January 2, 2005 EhBC Online Discussion

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<krista-F> i've been off as well..and go back tomorrow as well
<bondagebabe> hi motoki!
<motoki> hello bondagebabe
<bondagebabe> welcome, DA and happy holidays...
<DarkAngel^{a}> oh sure ,,, tease me when I aint supposed to say hi back ,,, LOL
<kierana{DRFL}> lol
<bondagebabe> somebody has to do it...lol
<kierana{DRFL}> soooo who's going to start the ball rolling?
* DarkAngel^{a} shakes his household item at bondagebabe
<private_beauty{CP}> i don't have one quite like that
* motoki eyes her items and wonders if they fit into a household
<Switcharoo4u> shall we start with the obvious...the spatula...
<motoki> i thought the obvious was the laundry hamper
<bondagebabe> *bondagebabe gazes in wonder at DA's household items...
* motoki leart sumpin already
<DarkAngel^{a}> well depends ,, I have used a hair brush ,,,, for ,, uhh ,, a few kinky ways
<kierana{DRFL}> the wooden spoon
<kierana{DRFL}> curtain rod
<private_beauty{CP}> in kieeping with the holidays i offer up candy canes
<kierana{DRFL}> lol
<Switcharoo4u> what can you do with the laundry hamper? - boy am I new or what?
<motoki> mmmmmm
<bondagebabe> lol...a cage?
<kierana{DRFL}> fishing rod
<private_beauty{CP}> you can hide in it
<DarkAngel^{a}> oh yummy private_beauty{CP} ,,, you kinky girl you
<motoki> not as much as what can be done with a candy cane
<motoki> which can be hidden
<bondagebabe> how about tweezers?
<kierana{DRFL}> golf clubs,
<motoki> sharp or dull piont?
<bondagebabe> sharp...of course..lol
<DarkAngel^{a}> OOoohh,, baseball bat (I wanted to be the one )
<celtic_mist> bamboo skewers
<Switcharoo4u> I will try that later...with sharp tweezers.
<bondagebabe> plunger
<celtic_mist> one or many
<kierana{DRFL}> lava lamp (tall kind)
<jewel`{F}> safety pins
<private_beauty{CP}> saran wrap a personal fav
<jewel`{F}> sewing kit
<celtic_mist> back scratcher
<`abi> coffee cup holders
<bondagebabe> sandpaper
<private_beauty{CP}> lol @abi
<celtic_mist> ping pong paddle
<DarkAngel^{a}> pillow fight ?
<kierana{DRFL}> paper clips
<motoki> shampoo bottle
<Switcharoo4u> OK what's with coffee cup holders?
<bondagebabe> ok...i'll bite...what is with the coffee cup holders
<bondagebabe> lol
* celtic_mist was gonna bite too lol
<Switcharoo4u> lol
<`abi> entirely dependent upon your imagination
<bondagebabe> 4*no biting!
<kierana{DRFL}> tooth brush
<`abi> and the size of your ankles
<celtic_mist> tooth paste
<Seville{s}> chop sticks
<motoki> large can of beans
* motoki snickers
<celtic_mist> ginger, both powder and root
<bondagebabe> toothpaste...
<TOPSM69> hangers
<private_beauty{CP}> clothes pins
<jewel`{F}> pepermint extract
* `abi puts the elastic bands where Seville{s} can't find them
<kierana{DRFL}> cayenne pepper
<private_beauty{CP}> listerine strips
<Seville{s}> too late abi
<jewel`{F}> menthol rub
<celtic_mist> bath luffa mitt
<Seville{s}> the chops know where the sticks are
<jewel`{F}> belts
<celtic_mist> ice cubes of course
<kierana{DRFL}> rolled up newspaper...lol
<bondagebabe> candles of course
<jewel`{F}> housecoat/bathrobe ties
<celtic_mist> hmm, knifes
<bondagebabe> paper cuts....ouchies
<motoki> wooden dowel
<private_beauty{CP}> nylons
<TOPSM69> chairs
<Switcharoo4u> mirrors for photos...
