January 25, 2004 EhBC Online Discussion

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<`abi> any born-again newbies?
* kesha{AL} chuckles aren't we all from time to time?
* delyssa stumbles back in after a major boot
* _dove is just a plain newbie
<delyssa> hmm... am I locked up again, or are people simply not talking? lol
<MasterGuny> no one is talking
<MasterGuny> seems there are not to many newbies
* delyssa proudly waves her newbie badge
<MasterGuny> so questions delyssa
* delyssa grins
* _dove digs for her newbie badge - it's here somewhere
<shareena> what constitutes a "newbie"
<delyssa> I've had lots of questions... in fact I've overwhelmed some in this channel already with questions hehe
<MasterGuny> those that feel they are still new to the lifestyle
<_dove> i still overwhelm some with questions........ i'll never run out of questions
<MasterGuny> there can never be enough questions
<delyssa> and each new step that is supposed to answer some of my questions leads to 10 new ones
<MasterGuny> after 26 years I still ask them
<_dove> i've known about this lifestyle for almost 6 years, but only ventured out locally this summer, so i consider myself new
<`abi> so what are some of these newbie questions?
<shareena> we can all learn from one another
<_dove> A lot of my questions were about protocols, abi
<delyssa> hmmm... well a lot of my questions had to do with first steps, safety, etc.
<emcsi> hi
* delyssa agrees with dove.
<_dove> i came from the online world..... it was hard to figure out on my own how much of that was fantasy and how much was reality
<private_sassy{CP}> what are some the questions you have?
<private_sassy{CP}> we can't answer or help if you don't ask
<shareena> do you still have a hard time figuring out the two _dove?
<`abi> it seems to me that most of dove's questions had to do with how much brie would be present in r/l
<_dove> No shareena, not really...... there are still 'small' areas that i question, but i've learned a lot in the past 7 months
<_dove> lol abi........ a LOT more than online, so i've seen
* delyssa grins
* _dove wonders how many others were lured to their first outing by the promise of Brie cheese
<shareena> umm....not me _dove
<`abi> well, it was definitely the ideo of not having to cook dinner that enticed me to my first munch
<shareena> meeting others in the lifestyle enticed me to go to my first one
<shareena> what did everyone find the biggest obstacle to get over when they first came into the lifestyle?
<delyssa> nerves
<_dove> Not knowing how to act in 'public'
<delyssa> fearing that you'd run into your uptight aunt, etc.
<becky> acceptance
<_dove> i didn't fear that becky, thanks to this channel actually
<shareena> lol...me too delyssa. But fear of running into someone from work
<becky> the channel made it easier, definately but i still worried about it the most
<shareena> How did you envision yourself acting _dove
<_dove> It wasn't so much how *i* would act, but how i might be expected to act....... i had never been to any public outing or event, so i wasn't sure what to expect
<MasterGuny> if you run into someone you know just remember they are into the same thing you are
<shareena> i kept telling myself that MasterGuny. It got me through a lot of nervous jitters attending play parties
<MasterGuny> its very true
<MasterGuny> can you see someone saying I was at this BDSM party and guess who I saw?
<shareena> the first time I met a Dom made me nervous
<shareena> lol...nope MasterGuny. I can't
* delyssa thinks of her first game of "3 Questions" with a certain Dom.
<shareena> how did that go delyssa?
<kimochi> the first Q would be "do you reward with chocolate?"
<shareena> rofl
<_dove> lol
<kimochi> the second Q would be "do you punish with chocolate?"
<delyssa> uhm... I don't think I was able to complete a complete sentence, shareena.
<kimochi> third qestion .. "why not?"
<DarkAngel^> lol
<`abi> first question "where do You buy Your chocolate"
* _dove has been reading the wrong books............ takes notes
<private_sassy{CP}> is it godiva?
<`abi> second question "do they know You by name there"
<kimochi> then your safe call is to the chocolate store to verify
<shareena> third would be...do you have references from other subs about the quality of the chocolate
<QuietSoul> good evening one and all
<`abi> third question "does it come with a paintbrush"
<_dove> lol
* delyssa wonders about subs who buy hair products merely because of their product name
<kimochi> lol
<_dove> bursts out laughing
<QuietSoul> chocolate + paintbrush + certain erogenous zones = FUN!!!!
<shareena> the one thing that I was very impressed with is the openess and willingness of people in the lifestyle to share
<shareena> by sharing I mean ideas, thoughts, suggestions.
<`TimberWolf> share???
<shareena> just wanted to clarify that
<`TimberWolf> shareena has never seen the subs around the chocolate bowl then
<_dove> shareena, i was impressed at how those that knew me here took me under their wing when i first ventured out
<shareena> exactly dove
<kimochi> me too
<shareena> lol @ `TimberWolf. Some things are just not meant to be shared
* delyssa agrees with dove.
<`TimberWolf> wing???
<_dove> Yes, TW......... You were one of them
<`TimberWolf> under a paw then...not a wing:)
<_dove> details
<_dove> ;-)
<delyssa> hiding behind my chair at a picnic is not the same as being taken under someone's wing, dove
<`TimberWolf> a good Dom is detail orientated girl:)
<_dove> i wasn't behind your chair! (i was under it)
<`abi> there was a wing sticking out of the paw .. I think it was from something he'd crushed
<_dove> LOL
<shareena> detail oriented in which way `TimberWolf
<`TimberWolf> no it was a chicken wing...I was eating
<delyssa> I don't remember feeding you wings, Sir.
