so abi
<`zee{LQ}> i would hope that the Dom/Master would learn and feel a great deal from the 'mind fuck' and from his one
<`abi> why not slut^dancer?
<shimmer``> it can be. It's not neccesary.
<ladywo1f> most of the stuff i have done was a boarder between the 2
* `slutkat` thinks that a perceptive Dom learns ALL about her in a good mindfuck.... ;-)
<`abi> but how much does he need to know already in order for it to work kat?
<slut^dancer> because a mind-fuck can be something as simple as not wearing panties in a restaurant and the thoughts of what other patrons are thinking put into the submissives head by her Master
* `zee{LQ} wonders if anything to do with playing with the mind is 'edge play'
<`zee{LQ}> so true slut^dancer.. that is a good easy example
<shimmer``> i think it can be, zee. It depends on the people involved and the relationship.
<ladywo1f> totaly agrees with slut^dancer....
<`abi> so mindfucks can vary quite a bit in intensity.....like everything else we do?
<slut^dancer> definitely abi
<LrdThomas> edgeplay, is prolly another discussion, but my two cents is that when you know your slaves "here and now" limits, anything over those, becomes edgeplay to her.
<`slutkat`> greater
<Jaz^> I think the two parties must be very comfortable with the idea and have a comfortable amount of trust between them
<shimmer``> i agree, LT Sir :)
<slut^dancer> very true LrdThomas
* `zee{LQ} stopped reading 'The Loving Dominant' for fear of ruining things for herself later on... doesn't want to know the magicians secrets
<Jaz^> Good point
<`abi> is it a question then of how hard and fast you push the edge then LrdThomas?
* slut^dancer thinks apnties are not edgeplay
* `slutkat` chuckles quietly
<LrdThomas> no abi.
<ladywo1f> only if they are being cut off with a very large knife sd
<`abi> but being told to hand them to the waiter might be shado?
<shimmer``> lol, ladywo1f
<slut^dancer> depends on the sub abi
<ladywo1f> wicked laugh....
<shimmer``> ackkkkkkkk abi ...
<`slutkat`> and the dom and the restaurant and the waiter..
* shimmer`` blushes, remembering ...
<`abi> so...like everything else...everyone's edges are different ....
<Jaz^> now that would be fun
<ladywo1f> screams with laughter at the waiter.....
<`zee{LQ}> exactly slut^dancer.. one wouldn't think it dreadful..another would almost die at that task
<slut^dancer> exactly zee
<Jaz^> would you give them to the waiter as part of the tip?????????
<`abi> anyone care to share a mindfuck experience that went particularly well, or badly?
<ladywo1f> nods in agreement.....
<slut^dancer> i would Jaz :)
<shimmer``> i was the later, zee ;)
<ladywo1f> Jaz...it depends if that is his kink....
<`slutkat`> or her
<Jaz^> yes from a conseual point of view that is correct ladywo1f
<`slutkat`> her = waitress
<ladywo1f> then it owuld be a waitress now wouldn't it???
* `abi realizes that she just lost everyone to memories of their favourite mindfuck
<slut^dancer> long gone here :))))
<sevdah> not me, abi
* shimmer`` laughs
<Jaz^> LOL
* `slutkat` nods
* `zee{LQ} has neverhad a true mind fuck done on her..to any degree
<ladywo1f> evil little krooked grin
<slut^dancer> and it was in a restaurant !!
<`abi> something that you've yet to experience sevdah?
<sevdah> hello everyone
<`zee{LQ}> i don't call little public things mind fucks though
<sevdah> HA!!! no, just wasnt online yet
<shimmer``> mine was in a restaurant too ... and it wasn't a little public thing to me! lol
<`abi> so where is your edge on mindfucks zee?
<`zee{LQ}> ummm
<`zee{LQ}> i don't really know abi.. my edge seems to be moving all the time
<slut^dancer> not a fair question with her Master sitting here :)
* `zee{LQ} grins
<`zee{LQ}> i don't understand the question abi?
<ladywo1f> hey...there is another one....playing 20 questions to a sub with their Dom present.....