<Switcharoo4u> to take pictures
<motoki> rabbit ears
<jewel`{F}> hot water bottle
<TOPSM69> railling
<`abi> a credit card
<DarkAngel^{a}> a bed ----- duh
<Seville{s}> a credit card and chopsticks
<private_beauty{CP}> a credit card?
<Seville{s}> for abi
* DarkAngel^{a} Evil Chuckle
<Seville{s}> blind fold someone
<`abi> to order the Chinese food private_beauty
<Seville{s}> get water at body temp
<TOPSM69> futon frame
<Seville{s}> scrape the credit card
<Seville{s}> along a prt of their body
<kierana{DRFL}> washing machine on spin cycle
<Seville{s}> let the water trickle off
<Seville{s}> and someone will believe that they are cut
<private_beauty{CP}> hmm
<Switcharoo4u> good one.
<bondagebabe> ooohhh..evil...lol
<celtic_mist> boat anchor rings attached to door frame in four spots for bondage
<`abi> or if you happen to have a knife....
<DarkAngel^{a}> yummy Seville{s} ,,, kudos ,, you sic sic man
<Seville{s}> you just cut them right abi
<`abi> right
<Seville{s}> which is preferred
<bondagebabe> food...of course...if that might be your kink
<`abi> and use the credit card to order food
<bondagebabe> lol abi
<jewel`{F}> fishing weights
<DarkAngel^{a}> damn ,,, I havent thought of much past the base ball bat
<celtic_mist> whipped cream
<Seville{s}> actually we will use YOUR credit card to order food
<celtic_mist> strawberries and a slave lol
<DarkAngel^{a}> LOL ,, a financial beating
<bondagebabe> steel wool
<TOPSM69> lol@DarkAngel
<DarkAngel^{a}> dog food dish ,,,,,
* DarkAngel^{a} smiles at tareena{DA}
<celtic_mist> lots of chain
<private_beauty{CP}> dog cage
<kierana{DRFL}> crochet hooks and knitting needles
<tareena{DA}> lol Sir, I was waiting for it
* DarkAngel^{a} starts to hun ,,,, "these are a few of my kinkies things"
<Switcharoo4u> scarves for blindfolds
<celtic_mist> bungee cords
<jewel`{F}> socks, panties, ties
<DarkAngel^{a}> well ,, seeing as how this is the time of the season ,,, did anyone "GIVE" or "RECEIVE" somehting from a kinky loved one ,,,, that can be perverted ?
<jewel`{F}> slippers with rubber soles
<motoki> a weiner
<kierana{DRFL}> gave Master a new pair of fish descaling gloves...He wore out the other pair in two yrs...lol
<motoki> but that was before i knew anything LOL
<DarkAngel^{a}> a weiner ?
<motoki> <--was hungry
<jewel`{F}> feather duster
<kierana{DRFL}> broom handle
<shadoe> how about a kitchen butcher knife
<Seville{s}> burninf feather dusters is really kinky
<DarkAngel^{a}> put it in the freezer motoki ,,,, I am sure it could be ,,, used to torment
<TOPSM69> rope
<krista-F> there you go....leads us to icecubes
<private_beauty{CP}> Master received a lovily knife
<krista-F> vaccumn cleaners
<bondagebabe> dumb bells (no reflection on the company i keep...lol
<shadoe> tell us about the knife private beautu
<DarkAngel^{a}> a lovily knife ? ..... I am telling him you called it that private_beauty{CP} ,,, you are going to be in trouble now ,,, naw naw
<shadoe> beauty even
* SillyBitch washing machiens on the spin cycle
<TOPSM69> popicles
<Switcharoo4u> banannas
<private_beauty{CP}> well it is big and sharp and i have already managed to cut myself twice with it
<TOPSM69> rollpin
<bondagebabe> tongs
<SillyBitch> handled cutting bords
<TOPSM69> wisk
<shadoe> okay.. but that's all regular stuff
<shadoe> we need to hear about something unusual
<MistressSarcastica> The fabric softener?