<`TimberWolf> in all ways shareena......
<_dove> Those same people kept checking in on me when i attended my first DAL.... it was a real comfort and made me feel like it was okay to be there
<`TimberWolf> life is about details
<shareena> and how is that of benefit?
* `abi watches TW massacre that quote
* `TimberWolf sticks his tongue out at abi
<`TimberWolf> drool and all
* _dove pulls on the tongue and watches it pop back......... blames delyssa
<`TimberWolf> shareena do you want to be involved with someone...or worst...tied up and beat but someone that doesn't pay attentions to details
<`TimberWolf> life is made up from a million and one details...you can either pay attention to them...or ignore them
<shareena> i would definately want him to know me well enough to interperet my body language, yes
<`abi> more to detail-oriented than reading body language
<shareena> but sometimes I wish Anticipation didn't notice as much as he does. Would save my bottome
<`TimberWolf> much much more abi
<`TimberWolf> bbut details is cover under a future discussion
<`TimberWolf> this is newbi night
<`abi> I don't know ... I think that's one of the things that overwhelmed me as a newbie
<_dove> There is a lot to absorb
<shareena> what is it that you are trying to absorb _dove
<private_sassy{CP}> that is why i think is called a lifestyle..takes a life time to learn
* `TimberWolf renames dove....sponge
* delyssa bites her tongue
* `TimberWolf renames delyssa ....lake
<_dove> at my first play party, shareena, there was so much to see that i had never seen before
<_dove> LOL TW, that's not far off the mark
<`TimberWolf> I seldom am:)
<_dove> grins
* delyssa chuckles
<delyssa> Everyone got so quiet... *grins*
<`TimberWolf> Achilles{tr} is here now
<`TimberWolf> :)
<Achilles{tr}> I rarely bring silence to a room.
<_dove> Brie?
* delyssa grins
<Achilles{tr}> Answers to kimochi's questions: 1: No. 2: No. 3: because I neither reward nor punish.
<Achilles{tr}> Answers to abi's questions: 1: Silver Sppon Cholatier, 2: Yes, 3: Sometimes
* `abi smiles
<`TimberWolf> she is spoiled
<`abi> You can tell alot about a man by where he buys his chocolate
<Achilles{tr}> Terribly. Horribly. Excrutiatingly.
<_dove> sounds rough
<Achilles{tr}> It is.
<_dove> uh huh
* _dove looks for the Brie
<`TimberWolf> that what we need...a picnic in feb...abi can bring the brie
* delyssa sips her over-priced tea
<Achilles{tr}> I gave you brie when I first met you dove. Now you expect it all the time. Tsk, tsk.
* _dove smiles innocently
<delyssa> Well, Achilles{tr}... you did give her some at her first Dal too. It was you who set the precedent.
<_dove> and the second time, Achilles
* `abi chuckles...you went for the stuff in the silver tins, didn't you delyssa
* delyssa chuckles
<delyssa> jasmine pearls... very yummy
<`abi> I have some overpriced Japanese sencha myself
* delyssa thinks that dove and abi are conspiring to make her go broke.
<_dove> moi??
<delyssa> oui... toi!
<`TimberWolf> I thought that was my job?
* delyssa chuckles
<delyssa> You have many jobs, Sir.
<_dove> umm willing assistants?
<`TimberWolf> see talk a little brie and they all go speechless
<_dove> i'm just waiting
<delyssa> for?
<_dove> Brie
<`TimberWolf> never heard of him?
<_dove> He's yummy
<ModBot> There are only about five minutes left in the formal part of tonight's discussion. Does anyone have any last-minute thoughts on the subject?
<`TimberWolf> 2021 was that the sequel to 2010?
<_dove> enlightening newbie discussion.......... chocolate and Brie lol
<`abi> oh dear ... I suppose we really should record something useful for posterity
<`abi> any advice for newbies who might someday read this log?
<`TimberWolf> we did
<_dove> directions to the Silver Spoon?
<Mike2021> Uh, no, it's Sealab.
<`TimberWolf> I renamed the newbi ..sponge
<_dove> LOL
<Achilles{tr}> Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.
<`TimberWolf> that should work Achilles{tr}:)
<`TimberWolf> sums it up nicely
* delyssa grins at dove.
<Achilles{tr}> Do not try to impress Achilles with your cuteness.
<Achilles{tr}> Do not try to impress anyone with your Domliness.
* `TimberWolf ? I am seldom cute?
* delyssa disagrees
<`TimberWolf> delyssa is biased
<Achilles{tr}> Never say anyting in an absolute.. including never.
<Achilles{tr}> Do not take kimochi as your role model.
<`TimberWolf> roflmao
<`abi> or anyone else
<`TimberWolf> I think I make an excellent role model
<`TimberWolf> for hommicidal maniacs
<`TimberWolf> you are slightly off balanced
<`TimberWolf> and can't spelled
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<`TimberWolf> who are slightly off balance