* `zee{LQ} laughs
<slut^dancer> lol ladywo1f
<`zee{LQ}> to me a mind fuck would be a creation of a persception to the sub of something happening...
* `abi thinks that her ISP is the ultimate mindfucker...betcha thought I was still here
<shimmer``> wb abi
<shimmer``> lol
<`zee{LQ}> yep we did abi
<`slutkat`> we kept your spot open
<ladywo1f> rolls eyes.....
<ladywo1f> but was it concentual!!
<`zee{LQ}> what did you mean bu the question to me.. where my edge is
<ladywo1f> what makes your toes curl???
<`abi> well, I guess I'm asking what would make you feel like you'd been mindfucked?
<`zee{LQ}> oh you want an idea of a mind fuck i would wish to experience?
<`zee{LQ}> a kidnapping rape scene.....
<`abi> what are the elements that make it a mindfuck for you?
<`zee{LQ}> blindfolded..thinking i was getting branded
<`abi> so....fear?
<shimmer``> fear is a big one
<`zee{LQ}> that i can feel the fear and all those emotions yet in the back of my mind..i know i am safe
<LrdThomas> zee, get in line.... we have 4 slaves ahead of you to kidnap and rape first! lol
<`abi> free to feel fear .... an interesting concept
<shimmer``> lol, LT Sir!
* slut^dancer stands behind zee
* sevdah giggles
<sevdah> 6th, please
<ladywo1f> keep going LT!
<LrdThomas> lol
* `slutkat` hands out numbers
<`abi> why do you think we want to be afraid?
<sevdah> or, is that now seventh
<`abi> is it the intensity of the emotion?
<shimmer``> endorphins?
<slut^dancer> heightens the senses abi
* `zee{LQ} looks up the line to the others and smiles..don't tell me about it!!!! i want to be surprised
<ladywo1f> it is like the roler coaster thing....we get a rush out of it....we want to kling to our Doms for assurance....
<`zee{LQ}> why do we want to feel fear?..hmmm
* LrdThomas feels like the "next customer # ticket machine". lol
<`abi> and what's the overwhelming feeling when it's over?
<slut^dancer> are you enjoying it LrdThomas?
<shimmer``> closeness, abi ...
<slut^dancer> total high abi :)
<`zee{LQ}> definelty the roller coaster..overwhelming... totally consumed emotions and the allowance to let them release
<`slutkat`> pass the kidnappees around LT...
<`abi> what about for the Dominant .... what kinds of things do you feel?
<`zee{LQ}> when it is over... total exhaustion..total release of all your emotions.. and a closeness for being able to share the rawness of it
<ladywo1f> having something the is wet with the sweat of fear clinking to you with a goofy little smile on their faces....
<slut^dancer> lol ladywo1f
* sevdah cracks up
<LrdThomas> well, i will give you an example of a mindfuck.... having your blindfolded slave on a cross, knowing she is alone with you.... wondering 20 minutes later, how her master grew an extra set of hands. <g>
<sevdah> that's wonderful, ladywolf, Ma'am
<ladywo1f> it's true..that i what i felt when i gave someone an ultimate one...
<slut^dancer> great imagery ladywo1f
<`slutkat`> fast plastic surgery?
<Jaz^> there are so many emotions that can be achieved the best thing though is that the scene that is played out is in a safe enviroment
<sevdah> yes, yes, wonderful, LrdThomas, Sir
<slut^dancer> octapus friend LrdThomas?
<ladywo1f> nods in agreement withJaz
<`abi> so what is the object of the exercise....what are we trying to achieve with a mindfuck?
<Jaz^> fantasy cum true
<sevdah> not necessarily
<`abi> why not sevdah?
<`slutkat`> a closeness of kindred spirits...
<slut^dancer> think is some sense it's a growing experience for both
<ladywo1f> making someone believe you did what you did....without really doing it... (
<sevdah> well, my favorites have had nothing to do with fantasies of mine
<Jaz^> indeed slut^dancer
<`abi> what did they have to do with sevdah?
<sevdah> not knowing...fear...lust...voracious creativity of the Master
<ladywo1f> i do not really think that there was growth involved with me......maybe for him but not me..