<Seville{s}> http://www.leevalley.com/garden/page.asp?SID=&ccurrency=1&page=45526&category=2%2C40733%2C40734
<TOPSM69> no like wisk for mixing bowl
<DarkAngel^{a}> OUCH ,,, excelent share Seville{s}
<SillyBitch> vicks vapour rub can be intresting
<`abi> well shadoe...I once saw a movie where a piece of squid was put to rather inventive use ...but yanno ... ick
* motoki ponders squid and squid ink
<private_beauty{CP}> flash light
<TOPSM69> tink
<shadoe> we have those at home!
<DarkAngel^{a}> LOL ,,, nice shadoe
<shadoe> i dunno.. come on people.. get creative with the at home stuff!
<Switcharoo4u> what is tink?
<TOPSM69> dam typing skill
<DarkAngel^{a}> uhhh ,, shadoe ,, do use it on his pickle ?
<shadoe> does anyone get tied up and then a cat with claws get tossed on the body?>
<shadoe> *ouch*
<krista-F> what is a winkling pickle anyway?
<bondagebabe> no...but i did have a cat that liked to play wtih the nipple clamps tied to the wrist retraints....lol
<shadoe> pffft... you have to know DA that i'm not going anywhere near a 5th degree black belt with a pickle picker
<DarkAngel^{a}> no ,, but you could use those little skewers to hold both sides of hot corn on the cob
<shadoe> lets get kinky here people.. if you arent' doing it with the home stuff.. then imagine what you WOULD like to do with the home stuff
<private_beauty{CP}> i've seen some interesting uses for cat toys
<shadoe> who knows what kind of ideas we can create!
<jewel`{F}> http://www.leevalley.com/garden/page.asp?page=10150&category=2,40733,40996&abspage=1&ccurrency=1&SID=
<motoki> i'm thinking mug warmer, ball peen hammer, and squatting lessons
<shadoe> omg jewel.. that's perfect!
<shadoe> and so funny!
<DarkAngel^{a}> very nice ,, and humiliating too jewel`{F} ,,,, tareena{DA} and aurelle{DA} will not like you
<SillyBitch> those dog toys with the rope attached can be intresting to use
<tareena{DA}> yikes..all I can say lol
<jewel`{F}> its all His fault ~points to Seville{s}~
<shadoe> okay.. everyone is in a "home office"
<Seville{s}> I see jewel is a Lee Valley girl indeed
<DarkAngel^{a}> letter opener
<shadoe> take a look in said "office" and pick one thing
<`abi> I don't care shadoe ... I'm *not* doing that with my keyboard until they come up with a miniature version
<bondagebabe> scotch tape
<DarkAngel^{a}> those lovely mini black clips used like a paper clip
<shadoe> LOL abit
<TOPSM69> stapler
<concubinary> toothpaste
<shadoe> toothpaste?
<shadoe> in the office?
<motoki> hole puncher
<DarkAngel^{a}> stapler ,, kewl ,, I actually have seen someone stapled
<krista-F> can of compressed air
* jewel`{F} thinks a trip to LeeValley is in order
<`abi> use the credit card jewel...they deliver
<DarkAngel^{a}> compressed air is dangerous ... dont use that
<krista-F> so have i .......more than a couple of times
<shadoe> hokay..now follow me.. and lets all visit the kitchen
<shadoe> i'm seeing a turkey baster
<`abi> I can explain the broken chair
* DarkAngel^{a} marches to the kinky drum
<jewel`{F}> it isn't that far from me, and just slightly out of the way on the way to Master's place
<tareena{DA}> Markers, multiuse the thicker they are
<Seville{s}> it's only dangerous if you put the air in your mouth DA
<motoki> plate scrubber-dubber
<Seville{s}> how about a littlle cleaning job with those little nozzles
<shadoe> knife sharpener
<shadoe> ooo.. and wood spoons@
<krista-F> i don't imagine putting up your ass would be very healther either....
