Bernie’s Kinky Fiction

  • Looking for More – sometimes having a boyfriend is not enough
  • Youth – two people deciding to play
  • Serving – about someone who works in the service industry
  • Executive – a hard-working executive needs a change of pace
  • A trilogy of stories with a theme of erotic humiliation:
  • Strangers – a parking lot at 2 am, and an exciting adventure
  • Caught! – a radio play, about two friends and partners-in-crime
  • Control – suzie learns quickly just how things work
  • A Fan – she’d seen him at the party, but was she ready to get to know him better?
  • Five Days – Helen meets a stranger
  • Sensory Delight – a stimulating encounter
  • Abducted – inspired by tabloid headlines
  • It’s a Very Good Life – inspired by a Twilight Zone episode
  • Hunting – Putting physics to use

If you enjoy these stories, or have suggestions or ideas for other stories, send me some email.