<sevdah> stretch
* LrdThomas apologies for not paying attention the last few moments.. seems i was inundated with kidnappee solicitations. <wink>
<`zee{LQ}> accomplishments of mind fucks are first.. to feel and see the total trust between the sub and his/her Master
<sevdah> lol
* `zee{LQ} laughs
<slut^dancer> dang i missed it LrdThomas
* `slutkat` checks slut^grooms number...
* Life_Quester smiles at His slut
<`abi> creativity is probably an important factor sevdah....if it's predictable, it doesn't work, right?
<`slutkat`> not yer turn yet slut
<LrdThomas> danceer..... the car trunk will be available again in March. <g>
<slut^dancer> March ???
* sevdah shudders
* `slutkat` points to slut's calendar
<luvs2btied> I think a sub can achieve strength through a good mindfuck - a Dom/Domme can ehlp them tap something inside themselves
<slut^dancer> nicely put luvs
<shimmer``> can anyone tell me the error message that appeared when i disappeared?
<ladywo1f> i'll wait for the mini-van edition thanks
<`zee{LQ}> it would depend on the objective of the mind fuck abi..whether it was to expand or lessen a fear or take a new journey
<ladywo1f> Dukey kicked you
<LadyDomi> *** shimmer`` has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
<luvs2btied> I think the psychology of facing the "safe" but intense fear that is met in a scene can be very helpful. The power of facing the fear and meeting it head on yet being safe make me feel powerful in many other areas of my life for days later.
<shimmer``> thanks LadyDomi ... got a blue screen
<LadyDomi> eeeeep wb shimmer ; )
<`abi> okay...so in summation ..... let's toss out a few words about what's critical for a successful mindfuck
<slut^dancer> trust
<ladywo1f> knowledge of the subject
<sevdah> the feeling of safety being swept from under my feet...fear
<sevdah> lack of knowledge of the subject
<LrdThomas> imagination. <g>
<ladywo1f> subject = mind fuckee
<sevdah> being totally out of control...
<Jaz^> being totally in control
<shimmer``> all of the above :)
<slut^dancer> cage :)
<LadyDomi> planning...
<shimmer``> cage! *perk*
<`slutkat`> back to Super Pet again i see, slut
<slut^dancer> there this afternoon kat..lol
<OT> <luvs2btied>, isn't that shadow play?
* `abi smiles at the familiar themes
<ladywo1f> and lots of time to come down
* `slutkat` luvs that breathless panting when walkin slut^groom down the metal cage aisle
<slut^dancer> shhhh kat
<`abi> as always, I'd say that folks here have a very good idea of what makes things work well in healthy BDSM relationships
<luvs2btied> OT -- shadow play??
<slut^dancer> great chat abi thx :)
<sevdah> fearing not knowing trembling the fucker knowing the fuckee so well, that he/she can take a point of fear of the fuckee and use it to the highest power
<`abi> thank you all for participating .... and may your minds be truly fucked :) [shimmer`` SOUND]
<`slutkat`> workin on it abi
<`slutkat`> tks
<LrdThomas> there is a great mindfuck scene one can do.... but as my little treasure is sitting beside me reading this as i type... to hell with you all, you'll have to wait till i do it to her. <weg>
<OT> playing on deep emotinal excess baggages
* `zee{LQ} laughs
<slut^dancer> gotta cage LrdThomas :)))
<shimmer``> lol
<`abi> Bernie....you can turn the camera off now :)
* `slutkat` packs the cage in truck for next weekend...
<`zee{LQ}> dont blame You LrdThomas Sir.. i stopped reading that book for the very reason
<LrdThomas> dancer.... for you..... with a brass name plate. <g>
<ladywo1f> i have a large kat karrier?!!
<alora{AF}> do people really get a charge out of being terrified??
<BernieRoehl> Will do, abi...
<BernieRoehl> I'm closing the log.
<BernieRoehl> ... and turning off the automatic messge
<`zee{LQ}> good job abi!
<BernieRoehl> Thanks for a great job, abi!
<ladywo1f> great chat abi!