<krista-F> i just looked over and saw my can of it
<jewel`{F}> metal ruler
<bondagebabe> cheese grater
<krista-F> lol
<shadoe> what else is in this kitchen?
<krista-F> pizza cutter
<Switcharoo4u> tensor bandage.
<krista-F> banana
<jewel`{F}> cucumber
<motoki> waffle iron
<shadoe> pizza cutter is good!
<`abi> a ceiling fan
<krista-F> :)
<motoki> esp mickey mouse shape
<shadoe> yikes.. english cucumber
<jewel`{F}> lmao abi
<shadoe> self wrapped *
<DarkAngel^{a}> actually Seville{s} it is very dangerous ,, I have given safety talkes on dangers of compressed air ,, ok,, back to the kinky talk
<shadoe> eg
<shadoe> ice cubes in the kitchen
<motoki> the fridge
<Seville{s}> I know that DA....but using it outide of the body...ie as a spritz on nipples etc is not dangerous
<concubinary> isay toothpaste judicially placed
<kierana{DRFL}> the whole fridge, motoki?
<shadoe> and rope.. to tie the subbie to said fridge
<jewel`{F}> infusers
<motoki> indeed
<DarkAngel^{a}> pushed over the kitchen table
<jewel`{F}> teaballs
<DarkAngel^{a}> forced to do the dishes in the nude ,,, while I watch
<shadoe> yikes jewel
<shadoe> what are we doing with the tea balls?
<kierana{DRFL}> lol...DA Sir
<motoki> colander
<jewel`{F}> fill them with something spice and freeze them?
<`abi> attaching them to nipple clamps
<DarkAngel^{a}> Mmmm damn ,,, lets make her scrub the floor in the nude with a toothbrush ,,,, damn that gets me hot
* jewel`{F} is so in trouble when Fyre reads this log
<krista-F> lol......im sorry DA..im wondering what DOESN"T get you hot
<jewel`{F}> basting syringe
<bondagebabe> 4* probably Him doing the dishes....
<DarkAngel^{a}> shhhh krista-F ... you will blow my cover
<shadoe> hokay.. marching off to the den.. what's in the den for toys?
<krista-F> sorry Sir
<jewel`{F}> remote control
<bondagebabe> extension cored
<`abi> you have a den? ... I need a den
<kierana{DRFL}> books slamming closed...hardcovers
<motoki> the Dominant
<DarkAngel^{a}> yuck bondagebabe ,,, we were talking about kinky wild sexual things here .... that is just sic
<shadoe> pfft.. the dominant what?
<TOPSM69> ottmen
<motoki> Dominant Toy
<bondagebabe> the Dominant is in the den...lol
<jewel`{F}> coffee table
<`abi> with the knife
<shadoe> why? the extension cord is good for bondage
<bondagebabe> with miss Scarlett...lol
<DarkAngel^{a}> and spanking/whipping
<shadoe> what else in the den?
<shadoe> bondage movies?
<krista-F> i have dog bones in the den
<jewel`{F}> lmao, The Dominant did it in the Den with the extension cord
<bondagebabe> the lazy boy chair
<ladyorchid> computer
<krista-F> big ones
<shadoe> hmmm.. an extra dominant?
<motoki> Dominants smoking cigars
<shadoe> ah.. computer!
<shadoe> with vid cam!
<DarkAngel^{a}> I thought Cornel Mustard did it with the maid in the den ,, with a candlestick
<motoki> leather easy chair
<bondagebabe> the fireplace poker....'
<tareena{DA}> lucky maid
<ladyorchid> that is making him hot lol
<`abi> extra? ... no such thing .. you can find a way to use another one ;)
<DarkAngel^{a}> having an extra is good `abi
<shadoe> tada.. ve are now moving to de basement
<private_beauty{CP}> *turns green @ cigars*
<motoki> dryer
<`abi> oh..kinky cobwebs
<DarkAngel^{a}> exposed beams
<shadoe> vat could be in de basement!
<TOPSM69> cross
<DarkAngel^{a}> MMMmmmm yummy
<motoki> (to warm up again after being in the fridge)
<ladyorchid> washing machine
<shadoe> extreme bondage machine!
<`abi> spiders
<TOPSM69> chains
<bondagebabe> the fruit cellar....dark, lonely.....
<DarkAngel^{a}> clothes pins
<krista-F> mouse traps
<jewel`{F}> workshop full of tools
<TOPSM69> rope
<jewel`{F}> cat box
<ladyorchid> pliers
<motoki> cold concrete floor
<motoki> (then back in the dryer to warm up again)
<shadoe> cold block walls with rusty hinges.. to tie up submissives
<`abi> Christmas tree stands
<ladyorchid> not yet here
<motoki> wine rack
<motoki> (then i won't care if i'm cold)
<jewel`{F}> those cold metal support poles
<private_beauty{CP}> tinsel
<DarkAngel^{a}> no windows ,,,, a certain ,,,, atmosphere ,, a good mind fuck
<ladyorchid> furnace
<bondagebabe> hot water tank....
<private_beauty{CP}> closet
<`abi> my grade 9 yearbook
<MistressSarcastica> I'll see your Christmas tree stand, and raise you a propane torch.
<motoki> the secret door leading to the underground society that has all those ...
<motoki> oops nevermind
<shadoe> gah.. you are talking about regular basements
<motoki> (think don't say)
<jewel`{F}> hooks and chains in the ceiling/floor joists
<ladyorchid> oh, the secret door!
<shadoe> i'm talking about a "refurbished basement'
<DarkAngel^{a}> ping pong table
<motoki> floor drain
<bondagebabe> 4* bondagebabe wishes she still had a basement
<ladyorchid> the son and his friends
<`abi> that has to wait until after I get a den
<DarkAngel^{a}> pool table ,, (every Dom's fantacy)
<motoki> pool cue (every submissive's fantasy)
<DarkAngel^{a}> pool cue ,,, billiard balls
<shadoe> okay.. follow me to the third floor attic.....
<DarkAngel^{a}> more exposed beams
<ladyorchid> more cobwebs
<Lukky1> the pool cues work well...
<motoki> out the window to the sharply peaked roof
<DarkAngel^{a}> mothers decomposing remains
<bondagebabe> the old steamer trunk...with the locking latch....
<`abi> wow...I got a whole nuther floor I didn't know I had
<shadoe> good one motoki
<jewel`{F}> low head room
<jewel`{F}> no swing room
<motoki> tickle trunk
<ladyorchid> books and more books
<shadoe> the family trunk..with old fashioned clothing
<TOPSM69> tying sub to window
<`abi> gee..all there is in mine is skeletons
<Switcharoo4u> old clothing to dress up in
<shadoe> tight 18th century corsets
<motoki> abi a femur and a pelvis go a long way
<shadoe> a crop
<shadoe> no no!
* `abi makes a note ... do not introduce motoki to the relatives
<shadoe> a horse whip!
<`abi> a horse
<TOPSM69> saddle
<motoki> laundry chute
<shadoe> old old saddle
<shadoe> a slave quarter
<private_beauty{CP}> shoes
<bondagebabe> abi...what is a horse doing in your attic?
<jewel`{F}> dumb waiter
<private_beauty{CP}> chip clips
<ladyorchid> old computer
<`abi> the barn was being used as a playroom bondagebabe
<TOPSM69> saw horse
<bondagebabe> lol abi
<shadoe> hokay..follow me to the Master's second floor bedroom
<ladyorchid> bed
<shadoe> fireplace
<jewel`{F}> king size four poster cannon ball bed
<DarkAngel^{a}> well shadoe ,,, now you will have to take em out to the garage ,, barn ,, etc ...LOL
<ladyorchid> ensuite
<`abi> I've seen that bed ... I don't know why you ever leave that room
<shadoe> lol DA
<TOPSM69> futon frame
<jewel`{F}> walk in closet
<ladyorchid> skylight
<shadoe> abi.. we dont have a four poster
<jewel`{F}> singletail whip
<jewel`{F}> collar and cuffs
<ladyorchid> dressing table
<jewel`{F}> leash
<`abi> I know
<jewel`{F}> rope
<shadoe> we DO have a bed with built-ins though *smiling*
<jewel`{F}> cedar chest
<TOPSM69> sling
<ladyorchid> treadmill
<shadoe> kneeling bench
<jewel`{F}> "plant" hooks in the ceiling
<shadoe> good one jewel
<shadoe> *listening to DA*.. hokay.. now we are going out to the garage
<motoki> spiral staircase
<ladyorchid> telescope
<`abi> a jag
<jewel`{F}> engine hoist
<private_beauty{CP}> tire iron
<DarkAngel^{a}> you do shadoe ? ....Mmmmm must have found an excelent craftsman to build such a kinky device
<shadoe> we did DA .. only the best..
<jewel`{F}> creeper
<bondagebabe> batteries...and jumper cables...
<shadoe> the footboard is a set of stocks.. the headboard is a variety of hooks
<ladyorchid> tomato stakes
<jewel`{F}> lazyboy
<DarkAngel^{a}> LOL ,, I saw lovely pics of it shadoe ,,, I hope you both use it well
<jewel`{F}> wood stove
<private_beauty{CP}> gardening tools
<shadoe> of course we do *smile*
<TOPSM69> table saw stand with out saw
<DarkAngel^{a}> a garage would be a great place for suspension
<jewel`{F}> table grinder
<jewel`{F}> very large tool box
<ladyorchid> lawn mower
<jewel`{F}> engine parts
<ladyorchid> tires
<bondagebabe> motorcycle...*sigh
<jewel`{F}> air compressor and air tools
<shadoe> hmmm.. okay.. moving along.. we are off to the back yard.. filled with tall trees.. and a hottub
<jewel`{F}> race car
<bondagebabe> swing set...
<private_beauty{CP}> trees
<TOPSM69> yes there are dk
<bondagebabe> tire swing
<DarkAngel^{a}> rope and camping gear in the garage
<jewel`{F}> kids junglegym/swing set
<ladyorchid> deck
<private_beauty{CP}> tent pegs
<jewel`{F}> patio furniture
<ladyorchid> snow
<jewel`{F}> car trailor
<krista-F> garden hose
<jewel`{F}> house trailer
<bondagebabe> adirondak chairs
<jewel`{F}> more car parts
<bondagebabe> umbrella
<ladyorchid> air conditioner
<DarkAngel^{a}> pop up tent trailer ,, to attend DSSG Summer S/M'er camp
<ladyorchid> BBQ
<DarkAngel^{a}> LOL
<jewel`{F}> doll house
<krista-F> dog house
<DarkAngel^{a}> BBQ poker/thongs
<bondagebabe> bbq lighter....
<shadoe> have we missed a space?
<jewel`{F}> garden shed
<DarkAngel^{a}> barn
<bondagebabe> bathroom!
<jewel`{F}> bathroom
<shadoe> ah yes the bathroom!
<private_beauty{CP}> the space under the stairs
<jewel`{F}> first aid kit
<ladyorchid> that's where i could put a second bathroom!
<private_beauty{CP}> electric toothbrush
<jewel`{F}> bath oils
<DarkAngel^{a}> LOL ,, nice private_beauty{CP}
<bondagebabe> tweezers....
<jewel`{F}> menthol rub
<TOPSM69> shower rod
<jewel`{F}> needles
<ladyorchid> big old fashioned tub
<shadoe> shower rod?
<bondagebabe> mustache trimmer (or whatever needs trimming...lol)
<motoki> dental floss
<TOPSM69> shower head
<jewel`{F}> whirlpool tub
<jewel`{F}> hair dryer
<DarkAngel^{a}> a great place for a golden shower
<jewel`{F}> curling iron
<shadoe> what the heck are we doing with the hair dryer?
<jewel`{F}> wax pot
<`abi> it wouldn't match the decor DarkAngel^{a}
<ladyorchid> drying the hair perhaps?
<TOPSM69> yes shower rod
<DarkAngel^{a}> razor ,, for shaving a slaves pussy
<shadoe> what are we doing with the shower rod?
<bondagebabe> epsom salts
<DarkAngel^{a}> or watching her shave
<jewel`{F}> put the menthol rub on tender spots then use the hair dryer to blow hot on them
<TOPSM69> ty one to it
<jewel`{F}> i would pull it down
<krista-F> ok...squick time.....toilet bowl brush
<jewel`{F}> oh handheld shower
<DarkAngel^{a}> well as long as the shower rod concented
<bondagebabe> 70% rubbing alcohol
<TOPSM69> not the one Ihave
<bondagebabe> and a match...of course..lol
<shadoe> most of the shower rods i know would fall down
<bondagebabe> well, you could always use it as a spreader bar...lol
<DarkAngel^{a}> well krista-F ,, if you want to squick ,,, have the sub drink out of the toilet
<TOPSM69> two blocks wood make frame
<jewel`{F}> ewwwwwwwwww
<shadoe> hokay.. follow me.. to the kid's bedroom (said kids have moved out of course!)
<DarkAngel^{a}> talk about puppy play
<bondagebabe> legos!
<jewel`{F}> a place to put a grown up play room
<`abi> or just clean it in the nude DA ... after she's done with the dishes and the kitchen floor of course
<bondagebabe> hot wheels...lol
<DarkAngel^{a}> oh `abi ,,,, I love it when you talk dirty
<ladyorchid> with a toothbrush of course
<jewel`{F}> hot wheels track
<DarkAngel^{a}> tareena{DA} ,,, these lovely people are giving me such good ideas
<private_beauty{CP}> hot wheels
<ladyorchid> hash pipe
<jewel`{F}> lol
<bondagebabe> dirty magazines...lol
<ladyorchid> used condoms
<DarkAngel^{a}> well tobaco pipe ,, MMmmmm where would it go ?
<TOPSM69> hot wheel track
<bondagebabe> ken and/or barbie
<shadoe> omg
<DarkAngel^{a}> that hot wheel track rallly can sting
<shadoe> yer all funny!
<TOPSM69> oh yes
<ModBot> There are only about five minutes left in the formal part of tonight's discussion. Does anyone have any last-minute thoughts on the subject?
<shadoe> have we run out of house parts?
<ladyorchid> have we exhausted all the rooms?
<bondagebabe> furnace room...
<ladyorchid> sauna
<bondagebabe> wine cellar
<bondagebabe> fruit cellar
<bondagebabe> lol
<bondagebabe> gym
<shadoe> office/art room
<TOPSM69> front hall
<shadoe> that's what we have here
<Switcharoo4u> cork screw
<bondagebabe> oh yes...the hat stand!
<jewel`{F}> sewing/craft room
<ladyorchid> umbrellas
<ladyorchid> front porch
<shadoe> oooooooooooooooooooooo
<shadoe> the front porch!
<TOPSM69> cane stand
<DarkAngel^{a}> you did a good job of covering every concievable spot shadoe ,, kudos
<shadoe> velcome
<shadoe> it just shows that there isn't a spot in the home that can't be perverted
<shadoe> delicious!
<shadoe> including the pet water dish
<DarkAngel^{a}> not many people have a St.Andrews cross , or a barrel, or a spanking bench at home ,,,, using a little immagination ,,, places to play,,, and things to play with ,, are all around us
<Switcharoo4u> sewing bench
<shadoe> although you may want to wash the pet water dish first
<shadoe> *smile*
<jewel`{F}> lol shadoe
<Switcharoo4u> piano bench
<jewel`{F}> please thank Himself for the LeeValley link
<DarkAngel^{a}> LOL ,, I use different pet dishes AND squeeky pet toys
<jewel`{F}> http://www.leevalley.com/garden/page.asp?page=42182&category=2%2C43288&SID=&ccurrency=1
<shadoe> i will jewel
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<ModBot> Thank you to everyone who participated in the discussion.
<TOPSM69> rack to hold wood